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The Dark Brotherhood 
AUTHOR: George K. Ison 

This beginning walkthrough will get you through Senora, Midtown, and Westham. You'll learn
where most everything is and find lots of food and weapons. 

Each of the four characters individual game has a partly interactive segment before the 
introduction  is complete. In the Fighter's room, click the trunk and choose to open it. 
Use the eye icon to see  what's inside, then get everything, including the dagger. 

The Thief pauses near an old wagon and a large locked box. Quickly get the Jimmy bar near 
the  bottom of the screen. You can try and bust the barrel with your hands. When the Half 
Breed shows  up, quickly fight him 2 or 3 times till he raises his arms. Click him and use
the eye icon to see he  has some gold coins and a silver chain. Take both. 

NOTE: up screen, down, right, and left aren't always N, S, E, or W.  Most of the time, 
directions  are reversed; up for south, down for north, etc.  For instance, the town of
Westham is on the far  right side of Midtown as viewed on the map, which automatically 
draws as you pass through new  areas. 

You're standing in front of the city gate. Go screen right once, down to the lower right 
of the  screen, then through the arch. Come down screen twice, left once, up screen once.
To the right of  the flickering light, click the left pointing cursor. In the alley, open
the trap door and go down to  lots of food supply. Now go back up and exit the alley. 
Go up screen between the buildings (a  small cursor.) Go screen left and up screen to 
enter the Tap Room. 

Talk to everyone. Each person only talks on a few topics, so everyone is necessary to use 
all  topics. You should learn about the Undead. Now exit the Tap Room. Wandering around 
the city,  you might be able to talk to a big troll. Don't ask him about the Black Sun 
unless you want a good  fight. However, he does have a good axe. 

If you kill a Half-Elf, you can get work papers for Midtown, and gold, a sword, etc. Also,  
you can get work papers, for Westham, from other citizens there, provided you get there by  
going through Midtown. You can also rent a room, at the hostelry in Westham, and let the  
room token be your authorization for Westham. 

Go screen left, from the Senora Taproom, and enter the doorway of the old building. Try  
pushing the junk out of the way and some rocks will probably move. Now eat something (click the  
knife/fork icon), to build strength back up, and push the boards aside. Go into a dark room and  
search a couple of other rooms, kill some Undead and search them and a pile of corpses. 

Go back out, to where you pushed the junk, and go through the doorway at screen left. Ignore  
the old bucket, there's plenty elsewhere if you want one. You can check out the trunk. Go into  
another doorway, open another chest and look inside. Plenty of storage space! Exit the building  
and go screen right twice, then to the lower right to the warehouse district. 
Look at the two building's doors to see they are locked. Look at the symbols on the column to  
the left of the left building door. For now, try once to break open the door. If you're strong  
enough, you can actually break open the right building door. If you manage to get inside through  
the front door, look at the winch, the A shaped stone column, and the large stone slab with a 
hook.  You need a rope. 

Sometimes a guide wanders around town and you can get him to bring you back to the  
warehouses. Then mysteriously the left building is open! If you don't see the guide, just come  
back to the left warehouse a time or two (if you don't have a staff for the symbols column) and  
eventually you can bust open the door. Inside, you can get weapons, food, and a rope. 

In the right building, once the stone slab is up, prop the winch with a sword, hammer, etc. Go  
down into the secret area and look through the grated window to the left. To the right, move a  
couple of barrels and go down again, then down screen to see a Black Sun symbol on the wall.  
There's also several barrels of sauerkraut. Go on through to more barrels and sacks. Go up the  
steps into another building where you've already been. Exit up the steps and into the alley and out  
to the street. 

You might see a magician woman wandering the city. Talk to her to learn that the Magician's  
Guild stole the Scepter. Now, if you've killed a Half-Elf or someone else with work papers for  
Midtown, you're ready to enter there. Go to the guarded gate, a couple of screens right from the  
warehouse district, and enter Midtown. A guide will probably stand just inside the gate, but you  
don't actually need him right now, if ever. 

Click the upper left pointing cursor and you soon end up at a long white stone building. Go to  
the lower right, then right. Enter the compound, go to the lower right and enter the Armory. If you  
have at least 150 gold, buy the Double Scale Mail and the better sword. Exit and go back to the  
long white stone building. Sometimes the door is open. If not, it can be opened with a Scroll of  
Opening. Go to the lower left from the building and end up back at the arch where you entered. 

Go to the lower right twice, passing by the City Hall and the Warrior Training Camp, then  
right. You're now at a well that should be open. If not, there's a winch that can be used with a  
rope. In the well are more ropes, some buckets, and plenty of drinks. Now go to the lower right,  
then lower right again. You can open the gate to the old brick house, but it's securely locked. Go  
back to the lower left and you're standing in front of a door. 

You can go inside and up to the balcony. Exit the building and go to the left. Click the upper  
right arrow and find a large locked door, beyond which are 2 dogs, the owner, and some guards in  
the building which conceals the missing Scepter. If you're strong enough, you can smash the door  
2 or 3 times to open it. Go inside and kill the dogs. Go inside the building and kill the owner 
and a  few guards. Search everyone if you wish. 

Walk down screen in the room and get the Scepter from the cabinet. Exit the house and the  
compound, then down screen. Go screen left twice to a well. Go screen left again, then up screen  
to enter the Palace courtyard. Click the upper right arrow, the enter the Temple to check it out.  
Exit the Temple and click the right pointing arrow to end up at the Palace entrance. Go screen  
right, then click the left pointing arrow. Click the right arrow, then the lower left. 

Exit the courtyard, go lower right, then down in the rutted roadway. Go right to the military  
district and check it out if you want. From the military, go screen right and through the archway
to  Westham. If you don't have work papers for this section, fight someone and get their papers.
You  wouldn't want to get caught here without them. From the archway, go screen left and enter
the  building on the right to buy food and drinks if you need them. 

From the old building, go up screen to a building with 2 doors and an alcove. In the left door  
are special items for sale (jimmy bar, rope, etc.) Behind the right door are jewelry items for 
sale.  Outside, go to the upper left, then to the lower right. Through the door, you can talk to
the barman,  then kill him and the guard. Search them for papers. Search the cabinet on the right
wall. Go down  into the dungeon on the left, find the old prisoner and feed him so he will talk. 

Back outside, you can talk to the blacksmith. Go back up screen, you see a large reinforced  
door. Behind the small door is a weapon sales. Back outside, go screen right, left to a large tower,  
then up screen once. Click the upper right arrow and enter the tower for some scrolls if you want  
them, particularly the open spells. Outside, go left and enter the Inn to rent a room that has 2 
large storage trunks. Outside the Inn is some hay to stuff your mattress. 

From the outside of the Inn, go to the lower left, then the upper left. Don't enter the door or the  
old woman will call the guards. From the door, go screen left and check out the Adventure Club. 

From here, you have many options and by now have several quests to fulfill. You can go all  
the way down screen and exit Westham. From the archway, go back screen left to the main  
entrance of Midtown, the head screen right and work your way to an intersection. To the left are  
the marshes and ocean's edge, and straight from the intersection is the forest. 

Kandt Forest has many wild boars, orcs, ogres, and robbers. Don't use your "search area"  
ability because time passes quickly and you'll likely end up in the forest after dark. Quite often in  
fighting, a group will give up and you can talk to the robbers. Near the extreme end of the forest  
you might come across a group of hunters that you can ask about the forest road. They'll mention  
about it being overgrown. Then on the extreme end, you'll find another short section that was  
previously hidden.

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