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Start looking in the restrooms on the right. There you get your 
mission. Explore the city and make a map of the important places. 

Buy your munition at the gun shop. The best is to get a HAAS 
10 and a MOZ weapon. Buy some T02, E10 and E300 munition 

Buy some force fields (number 7 or 8) in the force field shop. 
Later in the game when you are ready to travel to Vrangor's Station, 
you may buy force field 8 as much as you can to survive to battle 
against the Station. 

Buy some food at the Chin shopkeeper, get some drinks at any bar 
you find, or use the fontain in the park when you are thirsty. 
Visit the doctor and buy some pilles. 

Steal from every alien you encounter until he say something. In 
this way you get some access cards to Xifo (Alien in the museum) 
and the technicians at the airlock. Otherwise you must buy them. 

Go to the night bar at the approach road (opens at 19h.) and find 
the girl in a black zip suit. Ask here about Merigo. She refer to 
a Alien (a kradokid type). Search for that kind of alien around 
the town, and ask about Merigo when you find them. He tells you 
to go to the museum at a certain time... note it down. 

Go to the museum in the park (dont be late) with Krells to give 
him and listen to the exact time you must be at the Xifo club to 
find Merigo. Use the fountain in the park if you are thirsty. 

The xifo club is in the hot area at the N.E. side of the town. 
Use the access card to get in here. Wait for Merigo at the time 
you've been told by the alien in the museum. Kill him and you get 
an electronic key. That key opens the door to the maze which you 
find in the derelict building. 

In the Hot Area (at the start of the A-312 road) you find the Arcade. 
Play Bizzy game between 13h. and 15h. against Sloan to get credits . 
After winning from Sloan you gain his friendship and he will stay 
with you. You need him to get past the guard at the airlock. To win 
the game, you must copy the pattern of shapes onto a piece of paper 
and then as each one appears write next to them the number that the 
shape is. 

At the opposite of the arcade is the club where you find Lydia. 
Before you enter, first put your heart rate on accelerate. Pay 
the 50 krells to enter the club between 2h. and 4h. pm.. Dance with 
Lydia and get the love meter to the top. Now she will stay with you 

If you don't have enough credits to rent a Drag, Lydia will tell you 
the phone number (52031) of her friend Kortakis. Make an appointment 
with him with a phone you find at the space port. Go with Lydia to 
Kortakis. You find him in the hot area past the cinema and the N.E. 
part of the town. Get the credits to rent a Drag. She gets a jewel 
>from Kortakis. 

You can explore the maze with Lydia but it's not necessary to finish 
the game. Go to the derelict area and use the electronic key to 
enter to underground of the city. Find the control room with the use 
of lydia's jewel who will lead you to a DOP card. This card helps 
you to find Vrangor's Station when you use the Drag. 

Use the "technicians only" access card that you stole or buy, to 
get past the technicians at the Northern Airlock. Here you find 
information about the Station and the access code (LRRRRRRL) for 
Epsilon. You must have Sloan with you to get past the airlock. Here 
you can rent a Drag for 5500 credits. 

Make sure you have enough munition and shields with you. Use the 
Drag and head for the orange dot which is Vrangor's Station. Fire 
at until it stops moving and firing to you. Fly into the dark area 
of the station 

Put your heart beat on accelerate. Use the Epsilon code at the keypad 
on the right wall in Vrangor's station. Enter and keep firing at 
Vrangor until he dies. The objective of the game is completed, but 
you can still wander around the town and do everything you want to 


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