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 Beavis & Butthead in Virtual Stupidity FAQ

Beavis & Butthead in Virtual Stupidity FAQ

** 1. - FAQ Information                                                      **

Game:                                    Beavis & Butthead in Virtual Stupidity
Platform:                                DOS/Windows (PC)
Genre:                                   Adventure
Author:                                  TimmyTheRabidTurtle
Last Updated:                            Wednesday, 28th July 2004
Date Created:                            Tuesday, 30th September 2003
Currant Version:                         Version 1.0
FAQ Size:                                31KB
FAQ Type:                                FAQ/Walkthrough 

** 2. - Table of Contents                                                    **

                           1. FAQ Information
                           2. Table of Contents
                           3. Introduction
                           4. Walkthrough
                           5. Mini-Games

** 3. - Introduction                                                         **

Beavis and Butthead are the popular cult legends originally designed by MTV. 
The show, which ended in 1997 with the episode 'Beavis and Butthead are Dead', 
spanned over 100 episodes and seven series. The series involved much day-to-day 
catastaphies from the duo, a lot of music video-watching too. A feature film 
was released sometime later, named Beavis and Butthead Do America. It received 
much praise, but, alas, no sequel will be released, as the creator has decided 
to distance himself from the characters. 

Viacom released Beavis & Butthead in Virtual Stupidity in 1996. Despite the 
fact that it blatantly copied the LucasArts Adventure game engine, it pulled it 
off well. As humorous as ever, Beavis & Butthead games would sadly never live 
up to the standards set by this, the first game. The plot tells how Beavis and 
Butthead follow a long and pointless quest to try joining Todd's gang, 
interrupted by various hiccoughs along the way.

I'll take this opportunity to explain the engine:

You should be able to use or interact with everything you find or see during 
the game. To use an object, hold down the right mouse button and choose the 
hand. You know you can interact with something when a metal salute forms over 
an object.

The eyes, as might be suggested, examine items.  
The bag at the top is your inventory. 
The foot doesn't seem to do anything.
The speech bubbles is the icon to choose when you wish to speak to someone.
The hand uses/interacts with items and makes Butthead walk.

** 4. - Walkthrough                                                          **

The intro cut-scene shows Beavis and Butthead both working in BurgerWorld. Todd 
orders a meal, but due to Butthead's slacking, he does not receive it. He 
enters BurgerWorld and kicks some ass before receiving his food.

The game starts out with Beavis & Butthead being in Biology class, supposed to 
be dissecting a frog. You may look around for a while, and when you're ready, 
pick up the hall pass next to the door. Use it with the teacher and you can 
leave the classroom. Go to the right and pick up the gum that is stuck on the 
drinking fountain. Enter the gym, through the double doors on the right. Jump 
on the trampoline and while on the trampoline, jump onto the horse in the 
centre of the room. When you're standing on it, jump back on to the trampoline 
and Butthead will grab onto the ladder. Beavis will attempt to help his friend, 
but will fail due to wang-hurtery. The ladder will then fall down, however. 
Climb up to the roof from there. Use the ledge of the school to interact in 
your first mini-game: Hock-A-Loogie. Unfortunately, this is not the full 
version. The aim of the game is to spit over the edge gathering points for 
hitting various targets. View the mini-games section for more information. To 
get to the next section, hit targets until you have got a green spit wad. Spit 
it onto Principal McVicker's head as he walks by, and he will enter the school 
to get Beavis and Butthead off the roof. Use the stick on the ground with the 
fan and slide down it. Exit the school.

When you arrive outside, some tough-looking guys will ambush you. They are 
looking for Todd, and deliver a message saying that Leroy's gang is looking for 
Todd. Head to the park. Just after you arrive, Todd will leave in his car. Talk 
to the guys in white shirts. These are the people in Todd's gang. Talk to them 
about Todd and deliver the message. They will soon ask you to get them some 
food, and will say to get it from BurgerWorld. If you go to BurgerWorld, you 
will find that you need a car to get some food, as only the Drive-Through is 
open and your boss will not serve you without having a vehicle. Return to the 
park, and the squirrel on a nearby tree will randomly collapse and die. Have 
Beavis kick it, and a car will drive up and run over it. Try to pick it up, but 
you can't. Use the rubbish bin and Butthead will have it topple over. Pick up 
the flier that falls from it. Head to the Store.
       Enter the store and talk to the clerk about Todd. Try to take some 
nachos from the nearby rack, and then talk to Mr. Anderson and first ask about 
nachos, and then ask for some money. He suggests going to the Veterans' Hall to 
get some money and then exits. Leave, and the Veteran' Hall will appear on the 
map. Go there. Talk to the officer and mention Anderson. As Buzzcoat leaves, 
Van Driessen enters with his guitar and starts playing. If you try washing the 
tank, you won't get anywhere, so try to enter it via the hatch at the top. It's 
stuck, so talk to Van Driessen. Ask him about the sperm whale thingy and he 
will ask you to go to the coffee house and then leaves. Follow him to the 
aforementioned house of coffee. You need to pay to enter, but you can give the 
flier to the girl at the entrance to make up for it.
       Have Beavis drink from the various coffee cups around the area. Talk to 
the guy at the coffee machine and he will soon leave. Drink from the coffee 
container. Beavis will enter his Cornholio (strange form of hyperness) status. 
Pick up the book of poetry at Wilber's table and go to where the projector is. 
Use it, and it will break. Leave the coffee house and go to the Veteran's Hall. 
Use the tank, and Cornholio will rip open the hatch some you can drive it.

You will see Beavis and Butthead receive the gang's food in the tank while the 
boss is horror-struck. At a traffic lights, some chicks comment on Beavis and 
Butthead's uber-cool helmets. Ten seconds later they are in a huge crash. They 
bring the food to where the gang are, but short time after the gang get their 
food; Beavis and Butthead are arrested and are sent to jail.

They are put in a cell with Sam and Leroy. Leroy is one of the guys who knows 
Todd, and is a leader of a gang. Sam is a deranged psychopath who lives under a 
bed. Leroy tells you that a quarter is needed, and then they can all leave. 
Pick up the toilet paper and the soap. Give the soap to Beavis and leave it on 
the floor when he spits it out. Talk to Leroy and ask when dinner is. The 
warden will enter and fall on the floor. Sam pulls him under the bed and 
devours him, spitting out his keys. Open the door with the keys. Go to the 
      Pick up the pillow next to Kyler. Enter the insane wing through the door 
just ahead. Pick up the blocks, the teddy bear and the camera. Open the 
cupboard and pick up the battery. Return to the courtyard. Walk right and pick 
up the towel from nearby the dog. Use the basketball. Return to your cell and 
give Sam the pillow. He will spit out a flash for your camera. Use the flash 
with the camera. Return to the yard and use the camera with Kyler three times. 
A riot will be incited and you will find yourself back in your cell afterwards. 
Go to where Kyler was (he's now in the Psychopath's ward) and pick up the 
quarter. Give it to Leroy.
      Members of Leroy's gang come to collect him and so for the moment you are 
free too. Head right and hook up the battery to the chair on which the officer 
is sleeping. Get on the paddy wagon nearby. Beavis and Butthead try to chat up 
the girls on the truck, but only succeed in getting their asses handed to them 
as they are thrown out at the slaughterhouse. Pick up the board nearby and use 
it with your ball. Jump on it. Beavis will be flown into the air and when he 
lands again, he is free. He will take the wire cutters and set Buttheead free 

They will enter the slaughterhouse and find Todd inside. A nasty accident 
ensues with Todd getting hurt and wakes up at Beavis and Butthead's house, all 
bandaged up. Todd will then let you join his gang, but only if you do him a 
favour. You must get his car from the farm on Route 67 and bring it back to 
him. Simple, no?

Leave the house and two new places will open up. Go to the slaughterhouse and 
pick up the licence plate outside. Go inside and pick up the steak in the 
corner. Turn on the machine via the switch. Turn the dial and then switch on 
the machine again. An axe will come loose and get embedded in a block of wood. 
Pick it up. Leave and go to BurgerWorld. The girl eating is Gina. She has the 
keys to Todd's car, but if you speak to her, you will find they are in her 
locker at school. Use the hamburger and toss it into the fan. Go behind the 
counter and pick up the spatula. Leave and go to the farm. Talk to the farmer 
about Todd and then the barn. Head to the Veterans' Hall and talk to Anderson 
about Todd and the remote control. He will mention the taxidermist so once you 
leave it will open up. Go there. 
      Pick up one of the snake eyes from the box. Use the rabbit and you will 
get a string from it. Pick up the marker on the counter. Talk to the worker 
about road kills. Pick up the marker she puts down. Leave and go to the house. 
Use the string with the piece of gum and fish a quarter out of the grate. Go to 
the coffeehouse and use the quarter in the condom machine in the bathroom. Head 
to the store and use the air-hose with the condom. Go to the school and give 
the janitor the condom. He will make a dog from it. Walk to the jail and give 
the condom-dog to the real dog. Use the wire-cutters with the chain and the dog 
will no longer be stopping you from returning to jail. Pick up the hammer. Go 
down the hole.
     Give Sam the poetry book. Go to the insane wing and give the snake eye to 
the guy reading the book. Take his book and give it to Sam. Take his teeth once 
he has been led away to be executed. Exit the jail. Go to the farm and give the 
farmer the teeth. He will randomly leave. Travel to the park and use the marker 
with the 'Free parking' sign. The car will be stolen. Use the spatula with the 
squirrel and then use the hammer with the spatula. Take the squirrel to the 
taxidermist and have it stuffed. Talk to the woman about the grizzly bear. Go 
to the school and give the squirrel to the janitor, who will suspiciously run 
off the boiler room.
     Enter the gym and have Beavis get on the rope. Whip him with the towel and 
when he's at the top, give him the axe and he will cut the rope. Both of them 
fall through the floor to the boiler room. Pick up the rope, the paint, and 
open the second drawer of the filing cabinet. Pick up the contents of it, any 
you have the locker combinations. Leave the boiler room and use the 
combinations with locker number 69. This is Gina's locker and the keys to 
Todd's car are inside. Go to the coffeehouse and talk to Buzzcoat. He will 
randomly attack you. Use your uber-good defence and kick him in the nads. 
     Go to the Veterans' Hall and Mr. Anderson and the kid will leave. Use the 
bear's ass and Beavis will ram his hand up there in search for the remote 
control. This will take a few tries to actually get it. Head to the farm once 
you get it and use it to open the door. You cannot drive the car yet, as you 
need to disguise it. Pull off the license plate and put on the 'Todd' one you 
found at the slaughterhouse. Use the paint with it and then use the keys.

Some chicks will then appear, wanting to get your car. They somehow coax Beavis 
and Butthead to get in the trunk. A day or two later, Daria appears. Talk to 
her and ask her nicely to let you out of the trunk. When you get out, use the 
keys on the car again and the car will be taken to Todd. Beavis and Butthead 
are let into Todd's gang, but a short time later, they are out again as Todd is 
taken to jail and the car confiscated. Thus ends Virtual Stupidity.

** 5. - Mini-Games                                                           **

There are four different mini-games to be found in the Beavis & Butthead world:
Hock-A-Loogie, Court Chaos, Bug Justice and Air Guitar. Each can be played at 
the opening menu at the start of the game (once it has been unlocked) or by 
opening the application in the BBLoogie, BBTennis, BBAnt or BBAirG folders 
found in your Beavis & Butthead: Virtual Stupidity folder.

                              I - Hock-A-Loogie 

                                * Game Basics *

To unlock this game, get to the roof of Highland High and use the edge of it. 
In this game, the aim is to hit as many targets as possible in the given time, 
scoring as many points as possible. It's simple enough to play -- the right 
mouse button is a normal spit, the left mouse button is to spit out a green 
spit wad. These appear when you have hit a certain number of targets (Eight, I 
think it is). These score you double the amount of points if you hit something 
with it. The points are as follows:

Principal:    One
Cyclist:      One
Car:          Seven
Paper Plane:  Five
Squirrel:     Ten

Remember, of course, that if you hit one of the targets with a green spit, it 
is double the score. Naturally, the more points received for the target, the 
harder it is to hit it. While you play, Beavis & Butthead spew remarks about 
loogies, squirrels and the like. The aiming is easy to get used to: the longer 
you hold down the button, the further the spit will go. Use the arrow on the 
left to judge the distance. 

                                * Strategies *

Hitting the principal is a low score, but once you are halfway decent at the 
game, you can get him about ten times while he walks across the screen. Thus, 
hitting him can be useful. The cyclist is pretty hard to hit, despite being 
close to the screen. Whatever you do, DO NOT waste a green spit wad on either 
of these. Paper airplanes are damned tough to hit. Not only do you have to 
judge the distance correctly, but you have to judge its elevation correctly 
too. They come in diagonal and vertical passes. If it is hit, it changes 
direction. Don't spend too much time on hitting these. Do not shoot any green 
spits at them either. The cars are the best source of points. Rare as they may 
be, just quickly move the mouse to the left side of the screen and shoot your 
longest spit at them. These are worth spending your bonus green spit on. 
Fourteen points for one target isn't bad, huh? Unfortunately, unless you have 
the sense of divination, you should only be able to have enough time to hit the 
car once each time it comes across the screen. They are rare, too. 
Hitting the squirrel is pretty tough. Only go for it when there are no other 
targets on the screen. It is also rare, and the location of the spit has to be 

One last thing: anticipate where the target will be by the time your wad 

                               II - Court Chaos   

                                * Game Basics *

Court Chaos is unlocked when you go to the park and enter the tennis court 
nearby. Using the cross hair to aim, you must shoot tennis balls at the 
unsuspecting tennis players. If left un-checked, they will shoot a tennis ball 
at you, having you loose some of your Hit Points (HP). You have fifteen points 
at the beginning of the game. They come from varying positions on the fence or 
court. Sometimes, a squirrel runs along the top of the fence opposite. Shoot 
down the squirrel, and you will receive fifty tennis balls to shoot at a faster 
pace than previously. You only have to hit the tennis players once and they 
disappear. Again, you will listen to Beavis & Butthead's fantastic running 
commentaries while you play. Your final score depends on the total number of 
tennis players hit during the game by the time your health runs out.

                                * Strategies *

You will have to be constantly aware to do well in this game. You must have 
fast reactions too. The enemies come quickly, and sometimes at the same time. 
Do your best to fend off their attacks, but once the tennis ball is fired, you 
cannot deflect it from hitting you. They come from above the fence, running in 
either door of the court, and sometimes they run up to the net and later appear 
and throw a ball at you. As with the last game, anticipate where the player 
when aiming to shoot.

                               III - Bug Justice  

                                * Game Basics *

Bug Justice is, in my opinion, the hardest of the three Beavis & Butthead 
competitive mini-games. To unlock this game, go to Beavis' house and pick up 
the magnifying glass upon the floor. Use the magnifying glass on the ant 
colonies you find scattered around Highland. The aim of the game is to defend 
your candy from the invasion of the insects of America using a magnifying glass 
and the weapon of greed. Using the mouse, you can centre the glass on an 
unsuspecting bug, and then, using the left mouse button, focus the sunlight on 
the bug to fry it. They will scuttle across the screen and take your candy, 
which is piled in the middle. The aim is to keep as much of your candy as 
possible before time runs out. You will get a score depending on how many 
pieces of candy you saved. You are also accredited with one of the famed 
'Beavis Stomps'. Beavis lifts his foot and stomps on the ground, turning the 
poor bugs upside down, and also stopping them from carrying your precious candy 
and further. You only get one at the start of the game, but if you manage to 
slay the Mysterious Stomp-Giving Bug, you will get another. Once a bug has been 
successfully fried, it will turn upside down and smoke will emit from their 

                                * Strategies *

There aren't many strategies to give for this game, apart from the try hard... 
Go team! Act in desperation, and only bother attacking the bugs that look like 
they're stealing your precious junk. There are nine candy pieces to defend.

                                IV - Air Guitar   

                                * Game Basics *

Air Guitar is a completely different game than the other three. There is no 
competition, and so, no high scores. You get a keyboard to make notes on, and 
you can record your own songs and stuff. It's pretty useless, but a good laugh, 
nonetheless. I haven't really bothered to put in the effort to make an entire 
song apart from 'Clare de La Lune', which is damned easy. You can put it on 
three different sounds: Rock, Burp and Fart. The latter two are self-
explanatory, while the first is B&B rocking out on certain notes. You'll see 
what I mean. To unlock this game, go to the coffee house and break the 
projector. Open mike night will commence when you leave and return. Kick Wilber 
from the microphone and use the mic. If anyone has managed to make a worthwhile 
song, send it to me ( so I can see what it's 
supposed to sound like. Personally, I don't like Air Guitar, as it's pretty 

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