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 Battle Realms - Winter of the Wolf

Battle Realms - Winter of the Wolf

Written by: Kayzer76th
E-mail     :
Dated     : July 6, 2003

I. Introduction
II. History
III. Character List
	a. Wolf Clan
		-Shale Lord
	b. Lotus Clan	
		- Koril
		- Issyl
		- Soban
	c. Serpent Clan
		- Budo
                                     - Utara
                                     - Taro
IV. Unit List
V.  Walkthrough
VI. References/Credits


Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf and all its characters and logos are
copyright ©2002 Crave Entertainment, Inc. This FAQ is free and may be
distributed or reproduced in any way, shape or form whether it may be
electronical or not, providing the content of this document may not be altered
in any way. If you want to use this for commercial use, ask Kayzer 76th
( for permission.


I wrote this Walkthrough since nobody has written the walkthrough for Battle
Realms expansion: Winter of the Wolf. Probably, the single-player campaign is
ridiculously easy for some people. However, I find them quite challenging; not
to mention the exciting storyline (though it quite strays from the original
canon and linear) Anyway, I made this just for enjoyment and to help

Though already released since 2002, I admit that I finish the Winter of the
Wolf campaign on last July. Due to lack of information, probably you'll find
that some information might incorrect. If you want to give any suggestion or
critics, e-mail me at


You'll assume the role of Grayback when he was still a slave in the Lotus shale
mines. These mines are under the direct control of the sorceress Yvaine, and
she acts as Zymeth's (the Lotus leader from Battle Realms) right hand. Yvaine
is a cruel mistress, often working her Wolf slaves to death, leaving them to
starve, or using unspeakable methods to make examples out of those who
challenge her. Winter of the Wolf will open up with Grayback's discovery of
Yvaine's plot to use an ancient Wolf relic called the Skull of the White Wolf
to completely destroy the Serpent Clan and forever suppress any hope the Wolf
Clan has of escaping its captivity. Caught spying, Grayback is sent into the
bowels of the deep mines, where he resolves to stage an uprising. Meanwhile,
Yvaine unleashes the power of this ancient artifact and releases an intense
winter upon the world. Spring turns to a frigid winter overnight as ice and
snow grip the land.


Here is the information I've got about the BR Characters. Their abilities,
weakness and strengths also included. Information about the Expansion
Characters is my own description; if anyone wants to add or correct their help
are welcome!

A. Wolf Clan

Grayback: "Hear me, sorcerers: you cannot cage the wolf."

Tier: Zen Master
Rice Cost: 600
Water Cost: 200
Yang Cost: 2	
Melee: Piercing
Missile: n/a
Weakness: Explosive, Magic
Strength: Piercing
Training: Keep
Innate Ability: Regeneration: The unit can naturally heal to full health and
does so slightly faster than normal.
About: Grayback emerged as the new chief in the time of the Wolf Clan's
enslavement, when the old line of chieftains was dead, and the clan's very
existence was threatened. The force of mind that allowed them to break their
bonds was Grayback's - the covert training, the cunningly orchestrated
uprising, and the carefully timed messages to the Serpent. A menial slave, son
of primitive hunters, he is clearly more than a match for the proudest Serpent
Lord, or for Lord Zymeth himself.
The wolves themselves know Grayback's authority, sensing in his smell and body
language the undisputed leader of the pack. In battle Grayback wields an
enormous pickaxe, a tool that strikes with crushing force while reminding all
who see it of the reason why Grayback fights on.
Wolf Howl: Grayback is a peerless battle leader. When he wishes, he can urge
nearby warriors to strike with increased force.

Longtooth: "Even the warlocks who claim to know death, cringe from my fury."

Tier: Zen Master
Rice Cost: 250
Water Cost: 250
Yang Cost: 1	
Melee: Magic
Missile: Magic
Weakness: Explosive, Magic
Strength: none
Training: Keep
Innate Ability: Regeneration: The unit can naturally heal to full health and
does so slightly faster than normal. / Climber: His speed is unaffected by
About: Even as a slave-child, Longtooth was famous for his athleticism -
leaping between rocks and swimming through the treacherous underground
waterways, he astonished his masters. Meanwhile he was winning a secret fame as
a boxer and wrestler in the underground fighting pits and quarries. When the
uprising came, those abilities were matched by a terrifying hatred and
impressive generalship. His deeds of that night have placed him next in line
for clan leadership.
In battle Longtooth carries a unique weapon, a heavy bladed boomerang he has
learned to hurl with astonishing accuracy. Uneven battlegrounds give him a
special advantage, as his athletic ability grants him a mobility others lack.
Razor-Edged Boomerang : No one knows what mineral or alloy Longtooth's
boomerang is made of, but at times he can throw it with terrible force, so that
it moves unimpeded through flesh, bone, and even solid walls.

Gaihla: "Tread lightly in this place, for every forest is a temple."

Tier: Zen Master
Rice Cost: 150
Water Cost: 350
Yang Cost: 1	
Melee: Cutting
Missile: n/a
Weakness: Fire
Strength: Piercing, Blunt, Magic
Training: Keep
Innate Ability: Regeneration: The unit can naturally heal to full health and
does so slightly faster than normal. / Forest Friend: Not slowed by forest
terrain. Crop Blessing: Rice regrows more quickly when she idles near it.
About: We do not know much about Gaihla. She dwells in the deepest, oldest
woodlands, and according to the tales she is a solitary druidess or forest
goddess, or something in-between. Hundreds of years old, she has been known to
disappear for decades and live out the time as a giant oak tree. All forests
and growing things are under her protection.
Despite her allegiance to life, she can be a vicious fighter, wielding a wreath
of thorns against those who would threaten the forests. Her relationship with
plant life is mysterious - she moves unimpeded through the densest undergrowth,
and any crops thrive in her very presence.
Chant of Life: Gaihla's powers are root in life and growth, the essence of
yang. Her ancient druidic chant has healing power in its very sound.

Shale Lord: "..."

Tier: Zen Master
Rice Cost: 500
Water Cost: 150
Yang Cost: 2	
Melee: Blunt
Missile: n/a
Weakness: Explosive, Magic
Strength: Cutting, Blunt, Fire
Training: Keep
Innate Ability: Regeneration: The unit can naturally heal to full health and
does so slightly faster than normal. / Battle Lust: While he is fighting, he
slowly regains stamina.
About: The Shale Lord is a symbol of the Wolf Clan's enslavement, a failed
magical experiment, a lonely outcast, a military asset. No one knows his real
name, but he was once a Wolf Clan slave, chosen by Lord Soban as an
experimental subject in his attempts to breed a better slave worker. He escaped
captivity and roamed the wilderness for years - a strange stone man, faceless,
voiceless, alone. When the Wolf rebelled he returned to fight at their sides,
and became a hero.
In battle there is no more terrifying opponent. Naturally armored and hugely
strong, he fights with his macelike fists. No one hates the Lotus Clan more,
and his rage seems to increase his strength even has he battles.
Armored Friend : The Shale Lord can flake sheets of stone off his own body,
sacrificing his own health in the process. Already man-shaped, it can serve as
stone plate armor for his allies.


Tier: Zen Master
Rice Cost: 150
Water Cost: 150
Yang Points: 1	
Melee: Blunt
Missile: n/a
Weakness: Cutting
Strength: Blunt
Training: Keep
Innate Ability: Regeneration: The unit can naturally heal to full health and
does so slightly faster than normal.
About: After losing battle with the Lotus, Wildeye has lost all but his life.
Yet, he refuses to surrender and spend his life as a fugitive. It seems that he
hold a certain grudge toward Yvaine as the one who are responsible with the
death of his family. Like Grayback, he seeks chance to free his brethren from
the enslavement.
Ancestral Spirit : Wildeye's relationship with the wild wolves, has granted him
the ability to summon spirits of the ancient, ferocious wolves to aid him in
battle. Even, those beasts will gladly follow and defend those whom he deemed
as allies.

B. Lotus Clan

Koril: "You may think of space and distance as solid facts. I prefer a more
fluid interpretation."

Innate Ability: Evasiveness: He is less likely to be hit by projectile weapons.
About: By consensus, Lord Koril is believed to be the second most powerful
warlock of the Lotus Clan, both magically and politically. It is also rumored
that he is by far the eldest of any of them, older than Zymeth himself. To have
survived so long in the Byzantine, the deadly world of the Lotus, -- this
bespeaks a brilliant mind and ruthless political instincts. He does not lead
openly, but is always present at critical debates.
Koril if formally styled "Master of the College of Space," and pursues a
species of magic distinct from but related to the Forbidden Path. Position and
distance are no great trouble to him, and he is often seen at opposite ends of
the land in a single day. His power is such that he seems to shimmer at all
times, a trait infuriating to enemy archers.
Teleport: Koril never has to stay where he is if he doesn't want to. A wave of
the hand, an exertion of mental strength, and he is elsewhere.

Issyl: "Hey Mister! Want to see me do a trick?"

Innate Abilities: Regeneration: Heals twice as fast as normal and up to 100%.
About: Visitors to the court of the Lotus Clan will nervously wonder why a
twelve-year-old child sits on their high council, clutching an oversized
hourglass. They don't feel any better when they learn that this is Lord Issyl,
Dean of the College of Time, one of the most powerful wizards in the world.
When they realize that eyes hundreds of years old peer from the face of a nasty
little boy, nausea is a common reaction.
Lord Issyl ages slowly backwards, a condition resulting from an accident 70
years ago. Despite this misfortune, his body is free from the rampant decay
that plagues many who follow the Path. Time flows… interestingly… around him,
and he controls it to some degree. Wounds he takes in battle knit with
unnatural swiftness.
Haste: With some effort, Issyl can warp the flow of time in his allies' bodies,
letting them move, attack, and recuperate much more rapidly.

Soban: "While my colleagues waste their time studying death, I have taught the
very stones to live."

Innate Ability: none
About: Like all the highest-level Lotus warlocks, Soban's researches have taken
him on a unique path. His work blends clockwork and high wizardry to produce
alchemical feats like his tireless servants, the golems. He is called "Lord" as
a courtesy for his accomplishments but he holds no political sway, having
always kept out of power struggles of the Lotus elite.
Behind his back, Soban's colleagues deride him as a mere tinkerer or mechanic,
but his powers are genuine. The Wolf Clan's Shale Lord hero is a result of one
of his experiments gone wrong.
Create Golem: With a wave of his staff, Lord Soban can call a golem from the
ground, a tireless peasant laborer made of dirt and rock.

Innate Ability: Freezing Breath: Slows enemies around her range of attack
About: As Zymeth's right-hand, Yvaine controlled the Shaleback region with iron
hand. She was among the few whom close with the leader of the Lotus Clan. Even
so, some unpleasant rumors say that she got her recent position due to her
relation with him. Nobody ever lived to tell the truth between them. Unlike the
warlocks of the Forbidden Path, Yvaine specializes in frost magic. Her mere
presence is enough to chill the bones.
Prison of Ice: Those who foolishly attempted to attack Yvaine, would find
themselves freeze to death inside her icy prison.

C. Serpent Clan

Budo: "What are you looking at?"

Innate Ability: None. Budo has plenty of endurance from working too many hours
into peasant beating routines on the Serpent rice fields. He has more endurance
than any other human being.
About: Budo is a peasant overseer, a large man who is always seen with a barbed
whip in his hand and a look of low cunning on his face, early in his career he
was the target of multiple accusations of torture, wanton beatings, and callous
murder. Naturally the Serpent lords saw the limitless potential in this rising
Budo's cruelty and stupidity became a perfect tool in the hands of men like
Lord Shinja. Any province where Budo was put in charge would reliable have the
hardest productivity and lowest crime-rate in the known world - albeit also the
highest rate of peasant deaths. After a while the simple threat of placing Budo
in charge meant a ten percent jump in the harvest.
Slave Driver : At this point in his career, Budo doesn't have to beat people to
death quite so often - a mere crack of his whip sends peasants scurrying into
faster action.

Utara: "Share my bed, share my sorrow."

Innate Ability: Pleasure and Pain: When Utara takes damage, nearby enemies get
momentarily stunned.
About: Anyone who believes the geisha arts are a harmless business of strewing
flowers and strumming tunes should meet Utara. In appearance she resembles a
normal geisha of great beauty, but she incarnates the dark side of their
practices - she is a seductress, a poisoner, and possibly insane.
At four, Utara was orphaned by bandits and adopted by local geisha. She proved
an apt pupil, delving into medicine and other arts. One day she disappeared
from the bathhouse, leaving dead a dozen Serpent raiders - by all accounts men
not unlike those who had killed her parents. A few years later she reappeared
as one of the strangest weapons in the Serpent Clan's arsenal.
Song of Sorrow: When she wishes Utara can sing a strange, keening song, borne
of her tragic past and thirst for revenge. None can hear it without risk to
their life and sanity.

Innate Ability: none
About: Like other Serpent Clan, Taro believes the strong must rules the weak. 
In fact, he was groomed to be a successor of his father. Unfortunately, he has
none of the qualities of his father and his younger brother Kenji has.
Arrogant, but weak-hearted, he is widely despised by his own subjects, yet they
dare not to say that, lest they will incur the ire of his bodyguards who always
around him.
Insidious Hex: Taro is a decent fighter, yet he doesn't rely to his skill
alone. Therefore he had his swords specially crafted with certain black
sorceries to make his opponents become more susceptible even to his slightest

The units I noted here are the Wolf Clan's units; for the other clans, you can
find them in www.  As you have seen, I don't
have information about the expansion units. Now for the informations:

Peasant: "The rice is my brother, the wind is my sister, and the sun is my
friend. I never lack for companions."

Tier: n/a
Rice Cost: 0
Water Cost: 0	
Melee: Piercing
Missile: n/a
Weakness: all
Strength: none
Training: none
Innate Abilities: Building, Repairing, Training, Gathering Resources /
Regeneration: The unit can naturally heal to full health and does so slightly
faster than normal.
About: The peasants of the Wolf Clan are hardy and cheerful, viewing their work
in the fields as less a chore than a lifestyle they quite enjoy. They spend all
day working the land they love, building their strength, and keeping their
families fed; what's to complain about?

Druidess: "All things turn with the seasons. Fear not defeat and winter, lest
you fly from the spring and triumph."

Tier: n/a
Rice Cost: 30
Water Cost: 30	
Melee: Magic
Missile: Magic
Weakness: none
Strength: Fire
Training: Vitality Garden
Innate Ability: Regeneration: The unit can naturally heal to full health and
does so slightly faster than normal.
About: The Druidesses of the Cairn stand at the heart of the Wolf Clan. They
alone practice the witchcraft of their lost homeland; Wolf warriors refuse to
study magic, believing that the spirit realms are best walked by those who
devote their lives to wisdom and healing, not bravado and slaughter. They also
pass down the stories of their clan from mother to daughter, and every Druidess
knows at least a thousand tales, from rude jokes to holy fables. Thus, even
though the Wolf Clan has little use for books and written lore, theyhknow more
about their own origins than even the near-immortals of the Lotus Clan.
In battle, the Druidess calls on her plant allies to entangle and slow enemies.
She can also work intricate charms, imbueing Wolf fighters with superhuman
abilities. However, these charms are gifts of the spirits, and she must return
to the Cairn periodically in order to meditate and ask for their favor. When
not fighting, or praying, Druidesses may often be found in the rice fields,
which always grow faster and more abundantly in their presence.
Blessing: After praying at the cairn, the Druidess may bless three of her
warriors with great strength and prowess before the must return for further

Brawler: "Swords are for wimps."

Tier: 1
Rice Cost: 30 (20 after grooming)
Water Cost: 40 (27 after grooming)	
Melee: Cutting
Missile: n/a
Weakness: none
Strength: none
Training: Combat Pit
Innate Ability: Regeneration: The unit can naturally heal to full health and
does so slightly faster than normal.
About: Brawlers of the Wolf Clan believe that in combat, as in life, simplicity
always triumphs over refinement. To this end, these fighters brandish enormous
twin slabs of granite in battle, bashing with enough force to splinter a
full-grown oak, or to rip enemies' limbs from their sockets. This unique and
straightforward fighting style, like most of those now practiced by the Wolf,
evolved during the slave mine revolts. No matter how vigilant the overseer,
slaves in a mine cannot be prevented from owning rocks.
In fairness, the granite slab suffers from certain shortcomings as a weapon;
its reach is limited, and its crushing blows are ineffective against armored
foes. Brawlers argue that an enemy afraid to fight bare-chested is hardly worth
worrying about.
Zen Counter Punch: The blessing of a Druidess can inspire the Brawler to fight
with unusually subtlety. This single, perfectly timed strike is best used
against those enemies who are most overconfident. It can slaughter those who
foolishly believe their strength to be heroic.

Hurler: "It's a good thing this is war, not a real game. Otherwise I might get

Tier: 1
Rice Cost: 30
Water Cost: 40	
Melee: Blunt
Missile: Blunt
Weakness: none
Strength: Explosive, Fire
Training: Ballistics Grounds
Innate Ability: Regeneration: The unit can naturally heal to full health and
does so slightly faster than normal. / Pass-through Damage: The Hurler's shots
go through enemies and buildings, damaging all it passes through.
About: The origins of Wolfball are lost in the mists of time. Even those few
Wolves with a taste for history know only that the sport has been played as
long as anyone can remember. Famously bloody matches that took place over five
hundred years ago are still avidly recounted around the campfire. Outside
scholars are evenly divided on whether Wolfball evolved as a means of avoiding
war, or simply waging it.
In any case, it is the most dangerous sport ever invented, involving dozens of
players, wicked weapons, and an iron ball as large as a man's head, put into
play by a massive two-pronged fork. Surprisingly few Wolves actually perish
during the course of a game, but no foreigner has ever survived the first round
of play. The very best Wolfball players take their forks to the battlefield,
with which they hurl heavy granite boulders at opponents shortly before
impaling them.
Lava Rock : A Druidess can enchant a Hurler's fork so that it heats ordinary
stones into searing, near-molted temperatures. These brittle missiles explode
when they strike the ground, spraying nearby enemies with scalding shrapnel.

Mauler: "I killed my Lotus master. Why did he then give me a weapon?"

Tier: 1
Rice Cost: 30
Water Cost: 40	
Melee: Blunt
Missile: n/a
Weakness: none
Strength: Magic, Fire
Training: Quarry
Innate Ability: Regeneration: The unit can naturally heal to full health and
does so slightly faster than normal.
About: Maulers started out as prisoners among prisoners, and slaves among
slaves. They were those who, in fits of rage, wounded or murdered heir Lotus
overseers. Such crimes would earn death from most masters. However, the Lotus
understand he nature of cruelty, and knew such men would suffer more from
continued service than they would from death.
Therefore, these pariahs were chained to incredibly massive stones both night
and day, magically compelled to work at twice the speed of the other slaves.
They slept in their chains, moving only when an ore deposit was exhausted. The
Maulers had their revenge on the day of the Wolf rebellion, when the Lotus
learned that their 'prisoners' had not only developed the strength to move
their boulders, but also to swing them as terrifying, bone-crushing maces. Used
to dragging enormous loads, they are not surprisingly fast on their feet.
Wrecking Ball : When emboldened by a Druidess' chants, a Mauler can actually
swing his boulder in a full circle, smashing and scattering foes in all

Ballistaman: "Let's see… twist this crank, pull that lever, yank the other
cord… oh, can't I just hit them with it?"

Tier: 2
Rice Cost: 60 (50 after Grooming)
Water Cost: 70 (57 after grooming)	
Melee: Piercing
Missile: Piercing
Weakness: Explosive
Strength: Blunt
Training: Combat Pit / Ballistics Grounds
Innate Abilities: Regeneration: The unit can naturally heal to full health and
does so slightly faster than normal.
About: The Wolves have always preferred the active, outdoor life, and have
little interest in devising machines to help them avoid effort; thus, they are
not particularly talented engineers. However, they picked up a few tricks in
the slave mines, and have recently invented their own version of the footman's
crossbow. Of course, like all things Wolf, size triumphs over delicacy. This
massive, crank-loaded Ballista launches twenty-pound logs with enough force to
crash through strong fortifications of impale three men at once.
The Ballistaman can be defensive about his weapon of choice; other Wolves often
mockingly describe it as 'an enormous toy for enormous children.' The ballista
has a very specific role on the battlefield: it reloads slowly, and its wielder
depends on the assistance of more agile defenders to survive. Still, no missile
weapon packs a bigger punch.
Totem: A Druidess crafts these small, intricate totems from blessed saplings.
When fired, they embed themselves in the ground, blanketing the area with a
beneficial aura that strengthens Wolves and slows their enemies. The
Ballistaman must repeat a simple chant to maintain the totem's power;
unfortunately, this distracts him from firing his weapon.

Sledger: If it takes more than one hit, you're not doing it right."

Tier: 2
Rice Cost: 60 (50 after Grooming)
Water Cost: 90 (77 after Grooming)	
Melee: Blunt
Missile: n/a
Weakness: Magic
Strength: Explosive, Fire
Training: Combat Pit / Quarry
Innate Ability: Regeneration: The unit can naturally heal to full health and
does so slightly faster than normal. / Demolisher: Sledgers demolish structures
with incredible potency.
About: Often Lotus overseers would order large shale slabs broken down into
manageable chunks, and this job fell to the Sledgers. Wolf Clan slaves
undertook the job with gusto, as it appealed to their natural instincts -
hitting something repeatedly until it fell apart. The tool of choice was an
oversized hammer, and under Grayback's direction this simple job became the
training ground for a secret fighting style based around single, , shattering
Sledgers complain that no one understands the intellectual side of their
discipline - their keen eye for structural weaknesses, and the mental focus
necessary for maximum breaking power.
Stun Slam : The Stun Slam was invented by a notoriously inaccurate Sledger,
whose missed attacks would sometimes throw bystanders off their feet. When
inspired to great force by a Druidess blessing, the Sledger can stun units for
a wide area with a single blow to the earth.

Pitch Slinger: "Sure, I'll accept any man's honorable surrender-as long as he's
willing to shake on it."

Tier: 2
Rice Cost: 60
Water Cost: 90	
Melee: Fire
Missile: Explosive
Weakness: Magic
Strength: Cutting, Fire
Training: Quarry / Ballistics Grounds
Innate Ability: Regeneration: The unit can naturally heal to full health and
does so slightly faster than normal. / Pass-through Damage: The Pitch Slinger's
shots go through enemies and buildings, damaging all it passes through.
About: The art of Pitch Slinging evolved as a lifesaving tactic in the mines.
As the enslaved Wolves burrowed deeper into the earth, something horrible began
to happen: entire mining teams would be discovered dead in the lower tunnels,
their bodies unmarked by violence. At first, these deaths were attributed to
subterranean demons. Only after a skeptical Lotus overseer demanded to examine
these bodies by torchlight - and was disintegrated by the ensuing blast - did
the Wolves realize their men had struck pockets of odorless, poisonous gas, and
that only their reliance on low-burning lanterns had saved them from the
The obvious solution was to detonate these pockets of gas from a distance.
Burning pitch proved the hottest and most reliable substance for the task.
Always eager to demonstrate their bravery, Wolf pitch slingers took to flinging
the fiery sludge with their hands, protected only by tattered strips of cloth.
These slingers are feared in combat, as much for their cheerful disregard for
pain as for the agony that a fistful of flaming pitch can inflict.
Scorched Earth : Together, the Pitch Slingers and the Druidesses can extend the
potency of burning pitch, so that they can lay a flaming trail as they
withdraw. Nothing makes a Wolf angrier than retreating, and nothing eases the
anguish better than the howls of seared pursuers.

Pack Master: "I have not the jaws of the Wolf, nor the ferocity, or the speed…
but I do have friends."

Tier: n/a
Rice Cost: 30
Water Cost: 30	
Melee: Blunt
Missile: Pack Wolf
Missile: n/a
Weakness: none
Strength: none
Training: Wolves' Den
Innate Ability: Regeneration: The unit can naturally heal to full health and
does so slightly faster than normal.
About: The relationship of the Wolf Clan to its totem animal is far from
symbolic. Certainly, clan members seek to emulate the best qualities of the
wolf - strength, endurance, and loyalty - but they also worship the spirit of
the Wolf, and believe themselves close kin to these quiet stalkers of the
A Pack Master is something like a priest, a ranger and a combat instruction in
one. He communes freely with wild wolves, speaking their language, living with
them, and establishing their respect. Once a month, the Pack Master leaves his
village to run with his pack beneath the full moon, usually returning with his
face and hands covered in the dried blood of the kill. The Pack Master shares
equally in the wolves' hunts and feasts, counting this the greatest pleasure
attainable by a mere human.
In battle, the Pack Master fights with bestial strength and courage. His wolves
pose a greater danger, as they stand ready to rip the throats from any who dare
harm their master.
Howl: With the blessing of the Druidess, the Pack Master is granted the true
voice of the Wolf. No matter how far away from his den, or how beleaguered by
enemies, he can summon companions to his side as long as any remain alive.

Berserker: "A man taught me to fight; a wolf taught me to live."

Tier: 3
Rice Cost: 90
Water Cost: 150	
Melee: Cutting
Missile: n/a
Weakness: none
Strength: Cutting, Explosive, Fire
Training: Quarry / Ballistics Grounds / Combat Pit
Innate Ability: Regeneration: The unit can naturally heal to full health and
does so slightly faster than normal.
About: The Berserker is the embodiment of the Wolf warrior's ideal. Sleeping
beneath the stars, abstaining from cooked meat and plant food, he yet
epitomizes the unique humor and humanity of the Wolf Clan. Berserkers relish
the art of storytelling, repeating their brutal tails of wood and jungle to
awed listeners around a fire. They also delight in sports, and are the equal of
ten men on a Wolfball court. Though bearing the shape of a man, they are said
to be already quarter wolf within.
Such a warrior is terrible to behold in battle. He invariable assaults his
strongest enemy first, reasoning that courage makes a better story than
cowardice, even in the event of the hero's death. A fable among the Clan claims
that three enraged Berserkers once defeated a company of nearly fifty men,
fifteen of whom were trampled in the others' rush to flee.
Lycanthropy: Only a Berserker has the strength and wisdom to survive a
Druidess' greatest sorcery, which is simultaneously a blessing and a curse: the
transformation of man into beast.

Werewolf: "Swords are the fangs of men, but fangs are the swords of Gods."

Tier: n/a	
Melee: Piercing
Missile: n/a
Weakness: Fire
Strength: Blunt
Rice Cost: 123
110 after Forest Blessing
113 after Grooming
100 after Both Upgrades
Water Cost: 167
130 after Forest Blessing
154 after Grooming
147 after Both Upgrades
Training: A Berserker transformed by Lycanthropy becomes a Werewolf.
Innate Abilities: Regeneration: The unit can naturally heal to full health and
does so slightly faster than normal. / Alpha Wolf: Wolves found in the wild
will regard the Werewolf as the Alpha Wolf and follow him wherever he goes.
About: The Werewolf is no longer human. Clad only in fur, rarely speaking the
tongues of men, he lives apart from the rest of the Clan. Even veteran Pack
Masters keep their distance from him. The reason is simple: a Werewolf does not
embody the loyal, dependable spirit of the pack member, but rather the ravenous
essence of the alpha wolf. Wolves who meet him in the wild recognize this
terrible authority and instantly submit to his rule., Both innocent and guilty
must beware the whims of this stalker; it is in his nature to kill the weak,
and most mortals seem tempting and delicious pray indeed.
Though vicious, these ex-Berserkers remember their human pasts, and rarely harm
those of their own Clan. However, they hate outsiders with feral intensity, and
recognize no difference between war and peacetime except that the former brings
more prey to their hunting grounds. No Werewolf has ever given quarter or
recognized and enemy's surrender. They fight only to kill, and will not be
denied their victory feasts.
Wolf's Bite: Should a Werewolf grow lonely for the company of men, he may
choose to transfer his curse of lycanthropy to his prey, becoming a Berserker
once more. His helpless enemy is trapped in the body of an ordinary wolf. There
is no cure, and he is eventually ripped apart by the conflict between his soul
and body.

Mission 1 - 'Budo's Ploy'
Difficulty: Easy
Starting units: Grayback, 1 Sledger
This mission serves as tutorial for environment in Battle Realms: Winter of the
Wolf. After the cutscene, you will control Grayback now. First, move to your
right. On the way, say hello to the creep at BR: WOTW, Cave Spider. There are 2
of them. Don't worry, just hack them! When you finish, go to the shale slabs
and break them by click the slabs with the pointer. After finish, return to the
starting point and Budo will give you another task. Now a Sledger accompanies
you. Go to your left and down to the south. Three spiders will attack you
immediately. Use your Wolf Howl; it will increase the Sledger's damage. Finish
with the creeps, you will find the road blocked. Send the Sledger to break the
blockade, and then break another shale slabs.

Note: If you try to go east, A Staff Adept will send you back.  No, you can't
kill him! Just return later…

When you are back, Budo has another goose chasing for you. Return to the place
where you meet the Staff Adept. This time, he will let you pass. Another
blockade? That's the Sledger's use for! Then the spiders…(again, kill them!)
When you arrive at the spot, you accomplish the mission in most unpleasant

Mission 2 - 'Escape from the Deep Mines'
Difficulty: Moderate
Starting units: 1 Sledger
Zen Master: Longtooth
After you break the shale, you will know why Yvaine send you to the deep mines.
There will be 6 spiders; they're damn good in numbers! But I can show you how
to kill them without lose your Sledger.  Start your Battle Gear immediately and
concentrate to a single spider before go to another. If you do it right, you
still have your friend around. Watch the cutscene and now you have another
objective: free 10 slaves. First of all, go down to East. There you will see 2
Brawlers, but first, you have to kill an Overseer next to them. Afterward,
bring Grayback to free them. If you go down, you'll meet a Blade Acolyte and 2
Leaf Disciples.After finishing them, go left until you see 2 lakes.

Note: Be careful here, another batch of spiders has waited you there! Activate
your BG and charge them. Let your warriors for a while to let their health
regenerates again.

When you trail the path Southeast, you'll encounter 2 Staff Adepts. Trash them
and proceed to kill 2 Overseers; you are going to see 2 Sledgers at the cave
wall. Free them and you have 6 people in your group. Now go to the lakes and be
careful with the Unclean One who guards the path between the lakes. Of course,
the Spiders! Continue to the next lake and meet 2 Leaf Disciples with an
Overseer. What are you waiting for? Kill and free a Sledger. By now, you
already have 4 Sledgers and 2 Brawlers. If you go to the Eastern end of the
cave, you have to pass 1 Diseased One, 1 Blade Acolyte and 1 Overseer. Then
you'll get a Mauler. Go upward to find another batch of slaves. On the way, 2
Warlocks, 2 Leaf Disciples, 2 Blade Acolytes and 1 Staff Adept will block your
way. I suggest that you take the Warlocks first, since they're annoying with
their Soul Lick. After the fight, be preparing for another fight with the
Now continue to the third intersection, probably you'll meet the Infested One.
There is a blockade here, use the Sledgers to break it and get your fifth
Sledger. At the fourth, you'll find a Brawler. Now your team already numbered 8
people. Just continue to the end and free a Mauler. Finish? Not yet, you still
have to find the last slave. Trace your way back downward and turn West after
breaking a blockade. Once again, the Lotus will block your way. This time, you
are going to have 2 Staff Adepts, 2 Blade Acolytes and 3 Overseers. Finish them
all, and then Grayback heard someone shouting. It is Longtooth! He fights 4
Spiders alone. Rush to him and kill the Spiders immediately. After a cutscene,
Longtooth will join you.

Note: Longtooth is quite useful, since he's the only one who has long-range
attack! Keep him well!

Go down and turn East again, before went to the entrance. There you are about
to meet Mistress Yvaine personally! Greet her with your warriors; in no time
you beat the mission.

Mission 3 - "Breakthrough"
Difficulty: Moderate
Zen Master: Longtooth
This time, Longtooth accompanies you. Go above and slay the Blade Acolyte who
guards 3 Brawlers.

Note: This time, the mission requires a certain Wolf Clan warriors to perform a
specific task. You know already with the Sledgers.

Go to West to find the Sledger. After you kill the guards (1 Diseased One and 2
Blade Acolytes), the Sledger will automatically crushes the cages and let his
friends join you! 1 cage consists 2 people!

Note: You can't go to Northwest since the poisonous gases blocked your way. To
get rid that; you need a Pitch Slinger.

Continue to East and open the gate by flip the lever. Wow, this time is tough.
The Lotus has 1 Warlock, 2 Staff Adepts, 1 Leaf Disciple, 1 Infested and 1
Diseased. As always, activate your BG and kill them all! Go the Warlock first,
then followed with the Diseased and Leaf Disciple. Use your Sledgers to knock
the cages down and voila, you got 4 Pitch Slingers. After the gas exploded,
Budo will come and congratulate your success. Perhaps you wonders why there is
no Spiders around; guess what! The Serpents replaces them and it is quite a
problem, since they are quite tough compared to the Spiders. When the cutscene
finished, activate your BG again and bring your troops immediately! There are 4
Enforcers and 1 Crossbowman. After you finish, you will encounter another gate,
however you can't see the lever around. Now go West to find some Diggers; there
1 Warlock, 2 Unclean, 4 Ronins and a Swordsman already waited you. Ronins and
Unclean? The Unclean can wound you with their slingshots, while the Ronins can
causes headache in their afterlife with their innate ability, Cursed Sword.
Finish the Warlock first, because he is the weakest one, and then go to Unclean
or Ronin. After a few minutes, break the cage and you got your Diggers. Return
to the gate and use Tunneling ability to find the lever across the gate. You
should send all of them, since 2 Crossbowmen and 1 Bandit guarded the lever.
Your Diggers will finish them in no time, but be careful, there are 4 Ronins, 1
Warlock and 1 Master Warlock not far from them! Flip the lever and rush your
forces to fight the guards. Go to their place and find the other lever to open
the next gate. However, it was located across the chasm. Don't worry, send
Longtooth to attack the lever and your problem are solved. Go to the right and
you got another cutscene. This time, you will fight Budo and his 'converted'
Wolf Peasants. The Peasants itself is not a problem, but Budo is really a pain
in a#%#! His whip can cost your health! You may save your game here, just in
case you lose! First, get rid the Peasants and then concentrate to the big fat
himself. Keep attacking, until you or he lost! (Fortunately, somehow Grayback
is tougher than Budo! What do you expect from a barbarian?) Thus you end the

Mission 4 - "Escape (Again?)"
Difficulty: Moderate
Zen Master: None

-Will be updated next time-


Thanks for the sites that provides me with a lot of information, so I can write
this walkthrough:

For allowing me to post the FAQ, and provide me a nice BR walkthrough.
For the detailed information about units and Zen Masters.
For additional information about the game and a nice game history.

-Ubisoft Entertainment, Liquid Entertaiment and Crave Entertainment
For making this interesting and great game!


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