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 Air Craft Escape

Air Craft Escape

1.You see the First Aid Kit right in front of you, to the left. Click to zoom 
  in, take it, zoom out, and Turn Right!
2.You see the Fire Extinguisher behind the Dead Man on left-side. Click to zoom 
  in, take it and zoom out!
3.Click on Doors on the end of room. Click White Dot on right-side, to open the 
  Right-Door, and ENTER!
4.Click on the parachutes right in front of you, to zoom in. Take the two Parachutes
  on bottom-left side, and zoom out!
5.Click the area where the Trolley Bags are, to zoom in [Left-side]. Take the Green
  Trolley Bag [Botom-Right], zoom out, and leave room!
6.Click on White Dot, on Left-Side, to open the Left-Door. Enter the bathroom, and 
  click on toilet to zoom in. Use Fire Extinguisher to knock off the Flush Tank 
  [Top Part of the toiler], and take the Steel Pipe! Note Code on the Toilet Paper: 
  1100. Zoom out, and leave the room!
7.Zoom out the Twin Doors. You see the White Sofa on the Left-side, the one nearest
  to you, click to zoom it in! Click on the Right-Side Pillow, to move it, to reveal
  a paper piece. Take the paper piece, and click on it on the Inventory. A new Window 
  will open, with the pieces. Join together the pieces, and get a blue Button and the 
  Word: BLUE! Close Window, zoom out and Move Right.
8.You see the 3 Numbers on the back of the White Sofa: 25 2 7 - Remember them! Click 
  on the Door right in front of you, and use Steel Pipe on the White Cover, Right to 
  the Door!
9.Click the Button Puzzle, and make the buttons have these colors - from Left to 
  Right: Yellow - Blue - Green

  Explanation: Remember the Numbers from back of the White Sofa: 25 2 7. Well, if you
  convert them into numbers, you’ll get: Y - B - G which is stands for Yellow, Blue & 
  Green. Once done, nothing will happen. Just zoom out, and click the Door to open it,
  and Enter! If the Door opens, you’ve done it sucessfully. If it doesn’t, read this 
  step over again!

10.Quick, before the Time runs out:

 - You see the 3 Buttons on the Bottom of the screen.
 - Click the one that says: E2
 - Once done, on Top of screen
 - Click the button: “Auto”
 - From now, you have 15 Minutes to escape
11.Go back, and you’ll see the Pilot on the ground. Click him, to zoom in. You’ll 
   see some more Piece of Papers, Left to the Pilot’s head. Take them, and click on
   them in your Inventory, to open a new window! Join together the pieces, and get this:
   Cargo Exit
   Exit 23 1 25
   Remember that, and close the Window!
12.Take the Seat Belt from the Pilot’s Left Arm [The one near the Top of Screen - You'll 
   see something black]. Once taken, place the First Aid Kit, on Top-Left of the screen. 
   Open the First Aid Kit, and click on the Sticking Plaster to add it where the Pilot is
   bleeding. Place Trolley Bag on his chest, to place it under him! After that, place Seat
   Belt on his chest, to attach it to the Trolley Bag. Zoom out, and click on the Main 
   Control Panel to zoom in!
13.Click on the password input on Right-Side: “CARGO EXIT”! Enter code: 5 24 9 20 way - 
   Once done, press Enter and zoom out. Zoom out from Main Control Panel, and go back!
   Explanation: You Remember the Piece of Paper with the text: “Exit 23 1 25?! If you 
   convert the word, E X I T - into numbers, you’ll get: 5 24 9 20! And way, is from those
   3 numbers, 23 1 25 = W A Y!
14.Now you’re where all the Seats are. Move Right, and click on the Twin Doors to zoom 
   in. Open the Right Door, by clicking the White Dot on Right-Side. Once open, enter! 
   You see a Trap Door, on the Bottom of the Room. Click to zoom it in, and click again
   to open it. Enter the Trap Door!
15.Click on the 3 Red Circles on Right-Side of the screen, for a puzzle. The answer is: 
   BLUE CIRCLE - BLUE CIRCLE - BLUE CIRCLE! Zoom out, and click on the Password Input on
   Left-Side of the screen. The code is: 1100! Once done, zoom out, and press the Helicopter
   to escape the Air Plane!

1st Puzzle - You remember the piece of paper with the Blue Circle on it. That’s the answer!
2nd Puzzle - Remember the 4-Digit Code from the Bathroom on Toilet Paper. That’s where the 
             answer comes from!

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