A Dralien Day Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 A Dralien Day

A Dralien Day

* Click on the egg until it falls off the ledge.

* Click on the upper left contraption x4 and the bottom right x1. 
* Click on the wheel at the bottom x2 to move the cannon. 
* Click on the pile of cannonballs to load the cannon, then click on the 
  lever top right. 
* The gremlin in the hole runs away and you can move Dralien on

* Find and click on the four cogs hidden around the scene. 
* Click on the small lever underneath the flower, then click on the broken 
  bridge underneath the small lever. 
* Click on the flower. 
* When the blowfly lands on the flower nectar, click on Dralien and he'll 
  jump on the fly's back. 
* This will cause the fly to vomit and release a fifth cog.
* As the fly flies back to the left, click on the fifth cog. 
* Then click and hold on the large wheel to raise Dralien right to the top. 
vSend him on his way

* Enter ship. 
* Open the powerbox and click on each circle until all are facing up/down. 
* Look at the panel to the left and note the pattern. 
* Exit the spaceship and go to the panel on the far right. 
* the pattern from inside the spaceship by pushing the buttons. 
* Go back to spaceship and click lever on the far left. 
* The spaceship will try to depart but a chain stops it. 
* Click on the chain, then pull lever again.

-=Mini Game #1=-
* Shoot the metal eaters. 
* Takes about 4 shots to blow-up each one. 
* Holding the mouse down gives a constant stream of ammunition

* Pull the lever at the far left x4. Adjust the socket on the stick so it's 
  at the same level as the plug. 
* Pull lever one more time and the machine starts up.
* Using the controls pick up the pylon the right and then click on Dralien 
  to move him between pylons. 
* Release right pylon, move left and pick up left pylon. 
* Move Dralien on

* Check out graffiti. 
* Note the pattern on the door while it is closed. Enter. 
* Each screen you'll be presented with a choice of doors. 
* Take the door which has a pattern that is different from the rest. 
* Try to remember the different pattern as that is the one you need to pick 
  each time. 
* If you pick the wrong doors, Dralien will eventually succumb to the poisonous 
  gas, but you can always restart. 
* Eventually Dralien will emerge outside and enter another spaceship

-=Mini Game #2=-
* Use your mouse to manouvre the spacecraft through the cavern, trying to avoid 
  hitting anything. 
* I gladly sacrificed 20,000 points to skip this level

-=Giant Robot=-
* Note the colour sequence in the upright barrier, from top to bottom then enter 
  that sequence into the control panel

-=Red, Purple, Yellow, Green=-
* A giant robot will enter and you'll need to go to the gun in the middle of the
* You can try to shoot the robot, but it will keep swiping Dralien backwards. 
* If you want to beat the robot, shoot the stlagtite above it's head until it 

-=Yay, it's Mother!=-
Click on the levers in the right sequence to activate the release buttons on Mum's
cage. 3rd from left, left, right, 2nd from left
Fly off into the sunset...

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