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 Amorous Professor Cherry

Amorous Professor Cherry

cccccc c     c  cccccc  ccc   c  |
c      c       c      c c  c     |
c      ccccc c cccccccc c  c  c  |
c      c   c c c        ccc   c  |
c      c   c c c        c  c  c  |
cccccc c   c c  ccccccc c   c c  |
Amorous Professor                |
-----------------------          |
Table of Contents                |
-----------------------          |
Common Routes -	[00]           |
Chieri's ------	[01]           |
Kiyoka's ------ [02]             |
Mamiko's ------ [03]             | 
Notes --------- [04]             |
*use find [xx]                   |
-----------------------          |
// Synopsis                      |
// & Information                 |
// (               |

I'm Kouta Koikawa, and I'm having a problem with my studies. It's not that 
my classmates' ruckus bothers me, I sit at the front of the room to avoid 
their antics. The real problem is my social studies professor, Chieri Hase.
From the day she started teaching here I haven't been able to keep my eyes 
off her! She's a rookie teacher, but I'm captivated by every movement of 
her beautiful body. I can't work up the nerve to confess my feelings - 
I'm her student, after all, and I'm sure she wouldn't find this sort of 
forbidden love to be proper... until one day when fate brings us together
 in an encounter that changes our lives forever.

ZyX and G-Collections present Amorous Professor Cherry, a fantastic new 
game where you take the role of Kouta in his quest for true love, torn 
between three beautiful women vying for your attention: the clumsy yet 
pure and good-hearted Chieri, her flirtatious and fun-loving math professor
colleague Mamiko, and the university idol Kiyoka. Who will end up winning 
your affections in this sexy romp through co-ed campus life? Only your 
choices can find the answer!

Witih dozens of erotic scenes (some with full animation!) from ZyX veteran
Sendorikun of Sagara Family and Virgin Roster fame, and story from Minakami
Tomohiro (Crescendo, Sensei 3), this is a great new take on the "school 
love" genre that you won't want to miss!

further information
System 		OS: Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista
Requirements:	Requirements: 64+ MB RAM, 700 MB hard drive space

Release Date 	Jul 15, 2008
Language 	English text with Japanese voice
Genre 		Adventure
Version  	US
  		Adult 18+
		Suitable for persons aged 18+ only.
		Contains adult content and nudity.
PAX-Code 	PAX0001690752
Catalog No.  	GC032
Item Code  	652823200114

// Common Routes [00]
# The "Common Routes" are shared routes of each heroines 
# that can be loaded from each saved (save 1 and 2) point 
# listed below. Where it tells you to save, do so, save your 
# progress if you want to use it as a starting point for the 
# next scenerio. The "saves" can be loaded for each instance 
# where the word "load #" is mentioned; otherwise, if you 
# know what you're doing, then feel free to skip this section, 
# and make your way down to the routes of your choice. 
# Fap away (^^)()~

01. You Lie
02. Tell the truth
03: Yes, Please
04: Of course!
05: Insist more firmly
06: Give it the OK
07: Leave school immediately
08: I want to see her face as soon as possible
09: Clean up the room.
(Save 1)
10: I love you, Professor!
11: Well...
12: A hamburger sounds good
13: Don't respond to her
14: Ultimate Barrage Shooting
15: No way, I'm staying here
16: Let's go in costume
17: Continue on!
18: Don't joke around
19: I can't wait
20: The thought didn't cross my mind
21: Flatly refuse
22: I like her
23: Let's meet at the school tonight
24: Stay silent
(Save 2)

// Chieri's Route [01]
# True ending

(LOAD Save 2)
Accept her request
Tomorrow tell the professor directly
Let's ask Ms. Kanai for help
Come with Chieri
I love Chieri

// Kiyoka's Route [02]
# True ending

01: Kick the prefessor out
02: Lie
03: Do it
04: I'll pass on that. I'm not interested.
05: No way
06: Give up the idea
(Save 3)
07: I want to see more
08: Ask Mamiko about Chieri's condition
09: Please let me study
10: Let's bring her some flowers
11: Finish the laundry.
12: Force her down 
13: Of course!
14: I'd like mackerel
15: Return Kiyoka's feelings
16: Who could she be talking to?
17: Let it fly in one shot!
18: I like wide spaces. Let's go to the gym.
19: Don't mind it! Continue!
20: This is plenty stimulating too
21: Thank you
22: Hold it in until after school
23: So I am, is there something wrong with that?
24: I can't answer
25: It's not that way...
24: Let's meet at the park tonight
26: Go out with Kiyoka
27: Deny it
28: Accept her request
29: Tomorrow tell the professor directly
30: I'll be with you forever, professor!
31: Go out with Kiyoka after all

// Mamiko's Route [03]
# This route is actually Mamiko and Chieri's ending
# since Mamiko is a rotten slut, the author deemed her 
# not worthy for a unique ending. If anyone finds this 
# to be false, then please let me know.

(LOAD Save 2)
Accept her request
Tomorrow tell the professor directly
Let's ask Ms. Kanai for help
Come with Mamiko
I'm not thinking of anything
Do it

// Notes [04]
# I was going to add the rest but decided not to, since a
# guide could be easily found browsing Japanese's sites.
# And other reasons.
# I've listed only three endings; one for each character.
# I never did feel the need to find the alternative endings.
# I felt knowing other ends would affect my way of enjoying
# the stories. But I do believe that getting all the CGs is
# a must. So I try to balance both during my own gameplay.
# Therefore, I won't even mention guides on other scenrios.
# If you must, then please visit the following website
# where there is a full walk-through on completing every
# single path:
# Use online web translator such as babel or google to help
# understand. Have fun and good-bye!

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