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Looking Through the Eyes of the Soldier

Personal computer games have been around for a very long time. Many types of games have been created for this universal technology called the computer. One of the most popular of these is the first person shooter. This type of game places you in the point of view of the shooter.

First person shooter games on the PC can be a lot of fun. The directions that a shooter faces, walks towards, and shoots at is commonly controlled with a combination of some assigned directional keys and the mouse. The shooting of the guns is usually triggered by clicking the mouse. This type of game can be played on your own or with others.

These games often have a single player version that is composed of many levels and many opponents. In these modes of a game, there is usually a storyline that is involved. As each level progresses, you find yourself carrying bigger and more complex weapons with you. You will also realize that the further you go along the storyline of a game, the enemies become stronger and more savage as well.

A very popular mode of the first person shooter on the PC is the multi-player version. There are many ways that you can play these games with others. You can use a local area network to play these games with friends or strangers in an Internet cafe.

These types of games often consist of a great arsenal of weapons. You have the regular hand guns, the fast-shooting machine guns, the powerhouse slow-shooting shotguns, the devastating bazookas, the surprising precision snipers, and many more weapons.

Playing these games alone, even more so with others, can really make the hours fly by. Popular first-person shooters on the personal computer include Half-Life, Doom and Quake. A modification of the game Half-Life, called Counter-Strike, has also developed a strong following all around the worl

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