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 Art Class Escape

Art Class Escape

1. Zoom in on the dustbin twice and get the pencil that is in there.
Look to the 2nd chair from the right. There is a small exacto knife 
taped onto the bottom of it, grab that as well.

2. Take a look at the leftmost chair in the front row. Notice the 
front left leg has a black dot next to it. It is a screw, grab it.
Go to the teacher’s desk and take the bottle of water there. Now go
back to the seat with the screw you just got. There is a drawer in 
that seat-desk. Open it and grab the star inside.

3. Go look at the lockers. Open Harry’s and grab the triangle in there.
The only other locker that will open is Tom’s. Grab the drawing in there.

4. Since this is an art game, look at the drawings around the room. One
of them(with the name Mary on it) has three shapes. Remember the colors.

5. Jerry’s drawing is the code to Jerry’s locker. There are seven stars,
so the code is 0007 for his locker. Go and grab pastels from his locker.

6. Agnes’s code is for Agnes’s locker number(0330). If you look at the 
time pattern, there an hour and a half between each clock. The last clock
therefore has to be 3:30.

7. Donald’s drawing of the guy with the magic wand is usable. Use the 
smallest brush from Agnes’s locker and trade with the hand wand.

8. Go to the room right of the one you were in. Open the cabinet and 
get the paint. Click to zoom in on the fruit, then click to move the 
fruit and grab the palette from under the fruit. There is a hammer on
the back table, grab it. There is also a bin with some scrolls in the
room. Click on them until you pick one of them up.

9. Now, like in the last room, look around at the art. The polka dot
picture forms symbols, remember the symbols and the colors.

10. Sam’s space picture is missing Neptune, the 8th planet, making his
combination 0008. Go to his locker and grab the Binoculars and the key
there. Use the key in the 2nd desk from the left and grab the two paint
tubes there.

11. There is a picture of numbered dots in the room, use the Binoculars
on them to obtain john’s locker code of 4718 and grab the palette there.
There is a statues with only the upper section in that room, use the 
hammer on his hand. Click on the broken pieces until you pick up a finger.
Use the exacto knife on the corner of his picture to obtain the third shape.

12. Above the three art pieces are three stained glass windows. Use the 
hammer on the middle one. Use the Binoculars to see the parrots after 
you break it and note the colors of the parrot. 

13. Click the palette, then click it with each of the tubes of paint, 
and click the water. Click the palette in inventory again. Mix the paints
with the middle brush. Click the yellow, then the middle of the palette, 
then click the water (the light grey that’s one well counter-clockwise 
from the yellow), then click the middle, then click the red, then the 
middle twice. Proceed similarly until you have orange, green, and purple.
The palette will again go back to inventory if you’ve done it right.

14. Click the scroll from the bin. Put the three pieces of paper on it. 
Use the pastels to color the shapes according to Mary’s artwork . Click 
the finished picture.

15. In the other room, use the screw on the middle of the lower horizontal
piece on the easel. Move the piece up then click the front canvas leaning 
against the wall, and it’ll go on the easel. Put the parrot drawing on 
the canvas.

16. Use the middle brush and the palette you prepared (it has yellow, blue,
red, dark red/purple, orange, and green). Paint the beak, the little part 
below the eye, and the top wingtip yellow. The other wingtip is orange, 
and the parts of the wings just above the tips are green. The head is red,
and the middle part of the body and the tail are purple. If you did it 
right, the parrot goes in your inventory.

17. First, use the pencil to connect the dots into number shapes. Correct
lines will stay put; incorrect ones or ones where you didn’t get close 
enough to one of the endpoints will go away. (Don’t worry about squigglies; 
it’ll straighten them out.) Next, paint the shapes according to the Polka 
Dots painting, using the other palette (from John’s locker) and the biggest
brush: the 7 and the X are red, 5 is blue, 6 is green, and 2 is yellow. 
Finally, use the magic wand (the one you exchanged for the smallest brush) 
on the mouse. If you did it right, the mouse runs through the path you 
created, then the painting goes in your inventory.

18. The mouse painting and/or Polka Dots gives the code for the right-hand
door of the cabinet: you have 7, 6, 5, 2, and an ‘x’. Multiply the four 
numbers to get the code: 0420. Open the cabinet and get the sculpture’s 
other finger.

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