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 The Blackwell Convergence

The Blackwell Convergence

(PC) Walkthrough v1.1 
Copyright (C) 2009 by OutRider

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Version History:

v1.0 - August 13, 2009 – The walkthrough was completed.

v1.1 - August 19, 2009 - Added GameFAQs contributor link

Author's Note:

Believe it or not, this is the first original walkthrough I've ever written.
I've usually based my work off of others, but this time I'm flying solo. I've
never previously heard of The Blackwell Convergence prior to working for
GameZebo, so this should prove to be an interesting experience, especially
since I haven't played the first two games in the series.

The sites that have been given permission to host my guides are GameZebo,
GameFAQs, IGN, NeoSeeker, Super Cheats, Cheat Code Central,
and The Spoiler Centre.

Any other sites are not to publish this guide without my permission. If you
happen to see it anywhere besides what I have listed, please contact me.


The Blackwell Convergence is old-school in style as far as point-and-click
adventure games go.

Throughout this game, you'll not only be playing as Rosangela (or Rosa for
short) Blackwell, but also as Joey Mallone, Rosa's spirit guide. Together,
they serve to assist tormented spirits and investigate supernatural
occurrences. Convergence is the third in the Blackwell series, and without
giving too much of the story away already, let's just get on with the game.

The Vacant Apartment:

When you first start a new game, you'll be given an option to start a
tutorial that serves to explain how the game works. Rosa and Joey are
standing outside a locked door to a vacant apartment. In order for Rosa to
get inside, she'll have to rely on Joey to go through the door to find a
means of unlocking the door.

Once Joey is through the door, there is a shiny object on the floor near him.
Click on it and Joey will blow a paper clip under the door for Rosa to use as
a lock pick. Unlock the door using the clip and Rosa will enter the room.

Investigate the surroundings, although there isn't much to actually
investigate. Open the desk drawer at the left side of the room and Rosa will
find an obituary inside. The obituary talks about the death of a man named
Allen Reiken, who apparently committed suicide inside the apartment that the
duo are currently standing in.

Pull back the sheet from the middle window and you'll notice a ghostly hand.
Rosa's not willing to go out onto the ledge to check it out, so use Joey to
go outside the window. You'll find the spirit of Allen Reiken floating here,
although he doesn't realize he's actually dead. When you talk to him, you'll
learn that he committed suicide because he lost everything. He lost the
stocks he had invested in a warehouse fire and his wife left him, so after
all that, he had nothing left to live for.

In order to convince him that he's dead and is living on as a ghost, you'll
have to point out how much of a failure he is. While Joey doesn't really want
to deliver such a huge blow to his ego for fear of pushing him over the edge,
that is exactly what you must do. When Allen “jumps”, he'll realize that he
is a ghost and will then agree to follow Joey back inside the apartment.

It's now time for Allen to cross over and finally be at peace. Joey will
remove his tie for Rosa and Allen to hold onto, and Allen will suddenly leap
into Rosa's body and they'll both end up in the spirit world. Allen will go
into the light while Rosa returns to the world of the living. Watch the
opening credits as Joey and Rosa return to Rosa's apartment.

Blackwell Residence:

After they arrive, Rosa gets a nagging feeling that she's forgetting
something, although she's not quite sure what it may be. Take a look around
and explore the room. If you look at the picture near the TV, you'll find a
photo of a young Rosa, her aunt, and Joey. Apparently Joey was a part of
Rosa's life even when she was a little girl.

When you look at the calendar near the door, Rosa will suddenly remember what
she was forgetting. It turns out she was supposed to meet her friend
Nishanthi at an art opening at the Park Gallery, and she realizes that she's
already late! The problem is, she doesn't know the address to where she's
supposed to meet her.

Hop on the computer and you can read Rosa's email if you want, but what
you'll need to do is search for "Park Gallery" using the Oogle search engine.
Once you've done that, Rosa will have the address. I don't believe there's
anything else that you need before leaving the apartment, so head out the
door and ride the elevator down to the city map and go to the Park Gallery.

The Park Gallery:

When you arrive, Rosa will be stopped by the gallery's namesake, Josie Park.
Josie thinks that Rosa is here for the public showing, but Rosa lets her know
that she's there looking for her friend, Nishanthi Sharma. Nishanthi lets
Josie know that Rosa's with her and Josie will apologize for the slight

Talk to Josie to learn more about the gallery. The man she's talking to is
her latest discovery, Claude, although he doesn't think he's much of a
discovery since he's been painting on her street corner for years. After
you're done talking to her, walk over and talk to Nishanthi. Talk to her
about everything and she'll tell her friend Monique that Rosa is a writer of
ghost stories, and she urges her to share the one she has about an actor
named Frank Lyons. Monique isn't willing to discuss it at the gallery, so
instead she hands Rosa her card and asks her to meet her at her office in the

When you attempt to leave the gallery, Nishanthi will stop Rosa and ask her
to stay for the party. You can opt to stay, much to Joey's chagrin, or leave.
I opted to stay, and when Rosa wakes up, she'll wake up inside the spirit

Not knowing how she got there, attempt to leave through the portal and she'll
be stopped by a rather regal-looking ghost. Not much is said other than
they'll be meeting again and the ghost hopes that Rosa will be ready when the
time comes.

When Rosa awakes in the living world, she'll be nursing a hangover from all
the wine she drank the night before.

Blackwell Residence:

If you'd like, talk to Joey in order to figure out what to do next. He
suggests meeting Monique and learning more about her ghost story and to check
out her business card for her address.

Move the mouse cursor to the top of the screen to open the inventory and
right-click on the business card to get Monique's address. There's not much
else to do here for now, so feel free to leave and head to CubeStar Films.

CubeStar Films:

Talk to Monique, who is currently seated at her desk. Talk to her about
everything and you'll learn that she is the executive producer of CubeStar
Films, meaning she is responsible for keeping things on time and under
budget. Her story features a little-known actor named Frank Lyons. He died
from a heart attack while filming a scene for his latest film and the company
had to utilize a look-a-like in order to finish things up. The movie wasn't
one of their best efforts, but it ended up becoming successful because a
death was attached to it.

Monique feels guilty from having profited from Frank's death, but she didn't
know what else to do since they had investors that needed to be repaid. She
mentions that every time she jogs through the park, she thinks that she can
hear Frank calling her, but she chalks it up to having a guilty conscience.

Rosa and Joey haven't been to the park in a while, so once you're finished
talking to Monique, feel free to make the park your next destination.

The Gothic Bridge:

You'll see the ghost of Frank Lyons pacing back and forth. Use Joey to talk
to him and learn more about what he's doing. He's apparently rehearsing his
lines for the movie he thinks he's making, and he's also trying to figure out
what is taking the production company so long to show up.

You may notice that when Frank mentions something called the Minetta, he
talks in a different voice. I figure he might have a split personality,
although hopefully we'll get the truth behind that later. He won't say what
the Minetta is, so that'll be something to look up when we return to the
Blackwell residence.

When you try to talk to Frank as Rosa, he confuses her for someone named
Yvonne. Frank knows that she'd be coming, and when you ask him how he knew,
you'll realize that he's trying to act out a scene with Rosa. Try to explain
to him that he's dead, but it's of no use. If you attempt to say anything
after that, Frank will think that the scene was screwed up and you'll have to
start over. There's not much else to do until we know exactly what we need to
say to him, so leave and return to Rosa's apartment.

Blackwell Residence:

Use the computer to run a search on The Minetta. You'll learn that it's a
tavern and Rosa will write down its address. Leave the apartment and let's
check out the Minetta.

The Minetta:

Question the bartender to learn that he's never heard of Frank Lyons. You can
look around if you want, but I guess we're going to have to figure something
else out.

CubeStar Films:

Talk to Monique about Frank's heart attack. She'll remember that they haven't
moved the stuff out of his apartment yet, but when you ask her for the
address, she's unwilling to give it. Let's try Frank, maybe he'll be of some

The Gothic Bridge:

Have Joey talk to Frank about the Minetta. He'll talk in his other voice and
mention a name, Joe Gould and something called the Joe Gould Fund. You can
try to ask him for his address, but he doesn't quite trust Joey. Let's return
to the Minetta and see if the bartender has heard of Joe Gould.

The Minetta:

When you ask the bartender about Joe Gould, you'll learn that he has heard of
him. It turns out that Joe Gould was a homeless guy who wandered the West
Village in the 50's and 60's and people would pay for his beer and food. The
money he received was something he referred to as the Joe Gould Fund. There
is a portrait of him hanging on the wall opposite the bar. You can take a
peek at it to get a closer look. After you're done, let's try Frank again.

The Gothic Bridge:

As Joey, ask Frank about the Joe Gould Fund. He's never heard of it or the
guy named Joe Gould. As Rosa, you can ask Joey about what to do next as this
is where I almost got stuck. When Joey mentions something about a cat, that
turned a light bulb on in my head. I remember seeing a cat peeking inside
Monique's office, so let's return to the film studio.

CubeStar Films:

The cat should come inside through the window and rest on the arm of the
chair near the window. You can ask Monique about the cat to learn that it's
name is Ilsa, and it used to belong to Frank Lyons. When you approach the cat
as Rosa, the cat hisses and scratches at her. What you'll need to do is use
Joey to distract the cat and use Rosa take a look at its ID tag to get the
location of Frank's apartment. Leave the studio again and go there now.

Frank's Apartment:

Standing outside Frank's door, attempt to open it only to find it locked. If
you try to pick the lock using the paperclip, it'll break off and jam the
lock. Use Joey to enter the apartment and look at the papers on the table.
You'll find a film script containing the lines Rosa needs to be able to talk
to Frank. Leave the apartment and return to the Gothic Bridge.

The Gothic Bridge:

Talk to Frank using Rosa and use the lines that were given in the script.
Afterwards, talk to him again and Rosa will finally be able to make him
realize that he's dead. Rosa and Joey will help him cross over, but before he
disappears into the light, he makes it known that he died because he was
choked, not because of a heart attack. That just put a whole new spin on the
case, didn't it?

Before Rosa awakes, Joey is attacked by a mysterious ghost that initially
appears as a ball of light. Joey seems to know her, but why? When Rosa does
awake, the ghost will turn around and apologize for having bothered them.

Blackwell Residence:

Rosa will question Joey as to what happened. He tries to feign ignorance, but
she's not falling for it. I listened to the long version of the story, which
explains that the ghost was a woman known as the Countess that Joey and
Rosa's aunt Lauren had to deal with in a previous case. The Countess thought
it was her mission to free spirits, given that she was a medium, except she
didn't have a spirit guide nor did she care that some of the people she
"freed" were still alive. She ended up forming a bond with a reporter named
Joseph Mitchell, and whoever he wrote about, she killed. Joey mentions that
he saw a portrait of the Countess hanging in the Park Gallery, so let's go
there to investigate.

Park Gallery:

Josie will greet Rosa when she enters the room, then they'll be allowed to
take a closer look at the painting. Joey will confirm his suspicions that it
is indeed the Countess that was depicted in the painting. Talk to Josie to
learn that it was painted by Claude, who is currently getting ready for the
public exhibit. The painting was a bit peculiar because Claude is an abstract
artist, whereas the "Dark Lady" is about a particular subject. Josie is also
curious as to why she was painting as being in front of the Roosevelt Island
lighthouse, but she chalks it up to being one of those eccentricities that
some artists have.

Before we head to the Roosevelt Island lighthouse, let's stop by Monique's
office to see if she'll shed some light on the true nature of Frank's death.

CubeStar Films:

After talking to Josie, you'll be able to ask Monique about the foundation
that invested in the art gallery in addition to the possibility of Frank
having been choked to death. She won't say anything, but Joey seems to pick
up that she is hiding something due to the fact that she starts to sweat as
soon as Rosa asks her about it. When you ask about the foundation, however,
she says that they also invested in CubeStar's last film. It makes me wonder,
could the foundation and Frank's death be connected somehow? Let's go to the
Roosevelt Island lighthouse now to investigate further.

Roosevelt Island Lighthouse:

Well, it turns out we've hit a dead end. The lighthouse isn't in use anymore
and it now serves as a historical monument. Let's return to Rosa's apartment
and plan our next move.

Blackwell Residence:

Talk to Joey and he suggests checking out the Meltzer Foundation. Get on the
computer and do a search for "Meltzer Foundation" to get the address.

The Meltzer Foundation:

When Rosa first enters the office, she'll be greeted by a stuffy man sitting
at his desk. She wants to ask him some questions, but instead he points her
to the man sitting to his right. She'll then be introduced to Paul Meltzer,
and his brother that first greeted Rosa, Charlie. Talk to Paul about
everything to learn more about the foundation and what it is they do. After
you're done, you'll receive Paul's card and then Rosa and Joey will leave.
However, Joey will poke his head back through the door to eavesdrop on the
brothers. Stay and eavesdrop for a bit. You can have Joey blow on Paul to
make him feel cold, but what you'll need to do is have Joey stand in front of
the router that's sitting on the cabinet to Paul's left. He'll cause the
wireless internet to go out and when you move Joey away from the router, the
internet comes back on. When you learn the password to Paul's email account,
you can feel free to leave and return to the Blackwell residence.

Blackwell Residence:

Look at Paul's business card to see his email address. Turn on the computer
and click on Email. Log in as PaulM and use his password "tennis53". Poke
around through his email, but you won't see anything of interest. Once you're
done, talk to Joey and he'll suggest figuring out where Claude disappeared
to. On a hunch, I decided to visit the Minetta Tavern.

The Minetta:

Sure enough, Claude's standing here at the bar. Talk to him about everything
and you'll learn that he has to be drunk in order to tolerate the exhibit and
he won't talk about the Dark Lady until he is drunk. After you're done,
Claude will leave to go to the gallery, and while we need to be there too,
there's one thing we have to do first.

Blackwell Residence:

Hop on the computer and do a search for artists. You'll see an article about
what sort of answers you should give when talking to an artist about their
work. This information will come in handy in just a moment.

Park Gallery:

Talk to Nishanthi and catch up on things, and then try to talk to Claude.
Rather than talk about the Dark Lady, he wants to know Rosa's thoughts on the
paintings that he is currently standing next to. Tell him that the hard lines
are provocative, and then he'll move along to the next painting. At the next
painting, ask Claude if it's supposed to represent darkness in shadow, and
he'll move along to the last painting. Ask him why one side is so colorful
and the other is so dark.

Once you've said all the right things, Claude decides to be forward about
what he thinks of Rosa and her understanding of art. He'll go out to the fire
escape to get some fresh air, and he invites Rosa to join him. Go out to the
fire escape after Claude and you'll be able to talk about the Dark Lady
painting more in depth. It turns out that the Countess has been visiting him
in his dreams trying to find a way to be free. Before Rosa can warn him of
the dangers the Countess poses, she suddenly appears and throws him off the
side of the fire escape after choking the life out of him.

When Rosa and Joey return to the apartment, it turns out that police ruled
Claude's death as a suicide on account that he was drunk and was a
tempermental person. Rosa hardens her resolve to stop the Countess from
killing, but Joey doesn't think she can handle her because her aunt barely
survived from when she encountered the Countess.

Rosa will go to bed and find herself back in the dream world. She'll be
standing on the fire escape outside the Park Gallery when the regal-looking
spirit appears. The spirit is proud of what Rosa has done so far, and she
doesn't say much else beyond saying that they'll meet soon before causing
Rosa to fall asleep without any memory of what she just witnessed.

Blackwell Residence:

Rosa decides she wants to start talking to people to finally get the truth
behind what's going on. Claude did just die last night, so let's start by
going to the Park Gallery.

Park Gallery:

Talk to Josie to find out how she's doing after what happened last night,
then let's go see Monique at CubeStar.

CubeStar Films:

When you talk to Monique about Frank's death, she won't say anything more and
will threaten a lawsuit if Rosa doesn't quit bugging her. I can't imagine the
bartender at the Minetta having anything more to add, so let's snoop around
the lighthouse some more.

Roosevelt Island Lighthouse:

You'll see an old man looking out into the water. Talk to him, only to
realize he doesn't have much to say. Use Joey to take a peek at the man's
mug, and he'll find the name of a company on it, Gold Tech. It could prove
useful, so let's go back and look it up on Rosa's computer.

Blackwell Residence:

When you look up Gold Tech on Rosa's computer, you'll learn something about a
man named John Goldwater. He was killed near the Roosevelt Island lighthouse,
and his dad Marty Goldwater spends a lot of time there now. Maybe the man we
saw was Marty? Let's go back and talk to him.

Roosevelt Island Lighthouse:

Once the man realizes that Rosa knows who he is and knows about his son,
he'll be more willing to talk. He doesn't think John died the way they said
he did, especially since there weren't any bruises on his neck. He figures
someone at Lazarus Technologies killed him, but he doesn't know much more
than that. Let's go do some checking up on Lazarus Technologies.

Blackwell Residence:

Look up Lazarus Technology on the computer to obtain the phone number for the
company. Use the phone next to the computer to call it and listen to the
first couple of options. You'll learn that Lazarus was also funded by the
Meltzer Foundation, which makes the connection between them and everything
else that's been going on that much stronger. Let's go there to get some

The Meltzer Foundation:

Question Paul once again about everything. He figures everything that
happened was just a coincidence, but Rosa's not going to let it go. Paul
tells her to leave before he calls the police and when she leaves, you'll be
able to eavesdrop on them again. As Joey, listen to their conversation until
you hear Paul begin to refer to his brother as Scooter. If you remember when
you rooted through Paul's email, you'll have seen a message from Charles that
says the password to Charles' email account is the name that he used to be
called when he was younger. Leave and return to the apartment.

Blackwell Residence:

Use Rosa's computer to log into Charles' email. His login is CharlesM and his
password is scooter. You'll find nothing but a list of names and Rosa
realizes that it's some sort of hit list. As Rosa and Joey are talking,
you'll hear a ding and Rosa will see that he just received an incoming
message. Rosa stares in horror as her name appears on the screen, which means
she's been marked as being the Countess's next victim.

Before Joey and Rosa can concoct a plan, the Countess suddenly shows up in
Rosa's apartment. Joey moves to fend her off while Rosa makes her escape.
Head out into the hallway and enter the trash room to hide. Joey will lure
the Countess into Nishanthi's apartment as Rosa emerges from the trash room.

Re-enter the apartment and Rosa will wish that her aunt was with her to help.
You'll notice that the picture hanging near the TV is moving. Pick it up and
the Countess will re-enter the apartment with Joey not far behind her. Show
the picture to the Countess and watch the events as everyone is whisked away
in a bright light.

Rosa and Joey will find themselves in the spirit world with the Countess. The
regal-looking spirit will appear and reveal her true identity. It turns out
that the other ghost is named Madeline, and she used to be the Countess's
spirit guide until the Countess corrupted the bond between them. Talk to her
further and agree to help to sever the link between the Countess and her
victims. Madeline will take Rosa away somewhere when the Countess realizes
that they're going to fix the pattern.

The Pattern:

Madeline says that a part of the Countess is trapped here, and Rosa will have
to set her free. Enter the diner behind her and you'll see two ghosts
standing inside. Talk to them to be introduced to Joseph Mitchell the
reporter, and the famous Joe Gould. Talk to them both about everything and
Joe will say something about Joseph not wanting to give him any of his
cigarettes. When you ask Joseph about it, he'll say that he doesn't give Joe
any cigarettes because Joe will start talking and talking and talking,
primarily about himself. If Joe would somehow leave the room, then maybe he
would reconsider.

When you ask Joe about his essays, he'll offer to show them to Rosa. Take the
paper clip from the top of the paper and use it to pick the lock on the door
to the kitchen. When Rosa enters the kitchen, you'll hear some mysterious
voices talking. Open the center oven to find a ball of light inside. This is
the part of the Countess that is trapped here. It'll refuse to leave because
it likes the warmth and safety of the oven. Joe will eventually enter the
room, and you can talk to him some more if you want. Leave the room and ask
Joseph for his cigarettes. He'll instead hand over the whole pack. Return to
the kitchen and give Joe the cigarettes. He'll offer Rosa a cigarette and
invite her to join him.

With the lit cigarette in her inventory, use it on the ball of light and
it'll agree to be carried on the cigarette. However, by doing this, it severs
the link and causes the ghosts to disappear along with the diner. Leave the
place and Madeline will return Rosa back to where the Countess and Joey
await. Before they show up, the Countess begins to remember everything that
she's done and that Charles Meltzer is the one responsible for it all. She'll
head through the portal to take care of Charles just as Rosa and Madeline

When Rosa wakes up, leave the room and head over to the Meltzer Foundation.
You'll see that the office is a mess and Paul is in a state of shock. He
tells Rosa that the Countess took Charles up to the roof, and she'll follow
her up there. The Countess has Charles in a stranglehold, and she is ready to
kill him. While you could let the Countess kill him, I personally don't think
he deserves to die. Use the glowing cigarette on the Countess and she'll let
him go once she realizes what it is Rosa is showing her. When she turns to
face Joey, however, she realizes that he is the one who killed her in the
first place and she is now wanting to exact her revenge upon him. As they
begin to fight, the Countess will rip off Joey's tie and it'll land over by
Rosa's feet.

Pick up the tie and when the Countess raises her arm to swipe at Joey, use
the tie on her to snag her arm. Quickly switch to Joey and click on the
Countess. Joey will accidentally hit Rosa and send them both packing to the
spirit world. Rosa will help the Countess cross over before leaving. Joey is
furious that Rosa put her life on the line to save him, but Rosa doesn't want
to hear it until Charles gets to an ambulance and they're back at Rosa's

Watch the ending sequences where Rosa wants to be able to start a detective
business so that people will come to them instead of the other way around.
Kick back, relax, watch the credits and enjoy the music.

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