Arrival in Hell Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Arrival in Hell

Arrival in Hell

1. When you wake up, on the table is a COMB and RAZOR. Pick them up.
There is a bar of SOAP under the Sink.

2.Near your cell door, there is an orange suit, much like the one you 
are wearing. Use the RAZOR with the ORANGE SUIT. Wala! You got a sleeve.

3. When you get the sleeve, use it with the burning flesh from the beast 
on the floor. When you have that, use the wrapped flesh with the LOCKED 
MECHANISM. Your out!

4. Now to take care of the beast...
On the floor outside your cell, is a revolver on the floor. Pick that up. 
Then walk over to the INSANE GUY and tlak to him. Meddle, with him until 
you can see the option, "The Beast is attracted to it." Click that option.
The guy gets scared and gives you the deoderant hee is holding.

5: Walk north to the open door. There is a lovely corpse of a MUTILATED 
GUARD. Use the Razor with the guard's hand. You have to point the cursor 
exactly on the hand. Umm. after a while, you get it.

6: Combine the Bar of SOAP and the BLOODY HAND to put soap on it. Now, click
South to come back to the place you were before. Go back into your cell. Use
the soapy hand with the toilet. Uh hu. It actually cleans it!

7: Now, go out of your cell. Go North again to the Mutilated Guard.
Now walk West past the GAS Container. There is a panel on the wall near the 
blue door. Use the clean hand with the panel.

8:When you enter, next to you is a bin. In it is an EXIT sign. Pick that up.
Now go the guard. If you try to talk to him, he whimpers. So click the PICK 
UP button, and click the guard's face. You slap him.

9: He starts swearing and thanks you. Now, talk to him. Find out whatever 
interests you, until you see the option,"What about this Exit Sign?" 
Click that Option. He tells you ok, i will open a locked cell door for you.

You might want to be ready for anything right now, cause the Beast enters 
here! I thought it captivating actually.

Anyway, you run out and close the door behind you. Beast is locked.

10: Now....West of you is a red door. On top are 2 wires. Below the wires 
is a little hook. Use the Exit SIgn with the Hook.

11: Now go back to the Mutilated Guard. Go North here. There is a man in a 
cell. Don't worry, he is sane. Talk to him and tell him to get out. Eventually,
you say that the exit is around the corner. If you havent got the Exit Sign 
on the Hook before you talk to him, he says your lying.

12: He tells you to follow him. He goes and now you are in the panel room. 
He is trying to open the door. You can't help him. But you can do something 

13: Use the clean hand with the scanner AGAIN. Oh man! This is like a scene 
from Jurassic Park.....uncensored!

14: While the beast is munching and crunchingaway at he now torn apart man, 
go into the control again (blue door).

15: Boy that guard got the whole f***ing treatment. In the now dirty room, 
find the matches on the floor. Pick them up. DO NOT GO OUTSIDE! Use the 
Matches with the Deodorant. Now you have a makeshift flamethrower.

16: Go outside..... and use the flamethrower on the beast.

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