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 Battlezone 2 Tips & Strategies

Battlezone 2 Tips & Strategies

by Orlando C. Fernando 

Version 2.0 
Updated: January 15, 2000 

This guide shows some tips, strategies from my war adventures in Battlezone 2, 
an exciting sequel to the original PC game. This FAQ will grow as I gain more experience 
and receive any corrections. This guide also will try to explain how to do some 
fundamentals not explained or explained badly (in my opinion) in the manual. :) 

Cheat tactics, mapmaking techniques, and advanced software/hardware troubleshooting are 
beyond the scope of this guide. This guide assumes you are already familiar with 
Battlezone 2 enough to play the first 2 Pluto missions. It also assumes you have played 
in multiplayer deathmatch a few times and are familiar with "ping" and "lag". The first
section assumes you are moderately familiar with Battlezone I. The guide is based on
playing the game with the 1.01b beta patch in Windows 95 with a 3dfx Voodoo 3 2000 PCI 

Web version of this guide is at, look
also for screenshots at


Table of Contents
1. Changes Overview from Battlezone I 
   1. Who is fighting whom now?
   2. How do the planets and scenery look?
   3. Is there still scrap and pilot management?
   4. Are all the building units back?
   5. Do the vehicle classes operate the same?
   6. Do you operate the command interface the same way?
   7. As a pilot, do I still have the plasma and sniper guns?
   8. Has computer AI improved?
   9. What other classics have improved in Battlezone 2? 
2. Single Player Activity 
   1. How can I skip the cinematic videos during the missions?
   2. Why don't I get all the vehicles as in the multiplayer with each mission?
   3. Can I save the game during a mission?
   4. What is Instant Action?
   5. Will these single player games improve me for multiplayer?
   6. Any tips on the single player missions? 
3. Multiplayer Activity in General 
   1. What are the multiplayer games in Battlezone 2?
   2. Why don't I get all the single player units in multiplayer?
   3. What bizarre things happen in Battlezone with bad ping or lag?
   4. How do I talk on the text screens?
   5. How do I talk during a live game?
   6. In the game preparation screen, can I chat with players already launched?
   7. If I leave a live game, can I come back?
   8. I am ready to enter the live game. Why can't I launch from the preparation screen?
   9. Can I change my name in multiplayer?
   10. How can I get new multiplayer maps?
4. Multiplayer Team Strategy Activity 
   1. Why is it called "team strategy"?
   2. How can I command or give up command of my team?
   3. What is my role as commander?
   4. Can I switch teams during the game?
   5. How do I use the number/F keys on my top command line?
   6. How can I group vehicles to command them as one F-key?
   7. How can I order single vehicles in a F-key group?
   8. Why can't I make any more vehicles?
   9. How do scavengers and extractors work?
   10. My scavenger is not scavenging anymore. Why?
   11. How does the constructor work?
   12. Why can't I make "" weapon with the armory?
   13. Why can't I build health/ammo supplies with the armory?
   14. I keep forgetting what unit builds what! Help!
   15. How does a tug work?
   16. How can I build a gun tower?
   17. What buildings can I enter as a pilot for further functionality?
   18. On foot, do enemy turrets and gun towers detect me?
   19. Do computer offensive or defensive units ever use all their weapon hardpoints?
   20. A player/I left the game mid-battle. What happens to all their units?
   21. Any tips for A Bridge Too Far?
   22. Any tips for Ground Zero?
   23. Is there any general etiquette when playing strategy?

Section 1: Changes Overview from Battlezone I

1.1: Who is fighting whom now?
In the story of this great December 1999 sequel, the setting is somewhere in the near 
future. The intergalactic biometal Cold War between the Americans and Russians are now 
over. Both have combined into the International Space Defense Force (ISDF). They now fight
an indescribable alien race, the Scions, on planets Pluto and beyond. As the book 
poetically describes, these two major forces have radically different building 
technologies. Really. Some alien units bear different names to the human equivalents and 
operate with different weapons and uses of power. Their "kind" looks graphically different
from human power - much more diversity than in BZ1. 

1.2: How do the planets and scenery look?
Much better! Many more blue hues were used this version around to create some fascinating 
night scenes and crystal structures. The green forest planet gets rainy weather (play the 
demo version to see this, enabling the graphic weather option). Rocks, ruins, and even 
animals populate the scene. Animals love wandering pilots. There's even shallow and deep 
water which affect travel and tolerance of certain vehicles. Travel underground through 
tunnels to other sections on the planet. Bridges can be crossed or destroyed, complicating
enemy invasions. Pilots can even enter certain buildings and enclosed structures.

On a Pentium II 266 MHZ with 128 MB RAM on a Voodoo 3, you will need to reduce some 
graphics capabilities off for better framerate in heavy fighting situations. On a Celeron 
dual-400 MHz with 112 MB RAM on a Diamond Viper 32-bit, however, you can put everything 
to the max. With different processors and generation 3d accelerator cards, your mileage 
may vary. :) 

1.3: Is there still scrap and pilot management?
This major question brewed on the Usenet newsgroup for quite some 
time last year during production. Scrap management is in BZ2 with additional methods. 
Pilot management is drastically reduced. It is only a consideration when you want one 
to occupy a captured vehicle or you want to send out an APC. 

1.4: Are all the building units back?
The recycler, constructor, factory, armory, and gun towers are back and have mostly the 
same functions. However the constructor, which is now robotic in appearance, bears full 
responsibility for making all the building units, including the factory and armory 
themselves. Barracks are now Training Centers. Communication towers are now Relay Bunkers.
All the unit voices respond the same ("Building complete! Recycler here!") 

1.5: Do the vehicle classes operate the same?
Turrets, scouts, and tugs are basically the same. Rocket tanks are slower now but pack 
better firepower. The other tank classes are very slow high firepower machines which 
can rotate the gun independently from the body (hope you have a good joystick!). Walkers
also can gun twist independently. APCs and bombers are now aerial uncontrollable 
vehicles. APCs will land to drop their pilots to attack a target (about 3 of them). 
If successful, the APC will pick up any surviving men. Bombers launch from a bomber 
bay and will actually bomb their targets from the air. Eagle landers and minelayers, 
however, are gone. Fast mortar bikes are now introduced which pack dozens of mortars- 
perfect for taking out a turret long distance. 

1.6: Do you operate the command interface the same way?
The command interface has some significant changes which will require some time to 
relearn some key commands. Like in BZ1, you still select one or many units, choose 
what to do with them, and point to a location if applicable. However you now call the 
units with the function keys as well as a few number keys.
1.7: As a pilot, do I still have the plasma and sniper guns?
Yes, but there is much more other hand weapons that you can have. You also come 
standard equipped with a jetpack and can carry an assortment of other rather powerful 
guns. Hmm, the Quake evolution is slowly happening... 

1.8: Has computer AI improved?
Yes, the enemy artificial intelligence in the single player missions and instant action:
(1) enemies strafe fire, (2) if you fire at an incoming enemy scavenger, it will
 sometimes turn back, (3) gun towers always sense enemy pilots presence now, (4) enemies 
will not fire at their own if you are close to or under them as a pilot, (5) enemies that 
kill your vehicle will continue to assault you while you are ejecting, (6) if you take 
out a key scavenger or defense, the enemy will work as quickly as possible to 
reconstruct it or even have a spare handy!

Your friendly units have also gained a boost in IQ: (1) units are VERY careful now not
to fire at you by accident if you are in the way of an enemy, (2) pilots ejected from their
vehicles will try to fire at enemy vehicles before returning to base, (3) if you give 
vehicles an order then jump out of your vehicle and come back, the vehicles will still 
remember your last order, (4) if you order vehicles to follow you, they will defend you 
against oncoming enemies then continue to follow you, (5) they seem much less prone to 
getting stuck and will not go through lethal environments (scavengers will avoid 
the water). 

1.9: What other classics have improved in Battlezone 2?
Bear in mind that this is an overview and not a complete features list:
- use of the satellite view for commanding units 
- game list descriptions for multiplayer (including the required map file to play 
  a hosted game) 
- ammo usage. Over time, your ammo in any vehicle/pilot will eventually replenish. 
- Phantom VIR activation. You can now leave it on as you choose and fire another 
  weapon. No grouping required. 
- mortars. Cool smoke trails illuminate the path which it's traveling. 
- turrets deploy quicker and are VERY effective defense units now. 
- recycler can now produce for you an ammo powerup with health combined. 
- recycler has tougher armor now but slower self-repair. 
- name changing while in multiplayer. 
- instant action now included in the game 

Section 2: Single Player Activity

2.1: How can I skip the cinematic videos during the missions?
During the animations at the beginning of a mission (when the narrator speaks), you 
can skip it by hitting the SPACE key once it starts. It will not skip, however, until 
all the game mission map and dll files are fully loaded.

2.2: Why don't I get all the vehicles as in the multiplayer with each mission?
It's the game creator's intention. The commanders generally run the show while you 
drive and shoot in the early missions. However, as they introduce to you more building 
units, you will soon gain full access to your recycler, the command interface and 
building units. Likewise for building certain units (for example, you won't be able to 
operate bombers and APCs until the commanders see a compelling need for one.)

2.3: Can I save the game during a mission?
Yes. The entire mission does not have to be complete in order for you to save it. In 
fact, you could save the game just after the first few seconds of the mission if you 
wanted to (including during a battle). Just hit ESC to go to the OPTION screen. Select 
FILE and pick a name to save or overwrite an older one. This is where you can also load 
an existing game if you feel you can't go on with the current one. Bear in mind that 
when you reload a previous game, the exact same situation does not always happen. For 
example, on one reload, an enemy can suddenly attack from their base, while another 
time, an enemy may not attack for a few minutes. So be wary at what point in the game 
you want to save. I do not advise saving in the middle of a battle.

2.4: What is Instant Action?
Instant Action is another type of single player strategy which consist of only one 
mission: destroy the enemy's recycler (or matriarch if the enemy is the Scion force). 
It is basically like playing a multiplayer strategy game, but versus a computer player. 

2.5: Will these single player games improve me for multiplayer?
Definitely. During the missions, you will slowly get the gist of using the different 
mobile units and attacking the enemy as well as getting used to your 
joystick/keyboard/mouse controls. You run no threat of enemies sniping you when you 
destroy their vehicle. You usually concentrate on one to three vehicles to attack at once.
I highly advise to listen to all the dialogues and read all the objectives as they 
will go a long way in explaining the purpose of many of the units. 
I also strongly advise to play some instant action games. Practice with the ISDF unit 
on the Bridge map or work on being the Scion unit on the Alien Dunes map. In both cases, 
the enemy is far enough away to give you plenty of time to build your units with 
trial and error.

2.6: Any tips on the single player missions?
This is Not a Drill (Pluto) - If you have problems on this first mission, it's highly 
likely your controller. Set up your joystick/keyboard/mouse appropriately so that you 
can comfortably jump hills and strafe fire enemies. You should eventually get 
comfortable taking out two Scion sentries by yourself. 

A Simple S and R (Pluto)- Hard time protecting Shabayev's constructor from the constant 
Scion sentries? Be sure to always fire at the one attacking her first, so that you divert 
its attention and cause it to retreat for a while and return. Do the same for the second 

We Have Hostiles (Pluto) - In the beginning, after exiting the tunnel and killing the 
first hardware-stealing Scion hauler, head back toward the tunnel. Inside the tunnel 
entranceway just before the down ramp, pick up the purple pummel weapon on the left. 
Each pummel shot does about 20% damage on the enemy. Helps significantly! WARNING: The 
1.01b beta patch makes the pummel weapon slow down gameplay for Force Feedback controllers.

Dark Planet (Dark Planet) - When you encounter a circle of guardian turrets, Shabayev 
will warn you to pull back and retreat. From a reasonable distance, you can hop out and 
safely snipe every guardian out there. Bring a scout in case any stray Scion sentry tries 
to follow you. The commander will commend you if successful. 

Through the Looking Glass (Mire) - Deploy your recycler and set up your units right where 
you are at the beginning. You have a scrap pool immediately behind you and the enemy 
generally approaches from the north direction. Be sure to set up 2 turrets around your 
recycler to help secure your position as you build the other units the commander orders. 

Rumble in the Jungle (Mire) - Even after you save Shabayev and says "we got to 
stop meeting like this, people will talk," your mission is not over if you didn't 
clear the rest of the enemies on the map. You may have done the objectives in reverse
order (unconfirmed), so the objective to use the APC won't change. 

Snow Blind (Bane) - (1) Don't build much more than an upgraded extractor, two turrets 
and maybe a scout. Get to the convoy as quickly as possible thereafter. (2)When caved 
in and must return to the dust off site as last objective, travel the high hills west 
of the path to help you safely get there. Avoid the path of enemies and you'll save 
much time and anguish. 

On Thin Ice (Bane) - (1) To guide the recycler through the ice, tell it to follow you 
and do this cursor trick. Tell it to deploy and just keep your cursor aimed to the 
ground. The red and green spots are safe to cross. Switch to a far-out view and guide 
it slowly. If enemies threaten, deploy it in a legal spot directly in front of you. 
Knock out enemies and repeat. (2) Having trouble getting your transport to the 
dust off site as last objective? I did it with gun towers protecting the base,
two upgraded extractors (closest to base), gun towers protecting it, and a relay bunker.
Put the transport east of your base because enemies always come from the west on the 
dust off site path. Go into the bunker. Now build a turret "chain" lining up the path 
from the recycler to the drop ship. This means constantly making turrets 
and deploying them one after the other along the path to freedom. You must be fast 
with the group keys because you'll constantly need to make more F-key space for new ones.
Several will get destroyed, but the chain will eventually overwhelm them. Once you get 
it close to the dropship. Logout and order the transport to go to the dust off nav beacon.
Defend it along the way. 

Section 3: Multiplayer Activity in General

3.1: What are the multiplayer games in Battlezone 2?
Team Strategy - A battle between two teams to conquer the opposing enemy recycler. One 
                or many people can be on each team.
Strategy - A battle between one-person teams to conquer the other enemy recyclers. 
           River4 and Ground4 maps allow normal strategy with 4 players maximum.
Deathmatch - A free for all battle.
Team Deathmatch - A free for all battle organized into two teams. One or many people 
                  can be on each team.
Capture the Flag - Teams fight to capture the opposing team's flag.
Loot - A free for all in downtown Pleasantville. Enter various banks in the map as a 
       pilot to steal cash bags for 100 points. Cash bags regenerate over time. 

3.2: Why don't I get all the single player units in multiplayer?
The host for your current game has only allowed certain vehicles to launch with. If he 
only allowed ISDF vehicles, it won't be possible to form a Scion team in strategy or 
team deathmatch. You can ask the host to enable your favorite vehicle if the host has 
not launched yet. Remember in strategy that you will have the opportunity to build 
your favorite vehicle from the recycler or factory. 

3.3: What bizarre things happen in Battlezone with bad ping or lag?
Frequently on the game server, it will enter "gamestate" in which the server will try 
to correct poor signals. At that point, all (or most) players in the game will be frozen
for a limited period of time. Another server behavior is to have you be temporary frozen 
until the lag corrects itself. Unfortunately, it leaves you very vulnerable to enemies 
unstuck. Be careful giving commands at this point because there is a keyboard delay as 
well. When you become unfrozen, prepare to have been possibly killed. :( Too much lag 
might cause the player to be kicked off the server. When in gamestate status, you can 
still chat with others via the ENTER key or the ESC key. (The ESC menu shows ping count 
of each player in the game as well as the amount of lag that person is experiencing. To 
get your ping, ask someone else to check your name on their ESC menu. To help counter 
high ping as a host, you can prevent high ping players from joining the game. Lower the 
MAXPING setting on the game preparation screen. 

3.4: How do I talk on the text screens?
Select CHAT W/ ALL, TEAM, or ONE at the bottom. Then type in your text in the lower 
left bar of the screen and hit ENTER. You will stay chatting with them until you choose 
another chat button, even when you launch into the live game. 

3.5: How do I talk during a live game?
Either (1) hit the ENTER key, type your chat and hit ENTER again or (2) hit ESC to bring 
up a full chat screen, complete with history of conversations. You can change who you 
chat to by selecting CHAT W/ ALL, TEAM, or ONE. Enter your chat in the space provided 
and hit ENTER. 

3.6: In the game preparation screen, can I chat with players already 
Yes. You can chat with players already engaged in the live game and vice versa. 

3.7: If I leave a live game, can I come back?
For the most part, yes (assuming everyone hadn't left the game by the time you returned).
You might find the game full while you were away. Or the game server can simply be too 
full to handle any more user joins. If you do make it back into the preparation screen, 
you will need to select your appropriate vehicle and/or team then ENTER GAME again. 

3.8: I am ready to enter the live game. Why can't I launch from the preparation screen? 
If the host is still preparing the game options and has not entered the game herself, 
you will not have the ENTER GAME button enabled yet. Be patient, perhaps chatting that 
you are ready to launch. 

3.9: Can I change my name in multiplayer?
Yes. Either at the preparation screen or live game, enter in a chat line /NICK [NEWNAME]
where [NEWNAME] is what you want to call yourself. It should remember your new name for 
future games until you change it again. 

3.10: How can I get new multiplayer maps?
There are no new maps publicized yet on the web nor by Activision, but that may change 
soon. However, Pandemic Studios has released separate documentation on how to create 
your own BZ2 instant action maps. Check their site.

Section 4: Multiplayer Team Strategy Activity

4.1: Why is it called "team strategy"?
This game mode closely resembles the instant action missions involving the recycler 
and/or matriarch. 

The goal of the game is to destroy the enemy recycler and factories (if any). As a 
commander, you will have full access to your recycler to build offenses, defenses, 
utilities, etc. to build a force for your team to attack or defend from the enemy. 
Unlike BZ1, several people will join one of two teams, so resources are shared among 
the team. On the preparation screen, you will pick what team side you want to be on by 
selecting JOIN TEAM 1 or JOIN TEAM 2. The Red Team (whether or not its 
squad name is renamed) will have all their units, vehicles, pilots, and chat text in red;
Blue Team in blue. The player list during the live game (accessed by hitting CTRL-ENTER) 
displays the people participating, team squad names (defaults are Red Team and Blue Team),
their deaths, kills, and scores. Deaths are the number of times that player's units, 
including themselves, are destroyed (not sure for APC pilots killed though). Kills are 
the number of times that player has destroyed a unit or other player. A typical strategy 
game doesn't run as quickly as you may think. It can range from 30 minutes to even 4 hours 
depending on the map size, player skills, and number of latecomers joining. In the course
of the game, you may change commander role or responsibilities of certain vehicles to get 
the job done. No two strategy games ever run the same. 

4.2: How can I command or give up command of my team?
Your team must have a commander which will command the recycler, factory, armory, and 
constructor units. On the game preparation screen, hit the TAKE CMD button to become 
commander. To give up command, select one of your teammates on the team list then hit 
GIVE CMD. The one in command will have a "C:" next to their name on the team list. 

While on the battlefield, you can switch roles also. Hit ESC to bring up the full chat 
menu. The TAKE CMD / GIVE CMD button and team list works the same as in the preparation 
screen. If someone else is commanding your team, their icon on their F-key at the top 
of the screen will have a "C" next to it. 

4.3: What is my role as commander?
As a commander, you need to build the units necessary to set up your base and prepare 
your armies for you and your teammates to use. There is much that can be done as 
commander, but the first is a must: 
1) Deploy your recycler somewhere. Somewhere in your starting area is usually good.
2) Make scavengers and give them control to your teammates to set them up as extractors. 
3) Be mainly a base guard and work on building a strong base. 
4) Give your teammates ships when they are killed. 
5) Give your teammates an army for an offensive attack. 
6) Give them special orders to attack a particular target, follow you, defend a unit, etc. 

4.4: Can I switch teams during the game?
No. You must leave the live game and reenter, picking the opposite team before 

4.5: How do I use the number/F keys on my top command line?
You operate the recycler with the 1 key, the armory with 2 key (unconfirmed), and the 
factory with the 3 key. Any new vehicles you build will be assigned to F1 - F9 keys 
(F1 - F10 in instant action). You command these vehicles by pressing their function key. 

Once you hit the first key, numbered commands will appear on the left. Hit the right 
number to do the appropriate command. If a command is not solid and a little ghosted, 
you cannot access it at the moment because you need more scrap to do it. If a command 
is very light colored, you are also missing another responsibility to make it happen 
(building a power, splitting a group, etc.). Some commands require a final step to pick 
the spot on the field where you want to do it. Use your mouse to aim your reticle at 
the spot and (if a legal spot) press the SPACE bar.

4.6: How can I group vehicles to command them as one F-key?
I encourage to group vehicles as much as possible, reason will be explained soon. 
To group one vehicle with another, hold CTRL and hit the function key of the vehicle 
you will group then let go. Hit 1 key to highlight that vehicle, the only vehicle in 
that F-key's group list. Now hit the function key of the vehicle you want to group it 
to. Done. If you want to group an F-key of several vehicles with another F-key group, 
instead of hitting just the 1 key, you will want to hit all the number keys to highlight 
all the vehicles in the group list. That's the only difference. For e.g., to group F1's 
2 turrets with F2's 3 turrets. You do CTRL-F1, 1, 2, F2. 

NOTE: You can only group together vehicles of the same class. You can't join turrets 
with scavengers. You can't join regular tanks with assault tanks. You can't join ISDF 
turrets with Scion guardian turrets (unconfirmed). 

Now why bother grouping vehicles? Two major advantages: (1) to make it easier to command 
an army to do one task, such as to attack a matriarch; (2) to free up room on the F-keys 
to put newer classes of vehicles. You cannot make more vehicles if all your function keys
are assigned.

4.7: How can I order single vehicles in a F-key group?
You can select a particular vehicle on your visual sights with the SPACE bar. Another 
way is to split groups up back to singles so you can command them individually with 
the F-keys again.. 

4.8: Why can't I make any more vehicles?
Your F-key assignments may be full. Group like vehicles to free up space. There may 
also be a unit limit set on the game (unconfirmed).
4.9: How do scavengers and extractors work?
Scavengers pick up little bits of scrap around the area to fill its biometal supply. 
Biometal supply builds your various units and buildings. The recycler already comes 
with 40 scrap. Each scavenger holds a maximum of 20 scrap, but they can be made much 
more resourceful. Send them to a biometal pool (silver square pools scattered throughout
the map) and they will constantly mine scrap from these everlasting pools. At this point, 
they become extractors which you needn't command anymore. Constructors can then upgrade 
the extractors so they mine the scrap much quicker. Your current scrap count is at the 
bottom of your scrap indicator. The indicator bar is divided into segments for the 
number of scavengers and extractors that you have. Green bars indicate scavenger power;
yellow bar for normal extractor; red bar for upgraded extractor. Upgraded extractors will 
always pump up your new scrap first, making your reserves rich in a short time. Then the 
others follow. Because of their high value to your base, many battle for control of 
biometal pools near the enemy lines. 

4.10: My scavenger is not scavenging anymore. Why?
Unless it finds new scrap or a biometal pool (unconfirmed), it will hold until further 
orders. At this point, you should order it to an available biometal pool if possible. 

4.11: How does the constructor work?
Created by the recycler, the constructor makes all the other building units in the 
game. In addition, it upgrades extractors to their full potential power. You always 
order the constructor to build a new unit on a green square usually somewhere around 
your base. Some units require a power building or a relay bunker to be built first. 
Then a unit could be built adjacent to it on a green square. 

4.12: Why can't I make "" weapon with the armory?
- To make a laser, pummel, pulse stab, or plasma, you need a service bay built first.
- To make pilot weapons or a MAG cannon, you need a technical center built first.
- To make blast, you need both a service bay and technical center. 

4.13: Why can't I build health/ammo supplies with the armory?
Although possible in the single player mission, it may not be available in multiplayer 
(unconfirmed). As a substitute you can have the recycler make supplies to replenish 
your health and ammo together. You can also produce a service bay or service truck 
to repair vehicles. Note that the truck can also repair gun towers. 

4.14: I keep forgetting what unit builds what! Help!
1) The manual has wonderful build tree tables on pages 50-51.
2) Even if a building option on the command interface is not solid colored, hit that
number key anyway. A message will tell you what you need to make that unit. 

4.15: How does a tug work?
A tug can help you transport an empty vehicle to a training center so that one of 
your pilots can man it. Order a tug to pick up an empty friendly or enemy vehicle. 
Order it to bring it to the training center then drop it off. A pilot will 
automatically come out and occupy it. 

4.16: How can I build a gun tower?
Build a power first. You will then get a lightning icon on your top right display 
with a number indicating the number of powered buildings you can currently build. Add 
more powers to increase capacity. You can then build a power somewhere along the base, 
not necessarily near a power. In fact, if you build a relay bunker in a distant area, 
you may even be able to build a gun tower there. There seem to be some exceptions. 
For e.g., on the A Bridge Too Far map, you can build gun towers on either end of the 
far bridges, even without a nearby relay bunker! 

4.17: What buildings can I enter as a pilot for further functionality?
Recycler - Change standard weapons for recycler-made vehicles. More weapons are 
available if you build an armory, service bay, and/or technical center. It doesn't 
change the weapons on vehicles already made. Some weapon changes will cost the recycler 
more scrap to produce such an equipped vehicle. 

Factory - Change standard weapons for factory-made vehicles. More weapons are 
available if you build an armory, service bay, and/or technical center. It doesn't 
change the weapons on vehicles already made. Some weapon changes will cost the factory 
more scrap to produce such an equipped vehicle 

Gun Tower - Lets you operate it manually. Hit H to hop back out. 

Relay Bunker - Lets you operate the satellite (overhead view) for controlling your 
buildings and vehicles. Excellent for placing new buildings quickly and efficiently. 
You can also name nav points before you set them. When setting a nav, click inside the 
nav name at the bottom, change it, and press ENTER. Then place the nav where you want 
it as usual. You will not see enemy objects on this display. 

Bear in mind that human enemy pilots can also enter these buildings. And you are NOT 
invincible to enemy fire while in it. If you die in a relay bunker, you may see your 
satellite display appear temporarily frozen for some seconds.  

4.18: On foot, do enemy turrets and gun towers detect me?
Within their firing range, yes; even if you are in the air. 

4.19: Do computer offensive or defensive units ever use all their weapon hardpoints?
They usually use their top weapon (typically a cannon, rocket, or mortar) and 
sometimes their special weapon (such as mines or solar flares). 

4.20: A player/I left the game mid-battle. What happens to all their units?
Their units remain in the game on the team they were on. If the commander leaves, 
command gets passed to another teammate (unconfirmed). Don't be surprise to join a game 
in progress and suddenly gain control of a bunch of units and vehicles. It is perfectly 
possible for one player to remain and destroy the rest of the abandoned enemy units. 

4.21: Any tips for A Bridge Too Far?
For the southwest-based team, establish 2 extractors on the nearest sides to you as 
soon as possible. Then try to be the first to occupy the biometal pool on the island 
between bridges. Consider blowing up part of the bridge to cut off the enemy at the 
other side (that is, until they make aerial vehicles). The northeast, in my opinion, 
is better protected since there is only one pathways leading out to open water 
(restricting certain enemy vehicles to travel).

4.22: Any tips for Ground Zero?
As a commander, get your teammates to establish extractors on the near corners to 
your base as quickly as possible. Most of the biometal pools on this map are far from 
your starting point, especially for the contructor to try to upgrade them. Give your 
teammates turrets to help defend extractors once planted. Avoid the middle - that is 
usually where the enemy starts their base. 

4.23: Is there any general etiquette when playing strategy?
Here are general ones which most players will agree on. 
1) If a player calls for taking a few minutes to build their units before attacking them,
respect them. It's usually because either everyone want to build early in the game first 
or this player had just joined in very late without much to start out with. Violating 
that will guarantee a quick exit by that player. These sort of requests do not tend 
to happen too often anyway. 

2) If you kill a player's life yourself, then suddenly see him reappear as a pilot, 
consider if that is that player's respawn point (the spot that a player will reappear 
after he/she dies). If you realize that is the case, back off of him or at least attack 
some of his/her other units so the player can have at least a fighting chance to do some 
moving or ordering. Mowing over a respawned player 2 or more times may be considered 
cheap by some people. Use your strict discretion, especially if they chat to you 
themselves to stop attacking their respawn point. 

3) Do not be a traitor to your team. This can cause great heat and anger. If you made a 
general mistake attacking one of your allies (such as their pilots since they can be 
difficult to identify by flag and without radar), apologize immediately. Remember that 
you can quickly identify all your enemy targets by their team color. Use your targeting 
reticle to identify your teammates if necessary. If you forget who's on which team, 
hit ESC quickly to see who's on the Red Team and on the Blue Team. 

4) If you are tired of your role as commander or feel too inexperienced to try to learn, 
give command up to someone else. Let them know first. 
Copyright 2000 by Orlando C. Fernando. This page is for personal use only. It may be 
openly distributed for nonprofit in whole or part, but authorship must be credited.

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