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 3 Days - Zoo Mystery

3 Days - Zoo Mystery

* There is no time limit
* The book shows you your next goals for in case that you forgot
 *Use the question mark for a hint. It will renew fast, but it costs you 100 points
* Later in the game you can also use the plazmatron, which will let disappear objects
  from the scene for a moment, so that you can only see, what you you are looking for.
* When you mouse cursor changes into a question mark, something has to be done, like 
  a puzzle
* When your mouse cursor changes into a hand, you will have move this object
* You should talk to the persons aroand you. Sometimes they will have important 
  informations for you
* For fast wrong clicking you will get a point punishment
* You can skip mini games, if you want, but you will have to do a search - scene instead
* For doing a mini game you will receive 1.500 
* If you skip the mini game you will not receive any points for the solving the search 
* Some of the mini games, you will play twice or three times, but always in different 

Fish tank/Microwave: Its your goal to get the key out of the fish tank/microwave, with 
out touching the swimming aroand fishes/beams. Do you touch one of it, the key will fall
down again - move your mouse with the key left and right to find your way.

Turning discs: Your goal is it to reproduce a picture. The middle disc will not move, 
so you should start with the next ring. Move the discs by clicking till the picture is
complete. Discs, which are in the right position can't be moved anymore.

Food trays: You will see three trays moving from right to left in the middle of the 
scene. They only show the silhouettes of different kind of foods. In the lower part,
food is moving in a bar. Get the right food and place it on the according shilouette
on the tray. Each tray has to be complete, bevor it reaches the end of the treadmill.

Staples of bowls/records: You do get two staples with bowls/records in two different 
colors in different sizes. Your goal is it, to staple the bowls/records from big to 
small from bottom to top. Use the empty compartment, for moving the plates aroand. 
You can click move more than one bowl/record the same time, just click the lowest 
one of the staple you want to move.

Slider puzzle: Bring the tiles in the right order by clicking a tile to move it to an
empty spot next, over or ander it.

Swap puzzle: Bring the tiles in the right order. By clicking two tiles the will swap 

Parts puzzle: Place the parts at the right place to build or fix something. All parts 
can be turned with right click.

Scale puzzle: Your goal is it, to bring the scale in balance, while putting all objects
on the two scale pans. When you weight each object, you can see its single weight - 
that might help you to solve the puzzle quickly. But of course, you can also do it 
with "try and error".

Repair the coffee machine: After finding all parts of the coffee machine place them 
at the right spot. To do so, click one of the parts from the left side bar and click
it at the right spot left side. Parts which do not belong at this spot, will not be 
placed at all.

Sort objects: All objects have to be brought in the right order, according to their 
color and the symbol. Columns have to show the same color, rows have to show the 
same theme of symbols. You will get a few objects already in there to have a start.
Objects which are at the right place can't be moved anymor.

Word puzzle: Find the words which are connected to the police. The words are only 
hidden horizontal from left to right.

Copy face/dna/clown: On the right side of the screen you will see how the object you
have to copy looks like, left side you will have to copy. To change the image on the
left side, use the arrows left and right. When you think, you have all five changing
parts right, click the compare button.

Replace objects: Your goal is it, to place all objects at their right spot. When 
clicking an object, you will see a small image, showing a part of the location. Find
it and click the object there.

Slider puzzle 2: You see tiles, marked with a symbol and blocks marked with the same
symbol. Its your goal to place a block on a field with the same symbol. But when you
move a block, it will always go in the pointed direction till it will be stopped by 
a wall or another block. Coordinate your blocks, till all are laying on the right 

Wires: Connect the wires by clicking them into the right position, till all lamps 
get energy.

Micro chips: You see a parts of micro chips in bottom bar - place them at the right 
spot in the micro chip above.

Labyrinth: To have to rows of boxes - in one row you see objects at the boxes, the 
others are empty. The others are connected by lines. You have to find the two boxes
with are connected with each other and place the objects inside the empty box, 
according to the one, the line is connected with.

Find the difference: Find the 10 differences between the two pictures.

Memory: Turn two cards and find the matching pairs - But there is a difference to 
normal memories: Here you have to find animals and their foot. 
For example: Monkey and banana, tiger and meat.

Gears: Place the gears so that they are all connected. At the end they all have to
move - start with connecting the one at the right side.

Food in pans: In the upper part you see three pans with the symbol of food on the top,
you have the food. In the middle there are little balls. Your goal is it, to drop the 
food at the right place so that it can fall down into the pan that is showing its 
symbol. The food has to find its way between the little balls, so you have to find 
out, where is the best spot to start. If you fail, you will get another trial.

Key activation: Click the keys with the mouse, so that they point to the little lamp. 
The lamp will be activated then. All but one key do not only turn itself but also one 
or more other keys. Find the right combination and do the key, which is only turning 
itself at last.

Matching pairs: You will be shown a paper with a lot of different symbols. Only two 
are matching. Find and click this two - you will play, till you have three different
papers right

Follow the sequence: A piano plays a melody and you have to replay it. There are
symbols shown on the keyboard - that makes it easier to recall. If you hit a wrong 
key, the piano will show the complete sequence again.

Sudoku: You will have to fill the four 4x4 squares with the numbers 1 - 4. Each row 
and column is only allowed to contain each number once.

Match 3-1: Match 3 or more balls of the same color to fill the test tubes left. When 
all test tubes are full, you win.

Match 3-2: Match 3 or more balls of the same color to fill the test tubes. For each 
filled test tube you will receive a letter for the needed password.

Open the lock: With a lock pick you have to move up the single parts of the key. Find
out the right order as the already moved up parts will fall down again, if you click 
the wrong part.

Maths with flags: You have three math problems, shown with flags. Each flag is 
equivalent to a number, you see at the bottom. Replace the flag with the numbers
and find the results.

Mahjongg with checks: Just click always the two free laying checks away.

Day 1:
Zoo Administration
Click the fish tank and you will get a list of things, you have to look for
After finding all, you will find them in your inventory, right side
Pick them up and click them at the fish tank

The first mini games: You have to get out the five keys by using the magnet. By 
clicking left, the magnet will fall down. If it comes onto a key, the key will 
stick at it and the rod will move it up. By dragging the to the left or right, 
you can change direction, but you can't change the height of the key. If a fish
touches the key with the mouth, it will drop down again. You have to find the 
right moment to let the magnet fall down.

When you are done, click the painting with the horse at the wall behind the desc
You do not know the combination, so you first have to collect all numbers
Click them from your inventory onto the safe
Now you get 7 circles. The one in the middle cannot be moved, all others you can 
move by clicking them.
You have to assemble the picture of an elephant
A circle that is at its right position cannot be moved anymore
Get the note out of the safe

At the bar:
After collecting all cups and plates, give them to the bartender
Now you have to fill the trays with the food according to the silhouettes - make sure, 
that you fill a tray before it reaches the left end
Collect the bottles
You will have to place them on the shelf at the back wall
When you click a bottle, the correct shadow on the shelf will be highlighted
Now clean the bar by collecting the papers and the spiderwebs
Now bring the bowls in the right order - if red is right side or left side at the end, 
does not matter. Use the lower spot to place bowls there also. You are allowed to take 
as many bowls as you want at the same time, but you can only place a smaller bowl onto
a bigger one, not the other way aroand

I marked the bowls with numbers for the step by stepe walkthrough - always grab 
the number and place it as told
blue 1 down
blue 5 and 6 to the right
red 1 (with the ones above) down
blue 3 to the left
red 5 and 6 to the left
red 4, 5 and 6 down
blue 6 to the left
red 4, 5 and 6 to the right
red 3, 4, 5, 6 down
blue 1,2,3 and 6 to the right
blue 6 to the left
blue 5 and 6 to the right
red 3,4,5,6 to the left
all red down
blue 5 and 6 to the left
4, 5, and 6 to the right
red to the left

Uncle's house:
All lamps can be moved to the left and right, so that you can see better
For the last cat, grab the rifle (right low corner) and shoot the bottle in front of
the painting at the top
The painting drops down and you can get the cat

You have to bring the numbers now in the right order - 1 left upper corner - 15 low 
right corner - By clicking a tile, it will move to a free spot. While doing this a 
bonus will load -when its full you can swap two numbers by clicking them

Now find the needed objects 
Get them out of the inventory and place them on the scale 
To place an object on the scale click it and click it on one of the scale pans
You will have to bring the scale in balance by placing all objects on the scale pans
You can do it by try and error or find out the weight for each object and then count - 
or have a look at the screenshot ;)

Police Station:
Get the documents from your inventory and give it to the sheriff
After finding all donuts, give them to him also and then click the coffeemaker, in 
the other room, left side
Find all ingredients to make coffee
Place all parts at the right place to fix the machine 
Give the coffee to the sheriff and find all folders
When you foand all get them out of the inventory and click them at the file cabinet left side
You will have to bring them in the right order - use the already placed once for orientation
The columns have to show the same color - the rows have to show the same theme
Right placed folders are getting dark and can't be moved anymore
For top to bottom:
First row are animal
Second row are geometric symbols in black and white
Third row are letters
Fourth row are vehicles
The last row show black symbols
Now give red folder from your inventory to the sheriff

Day 2:
Police Station
First you will have to find word, which are relevant to the police work
Click the first letter, hold the left mouse button pressed and drag the to the last letter,
where you can release it.
The words are only hidden horizontal from left to right 
You are looking for (seen from top to bottom):
1st row: Pistol
2nd row: Handcuffs
4th row: Armor
5th row: Gloves
8th row: Badge
9th row: Binoculars
11th row: Hoand
12th row: Magnifier
Now you have find the objects 
Give the objects all to the sheriff
Now you have to copy the face by clicking the arrows left and right
When you start with the chin, the rest is coming by it self, as you only have to look 
at the outlines - when they do fit, its the right part
Find the rest of the items, that are wanted

Get all the stuff, the captain needs
On the boat you will have to place the items at the right spot
Unfortunately the game will already show you a shadow, where you have to click the item
Now you have to find shoes, tires, roses and bananas
The pictures in the bar are only an example - so you will not only find red roses for example, 
but also white ones 
Now place all objects in the corresponding crates
The next mini game is waiting
Your goal is it, to bring the blocks onto the tiles with the same symbols
By clicking a block, you will see arrows left, right, top and bottom
With this arrows, you are moving the blocks 
By clicking the arrow, the block will always go in the clicked direction, till a wall or 
another block stops it
For the solution please have a look at the screenshot

First click the alien and find the hammer afterwards
Give the hammer to the alien and find the next one he wants
Give it to him also and find the next one
Where there are only three sketches left, click the door lock right side
You have to activate the five lamps, by connecting the cables
You turn the cables aroand by clicking them
You can easily see, if they are at the right place, as only then they will have a real connection
Start top left
Now you can find the three sketches
Reassemble the picture by clicking two tiles - they will swap places
To come back to the main lab use the door left from the bridge
Click the device on the table in the left low corner and find all parts
Four will be left, so enter the door to the right and look there for the rest
Go back and place the parts from your inventory on the desk low left corner
You have to reassemble the device - with right click you can turn them
From now on, you can use the plazmatron as well - with it you can make objects disappear for 
a moment to see, if needed items are behind or ander it
Items, you can use the Plazmatron with, will highlight, when you move the mouse with the 
Plamatron over it
Find the needed items in here and the other room
Get all items out of the inventory and place them at the tower, right next to the bell jar 
in the middle of the room
Place all chips at the right place, you can turn them with right click
Now click the crystal in the middle, where the glass jar was standing before

Police Station:
Give the crystal from your inventory to the sheriff
Now you have to construct 4 phantom pictures again
Talk to the clown and click the blue folder on the desk
After finding all items, get them out of your inventory and click them onto the blue folder
On top you will see the objects that you need to have at the bottom
Your goal is it 
Follow the line, that is connected with the box, to see where it ends and click the object into it
Find the papers
Reassemble the note by placing the paper pieces at the right spot
With right click you can turn the pieces
Pieces, which are at the right place, get dark and can't be moved anymore
Place the note afterwards onto the folder on the desk

Magnate's house, hall:
Find all items and give them to the butler
Now you have to reassemble the pictures
Find the needed items 
Then find the records, use plazmatron at the piano and place them into the music device there
Now bring the records in order - use the screenshot to anderstand the numbers in the step by 
step walkthrough below
blue 3 and 4 and red 2 down
red 7 to the right
blue 5 down
blue 3,4 and 5 to the left
red 1,6 and 7 to the right
red 6 and 7 down
all reds to the right
blue 1,3,4 and 5 down
blue 7 down
red 8 to the right
red 5,6,7 and 8 to the left
all red to the right
all red to the left
blue 7 and 8 to the right
blue 6, 7, and 8 down
blue 3 to 8 to the right
all blues down
4 to 8 to the right
all red to the left
all blue to the right

Magnate's room:
Click the paper bin right side and pick up all the papers
Reassemble the picture after. 
You can turn the pieces by right click
A piece at the correct place will get dark and can't be moved anymore
Move the chair a little to the side and get the golden head
Place it on the sphinx on the desk and click the grandfather clock
Find the parts of the clock and after this the billiard balls
Now click the colored shred behind the chair
Reassemble the stained window
Now search for the symbols, you can see on the window
After you foand them, get the photo out of the desk drawer
Find the deers and place them at the wall
The glasses belong to the champagne bottle left low corner
The other door of the desk opens 
Get out the note

Zoo Lodge:
Find the animals
Follow the traces in the labyrinth and bring the animals into their boxes
Find the items, the animals stole
Replace the items
Click the box behind the guard and connect the wires

Zoo Administration:
Find the wanted items
Now click the fish tank and collect the letters
Find all dogs and place them into the picture frame left side
After finding all gears, click them at the safe, you foand behind the dog picture
Place the gears, so that all move
The safe opens, grab the book

Day 3:
Former director's house
Get the stuff, the former director needs 
Give all to him and collect the rest
In the upper part you see three pans with the symbol of food, on the top you have the food 
In the middle there are little balls 
Your goal is it, to drop the food at the right place so that it can fall down into the pan
that is showing its symbol
The food has to find its way between the little balls, so you have to find out, where is 
the best spot to start
If you fail, you will get another trial
Now give the former director the green stuff and look for the pictures
Give him the picture
Find the differences

First click on the music box at the fireplace
While the search scene, you will have to use the plazmatron same time at the chair and the 
table, otherwise, you wont be able to find the feather
Place all items on the musicbox
Click the music box again and it will show a color sequence you have to replay
Remind the sequence and click the right order of colors at the books left in the shelf
The correct order is: dark blue, light green, pink, light blue, purple, light red, yellow
A compartment on top of the music box appears
Click it and find the keys for it
After finding all, click the compartment and place the keys in the right order 
Have a good look, which key turns which other keys with it. 
The key marked with a red circle in the screenshot will turn just itself
Get the documents out of the compartment and find the wanted items

Find all wanted items
After it you will have to fix the fish - get the parts from the bar
Place it back above the bar
Find the foot- and hand prints
In the following mini game you have to find on each card one matching pair
Find the wanted items

Magnate's house, hall:
Click the piano and follow the sequences
The keys will have symbols, so that it is more easy to replay it
Diamond, Star, Moon
Diamond, Star, Moon, Spades, Clubs
Diamond, Star, Moon, Spades, Clubs, Heart, Triangle
Diamond, Star, Moon, Spades, Clubs, Heart, Triangle, Spades, Heart
Diamond, Star, Moon, Spades, Clubs, Heart, Triangle, Spades, Heart, Star, Moon
Find the needed items

Magnate's office:
Play Sudoku:
Click the keypad and fill up the number fields
Each number may only appear once horizontal and vertical
Find all needed items

Police Station:
Find the three books and give them to the sheriff
Get all items and give them to him also
Match three or more balls of the same color by swapping two balls
Play, until the color test tubes are filled
Find the wanted items and give it to the sheriff
Now you have to copy the dna
In the middle, you see numbers from 1-5
Move your mouse on the 1 and you see, that a certain part of the dna is marked
By clicking left on the 1 (or any other number), you will change this part - 
Click it, till both sides do look the same
When you think, all looks the same, click "compare"

Find all the wanted items
In the minigame, you will see different shapes in different colors
The colors are not of any interest, but the shapes
Place all shapes into the box, with out overlapping
The box has to be filled up completely and you can't turn the shapes
Now find the needed keys and key rings
The mini game wants you find a matching pair of keys on each of the five card

Hotel Room:
Pick up the camera from the night stand and find the items
Find the differences
Move the desk lamp left side, get the laptop out of the inventory and click it at the socket
Click the laptop
Play the Match-3 game, till you foand all your letters for the password
Get the lock pick and open the look of the door
Use the lock pick to move up the first spring of the lock
If it falls down, go on looking for one, that stays on top
Now look for the second one. If you choose the wrong one, the first one will also fall down
So you first have to lift the first one again and then look for the right second one
If you choose the right on, you can go on looking for the next
Please have a look at the screenshot to see the right order
Seen from left right (1-8) you have to use the following order:
6, 4, 8, 3, 5, 2, 7, 1

Find the items 
Repair the ship
Find all items and give them to the captain
Now you have to solve a math problem
Each flag is standing for a number, you see at the bottom
Solve the math problem, you already see now 
Place the correct flags at their places

Dump near the old circus:
Find the items
Click the container door at the right side
Place the teddy on top, the car in the middle and the pyramid at the bottom shelf of the container
Now click the caravan door left and find more items
After finding all rings, click the door of the white caravan
You have to find a position with the ring, that it will fall through the rods into the bowl
Which ring goes in which bowl does not matter
After this, the caravan door opens and you receive the oil
Get the oil and the can out of the inventory and click the door of the caravan in the back left
Give all items to the man standing in the door
Another labyrinth is awaiting you

Old Warehouse:
Click the truck
The hook and chain are hanging at the rope with the wash
Get it out of your inventory and click the truck again
Find the wanted items and click them also at the truck
Now click the box left side of the door
After you foand all items, click it at the box
Now you have to do a phantom picture of the clown
Find afterwards the items and use them to repair the ladder
Find the last items

Give the bartender the recipe form your inventory 
Talk with the man, who is coming along
Give the dish to the man and now talk to the next one
And the next customer
Get the stuff out of the microwave the same way as you did with the keys in the fish tank at the beginning
After serving all customers, the bartender is coming back
You have to play mahjongg with checks
You have to click away two equal looking checks
Checks which are covered by others you can't pick

Former Director's house:
Find all wanted items
After this, you have to bring them in the right order
Columns from left to right: red, blue, green, purple, yellow
Rows from left to right: Animal, weigth, food, footprint, sketch
Find the needed items and give them to the former director
Place all items at their original place
Enjoy the end.

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