Arcane Season 2 - The Stone Circle Episode 4 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Arcane Season 2 - The Stone Circle Episode 4

Arcane Season 2 - The Stone Circle Episode 4

1. You start in the luggage compartment. Inspect the small green handbag
   in front of Prescott and Ophelia. You'll get a cute little psychic 
2. Inspect the handbag again and take the matches. 
   Now, go forward to the next compartment.
3. Click on the blond lady to realize they're in a trance... Click on the
   champagne and once you have it, click on the empty ice pan. On to the 
   next compartment!
4. Now, you got to be quick or the henchman will hypnotize you. Use the 
   champagne bottle to render him unconscious and go to the topmost 
5. Take the stethoscope out of the handbag and exit.
6. There's nothing in the middle compartment so go in the bottom 
7. Using the stethoscope, open the safe and take the letter. Click on the
   face and take the jewel out, then leave the compartment.
8. Note that the compartment ahead is locked so go back to your good buddy
   Prescott. Head to the compartment behind you and use the face to open 
   the metal door.
9. Since Ophelia's no fun, Prescott goes in alone. First, take the necklace
   off the statue ahead of you.
10. There are four indentations on the wall. On the one with a fire mark,
    put the matches in the topmost indentation.
11. On the one with an eye mark, put the ice pan in the topmost indentation.
    One of the statue's bellies will open, revealing a wing. 
    Prescott will take it.
12. On the one with a circle mark, put the ruby in the topmost indentation.
13. Put on your night-vision goggles and take the book out from under the 
    SCREEN AFTER READING THE FIRST PAGE! Put the book in the last remaining
    indentation with the star mark. Another statue's belly will open with 
    another wing. Prescott takes that too.
14. The henchman will awaken and chase Prescott to the top of the train. 
    Here's the hard part. As the henchman is about to swing his knife, click
    on Prescott to make him duck. Do this twice and you will control Ophelia
    for a brief moment.
15. Run to the strange circular wheel below the door Prescott entered and 
    click it. Start from the outer ring towards the inner ring and make a 
    path for the lever to go to the center. From time to time, you have to
    do the Prescott-henchman battle again so just keep on clicking on him 
    to make him duck. When Ophelia gets the lever to the center, this will
    make the train cars split and Prescott will jump to safety.

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