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 Amerzone - The Explorer's Legacy

Amerzone - The Explorer's Legacy

Button Controls

Left mouse button---pick up items
open doors, turn levers, move

Right mouse button---Inventory

HAND ICON--- you can open doors,
pull levers, etc

ARROW-- you can go foward, left
right, turn all the way around

MAGNIFY GLASS- Look at something
up close



Letter(from mailbox)
Notes(from drawer)
Journey To The Amerzone Book
Letter(from table)
Disk #1
Metal Rod


Underwater Helmet


Key(from priest)
Coffee Cup
Grey Bug
Key(from guard)
Key(from bible)


Tranquilizer Dart
Small Stick

Chapter 5

Grey Bug
Green Fruit
Red Bug

Chapter 6


Chapter 7

Bird Figurine


A mailman riding a bike towards you then he stops and talks to
you about a letter he left in the mail box,but anyways. Go forward
until you see a metal gate. On your left pick up the LETTER. Open
the gate and then open the wooden door and go inside. Once inside
look to your left and you will see a HAMMER pick it up. Go up
stairs and talk to the ol' feller. When your done talking to him
turn right and you will see an open drawer look inside to pick up
some NOTES. Turn around and look under the stairs for a telephone
go toward the telephone then go to your Inventory and read that 
letter you got from the mailbox(iron gate) and there will be a 
phone number at the top of the page 0346528179. Pick up the reciver 
and put the number in and listen to some man talk....Go up the stairs
and laying on a desk is a book called JOURNEY TO THE AMERZONE pick the
book up. Look to your right,go up the ladder and pick up the NOTES on 
the table. Go back down the ladder,down the stairs (to the old man)
and back down the stairs (where you found the hammer). You should
see a celler door open it and go down the stairs. Look to your
right and pull the lever the lights will come on. Continue going
forward go down the stairs. When you get to the bottom of the stairs 
go foward twice and take a right. Enter the room and pull the lever
right in front of you on the wall. There will be another lever to 
your left (in front of you) pull it. Turn left and pick up the DISK#1
Beneath the computer screen is a little white button (left side) 
push it and the computer will turn on. Click on the computer and insert
the disk in the slot below the screen. It will ask for a six digit
number. Remember that big book you got,turn to the first page on
the top and it say's "Born on 28/06/04" let's try that number.
Then hit the "star looking" symbol. Click the box AUTHENTICATION,
then click the box LOAD. And a door opens somewhere. Go back out 
take a right go down the stairs and open the door. Before you go 
on the elevator look down on the ground for a METAL ROD. Pick
it up and get on the elevator,look down and you will be a hole
in the wall, use the METAL ROD on the hole. Pull the lever so
the elevator will go down. Turn around and use your HAMMER on
the discolor brick. Go in the hole, move forward and open the 
door. Take a left,forward once and go right pull the lever.
And watch the mine cart/egg go down the tracks. Go back to the elevator
and go back up. Take out the METAL ROD,and pull the lever the go 
back down. Off the elevator go down the red stairs. And you will see
a HYDROFLOAT. You see that Jerrycan and the wing, stand in front of the
wing. Now go straight and move your arrow to the left just alittle 
and go straight you should be on a walkway surround be water. Continue
going straight you will come to a huge door, make a right. Go in the 
elevator and press the red button,the door will close and the light
will turn green. There will be a magnify glass over the green light.
There is a up button and a down button. Go up. Exit the elevator
and look thru the telescope,look up you will see a red number 140.
Now go all the way back to that old man go all the up the stairs.
Go thru the grayish steel door. Turn around go up the ladder,go right
go up the stairs. You will see a steering wheel and two levers. Looks 
like we need a three digit number. Don't forget that number we 
just found 140. So try 140. And turn the wheel,strange must be wrong
well lets look in our big book we found early. Turn to the 4th page
and you will see a picture of birds flying and a number +5. Umm....
let's see. 140+5=145. Lets see if that works. So put in 145,and
turn the wheel, bingo I WIN..... Now go all the way back to the 
Hydrofloat,and stand if front of the right wing, turn all the way
around go forward once and take a right and go forward. See that
ladder go up it and pull the lever. You will see a crane pick up
the egg and place it in the Hydrofloat. Go back down and go inside 
the Hydrofloat. Look at the screen put DISK#1 in and click LOAD
then click PLANE. Looks like we need 3 digit code. Remember that
code we used at that steering wheel 145. Try that it might work.
Then click CONFIRM DESTINATION. Now sit back and watch the cutscene.


Alright we ran out of gas not good. Go back to your screen and click
SAILING then click on SUBMARINE watch the little cut scene.
Before you do anything go back to your screen and choose GRAPNEL
pull the lever (right side of screen) ONCE. Now exit the 
Hydroplane and talk to the old fisherman and listen to him
complain about him catching no fish.Go across the dock
go across the beach and enter the bar,turn right pick up
the UNDERWATER HELMET from the table and the KNIFE from
the wall in front of you.Go back to the beach go right you see 
that warehouse that's where your going. When you get there
go inside and pick up the JERRYCAN. Go on the right side
of the plane and pick up the WRENCH. Go back outside
and fill the JERRYCAN with gas from the gas pump
(you should see it). OK you see that windmill that's
next the the Bar go there. Stand behind the windmill
a magnify glass will appear,pull the lever. Go to
the front of the wind mill. Use your wrench on
that big pipe on the right side at the end (toward
the water). Now look down,see that smaller hose
use your UNDERWATER HELMET. Turn around you see that orange
lever look to the left a magnifyglass will appear. Turn the
wheel to align the gears. Now Pull that orange lever. Put 
that UNDERWATER HELMET on. Go underwater go forward once
use your KNIFE to cut the rope. Watch the little cutscene
of Free Willy being set free. Now go forward twice you should
be facing a broking plane. Turn right you will see a pole go
forward once. A hand icon will appear on the GRAPNEL HOOK place 
the hook on the door of the broken Hydrofloat. Go all the way
back to YOUR Hydrofloat and pull the lever once more and the 
GRAPNEL will pull the door off the broken Hydroplane. Go and
talk to the ol' fisherman again, and he will talk about some
chest and he gives you a KEY. Go back to the broken Hydrofloat
I hope you remember how to get there. And go inside you will
see a number 227. Get back out of the water and go toward the 
warehouse,continue going down the beach pass the broken plane until
you see some stairs go up them and you will see a rundown/broken
shack. Go inside and use the key on the chest inside. Pick up the 
DISK#2. Go all the way back to the Hydrofloat. Face the egg, on the
left side use the JERRYCAN. Turn around and use the DISK#2. Click 
LOAD then click HELICOPTER. It will ask you for a 3 digit code.
The code is 227. And click CONFIRM DESTINATION. Beside the screen
(right side)is a lever pull it. Then watch the cutscene.


Man we ran out of gas again. Click on the screen and select SALING.
watch the little cutscene. Get off the  Hydrofloat,go forward once
pass the gaspump take a right go down the trail to the cematary.
Talk to the old priest and he will give you a KEY. Turn around
go back to the gaspump take a right to the gate use the KEY.
contiue going forward pass the well and pass the dead cow/bull. 
A guard will knock up out. You will awake in a room. Turn around
and grab the COFFEE CUP. Face the door and look up and left of the
door see that GREY BUG on the wall a magnifyglass will appear
look closer at the GREY BUG, use the COFFEE CUP on the GREY BUG.
Then look toward the bottom of the door. Use the COFFEE CUP W/ BUG
He will pour it in his Tequila and the pour feller drinks it and I reckon
dies,oh well. Look where the guard falls over and get his KEYS. 
Open the door and go to the Jeep and grab the ROPE and JERRYCAN.
Go back to the well and use the ROPE. Go down into the well. Go
forward 3 times turn around and grab the sword. Turn back around
and go up the stairs, and then the ladder. You will be in a 
confessional. Go inside the church walk toward the preist and talk to him. 
When you are done you will be facing two candles and a small door
we will get to that in a second. But turn right and look at the bible.
Turn to page 2 and get the KEY. Use the key on that small door and
get the DISK#3 and the LETTER. Go back to the confessional (left side)
go back down the ladder,down the stairs. Go forward twice and look 
to your left. Use the SWORD in his hand and pull on the SWORD. The door
behind you will open. go thru the door. Thru the tunnel, up the ladder.
Open the door. Well we are back where we started the cematary. Go back 
to the Hydrofloat and put the gas in (you do know where it goes)
Look at the screen click LOAD then click GLIDER.  watch the cutscene.


Get off the Hydrofloat walk passed the little hut (there's
nothing inside) a magnifyglass will appear you can watch the 
bug (I reckon) burp. Anyway continue going forward you will 
see another little hut. Go inside on the table is a MAP
and to the left of the table is a JERRYCAN. Go back to the
Hydrofloat put the gas in. Look at the screen on the right 
side and pull the lever you will be floating on down the 
river until some bull's get in your way. Underneath that
lever is your horn blow it and they will move. You will
go on down the river some more and another set of bulls 
are in the way but they are pissed, so they hit your
Hydrofloat and damages the engines. So now what, look
toward you front window and turn left and hit the action
button (or left mouse button) your Hydrofloat will turn in
that direction. Now click back on your screen and choose
GRAPNEL. what you have to do is line that hook (the one
in front of you moving around) and move that hook to an
item for example rock tree,dock etc. Then hit you action
button then pull that lever (the one beside the screen)
if you done it right the the GRAPNEL will hook on to that
item and pull your Hydrofloat. If not then the GRAPNEL
will just shoot out into the water. oK are you ready
I will just say what to shoot at
Shoot inbetween the two BIG rocks
Rock in front of you
A bull will raise up shoot for the horns
Now the bull will pull you Hydrofloat to the dock.
Get off the hydro float. Go thru the grass and follow the
rope. You will see a set of bushes,trees to your left go
there. You see that trail good. I am going to try my
best to get you through this trail. Ok ready, Go forward
SIX times, you will see a BIG rock in front of you. Now
turn around and you will see two trails one to the left 
and one to the right. Take the right trail and go forward
5 times. In front of you, you should see a TRANQUILIZER DART.
Now go back to where you first started (the river) take a left
go toward the bull and use the TRANQUILIZER DART on the bull
and talk the hook off of his horns. Now go back to the Hydrofloat.
Look at the window and go forward. Use your GRAPNEL again
Rock in front of you
Rock in front of you
Dock in front of you, hard to see
Get off the Hydroplane and go forward. You will hear a bees
nest. You see that BIG stick on the ground there is a
(I don't know how many times I didn't see that small stick)
But use the SMALL STICK with the big stick and you will start
a fire and the bees will run the "animals" off. 
(I guess he never listened to Smokey The Bear)
Go back to you Hydrofloat and use the GRAPNEL again.
This part is a PAIN!!!!
You see what that hook looks like right. Ok,look at the
bottom of the hooks you see that BIG round part,that's 
the part you want to click on that small pointy rock
right in front of you. If you don't do this right you
will overshoot the rock everytime. Ok, moving along
Rock in front of you-hard to see
Rock in front of you-hard to see
Rock in front of you to the right
Rock in front of you 
Rock in front of you (you should be able to see the waterfall now)
Rock in front of you
Dock NOT THE ROCK it's in front of you.
You will be pulled to the docks.



Turn around and grab the Egg. Now exit the Hydrofloat. Go forward 7 times.
You should be in a BIG circle. Look to your left see that doorway. Go
toward it go inside an open the door. Go forward ONCE look down on the
ground and you will see a GRAY BUG (as far as I know you don't need this bug)
turn LEFT go forward TWO times look to your right you will see a palm tree
a hand icon shake the tree and a GREEN FRUIT will fall on the ground pick
it up. Turn around go forward FOUR TIMES look to you left on the ground
pick up the FLOWER. continue going forward THREE TIMES look to your LEFT
on the ground for a RED BUG. Go forward and go up the ladder. Turn RIGHT 
and go across the docks and turn the wheel. Turn around and go back down 
the ladder. Go forward SEVEN times and turn LEFT. Go thru the door. You
should be standing infront of a desk. Look down and open the desk for
DISK#4. Go back to the BIG circle. Go LEFT and you will see a doorway
(if you see a skeleton on the ground your at the right one) go inside
turn LEFT go to the back beside the machine use the FLOWER. Now go
FORWARD to the front of the machine and you will see a BOWL with GREEN
STUFF pick it up. Go back outside. You will see a doorway to your LEFT
go forward TWICE, look to your LEFT, go forward TWICE and you will see 
something like a funnel and a hammer. Use the GREEN FRUIT in the funnel
and it will roll down and the hammer will smash it and white stuff will
pour into the bowl. Pick the bowl up and go back to the BIG circle.
Go forward ONCE look to your RIGHT go foward torward the girl. Talk
to the girl and give her the Egg, Bowl of Green Stuff, Bowl of White Stuff
and the Red Bug. Watch the cutscene. Go back to the Hydroplane. But 
stand beside it (it will be on your right side) go forward ONCE.
Look to your RIGHT you will see a snake and a lever. A hand icon will
appear click on the snake and the girl will play alittle tune and the snake
will go away. Pull the lever and get back inside the Hydoplane.
Put the Egg back in place and use the DISK#4. And click LOAD then click BOAT
hit the ignition (the lever). You will go on something like a lift.
Turn around on the left side is a lever push it. You will be lifted up
in the air. Turn around and push the lever again on the left side and
you will be pulled along some tracks. And then you crash.


Well you survived the crash. You will be standing in water. Turn RIGHT 
and go forward ONCE. Pick the Egg up. Look to your right and you will
see alittle hut go torward it up the ladder and inside. Pick up the
SATCHEL hangin on the wall. Now go back to the broken Hydroplane. 
Stand exactly the way you was facing when you started. Turn LEFT
you should be looking at open water and trees. Go forward SIX times
if done correctly you should be facing a large pole, you will see
three holes on the bottom of the pole. Use your SATCHEL on the
2nd/middle hole. You will see (lets call them water horses) a
water horse swim toward you and swim away. Now go back to the 
broken Hydroplane and face exactly the way you was be for.
You see them TWO poles in front of you,go toward them. You 
can only use you SATCHEL on one of them. When you get to the pole
look at the three hole. Use the SATCHEL on the BOTTOM/1ST HOLE.
Now for the trickey part. From where your standing at the pole go forward
you should be looking at some lillypads. Go ACROSS the lilypads. take a
RIGHT. Go forward THREE TIMES, turn right, go forward, turn right, go
FOWARD 7 TIMES. Turn around and you will see another pole. Use the
SATCHEL on the top/3rd hole. The water horses will come to you.
Face the water horse and move your arrow toward his neck a hand icon will
appear hit the action button. You will be on his back. Then grab the reins
and he will take you to a set of ladders. Go all the way up the ladders.
Then cross the rope bride.


Conitue crossing the rope bridge and you will be on land. Go forward,go up
the long stairs to the wooden door. Open the door and go inside. Talk
to the General (I reckon) when he dies take his MEDALS (on his shirt)
Turn left and go toward the wheel and turn it. Go back out the door, go
down the stairs and a new opening has appeared. Go into the opening
take a left. There will be a crank,turn it and a metal pot will come up.
Place the MEDALS in the pot and the lava will melt the MEADLS and make a 
KEY pick the KEY up. Go forward TWICE, look to your LEFT. insert the KEY
and turn the KEY all the way around. Look to your LEFT go up the steps 
and climb on the wing. Watch the cutscene. You will crash beside a lava pit.
From where you are standing go RIGHT and go forward FIVE times. Look at the 
lava pit you will see a BIRD FIGURINE pick it up. Look to your RIGHT and go
forward ONCE. Face the lava pit and turn around. You will see a cave it's
VERY HARD to see. Go forward FOUR times. Use the Egg on the pedestal thingy.
Take the Egg back and turn around. Go forward FOUR times(you should be facing
the lava pit) then go RIGHT. Go forward THREE times. Look to your LEFT.
It looks like a sets of stairs, go forward use the Egg and the BIRD FIGURINE.
Now just sit back and enjoy the ending.

Started this guide on 10/28/09

Finish it on the morning of 10/29/09 And beat Amerzone for a 5th time

Thanks to casterman & MICROIDS for making a great game.

Thanks to me for writing this guide

Thanks to  for reading my guide

PLEASE do not steal my work I have worked hard on making this guide.

Hi, my name is Randy Taylor Jr. I am 23 years old. From a small town Murphy,NC
This is my very first guide I have ever written. I hope this guide helps you
get past the tough parts. Well thanks for reading.

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