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 Allegiance Strategy Guide

Allegiance Strategy Guide

Date Created: 15/09/03
Last Modified: 12/01/04
Version: 3.00
Copyright 2003 Aqueous Cross                    


1.00 (22/09/03) - Completed the guide.
1.01 (16/10/03) - Completed the guide.
1.02 (17/10/03) - Added some bits to the guide.
1.03 (19/10/03) - Removed a site from the Rights section.
1.04 (25/10/03) - Changed email, changed Finish off chapter to Backend.
                  Few more minor changes, added a site to the STHTG
1.05 (10/11/03) - Added a site to STHTG section.
2.07 (13/11/03) - Redid the Table of contents, sub-headings, etc.
2.08 (16/11/03) - Changed email address
2.85 (05/12/03) - Changed email adresses


 1) Introduction
 2) Basic Game Strategy
 3) Pilot Roles
 4) Closing

1) Introduction=

Welcome to my Allegiance FAQ! This guide will look at the Basic Game
Strategy and the Pilot Roles which should be filled wihin a Multiplayer
game, & etc, etc..
Without much more, we'll advance on the guide

2) Basic Game Strategy=

Scan Range & Signature:

As standard, all ships have a signature rating, and everything else has a
scan range. Basically, a signature is a rating of how visible the ship is
to the enemy. Scouts can really help you out here because they have the
best scan range of any fighter and can help the team to see more during a
dogfight. If you don't wish to be seen easily, then you should take off
your shield and missiles. This should reduce your chances of being seen
by a fair amount. 

Interceptors can be a problem to fight as well, they can't
mount shields and missiles so that means that their signature rating is 
usually low. Scouts can also help against the bombers. Their large scan
range should be able to see a bomber before it starts lanuching its volley
of missiles, Scouts are also valuable because they can drop probes, which
means that a bomber in that sector will pretty much be discovered before
lobbing its cargo.

Weapon & Defense Types:

Just about every weapon has a unique damage type and everything that has the
slightest chance of being damaged has a defense type. Whenever something 
takes damage (be it a fighter or capital ship) the damage can be more 
destructive if the defense type is weak to the weapon type. Think of a 
flamethrower toasting a forest. Some other weapon types are ineffective
against certain defense types, think of a flamethrower attacking dirt and

If you plan to attack certain ships, make sure you pick the right weapons
for the job, for example, for attacking interceptors; sniper rifles would
probably make the job a bit easier. In attacking a cruiser though, a 
normal fighter with disruptors will probably do a better job than an

For attacking bases, you should use the Galvonic Blaster, however, this
is only for light bases (teleport reciever and outpost). To take out
a heavy base, bombers would get the job done much more easily.
Some weapons are area-effect weapons (like the SkyCap turrets). These
weapons can still cause damage with a near miss, but not as much as a
direct shot to the back. Think of grenades when I say area-effect.

3) Pilot Roles=

*These are just basic descriptions of each pilot role.


Basically, this person manages how the money is spent. In most games, all
the players donate their cash to the investor, it is then the investors
job to pick the right technologies to research.


Think Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars. This guy assigns the roles to the
players and makes decisions of when to attack and defend. This person
may also be the Investor of the team.


Decides how battles in certain areas should be fought. This guy should call
the attack on the weakest target to ensure a quick kill. Space-combat
should never be fair.


AWAC's are usually the people who fly scouts and spot the stealthy ships,
like the interceptors. However, this role is not essential for the game.


Scouts and stealth fighters are good for this role. They have low signature
ratings, good speed and a decent scan range. This job is to pick a pod
to help the ejected player get back into the fight.


Whoever has this job has the job of assasinating the enemy miners and
builders. Stealth Fighters are good ships for this role, just make sure
that you keep your signature rating low.


Keeps an eye on the enemy, spys usually hang around in sectors where
nobody else is and avoid being spotted.


The next job down from the Assasin. Your job is to basically annoy the
enemy by attacking their miners and builders. The basic objective is to
get their attention while your main force slips in.


A job easier said than done, not exactly the most exciting job but 
someone has to do it. Scout ships are perfect for this role. Remember
to keep a low signature rating.


The job here is to "patrol" your borders and kill any enemy ships before
they can cause grief and destruction for your base. Kill the priority 
targets first, like the Bombers and AWAC's.


Basically, its the second line of defense if the enemy gets past the 
Patroller. Remember, fight as a team to take down the enemy.


The job of the bodyguard is to escort the miners and builders while they
are doing their job. Its not an essential role but can be filled if you
are paranoid about your miners screaming for help.


The job of the Bomber Pilot is to nuke the crap out of the enemy base,
no matter whats coming their way. A full complement of turret gunners
are highly recommended. If the enemy knows that you're coming, expect
to fight thw whole way in.


A TrailBlazer can help the bomber slip past unseen by destroying enemy
probes and spies so that the enemy can't see the bomber coming their


Bomber Escorts "escort the bomber where its meant to go". Meaning that
Escorts help the bomber out by keeping fighters off its back. It best
to go through the Aleph first before the bomber and attract the attention
of the enemy fighters.


After a successful base defense, the medic will jump into a scout ship,
load a repair tool and repair anything thats damaged. Putting 2 or 3 of
these in combination with a capital ship can increase its survival
chances by a fair bit.

**These roles are good ones for first-time newbies

4) Closing=


This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited and is 
also a violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.


CJayC: For keeping a great site like GameFAQ's alive & well :D


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