Arcane Season 2 - The Stone Circle Episode 7 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Arcane Season 2 - The Stone Circle Episode 7

Arcane Season 2 - The Stone Circle Episode 7

1. Click the back of the car and get the rope.
2. On the far left in the north you'll find a statue of a bird. 
   Get it.
3. You will see that bird bath, place the statue on the bird bath.
4. You will see a stain glass right below that triangle. It's kind 
   of hard to see but in the middle is a circular stain glass window
   and you have to click on it and put on your specs and remember the
   two symbols that appear on the glass.
5. Now go back to the bird bath and arrange those symbols in the right
   order. See to it that the symbols face the bird shadow. Click on the
6. You will see the spiral staircase. Go down.
7. Pick up the wand that is on the right and then go back up. 
   Prescott will be asked to stay.
8. Once you come up go to the other screen and click on the huge statue. 
   Note down the symbols on a paper. Now come back to the first screen 
   where you started.
9. Now drag the wand to the cross that is close to the bird bath. You 
   will see the cross on the pillars. There are five such cross. You are
   supposed to place the point of the wand on the right symbol. You will
   need the five symbols that you noted on the paper. Dont make a wrong 
   move. Each right symbol will get the platform on top. One wrong move 
   and it will go back down and you will have to start again.
10. Go down the stairs and walk on the platform. Now go to the next room.
    Click on the far right casket. They will push it. Get the scroll, 
    bow and arrows.
11. Click on the left casket. Get the other scroll.
12. Click on the middle casket. It wont move so click on it again and 
    click its eyes.
13. Now go back to the room of the platform. Put on your specs.
14. You will see the relics.
15. Walk on the platform. You will stop in the middle.
16. Take off your specs and click on the arrow, then drag the rope to 
17. Now click on the bow(Shooter). Drag the arrows to Prescott. he will 
    shoot it. Drag the arrows to him once again. He will shoot it to the
    other side.
18. Now click on the talisman. Gregor will give it to Prescott for his
    protection. Dont forget this or else they both will die.
19. Click on the relics. Prescott will go there with the help of the
    rope and get the "EYES OF THE BEAST."

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