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Click the tractor so the gearbox shows up.
Turn the starter key (flashing red light)
Press the clutch (Leftmost pedal)
Press 1 in the gearbox
Use the right pedal to drive forward.
Get the brick that was under the tractor.
Press the clutch and put the tractor in reverse (R), and then press the 
gas pedal to reverse.
Put the tractor back into "1"
Drag the brick into the gas pedal.
Click the small lever left of where your guy is hanging.

Click the bucket beside the platform you start on.
After you fall down click on the nose on the right face.
Once the platform falls down enter the cave.

Click the wheel on the right
Take the small metal object he gives you.
Click on the small house to the left.
Click ont he metal plate to examine it better.
Use the arrow keys on the house to move the cogs to the correct code is 
displayed and then enter it on the keypad.
The code is: Triangle pointing up, Upside down L, -, Hollow square.
After the fridge opens, grab the sausage and leave.

Toss the sausage in the right bin
Hit the nose on the face to the right, quickly jump into the bucket on the left 
or the dog will eat you.

Jump across the gap on the top of the crusher
Click on the mechanism next to the windmill.
Click the blinking light to make the sundial work.
Turn the sundial by clicking the exposer gear on the right.
When the shadow is pointing to each time on the bottom, mark the symbol.

The symbols are:
6:00, is the + with the four dots around it, 15:00 is the symbol for Male (The circle
with the arrow coming to the top right), and 20:00 looks like the number 24 if it 
was mashed togehter. Take the key out of the right lute. Compare the armor of the 
first three knights and figure out what the fourth knight should look like. Observe
how each of the first 3 knights are composed of different colors for each of their 3 
parts. Now count the colors used, there are actually 4 different colors.
Using only those colors, create a 4th knight such that all 4 use different colors 
for each of the 3 parts.

Solution: Blue helmet, Red shirt, Yellow pants.

Click the button next to the upper elevator.
click the button on the elevator above you again.
Once the man disturbs the bees and closes his window go to the lowest floor.
Your guy will walk around to the bridge, and a panel will open up.
Click the blinking button, and use the arrows to match the face.
Turn the knob that appears.

Click the basket. The goal here is to make the basket heavy.
Click the button next to the little guy, and stop when the earth is in October.
Let the apples fall off the tree and put them into the basket.

Click on the blinking button next to your guy.
Click on the knob in the top right corner of the click to boil the water.
The goal is to get the clock to 10 am when the night shift ends.
While the creature is wiping off the glass change the time to 10.

Philosophers Egg:
Use the buttons on the crane to pick up the metal and put it in the train.
After you get the metal in the train, and the train comes to a stop, click on the
panel in front of it. Use the buttons on the panel to move the machine lower and 
to the right. then hit the red button. Keep hitting the red button to keep the 
furnace going. Jump in your friends new body and escape!

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