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 Black & White 2 FAQ

Black & White 2 FAQ

Black & White 2

Document Version: 0.30

By Joel Piwniuk []
   Mephisto_II, Anubis_II
This faq is simply you get you started on your way to becoming evil and all the
benefits that come with it. Please note that I have not beaten the game and 
seeing as i just stopped playing the first after they held my creature captive,
it may be a while before this guide is finished. Also, I am making a new
account to start from scratch so bear with me. However if anyone has tips,
hints, or secrets that they think are useful to being evil or creating an evil 
creature, feel free to email me, but I warn you, if you send me useless emails 
or spam,...I will send you spam in return.
Table of Contents: [E.00]
Table of Contents						[E.00]
Legal Agreement							[E.01]
Why be Evil							[E.02]
Creature Selection						[E.03]
Developing a City						[E.04]
The Lands							[E.05]
...Egyptian Nomads						   [E.051]
...Aztec Invasion!						   [E.052]
...The Norse							   [E.053]
...Norse Revisited						   [E.054]
...The Japanese							   [E.055]
...Military Japan						   [E.056]
...Japan's Last Stand						   [E.057]
...The Aztecs							   [E.058]
...Final Showdown						   [E.059]
Conclusion							[E.06]
Version History							[E.07]
Special Thanks							[E.08]

Note*: To quickly find a particular section press Ctrl+F and type in the code
Legal Agreement [E.01]                                                         
This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
and a violation of copyright.
Websites that are currently allowed to host this guide are:
The only website I will regularly upload the newest versions of my guide to
is GameFAQs. If I decide that you are granted rights to use of this document,
it is in your sole responsibility to keep up to date.      
Why be Evil? [E.02]
Many people choose to be evil for the pure enjoyment of tossing around 
villagers in their spare time and simply because they can then focus on
building a massive army to defeat the enemies with. Me, I like the way that my
creature looks and how he can single handedly eliminate armies. Along with an 
evil creature comes the slick looking hand that just begs to wreck havoc. A 
bonus is when you are short some points to cast a miracle, simply sacrifice a 
child or two and you will be able to not only cast that devestating miracle, 
but gain some percentage as well. You will not have to worry about how good 
your city looks, or if they have enough wood and if the villagers are 
satisfied,you simply have to have a large population to support a massive army,
and more than enough food to be able to feed them all

Creature [E.03]
People may argue what kind of creature is better, but they are all better at a
particular attribute. Wolf has good agility, Ape is a fast learner, etc., but
when it comes down to it, you are going to be using this creature for the rest
of the game, and they all have the potential to kill any other gods creature,
so pick which one you prefer, I personally chose the cow because the bull when
it is evil just looks sweet.

To have a crazy fighter, level the Soldier Role to max, he will be able to
defeat armies on his own and trash the opponents cities. For techniques teach
him lightning, fire, and heal. And when you can, volcano and other wonder
abilities if you want. Heal will not only heal your creature, but also your
platoons when needed

Allow your creatue to eat your villagers when it desires, and make sure he
craves destruction and annihilating the enemy. In earlier stages you get extra
tribute if he collects a certain amount of tribute, so let him be a use to you
as fights will be larger later on and this way he is learning something instead
of just walking around. 

Have it work out with trees and run to random points that are from from where
it is to gain an increase is speed/agility. The first encounter with the Norse
is a great place to begin the simple training [Land 3] and I managed to have it
grow a fair amount within that one land. There is little to no strategy in that
level making it advantageous to begin work with the creature which will give a
slight headstart on lands yet to come.

Constructing a City and Housing [E.04]
These are just simple tips when building a city and constructing buildings. 
They make the villagers unhappy and send you EVIL tribute every so often.

Purchase the Sky-Scraper and build them close together and pile them high as
they have high impressiveness when they are low, but this diminishes when
they are built to high. Also they will develop slums, and not only do the
people hate it, but it saves space and is more cost effective. Also simply by
building a hovel you get EVIL tribute, and these too develop into slums 
reletively quickly. If you truly want to make the people hate you, dont 
even construct housing, I dont reccomend it because of birth rates, though it
would save resources.

Build armories, smelters, graneries, among other industrial buildings near
housing developments lower the happiness of the villagers. Erect sacrifice
pits, and spikes topped with severed heads near developments as is increases
productivity. You may not believe me but it scares them into working to avoid
a similiar fate of the spikes.

When another town comes to join yours because of impressiveness, place their
their flag outside your influence as to reject them. They will eventually die
off, and you can reject them more than once. If you need their resources,
decline them a few times then eventaully accept as this will help mitigate
the GOOD tributes you will receive. I say do not accept them at all if you
absolutely dont have to as it decreased my overall evil by 5% even with
declining them a couple times.

As your main concern is food and population, you will want to place nurseries
near dwellings to increase the birth rates so you will be able to support a big
army. Also have plenty of fields and disciple farmers built on fertile land
[bright green when you go to build a field] as you get faster growing and more
bountiful amounts of food.

To gain easy EVIL tribute, take control of a city, kill all the people (which
also gives EVIL points) and take all of their food. This will make it think you
are starving them, but in reality there are no people to starve giving you EVIL
every now and again.

All Your Land Are Belong to Us! [E.05]
Land 1: Egyptian Nomads [E.051]
Boulder Problems: *Well this is simple enough, this guy thinks he can order you
		   around, drop the rock on him successfully killing him and 
		   removing his problem. [However fun it may be you will not
		   receive tribute]
		  *To gain the tribute, throw the rock at his home destroying
		   it but at the same time moving the rock. He said it wanted
		   it gone, ...but not where it was to be placed.

Nomad Relocation: *Easy evil points here are by throwing the nomads around, 
		  obviously some will die, but if you have good aim you can 
		  complete the quest by throwing them into the circle

Note*: The other quests in this world have no 'special' way to be completed as 
       evil, so simply do as they say and move on. They are simple and straight
       forward enough for you to complete on your own, but if you cant get it
       then you seriously need help, and that help is not in this faq.

Land 2: Aztec Invasion! [E.052]
This is just a tutorial in which you are shown simply more controls. You are 
not able to do much of anything on your own so save yourself some time and rush
through it as fast as you can. Listen to what your conscience's have to say and
rescue the well as kill some Aztec.

Land 3: The Norse [E.053]
Yet another Tutorial so again follow the instructions at each scroll. This land
however allows you to begin your carnage on the world by throwing around 
villagers, letting boulders run loose through the city, and teaching your 
creature to eat villagers among other evil things. After you have taken over 
the second village, when you are forced to use the army, you can finally begin 
to attack the wandering platoons and destroy them! Allow your creature to be a 
part of the action as he will gain some experience in battle which will become 
useful in later lands. Once you have destroyed the armies, begin to take over 
the remaining two villages and complete any silver or bronze scrolls you may 
have missed. I recommend doing them because they are simple to do and give you 
tribute points. 

As stated in the creature section, this is the land where 'training' of your
creature can begin as there is nothing to worry about once the world has been
conquered, so have the creature lift trees to increase strength, run from point
A to point B [which should be far away for best results, and less clicking. 
yes, I am just that lazy] and teach him things about eating villagers etc. by
other questions he may ask or through thoughts that appear above his head.

Land 4: Norse Revisited [E.054]
Alright, well this time they have a creature, now you get to have some fun in 
creature fights =) 

You may have some difficulty with the silver scroll here as it involves
throwing the barrels from the guys you build a ship for in the original B&W.
If you have good aim then you shouldnt find too much difficulty, but saying
that it is still a pain. An easy alternative is to conquer the land so you can
place the barrel wherever you like, which includes into the ring on the next

Other than that there really isnt much special to this land other than be 
prepared for a big fight for the major city, and to take down his creature a 
fair number of time. Creature and siege engines can take down the walls, then 
the engines can work on buildings, your creature can defeat the other creature 
or platoons, a fair amount of archers it pretty amazing with the creature at 
the front of battle, but also have some sword weilders for a simple victory 
over the Norse.

Another alternative to avoid the pain of the siren is to send in your creature
to throw rocks or just plain attack the wonder until it is in need of serious
repair. While it is doing this, move your armies, which can now be in much
larger platoons, to the second closest village to the enemies. And once the
wonder is down, send them in with your creature to win the land and move on.

What I did to get through this land with ease was build the temple, and other
things that they wanted, except when it went to the house they wanted I used a
hovel and built enough to house around 380 people. Then built a couple torture
pits, made like 20-25 disciple breeders, another 15 farmers and built a platoon
of 5 archers and another 5 sword people. I left the people to tend the town and
farm the 4 fields which each fed over 68 people each. Then with my 2 pathetic
platoons, took over the village above the town, and the one to the left, did
the Undead Legion quest, with them took over the town closest to them. Placed
the villagers in my main town, and took all the food. I reached city status and
sent the army of 10 to attack so they died. Then built a REAL platoon of 100
archers, and another of 85 sword wielders plus the Undead Legion and went
straight for the town beside the rival's main city. I had my creature lead them
destroying the armies that attempted to attack. If you find yourself having 
difficulty with the creature, or yours is already preoccupied, just send the 
archers to attack it and it will be down in no time.Once that city was taken
over I threw massive rocks at the walls breaking a hole at a couple points and
sent in my creature and armies to take it over.

This whole level took maybe half an hour from start to end. After I owned all
the land, I sacrificed maybe 100 or so villagers, just beacuse I was bored, 
but then realized my evil rating was at 90something%. And then noticed I had
the evil hand. When I grew bored of their death I went to the next land.

Lastly, in this land right where you complete the wall thats already set for
you is a man with a burning fire and a little cave sorta thing. Pick him up and
throw him as far as you can. The farther you throw the more tribute you will
get. This is easy tribute and is known as the Norse Mini-game.

Nut Oil: *To make this quest brutaly simple, just wait until you take over the
	  land and instead of wasting your time throwing the barrel, pick it up
	  and place it in the little ring where it is supposed to go. You get
	  the tribute, and save yourself frustration, everybody wins.

Undead Legion: *Very simple way to get a small, but useful, platoon. There are
	  five tombs, hover your hand above each to see the years, not just 
	  click the tombs in ascending order of the year posted on each.

Land 5: The Japanese [E.055]
First build some skyscrapers or hovels to immediatly create a slum so your 
impressiveness is not too great because it is very simple to impress the
surrounding towns. So get some breeders, make a small army and take them over.

Now you can start to build a more useful city and eventually conquer the other
towns. Of course kill all the villagers in some as the towns are in bad spots
and take their food to get extra points. This is one big fight at the end with
the opposing village, the siren just gets to be a pain and the army is massive.
So make sure you have a huge population to support and army.

A key tip when attacking is to have several platoons so the siren will not
completely screw you over by taking your entire army but simply a single group
of men. Also get your creature to do much work so he will become used of
attacking. With the creature I like to take about 25 or so archers so they can
get that one guy that the creature almost always seems to miss. Bring in that
platoon after the siren has been casted. Attack from three sides and in waves
a fair distance apart to begin with until the siren has taken effect. Do not
pause unless you absolutely must between waves of attack because the Japanese
will build there army back up in ranks pretty quickly.

Make sure you have plenty of disciple breeders and farmers to keep a steady
supply of both people and food for the soldiers. And finally game tutorials
are over...for the most part, just some simple uses of advanced techniques
and new buildings, but no useless things about how to move or change the 

I basically started off the same as the last land, place most of my buildings,
didn't build them all, setting up a skeleton for my city, and creating a
platoon of 10 soldiers. With them I went around capturing the nearby villages
as to not win them over with impressiveness. If you do have them knocking on
your door, just place the flag in the middle of the map or somewhere to reject
them. Lots of evil points doing that.

This land really lets you sit back and take things slow, it is a good place to
get an idea of how you like your city to be positioned and what you want going
where in order to expand your influence quickly. Have fun with this land..from
here on out the game becomes hell.

After taking over all but the rivals town, I put all the villagers into my own
by making them a disciple of some sort (really doesnt matter, but I made around
40 breeders with them)and took the food they had to offer. And then I built my
armies. This part is a total pain. You have to make over 9000 armies in order 
to avoid being screwed by the siren wonder. So I made 12 platoons of 15 each, 
spread them three wide and four back with PLENTY of space between waves. Then
sent in one sword platoon on the left, one on the right, and with slight delay
one right down the middle. Once the wonder was cast in went my creature to kill
the platoons ranks a little and quickly followed my second wave of sword people
then two waves of archers after that. I was able to get through easily as it
seemed to take the rival more time than necessary to respond, but if you dont
take it on your first try, just make another couple waves and you should be
able to take them.

Again, once you have the land, sacrifice some people, throw them around, etc.
as you should be able to achieve 100% evil on yourself and have the evil hand.
When your done with chaos move to the next land.

Monk Test: *This quest pissed me off for the longest time. I read I dont know
	    how many guides before I actaully realized what they meant 	    
	    ...incredibly sad.. I know, but it drove me nuts. And because of
	    those who may not understand what it is they have to do, I feel the
	    need to explain it.
	    Alright, hold the action button down and move the hand up and down
	    on the first rock until it is black with smoke and simply wait for
	    the monk to punch it. Where I screwed up...several times over.. was
	    taking a swipe at the rock at the same moment the monk would hit it
	    because I thought he wanted me to give him super strength (because
	    his voice didn't give him super strength unlike tristan), not to
	    beat the rock so it would be a simple hit.

	    Of course do the same thing to the next two rocks and you will get
	    your tribute. There really isnt a way to complete this as Evil.

Save the Lambs: *Again there is no way to get the tribute and be evil, so
	    simply catch the flying sheep and place them to safety. I got 20
	    sheep and still passed so you can miss a couple.

Forest Ambush: *Just a simply puzzle in which you have to collect the pieces to
	    the paper thing. This is as simple as you make it, I found it to be
	    a joke because I kept an eye on the ambush people and would always
	    place the signs so they would walk back and forth amoung a path
	    near the top right as my spy would go around getting the papers.
	    Various tips to seeing everything easier is to win the land and
	    remove the trees as well as getting you some now useless extra 

Land 6: Military Japan [E.056]
I figure by now that you guys have the general idea of the game and how to set
your initial village up, so I will not bother going into as much detail about
the little things, as they are all set up generically the same and now you will
be having to focus on defense rather than expansion on the get go.

This land is a serious pain if you do not put up those walls when you first
begin. I cannot stress that enough. The last time was laid back and you were
allowed to do things in your own time...well not anymore. You WILL be attacked
and it WILL be practically right off the back. Begin by completing the wall
that is barely in place. If you must stall for some time for it to be complete
send out your creature to crush the first small platoon, and get him to throw
rocks at the catapults.

Also as I began to move farther from my original town and take over more, I
would place more walls in the narrow paths to avoid being attacked farther back
and having to constantly move over a larger distance, also it provided more
for the enemy to have to break through in order to get to me as the waves that
Japan send out are nearly endless.

Once I got to the last village before the enemies main, I built up my armies, 
2 platoons of 100 archers, and a platoon of 150 swordsman. I tend not to use
catapults as my creature can cause massive damage and also you can throw stones
if you really need. I got my creature to attack the wall with the archers at
the main gate as my armies advanced towards the town.

When the walls were down, I sent in my creature and swordsmen to about the 
middle of the village and then the archers close behind. As the ranks came,
they fell, and on went my swordsmen to capture the village. My creature would
destroy buildings and fight off the other creature with assistance from the
archers. The archers are also more than capable of taking care of the small
platoons that may be sent after you. This is a rather simple task compared to
that of what it takes to actaully get to the gates and take them down. For me
it was anyways, some may have more trouble, but I got lucky I guess.

Note that I carved a path almost straight to the main village without even 
looking at the others. This is because they do not cause any problems, they are
just there to look nice. But that being said, be careful because when you put
walls up, the enemy will take the longer path which does go through the small
towns to avoid destroying as many walls as they can. This caught be offguard 
once, but thankfully my armies were on the move and weren't to far that they
couldn't help.

Cure the Sick Town: *This is the town with the green clouds coming from the 
	people and the food is the same colour. First take all the food from
	the storehouse and toss it into the water. Then pick up the villagers
	and throw them away, solves the problem, but you won't get the tribute.
	So to complete this quest you actaully have to be GOOD for once. Damn, 
	well anyways use the manipulation hand gesture above the people until
	the cloud disipates. This is something that has to be done before lots
	of the people die, so don't waste your time, unless you really don't 
	want to do it and there are also ALOT of clouds that you do have to
	clear, so make sure your village is protected before beggining this.

Archalogists: *You will have to use the manipulation hand gesture again to 
	finish this quest. They give you clues to where the area is and it is
	up to you to find it. You can usually find the general idea and just
	rub the ground until you see a rune.
	The first one is in the dig site that is roughly set up, scratch around
	until you find it and then scratch some more until it is glowing.
	The second one is near the tree on the edge of the island above where
	the last rune was. To make this easy, pick up all the trees and place
	them somewhere. The one tree you can't pick up is the one that you will
	find the rune. This one took me a while to actaully find, because it is
	alot closer to the tree than I initially thought.

	The third rune is near some rocks between the 'hidden' tomb and the
	first rune. Look from the first rune at the tomb and you will see the
	rocks off to the left. Again scratch near them until you uncover it

	Lastly, go back to the dig site and just above where it was to the left
	(looking at that lone tree), you will see dirt. Brush it aside and you
	will find it without wasting much time. Finally just clear the rocks
	from the front of the tomb and you will get your tribute.

Nut Oil: *Again, you have to throw objects at a given location, but for this to
	be available you must have finished the one in the previous land for it
	to be available. It is right near your starting village so you don't
	have to move to far. The barrels go pretty far for how little you throw
	them so don't put too much force into it. The first toss is about a
	regular throw, for me anyways, and the second one needs a fair amount 
	more as it is farther. And the last one will completely mess with you
	because it is shorter than the first throw, so watch your arm, 
	otherwise you will be repeating this a few times.

The Samurai: *Like to search? Neither do I! So you will absolutely hate this, 
	although thankfully it isn't that difficult. Just find the statues and
	put them on the pedistals in order. The order of the samurai once you
	have found them all from left to right is: Red - Orange - Yellow - 
	Green - Blue - Purple - Light Purple. 
	1 - 'behind' your main village if you are looking at the enemies main.
	It will be at the very end. 
	2 - To the right of your village while looking at the enemies'. It is
	near the water so be looking low, it is pretty well in the open.
	3 - From the last one keep going and look more to the right near the 
	middle of the long island before the mountain.
	4 - Look straight at the enemies main village from your own. Now move
	above the river that runs inbetween the two and look down it to the
	right. Follow it to the wall of the hill (but don't follow it to the 
	end!), you will see something glowing before you see the actaul statue.
	5 - From the last one, look at how the land runs between where you are
	now and between the bay on the otherside, look straight at that bay
	and go to it, it will be near the mountain on your right side. Again it
	is on a wall.
	6 - From where you are from the last statue, look directly away from
	the enemies village and go straight until you run to the small 
	mountains that mark the end of the island. Before you get to them go
	slightly right and you will see it nearby.
	7 - This is at the top of the mountain at the enemies village, your
	conscience will tell you that they see something nearby so just look
	around it until you grab it.
	Now place them on the pedistals in the correct order listed above and
	you will get your tribute and the small army.

Land 7: Japan's Last Stand [E.057]
Set up fast...very very fast. They now have an earthquake wonder and are not
afraid of using it. Right where you set up, you will see a small mountain in 
the middle of flat land. Connect a wall from here to the closest natural wall
of mountains to the left. Build it as soon as possible. Then, to the right off
of the same small mountain in the middle build another wall to the other 'pile'
of three small mountain things. This will give you some room to build before
getting attacked. Note that the earthquake is usually casted right near your
gates/walls, so don't build anything close to them unless absolutely necessary.

Your creature will be thrown right into battle from the beginning. Before your
first wall is up, place your creature there so the enemies don't come pouring
in. When the wall is up, move him outside of it as to protect the wall from
attack. Also have him patrol your walls as necessary.

Once you are roughly set up and have survived a multitude of attacks from both
platoons and earthquakes, which they used twice on me before I even built a 
gate, you will take over the two villages on the edges of the island while
moving away from your main village. Then you can send your creature to attack
the village between these two, followed by your platoons. When you are at this
point, check back at your main village, and place any villagers from these 
three that you just took over into your main for a much needed population.

If at any time the enemy begins to travel through your influence, get either
yourself or your creature (if he is not busy so he gets experience) to cast
the fire ball miracle as it will wipe out platoons like nothing.

Build up your ranks if needed and move to the village in the center of the
island directly away from yours. The other one next to the enemies and again
take all the villagers. Now you can get yourself ready for a big fight. There
are alot of archers which will take down your ranks if you are not careful. So
send in your creature and lure the catapults by running out of the capital 
having him destroy them. Then you can rush in with your creature and platoons.
I had 200 archers and another 100 swordsman (roughly), and had them all enter
through the same gate so there would be a delay in travel for the enemies 

Once their archers are down, the fight is no where near as difficult, and you
will be on your way to victory.

Oil Barron's Flames: *This is easier to do once you have won the land, so do
	that first and then use the water miracle to put out the fires. When
	they are all out, you will get your tribute. If you desperatly need the
	tribute for a wonder or something, leash your creature and send him in
	with the miracle and get him to do it for you as it will most likely
	be outside your area of influence.

Monster Mine: *It will say there is something eating the villagers, so send in
	a platoon to kill it. If you don't do this some guy with sick cows
	comes and you can just take one of them and put it infront of the cave
	so the monster too gets sick and dies. This will open up another quest

Sick Cows: *Simple to do, kill the cows in any way you want. Crush, drown, or
	simply throw them around. You get your tribute and get EVIL points at
	the same time.

Dark Disciple: *There is a statue to the left of your village in one of the
	first villages we take over. Put some people by it so they begin to
	worship. They will die, put some more, and you will get your tribute
	and get to kill people at the same time. This is a great world.

Land 8: The Aztecs [E.058]
And here you have a pretty large area to build. So get to it, and when you can
build walls Between the tiny mountains that are set up on the left. There will
be three blank sections for you to build them, and you better do it. Again
build a platoon and send it out early to conquer the nearby villages, some of
which now have walls. I say take them over fast because if you do, you will not
have the hurricane miracle cast upon you and instead can use it for yourself
if you get enough worshippers by it and wait long enough.

The archers will absolutely rape your creature, so get him to throw things if
you can, and if not, throw rocks yourself to weaken them a little and then 
send in your archers, but obviously many more. Once the town with the wonder
is taken over, you are pretty well good to sit back a little and focus on a 
productive city with lots of food. Always take the villagers and put them into
your main city for more population.

And when you feel your good, attack the main city by destroying the walls and
then first send in a smaller platoon of archers to take out theirs, and then
get your creature, swordsmen, and more archers to follow up in that order. And
by now you better know what to do so I will leave it to you. This is going to 
be the last easy land, so if it is too challenging, enjoy it. You will see why
I say this.

Sundial: *Very simple, you just need to be fast. Change the time of day so that
	all the torches are lit at the same time. The positions for the clock
	are left, down, up, and right in that order. You just have to put
	the hand where the symbols are.

Isle of Nymphs: *They say they need a special ingredient. Press 'n' until you
	find a 21 year old guy. Grab him and throw him in the pot. Why is he
	the ingredient? Who cares, you got your tribute.

Rain Dance: *You will hear a tune played, and you will have to play it back. 
	There is no specific order as it is randomly generated. Just tune your
	ears so you know what drum plays what sound and you will eventually
	get lucky. So have fun, I know I didn't.

Land 9: Final Showdown [E.059]
...Welcome to Hell. This is obviously the most difficult battle and is focused
strictly on battles. So build as little as possible and do it FAST! A KEY note
in this level is to use your water miracle whenever the volcano comes pouring
into your villages.

So place plenty of archers on your walls, and have your creature destory the
first few catapults that come. The archers will eventually overwelhm him so
pull him back and have him go after the gorilla. Before he gets to it, you can
drop rocks on it to weaken him without wasting any mana.

Build a wonder to increase your influence and gain a backup if you need. A
volcano will come, so use your water miracle to bring it to an end before it
causes too much devastation. Not long after the first attacks, the vikings
will come and you can use them to take over the village they begin by. In the
mean time build up your resources, mainly food, and replenish your ranks by
building more soldiers.

Be careful with the creature as he becomes stronger every time you kill him. 
This is just a heads-up.

If he is not preoccupied fighting, send him to the other small village that has
not yet been taken over and begin to destroy the platoons with him and some of
your armies. The Japanese will come and with them you can take over that town.
And again replenish and prepare...

And there it is. The last city to capture, the end of the game. One thing, well
three, walls. And each is full of enemies. One thing DO NOT rush into the top
'tier' and try to capture it as it takes a LONG time. Go step by step 
destroying the armies as you move up so they do not bother you. As usual, use
your creature to destroy the walls, get your archers to attack the enemies on
their wall, and when able to, send in the soldiers to attack once the wall is

It may take some time and patience, but repeat this 3 times until you finally
get to the top. Then capture the city with your soldiers sending your creature
and archers around destroying what little armies may still be left. If they are
too far to be a bother, don't even worry about them. And the final cutscene.

Conclusion [E.06]
Congrats, you just beat the second installment of Black & White from Lionhead
Studios. If you need help with a particular point in the game, feel free to
email me, but if you ask a stupid question you will get a jackass response, and
also, if there are questions, a frequently asked questions segment will be
added to this guide in the future. 
                                -Version Final-				 [E.07]
Version Updates:
  Version Final - June 4, 2008
     Added to Land 4
     Completed Lands 6, 7, and 8
     Completed Table of Contents
     Cleaned up formatting for the most part
  Version 0.20 - May 22, 2008
     Added to Table of Contents
     Added Japanese section to FAQ
     Began Military Japan
     Simple formatting at closing of FAQ
  Version 0.10 - May 19, 2008
     First Draft

Special thanks out to:						         [E.08]

The Developers at Lionhead Studios for creating a game and a series with those
yet to follow
  ASCII Logo

Matt Lanke
  Additional tips to Land 4 with the siren

|                         (c) Joel Piwniuk 2008                               |

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