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 Bamba Quest 1

Bamba Quest 1

Prologue: Snack Snatch:
The boy was at his PS2 while munching on his snacks,
When a sly squirrel snatched his bag of treats and then made tracks.
To get it back, the boy would have to follow right away;
But would he catch the squirrel by the ending of the day?

Part 1: Street Feat:
The squirrel crossed the street, but then the signal changed to green;
The boy would have to turn it red; the drivers here were mean.
Two cans of paint were green and blue; there wasn't any red;
To get a can of crimson, he would need to use his head.
A branch came off the tree's right side; he took it in his hand;
'Most everything is useful, as he came to understand.
The painter had some nice red paint, but he had to distract him;
That proved to be quite easy when a flying bee attacked him.
He took the branch, he took the paint, and set it on the ground;
And then he took an orange from a cart; they were quite round.
A dip in red, the orange had become the perfect hue;
The boy then flung it with the other branch; his aim was true.
The orange hit the signal, and the light was colored red;
The traffic stopped, and now the boy could cross without a dread.

Part 2: Park Shark:
The trail led to the park, but now his chances seemed quite fewer;
It led right to a manhole, and far down into the sewer.
He couldn't lift the cover, as it had a lot of weight;
But he knew to continue with no slowness in his rate.
He opened up a toolbox, and inside a pair of shears;
You wouldn't find a better tool if you took seven years.
He sheared away a bush; a crate was what he had to gain;
It made the perfect step-stool so that he could use the crane.
The windshield held the clues to send the hook up high or low;
He set it middle, left and left, and then hit green to go.
The hook had now been lowered down; he hooked it to the cover;
Then set it left-mid-right and then hit green to make it hover.
The hole was so wide open, but so deep and full of woes;
So he then turned a faucet off to stop a nearby hose.
The gardener that used the hose then threw it on the dirt;
The boy could use it to climb down, and he would not get hurt.

Part 3: Sewer Skewer:
The pipes were all in disrepair, or so the boy suspected;
So he spun them around and back 'til they were all connected.
He took a valve wheel colored red, and on the wall it fit;
When he gave it a turn, a flow of water filled the pit.
He picked a patch of greenery, and to the turtle fed;
Now he could cross, but first he would remove the wheel of red.
He crossed upon the turtle's shell, and reached the other side;
A firm lock held a gate in place, but then a key he spied.
He turned the wheel upon the wall when it was well attached;
This started up a turbine, and the key could now be snatched.
He took the key, unlocked the gate, and soon was out of there.
But would the pending trials be much too much for him to bear? 

Part 4: Ocean Notion:
His raft collided with a rock, which left him rather stranded;
There had to be a way to get to where the squirrel landed.
An oyster held a shiny pearl, he pitched it very well;
It hit its destined target: on a rock, the leftmost shell.
The crab that dwelt inside the shell moved over to the next one;
The boy was now about to prove he wasn't a perplexed one.
Another pearl he took and tossed; the starfish let him pass;
He hopped upon their rock and grabbed a bottle made of glass.
He stood upon the right rock, switched the left shell with this bottle;
Another pearl was thrown, and right inside the crab did waddle.
The bottle he picked up, and, too, a stick that bore a string;
When used as bait, a bottled crab can be a big whale's thing.

Part 5: Island Highland:
The trail led to an island cave, but its one guard was crass;
The boy did not have native looks, so he just couldn't pass.
So he picked up a rusty pick, and by a rock applied it;
And then a lemur scaled a tree and one large fruit provided.
A coconut split clean in half would make a dashing hat;
But to disguise himself, he'd need a small bit more than that.
He tried to take some roasting meat, but then a parrot beat him;
So he found spices in a hole and tossed them in to heat 'em.
The parrot dropped a feather which he used to tease the snake;
The snake moved to the other tree; five seconds it did take.
More spices met the pot, the parrot perched upon the tree;
But then the lemur climbed that tree and shook the leaves with glee.
The parrot dropped the meat bone, which would do well to suffice;
Combine that with the coconut, the guard did not think twice.

Part 6: Cave Rave:
The cave door had nine slots, and eight of them contained one shell;
Some rearrangement would suffice to ring this cave's doorbell.
Each time a shell was in its spot, a skull's dark eyes turned green;
Some trial-and-error was the key to getting past this scene.
Once that was done, the boy was in; the cave was dark inside;
But what was that green stone that rested in the door's backside?
He pulled it loose, but then a tentacle just had to grab it;
But luckily, this boy did have a puzzle-solving habit.
A spider moved, so through a little hole some light would gleam;
The floating diamonds in the room reflected this bright beam.
When this beam struck the tentacle, it lost its shiny prize;
He picked it up and put it in the statue's hands; how wise!
The light beam hit the gem, and this a staircase did uncover;
Now what surprises down these stairs would our hero discover?

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