Agon - The Lost Sword of Toledo Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Agon - The Lost Sword of Toledo

Agon - The Lost Sword of Toledo

Plaza de la Mancha:
Arrive in Plaza de la Mancha and see the Potters stall on your left. Talk 
to Potter and find the way to the painters house.
Go through the arcade straight ahead and map will open.
Painters house (Diez Palencia) hotspot now available on map. Choose Diez 
Palencia hotspot

Diez Palencia:
Talk to Carmen completely she will give you a key to her fathers room 
(painters door). Carmen will tell you about her father, family history, 
Francisco and the music box.
Pan right and go to painters door use key and enter. Have alook around.
Go to desk under window and open top left hand side drawer. Get a winding 
key. Turn and go to the music box on the chest of drawers at the side of 
Click on music box . Insert winding key in the keyhole in the lower left 
corner of music box. And click on key to start. Notice eight dials on 
music box . Need to find code.

Music Box:
Go to Carmen in the courtyard and talk about music box. She has no info 
for you.
Go back into painters room and over to music box. Click on winding key to 
restart. While the tune is playing click on dancer – a small letter falls 
from ballerinas skirt.
Read small letter in inventory and take to Carmen in courtyard. Give to 
Click on exit of courtyard to leave , Carmen will call you back and offer 
you biscuits. Take biscuit and leave. Notice new hotspot on map Candelas 
house (Carmen talked of Candelas family ) go back to Plaza de la Mancha.
Talk to Domingo the guitar player and give him a biscuit to play some 
songs (to find the title of the music box tune) Domingo plays 3 songs none 
of which is the correct tune. Go back and get another biscuit and get him 
to play 3 more (I had to do this one more time ) until he plays El Nenufar 
– the melody from the music box.
Go back to painters house and to the painters room. Go to the single 
bookcase on the far wall . Examine the music sheets in top right hand 
corner and find El Nenufar score. Take a note of the author Lozano and op 
number. 28 but there are no numbers on the music box dials. Read the 
trumpet teachers diary the song was taught in the 6th year . Go to the 
music box and enter the code L-O-Z-A-N-O-V-I . click on the lock of the 
music box (grey rectangle just right of the middle of the box). The music 
box opens.
Pick up the blue velvet pouch and open – a medal slides from it. Put back 
the medal and click on the folded letter. The professor gives the letter 
to Carmen. Exit courtyard. Select Candelas hotspot.
Talk to Isobel completely . learn about Francisco, her husband, the 
painter , the sword and Carmen. Notice the photo left of door with house 
number tile. Leave Candelas house (new hotspot on map Police station where 
Francisco is imprisoned).
Go to Diez Palencia and talk to Carmen who is now sitting on bench crying. 
She gives you a long letter. Read.Take note of the founding of the 
different sun secret society.

“it was precisely fourteen years before this Easter”

Go to painters room and examine the second secret level of music box. 
Another set of dials this time the code will be a date. 
Talk to Carmen again . She will tell you about her fathers death, her date 
of birth (neither is the solution but the time of death helps to find the 
real solution) and the darkroom. She will give you a key to the darkroom. 
Exit the courtyard. Go to police station
Talk to Sgt Reoyos. He wont allow to talk to Francisco without permission 
from Lord Alonso. He also mentions he enjoys cigars. Notice last years 
(1903) moon calendar on wall. Exit the police station and go to Plaza de 
la Mancha.
Plaza de la Mancha – go to Palace on the square – the Garcia de la Rica 
palace. Pan right and go up two small steps to garden gate Ring the bell 
left of gate and Hugo the butler will come to gate. Talk to Hugo in return 
for selling a valuable stamp to Arriaga he will forge a permission letter 
for you to talk to Francisco. Exit the garden , through the arcade to 
Talk to Arriaga completely. He is impressed by the English professor and 
hints that he may have some illegal goods for sale at the right price. 
Sell the stamp to Arriaga for 1600 pesetas. Exit Arriaga’s shop and back 
to Plaza de la Mancha. 
Go to palace garden through the open gate. Go to Hugo in the pavilion and 
give him 1500 pesetas for sale of stamp (keep 100 pesetas in inventory ) 
Talk to Hugo completely and he will give you the permission slip.Exit the 
garden go through the arcade to police station.
Give permission to Sgt Reoyos and go to police cells to the right through 
the barred door. Talk to Francisco completely. Francisco needs paper and 
pencil to write a note to his mother. Go to Reoyos and ask for paper and 
pencil he refuses to hand it over but hints he might be persuaded to if he 
had a cigar. Get Reoyos a cigar. There are two ways to do this
1) Go to Hugo in the palace garden and ask him for cigar. When he leaves 
to get it read his letter to his brother he has left on bench. Head to 
gate to leave and Hugo will appear with cigar.
2) Go to painters house and take Chinese cigar box from writing desk. Turn 
all the switches on the box to face right. Take cigar.
Go to police station and give cigar to Reoyos. He will then allow you to 
take the paper and pencil from the counter right of the cells door. Look 
at the 2 photos with the number tiles on counter too.Got to Francisco and 
give him the paper and pencil. Read the letter Francisco writes to his 
mother – he asks his mother to allow you entry to the house to help with 
the investigation. (to watch Arriaga shop)leave the prison and go to 
Candelas house.
Talk to Isabel completely and give her Franciscos letter. Isabel lets you 
go upstairs to Franciscos room. Go upstairs and enter last room on left. 
Go to window right of door you can see the window of the upstairs room of 
Arriaga’s shop but he has blinds pulled down so you cant see inside .Have 
a look around Francisco’s room.
Leave Francisco’s room and go back down the stairs and leave the 
Candelas house.
Go back to Diez Palencia and talk to Carmen. Ask if you can borrow medal 
for a while. Medal now in inventory. Go to leave. Carmen says Father Perez 
would like to meet you.Leave courtyard new hotspot on map – church.
Go to the church. Talk to Father Perez completely. He explains how to 
calculate the exact time of Easter.

With last years moon calendar from the police station we can now calculate 
the exact date of the previous Easter. 30 Mar 1903 the foundation of the 
secret society was 14 yrs before so the date we need is 30 Mar 1889 and 
from the perpetual calendar in francisco’s room we can determine this day 
was a Saturday. (there is another interpretation of this puzzle depending 
on the fullmoon in the moon calendar 08 Apr also a Saturday which will 
also be accepted by game)

Go to the iron door to your right and examine the keyhole. Father Perez 
will comment talk to Father Perez completely about door. Exit the church 
and go to Arriaga.

Talk to Arriaga and show him the medallion. He’ll now think of you as a 
possible buyer. Follow him through the curtain behind the counter and up 
the stairs. Enter room. Look at the contents of the room Arriaga will 
comment as you examine items. Go to window and try to open blind – Arriaga 
insists it stays shut. Turn around and see the sword. Take a closer 
look.Talk to Arriaga again and leave room Exit shop. Select Diez Palencia 

Diez Palencia:
Go to painters room and over to music box. Enter code for the second level 
of music box by turning dials:
1889 mar 30 sat or 1889 apr 08 sat

the musicbox reveals a notebook and key. Read the notebook it is info on 
photo development and notice the occult symbols in the corners of the 

Open the darkroom with the key from Carmen. Its dark (surprisingly lol) to 
the right theres a box of matches put in inventory.Turn around theres a 
cupboard on the wall on the other side of the door on top of which is a 
lamp . Light with matches red light now floods room. Go back to where you 
picked up matches on the bench to your left pick up camera, lens cap, 
empty photo cassette and take a sensitive glass negative from the cupboard 
above workbench. Read the instructions on the wall poster left of the 
cabinet. Go to the cupboard and close the red lamp. Combine the glass 
negative and photo cassette (this can only be done in complete darkness). 
Open lamp and leave dark room. Leave painters room exit the courtyard and 
go to Candelas hotspot.

Candelas house:
Talk to Isabel completely and go to Francisco’s room.
Set up camera. Go to window and notice the Blind is down in Arriaga’s 
Put the camera from inventory on windowsill and look at the blurred image 
on the groundglass .Click on front of camera and adjust the sharpness of 
the image by setting the camera to the longest accordion position. Check 
image now on ground glass should be a lot sharper .
Go to bottom right hand corner of room and take fishing rod into 
inventory. Use fishing rod on Arriaga’s window blind. 
Go to shelf beside room door and take ornamental tricycle then attach to 
hooks above window frame. Take the end of the fishing line from window 
sill and attach to tricycle . Pulley system !still a bit of line on window 
Take the mirror from the small table right of the window and set on window 
sill. Adjust the angle until as much light as possible shines on Arriaga’s 
window. Place lens cap on front of camera and attach end of fishing line 
on lens cap.
Use photocasette from inventory on ground glass and click on top right 
hand corner of photocasette. Phototrap now ready.
Exit Candelas house and go to Arriaga hotspot.

Talk to Arriaga and ask to see sword again. Follow Arriaga to upper room 
and convince Arriaga to open the blind so you can see the sword in 
daylight. Go to window and open blind. Talk to Arriaga then leave shop. 
Arriaga hotspot now gone from map. Go to Candelas

Candelas house:
Talk to Isabel and go to Francisco’s room. Go to camera. Use the frosted 
glass from inventory on back of camera .Now have exposed negative in 
Leave Candelas house

Diez Palencia:
Go to painters room. Examine music box. The next puzzle is a quotation 
from the bible. Turn and go to the painting stand in the bottom left hand 
corner of room. Look at the paintings on the floor – they are three 
different states of the same artwork. Go to double bookcases and take the 
book of El Greco from the top shelf of the left hand side bookcase. Look 
through book and see all 3 unfinshed paintings are based on El Greco’s 
painting :The fifth seal.
Go to Carmen in courtyard and talk completely she suggests you talk to 
Father Perez about the biblical quote. Exit courtyard and go to church.

Talk to father Perez he will give you a small bible with all his usual 
texts bookmarked. Go back to painters house

Diez Palencia:
Go to music box and open the bible. Look at the readings and in the book 
of Revelations read para 06.09 andit refers to the breaking of the fifth 
seal. Set the dials of the music box to REV0609 and click on grey lock to 
open. The music box opens and reveals a strange key and another letter for 
Carmen take both in inventory.
Go to dark room on the top of the cabinet opposite theres a jar of 
paraffin oil combine with lamp in inventory. No need to use the matches – 
it will light up automatically when needed. Pan left and see a rug on the 
floor in the corner. Lift rug to reveal trap door. Click on lock and 
unlock with padlock key in inventory. Entrance to sewage system. [SAVE 
GAME HERE] save game before entering maze puzzle.

Sewage system Labyrinth:
(to solve we must follow the sequence of occult figures in the painters 
F = forward, L = left, R = right.
Pan left F F F pan right F F pan left look at plaque on wall – Wheel 
Pan left F pan right F plaque on wall – Horse
Pan left. Cut scene arrive at steps leading to courtyard. Climb steps and 
have a look . Pick up picture of door with number tile from ground left of 
Pan right locked gate. Pan right F look at wall plaque on left – Sun
Pan right F F F look at wall plaque on right – Monkey.
Pan right x 2 F wall plaque on right – Circles
Pan right x 2 F R F wall plaque on left – Hand
Pan left F look at plaque on right – Frames
Pan left F L R R L pan right x 2 F – Rose plaque
Go right enter hole in wall and enter secret cellar. Now you’ve completed 
labyrinth you will no longer have to navigate as there is now a hotspot 
map of sewer.

Secret Cellar:
Look around the cellar. Go to small table next to book shelf. Lift book 
and find weird key. Take key. In inventory right click on weird key and 
combine with the other weird key to make double key. (remember iron door 
in church ?)
Look at the red writing on wall near to the alter and take note:
111412310 WK
Notice the long box below the writing . locked. 
Leave the cellar through the hole in the wall and the map will open . 
Select Diez Palencia hotspot.

Diez Palencia:
Develop picture.In the dark room take the measuring cups by the sinks . 
inventory cups: 10 oz, 1 oz, 1 gr.
Go to the shelves opposite the door and read the book on chemicals.
Developing negative :
1st basin - 40 oz of water (from tank right of sinks – click 10 oz 
measuring cup on tap and then click full cup on first sink 4 times) + 10 
oz developing solution (from shelves opposite door)
2nd basin – 40 oz water + 10 oz Na2S2O3
3rd basin – 50 oz water + 5oz Na2CO3
close red lamp so the room is now dark. Right click the photocasette in 
inventory to separate – an empty photocasette and exposed glass negative.
Immerse the glass negative in the first basin – at which point a clock 
will appear on screen, for 30 clock beats.remove from basin
Immerse in second basin for 30 clock beats. Remove from basin
Immerse in third basin for 60 clock beats and remove.
Open red lamp. Put the wet glass negative on drying frame to right of 
Go to small cabinet above table and take photopaper. Go back to the basins 
and click on the taps to empty each basin.
Sensitizing photographic paper
Into one of the basins put 40 oz distilled water and 10oz Ag2NO3. Immerse 
the photopaper in the solution for 10 clock beats and then hang on the 
rope to dry .
Go back to the basins and take the now dry glass negative from drying 
frame. Take the copyframe from the chair and combine with the developed 
glass negative in inventory.
Remove the now dry photo paper from rope and combine with printing frame. 
Inventory : loaded copyframe. 
Leave the dark room through the painters room and talk to Carmen in 
courtyard. Ask about the secret cellar. Put the loaded printing frame on 
the rim of the well (where the basket with the biscuits was earlier) . 
Exit courtyard and go to church.

Got to iron door and look closely at lock . Try double key but you cant do 
it while father Perez is there. Leave church and go to Diez Palencia.

Diez Palencia:
Take the copyframe from edge of well. Inventory :right click copyframe to 
separate into 3 pieces – glass negative, empty copyframe, and sunlight 
copy frame. Go to painters room and into dark room
Finishing the photo.
60 oz water in first basin
40 oz water + 1 oz AuCl3 and 1Gram NH4CNS second basin
40 oz water + 10 oz Na2CO3 third basin
immerse photo into 1st basin for 20 clock beats, 2nd basin for 80 beats 
and 3rd basin for 80 beats
click on taps to empty basins
60 oz water into 1st basin immerse photo in for 60 clock beats.
Hang photo on rope to dry. Step away from photo (this allows it to dry) 
then step back and remove dry photo from rope into inventory.
Leave dark room and painters room and go to Carmen in the courtyard give 
her the photo. Exit courtyard and go to Plaza de la Mancha.

Plaza de la Mancha:
Talk to Domingo and ask him to do you a favour involving phoning the 
police station with a message for Father Perez. Give Domingo 100 pesetas 
from inventory. Go through arcade to Church.

Talk to Father Perez. Cut scene Reoyos comes charging in saying theres an 
urgent phone call for the preist. Perez leaves with Reoyos. You are now 
able to enter the tower room.

Tower room:
Go to iron door . close up and use double key . turn . open door. Enter.
Look around the tower room.Go to the small table in the corner and take 
key and letter from Carlos.
Go to the kaleidoscsope at window. It is an optional puzzle and not 
necessary for completing the game. [Save game before beginning]
The 6 cylinders of the kaleidoscope have a numbered order. Use the WK 
number from the wall in the secret cellar 1-11-4-12-3-10 along with the 
tile patterns to solve. We can still got to all these locations where we 
have seen these tiles:

1 on the plaza de la mancha
11 photo album Candelas
4 photo album Candelas
12 secret cellar
3 plaza de la mancha
10 painters room

turn the cylinder to the matching pattern . note – some colours may not 
match but the pattern will. If youre having difficulty completing this 
puzzle download solution here.

When the cylinders are set , the chamber will open to reveal fourth codex 
Leave tower room. Exit church select Diez Palencia

Diez Palencia:
Go to painters room > dark room> sewage system. Pan left go forward Map 
opens > secret cellar

Secret cellar
Go to the alter and the locked long box on floor. Use the key found in 
church tower. Take original sword. Leave the cellar through hole in wall 
map opens. Go to Diez Palencia hotspot > dark room>painters room > 
courtyard. Exit courtyard and select Candelas hotspot.

Talk to Isobel completely learn about Francesco, Arriaga and the Alquerque 
gameboard. Isobel gives you the key to the forge. Leave Candelas house.
Select the new candelas II smithery hotspot below Candelas house.

Candelas II:
Look around the forge – many useful objects in the room but we don’t need 
them all yet. Just take the crowbar from shelf to right of furnace and 
leave to Diez Palencia

Diez Palencia:
Go to painters room > dark room> sewage system. Pan left go forward Map 
opens > select the exit hotspot.

Observe the locked gate. See a ruby ring on the ground behind the gate 
just out of reach. Use the crowbar to reach and pick up ring.
Climb the ladder and use crowbar on manhole cover to open
Go to parrot and look. Turn and got through entrance door and enter 
Arriaga’s shop.
Got to the counter in the shop (through the curtain) and see three bowls 
of birdseed.
Take a handful of seed from the spilled bowl. Go to cabinet on the back 
wall of the shop and look at the chess board on floor. Observe the chess 
men – the knights are missing. Step back and look at chess board on shelf 
, take the ivory knight.
Leave the shop through the back door and go to parrot. Give the handful of 
seed to parrot . The parrot tells you about the “steps of the Viennese 
valse” :

Forward – Left – Forward – Right – Right – Left – Forward - Forward
– Right – Right – Forward – Left – Left – Left - Right – Left
Go back into sewage system via the manhole. Try the ivory knight in the 
keyhole of the locked gate. It fits ok but we need a handle to turn it. 
Pan right go forward and map opens . select Diez Palencia.

Diez Palencia:
Dark room > painters room > courtyard > exit .select Plaza de la Mancha.

Plaza de la Mancha:
Go to potter and ask him for some clay – you’ll need to give him ruby ring 
in exchange. Take clay.
Go into the square and to the bench where the man had been sitting reading 
the newspaper. He ahs left his newspaper behind. Take newspaper.
Go through arcade and to Candellas II hotspot.

Candellas II:
Go to table, in close up pick up knife. Combine knife and clay in 
inventory to get clay bricks. Use the clay bricks on the casting frame on 
table and then use chess man on clay. Close the frame to make an 
impression of the knight. Open the frame, remove knight back into 
inventory. Use the knife in inventory to cut a channel into the clay in 
the left frame. Go over to wall behind furnace there are some hooks on the 
wall with unfinished keys take one from right hand side. Go back to table 
and use the unfinished key on the clay in the left frame. Close frame and 
lift into inventory. Go to furnace and pick up some firewood to left of 
furnace and put into furnace. Put newspaper from inventory into furnace 
and light with matches from inventory. Use bellows three times to maintain 
Put the casting frame onto grille and go to shelf left of furnace and lift 
gloves. Go back to furnace and use gloves on frame. The frame is moved 
along the grille. Take the melting pot from the log to the right hand side 
of furnace and put on grille. Use bellows three times again. Step away 
from furnace.
Go back to furnace and use gloves on melting pot. Use melting pot on frame 
(the melting pot is put back automatically on the log) . Take the frame 
from the grille. Go towards table and put the frame on the anvil. Use the 
knife on the frame to open. Take the chessman key from the mould. Leave 
the forge goto painters house.

Diez Palencia:
Go to painters room > dark room> sewage system. Pan left go forward Map 
opens >select Exit hotspot

Use chessman key on locked gate. Enter new labyrinth use the steps told by 
parrot ie:

Forward – Left – Forward – Right – Right – Left – Forward - Forward
– Right – Right – Forward – Left – Left – Left - Right – Left
Go up stairs and click on door. Cutscene Arriagas waiting there and pushes 
you into room and locks door.

Talk to Arriaga. He leaves.
Look around chamber. Go over to the cupboard and take the Alquerque board 
from bag. Click on box on top of cupboard its too high too reach !.
Lift one of the barrels. A grid of transparent barrel icons appear showing 
where you can position it. Move the barrel as close as you can to the 
cupboard. Lift the other barrel and place it beside the first. Lift the 
box and put it on the first barrel closest to the cupboard. Lift the chair 
and put it in front of the other barrel creating graded steps to the top 
of the cupboard. Click on the top of the cupboard from the start of the 
steps and climb to top of cupboard. Take the rope from the box, the spade 
head and broken handle and put in inventory. Lift the empty crate and take 
down the steps with you.set empty crate down anywhere.
Go to the elevator and take a look. Notice the sign showing the loading 
capacity. Use the spade handle on the elevator cogwheel to give you a new 
handle. Step into elevator.Unfasten the brake and click on cogwheel to 
start elevator.

Lower chamber:
Step out of elevator and go left take the pole leaning against the wall. 
Take the empty barrel (the one with the broken stave) and manoeuvre into 
elevator. Click on cogwheel and take barrel to the upper chamber. Take 
barrel out of elevator.

Climb up your makeshift steps of barrels and use the long pole on the 
hanging chain. Chain is now in inventory. In inventory combine the long 
pole and spade head. You now have a spade. Lift the closed box from the 
top of the barrel and put aside. Lift one of the barrels and move to the 
cupboard with shelves. Lift the other barrel over to the cupboard and 
position so to have a gap of a barrel between the two barrels. Go to the 
right of the cupboard and lift the plank and lay plank across the two 
Go to the broken barrel you brought from lower chamber and place on plank 
(closer to the cupboard) lift the closed box and set it beside the broken 
barrel. Move the chair and put it in front of the other barrel. Climb up 
and click on top of shelf. Check the ventilation duct above. Use the chain 
on the grille of the stack. Climb down and go to elevator. Go down to 
bottom chamber.

Lower chamber:
Go to empty barrel. Use the spade on the soil and put in barrel (you 
cannot fill the barrel with soil and take up in the elevator or you will 
exceed the loading limit of the elevator) . take 4 spadefuls of soil into 
barrel and carry it to elevator. Start the elevator and take barrel to 
upper chamber.

Take the half full barrel from elevator and set it down anywhere. Lift the 
open box and take it to elevator take down to lower chamber and fill with 
soil return with full box and empty into open box (you’ll need to complete 
this procedure twice) .
Lift the box out of the elevator and put it aside, Lift the open barrel 
full of soil and carry it into the elevator, Lift the box full of soil and 
carry it into the elevator, Find the hanging chain beside the cupboard 
with shelves, Take the end of the chain and fasten it to the iron railing 
of the elevator.
Go to the point opposite the elevator and unfasten the brake from outside 
the elevator using the spade (its long pole) Pick up the broken hook from 
the floor. Combine the hook and the rope in the inventory. Climb up the 
steps to the top of the cupboard with shelves
Use the rope with a hook on the ventilation duct opening without a grille, 
Click on the rope and climb out of the closet through the ventilation 
duct. the professor gets to the forge; lady Isabel is there.

Candelas II:
Talk to Isabel and hand over the alquerque board found from inventory. 
Leave the forge and go to Candelas hotspot.

Talk to Francisco and hand over the original sword from inventory - He was 
released from the charge; the sword obtained and the medal together add up 
to the value of the Diez Palencia house; so the youngsters are saved from 
forced marriage as well.
Read the rules of alquerque and play alquerque with Francisco If you win 
the game, Francisco will hand over another granite plate from the lap of 
the black statue – mission completed if you don’t win Francisco will 
invite you to play again until you do ! 
Watch the closing cutscene

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