Alien Breed - Impact Achievements Guide Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Alien Breed - Impact Achievements Guide

Alien Breed - Impact Achievements Guide
     ___   _       _   _____   __   _  
    /   | | |     | | | ____| |  \ | | 
   / /| | | |     | | | |__   |   \| | 
  / / | | | |     | | |  __|  | |\   | 
 / /  | | | |___  | | | |___  | | \  | 
/_/   |_| |_____| |_| |_____| |_|  \_| 

                     _____   _____    _____   _____   _____  
                    |  _  \ |  _  \  | ____| | ____| |  _  \ 
                    | |_| | | |_| |  | |__   | |__   | | | | 
                    |  _  { |  _  /  |  __|  |  __|  | | | | 
                    | |_| | | | \ \  | |___  | |___  | |_| | 
                    |_____/ |_|  \_\ |_____| |_____| |_____/ 

                    Alien Breed: Impact
                    Team 17 - PC - 360 - PS3 - 2010
                    Achievements Guide
1. Introduction
2. Achievements (all platforms)
3. STEAM achievements
4. PS3 trophies
5. Copyright

1. Introduction

This guide will help you to unlock achievements for the game Alien Breed: Impact
for PC, 360 and PS3. I've played the game on Steam, so don't expect me to be
as accurate as I could be for PS3 version.

I must also thank the site PS3 trophies for its existence and its explanations
about missing achievements on STEAM:

This guide will be published on:
- - arkena
- - vicrabb
- - arkena

Version 1.0 - 24th September 2011: Publication of the guide.

2. Achievements (all platforms)

Campaign Veteran

*Objective: Complete all single player levels 1-5.

Just play the five levels in the single player campaign in any difficulty.
If you're playing for the first time, play it on Easy. The only difficult part
is the final boss. Just attack the secondary heads when they're done and use the
same tactic on the main head.

Another little tip is to destroy on level 5 disactivated sentries, once online,
they'll turn hostile towards you.

Against the Odds

*Objective: Complete all single player levels 1-5 on elite difficulty.

Elite is the hardest level when it comes to difficulties. So be sure to spend 
your credits on Hardened Armors and Ammo (I didn't buy so much health kits,
perhaps one or two). Don't run, clear everything, search through all lockers
and all corpses for ammo and kits. Stay calm and try to retreat when you can in
a area where you can kill quietly the aliens. Also, kill all eggs. Don't let
a single one alive. Use also turrets where you think it can help a lot (play
in Rookie first to make your opinions).

Ain't Got Time to Bleed!

*Objective: Finish 'Interface' single player level without using health packs.

Interface is the last level and with a boss. So, bring with you a lot of
Hardened Armors, they'll be the only items you'll use for healing (use them when
you're in the red zone). And don't forget: Rookie is the best for less damage.

No Stone Unturned

*Objective: Find all 'secret' collectibles.

The secret collectibles are just the word Intex in blue and rotating on itself.
They're easy to find compared to Alien Breed Assault and Descend but still,
you can miss them.

    LEVEL 1: If you're like me, you're gonna head for an Intex Terminal in
    a room with narrow halls. And you'll find your first secret in it.
    Seriously. So, guess the advice: check all Intex Terminals.
    LEVEL 2: Once you're in Sector D and in front of the door you need to blow
    up, there are red canisters on your right. Blow them up to unlock the path
    to two new rooms. The secret is in the second.
    LEVEL 3: When you have to find a way to extinguish the fire in the security
    room, go ahead. Normally, your normal path will be to the right. Don't do
    that. Just pass through the door leading to very narrow halls and go to the
    left. Follow the halls, just pay attention to the enemies and once you
    see the secret, collect it and come back. Don't forget that you can blow
    the canisters.
    LEVEL 4: The secret is unfortunately in the exterior part of the game. So,
    once you're arrive in a room with an oxygen point and a sort of gyroscope,
    just don't pass the door but use the panel near it. The secret will arrive
    through an elevator.
    LEVEL 5: When you're going to lauch the vent system, when you've passed the
    hall with the outside passage way, you'll see a single red canister. Blow it
    up and get an Hardened Armor and the last secret.

Elite Force

*Objective: Without the player taking damage, kill 50 aliens in single player.

You need to kill 50 aliens without loosing life. It's easier to do it on
Rookie in the first level or the second one. But you can also use an Hardened
Armor and kill them with it: even if the aliens touch you, it's not counting
as a damage taken (you're not loosing health). Don't ask me why but I got that
one with an Hardened Armor on and with several aliens inflicting damage to it.

Fighting Light

*Objective: Finish any single player level without using an item.

Well, be on Rookie and don't use any item from the list below during the first
level. Don't forget to preserve your health and don't hesitate to sell items.
Don't do it during your first playthrough, first, you need to know the level.

Items that can't be used:
                - Health kits (Small and Large)
                - Grenades (Frag and Stun)
                - Armor
                - Sentry

Break Out the Arsenal

*Objective: Fire every weapon and use every item in single player.

Just use every weapon and item you have. Here is a list of them:

WEAPONS                |        ITEMS
Blaster (your pistol)  | Small Health Kit
Assault Rifle          | Large Health Kit
Shot Cannon            | Frag Grenade
Flamethrower           | Stun Grenade
Laser Rifle            | Armor
Ion Spike              | Sentry

Knowledge is Power

*Objective: Collect all logs through out the game.

Logs are diaries, well, not really in Impact but if you play Descent and
Assault, some of them are clearly written by survivors (you bet that they're
dead now, as the game is set 300-400 years after the Aguirre Incident).

You begin already with these:
- Theodore J. Conrad (background on your character)
- MIA (your Synth friend)

Here are the locations of the logs - Level 3 doesn't contain one:

    LEVEL 1:
            - When you're trying to bring the reactor down, you'll come
              in a hall with cadavers and enemies. Normally, the game should let
              you know how to handle logs.
            - Near one of the Intex Terminals (before making some red canisters
              explode to make a way towards the next room)
            - After opening a door through its console, you follow a dark hall.
              You can't miss it as it's on your path.

    LEVEL 2:
            - In the beginning, when you've cleared the first room, instead of
              following the medic, just go on the room on your left.
            - In the square room when following the medic. You can see smoke and
              electricity on its center.
            - When you're finally in the Command Room (you have active turrets
              in it), just go in the room on the right of the Intex Terminal.
            - Still in the same area, in the room next to the one where the
              medic is hiding.
            - In one of the rooms where you have to activate the turrets when
              saving your first groups of survivors.

    LEVEL 4:
            - In a room just before an Intex Terminal.
    LEVEL 5:
            - In the room between Server 02 and Turbine 02 (a survivor from
              the Leopold managed to get there but is sucked by an enemy).

Team Veteran

*Objective: Complete 'Hydroponics' in Co-op Assault.

Complete the last level in Co-op, set in the Hydrophonics level, with someone.
Well, I suppose that one of you can die but it's better that both get in that
elevator in order to get it.

Hard to Kill

*Objective: Finish a multiplayer level with no player losing a life.

The goal here is to play with a friend and to finish one of the levels without
dying. The first one, set in the Medical Bay, is probably the easier to do.
None of you must die else the achievement is doomed. Look at the health of your
comrad with the lights on his/her armor: if you're still in good shape and your
friend is red, let him/her take the next medikit or buy one from the store.

3. STEAM achievements

Time to Party

*Objective: Complete 3 Co-op Assault multiplayer games

Despite the fact that it's called Co-op, you can earn this achievement by
playing three missions in solo. That achievement is still bugged.

It was added for the Steam Summer Camp, earning it gave you a ticket. Note
that Alien Breed: Assault could be bought for three tickets, in other words, it
was a free game.

4. PS3 trophies

Cash is King

*Objective: Achieve a balance of 30000 credits or more.

It is not cumulative, so, play on Easy (or Rookie) and once you have enough
items to sell, sell them at an Intex Terminal. Don't buy anything too.

For a better strategy, read:

Break a Few Eggs

*Objective: In single player Story mode, destroy 50 alien eggs using melee.

When you arrive at level 4, eggs will begin to spawn and you'll find also them
in the last level. Use your melee attack to destroy them.

Tooling Up

*Objective: Purchase an upgrade (or witness another player doing this).

Well, don't bother witnessing someone doing it because once you get enough
money, you can upgrade one of your weapons at the Intex Terminal. And you'll
probably do it without thinking, so, it's very easy.

Saving the Day

*Objective: In single player Story mode, save the game using the Intex Terminal.

If you can't get it, it means that you're doing a game without saving at the
Intex Terminal. You can unlock it after a few minutes, as you'll find one near
your point of departure...

Pure Pawn

*Objective: In single player Story mode, sell 10000 credits worth of items or

You need to have a good inventory to sell all that (a lot of hardened armors,
turrets, etc..). But well, if you can combine it with Cash is King, it's the
best thing to do: after getting your 30000 credits, you can buy all items
back and sell them again.


*Objective: Kill 5 aliens with one shot (or witness another player doing this).

If people can do this with the IonSpike (as it's burning enemies hit by it),
you can also use a stun grenade and then throw a frag. The Medical Bay or
the beginning of Chapter 4 can be a good choice.


*Objective: Kill 10 aliens with one shot (or witness another player doing this).

If people can do this with the Ion Spike (as it's burning enemies hit by it),
you can also use a stun grenade and then throw a frag. The Medical Bay or
the beginning of Chapter 4 can be a good choice.


*Objective: Stun 5 aliens with one stun grenade (or witness another player
            doing this).

If you're using the tactic of the "stun than frag" for Deadly, you should get
Shocking in the same time.


*Objective: Stun 10 aliens with one stun grenade (or witness another player

            doing this).

If you're using the tactic of the "stun than frag" for Massacre, you should get
Electrifying in the same time.

Killing Spree

*Objective: Within 30 seconds kill 20 aliens in single player.

Well, it sounds hard but trust me, when you have little aliens coming towards
you, as they're going down pretty quickly, you should get it without even
thinking. So don't think about it and just play your game.

Born to Kill

*Objective: Kill 25 aliens in single player.

If I say that you just need to play a few minutes to get it, will you really
believe me? Well, you should because it's perhaps a secret trophy but it's
an easy one.

Big Spender

*Objective: Purchase the Damage upgrade for the Ion Spike.

The Ion Spike is found in the level 4 of the game and you need 10 000 credits
to buy that upgrade. So, well, play on Rookie because on Elite, you'll spend
your credits on ammo and useful stuff.


*Objective: Break the glass in a window (or witness another player doing this).

Just play the first level in single player: the game will order you to break
a window...


*Objective: In single player Story mode, kill one of each type of alien.

Well, it's easy: just play the game and you get that one. Normally, at the end
of Level 3, you should see this one pop up. The Charger is counted as an
enemy but not the final boss.

Just Browsing?

*Objective: In single player Story mode, spend 30 minutes or more in the Intex
            Terminal menus.

You know the easiest way to do it? Just get in an Intex Terminal, put your
paddle down, let the game run and for 30 minutes, do something else: eat,
watch TV, watch a DVD, surf on Internet, write, do your homework, do a little
nap, etc... Come back after 30 minutes and you have it.


*Objective: In single player Story mode, take 500 damage without dying.

As you don't need it to do it in a level, just have a lot of health packs and
let the enemies damage you. You can also try it on Elite (I managed to survive
enough time in Elite - if I was on PS3, I would have got it) but you can also
use your frag or stun grenades on yourself...

The Completionist

*Objective: Each and every trophy has been awarded. Congratulations!

Unlock all trophies to get this one.

5. Copyright

Author: Vinciane Amorini (vamorini(@) - cleo_rabb(@)
Country: Belgium
Version: 1.0
Date: September 2011

I don't mind you picking my guide for publishing it on your site but please,
notice me and credit me. Oh and I don't want you to edit my FAQ for making
your site appear on it. This work is copyrighted, so, you can't take it and make
you the author when you're not.

Cette solution est protégée par les droits d'auteurs (loi belge pour ma part).
Aussi, veuillez les respecter. Je n'écris pas pour gagner de l'argent, donc,
soyez sympa de ne pas vous faire passer pour l'auteur ou d'utiliser ce document
pour vous faire de l'argent.

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