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A Type of Game Where Every Second Counts

There are many sorts of games that are created for the personal computer every year. One of the most popular types of these games is the real-time strategy game. This type of game can really be a lot of fun. Computer game stores sell many of these games. There are also some free versions that you can play over the Internet.

Real-time strategy games can be played on your own, or with others. This type of PC game gets its name from the fact that there are certain set times for each action that you do. If you do nothing for a while, your opponent may gain an advantage over you if he or she is steadily building forces. Controlling your units usually involves simple clicks of the mouse. Hotkeys are also allocated on your keyboard to allow you to make some of the commands faster.

The main premise for many of these games is to build an army strong enough to decimate one or more opponents. You usually start a real-time battle with a few simple units that gather resources for your base. These resources can help you to create stronger and bigger units. These bigger unites are often recruited from a barracks that you need to create with your funds.

Many of these games games even have special buildings that can make upgrades for the units that you create. You can use you resources to create upgrades for attack power, armor, speed and many other attributes. You can even add attacks and abilities to some of your units with upgrades.

In this sort of game, you really cannot let a single second go to waste if you want to win. You must make every second count either by making your units gather resources, attack enemies, guard your base and many other choices are available for you. There is also some extra strategy involved when winged units come in to play. Stealth units can also help you creep up onto that unsuspecting foe.

The possibilities are limited only by a game designer's ideas and concepts. Some very popular real-time strategy games include Starcraft, Krush Kill and Destroy, Command and Conquer and Warcraft.

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