Blade Runner [solve] Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Blade Runner [solve]

Blade Runner [solve]

Here is the complete walkthrough for 'Blade Runner' .


Blade Runner

Blade Runner doesn't really follow the same rules as your average adventure
game - it requires more thought than that. Therefore this is more of a guide
to certain areas as opposed to a complete walkthrough. Having said that,
there should be more than enough here to discover all of its secrets.

Act 1
Outside Runciter's
Chat with the cop. Look on the street below the fire hydrant and you'll see
a piece of chrome. Click on the crowd and the cop will ask them a few
questions. Now go through the store entrance.
Pick up three ammo shells from the floor. Ask Runciter about Lucy. Choose
the video camera at the top-left of the screen and wander over to Lucy's
desk. Grab the toy dog, the chopsticks and the candy bar wrapper. Look at
the poster and stroke the monkey. Exit.
Talk to the cop again, then go to your spinner.

Police HQ
On the second floor enter the room to the right. This is the mainframe room.
You can upload and download information on the vid-screen on the far right.
Once you've dabbled there, select the Esper on the left. Examine the first
photo: Lucy will be there - look carefully. Zoom in on her ankle to discover
the dragonfly jewellery, then check the desk. Look at the second photo;
you'll see Clovis entering a door. Highlight the tail lights and licence
plate of the Sedan, then do the same with the boot. This creates six new
photos. Go to the lab on the third floor, speak to Dino for information on
Runciter's and return to the roof.

China Town
In Howie Lee's hassle the colourfully-dressed Gordo at the bar. Chat with
Howie about Lucy's photo. Enter the kitchen behind the bar and ask Zuben
about Lucy's photo. Just as he's about to finish his monologue, edge to the
right. When he trashes his saucepan, a nasty accident will be avoided and
you can follow Zuben through into the next building. Dash up the stairs on
the right. Once in the hallway, walk up to the locked door and Zuben jumps
down. Sympathise with the Replicant by putting your gun away - he'll flee.
Alternatively, blow the mutha away! Check his corpse for a photo then exit
through the garage to a spinner.
Back on the street near Lee's talk to Gaff and go through the alleyway just
to the right of Lee's bar. Dig around in the rubbish to find a licence
plate. Return to the spinner, then to Roy's apartment. Check the vid-phone
and the TV near balcony. Go to bed and dream?

Act 2
Tyrell building
Enter the elevator in the lobby. Go to Eisenduller's lab. Pick up the
dragonfly earring and a brochure (if it's there) and get in the anti-grav
chamber. At the murder scene chat with the crime photographer. Pick up the
white takeout box and the dog collar by the door. Check the bodies of the
dogs, then that of Eisenduller. Return to the lab. Get the DNA information
>from the console by entering the name on the dog collar and then talk to
Crystal in the lobby about her case. Talk to the guard about Tyrell,
security, the murder victim and the earring.
Go back to police HQ and use the mainframe to upload and download clues. By
using the Esper on the security disc you can get a photo of Sadik's head, a
dog and a crate. Enter Bryant's office, talk to Guzza and ask for a meeting
with Tyrell.
Head over to Tyrell Corp and speak to Rachael and Tyrell in his chambers.

Police HQ
Download the Grigorian interviews. Go to the basement and ask Grigorian
about protest, cars, and then VK him. Save the game and keep probing until
you get a positive ID.

Animoid Row
Speak to the Peruvian Lady in the dragonfly booth about her merchandise and
the dragonfly earring. Now hassle Hasan (next to the booth) for information.
At Bob's Surplus ask him about weapons and ammo, then VK him. Talk to him
again and he'll modify your KIA. Ask Bob about Hasan.
In Kingston's Kitchen talk to the woman about Eisenduller's murder and show
her Sadik's photo.
Meet Izo at the Green Palace; if he's not outside his store, walk around
Animoid Row again and he should appear. If he doesn't, buy something from
the booth. Ask him about weapons, the dragonfly earring and Grigorian. Steal
his camera (be quick), then shoot the lock on the cage door and chase him.
Go down the ladder into the basement and inspect the crates, following Izo
through the right exit. Climb the ladder to the street; here Izo will either
be shot or captured by Crystal.
Return to the spinner.

Talk to Chew in his Eyeworld. Leg it into Moraji's, shoot the lock off his
cuffs and exit. Once outside, get Roy into the bottom-right corner and...
Boom! Talk to Moraji and he'll spill more than just guts.
Outside, go up the stairs to the twins' apartment. Discover a letter from
Runciter and a message from Sebastian on the monitor.
Back to Eyeworld. Ask Chew about Tyrell, Moraji, the twins, Lance's envelope
and Sebastian. Take the elevator or the stairs in an alley left of Eyeworld
to find Sebastian. Go into his lab and hit the switch on the floor (it's to
the left of the countertop). Take the DNA material from the counter. Now,
>from the entrance of Sebastian's, go right, then left and climb the ladder.
Walk forward and knock out the glass cabinets on the right-hand side of the
furniture to climb through a hole in the wall. You'll be on the roof.

Act 3
Yukon building
Pick up the cheese in the Replicant's apartment. Near the doll is a Hysteria
Hall token and a Moonbus photo. Go to the lobby and talk to Leon. Go into
his apartment and get the scale from the bathtub and the badge from the
chest of drawers. Get the wrapper from the wrecked Sedan outside and head to
DNA Row to return to your spinner.
Back to HQ now. Download the stuff on the Sedan. Use Esper on the Moonbus
photo. New photos of Sadik, Clovis, Roy and a reflective yellow panel from
the Moonbus can be found here. Use Esper on the two photos from Izo's
camera. On the Hawker's Circle photo, either Dektora or a strange scale can
be found. The China Bar photo has a picture of Clovis and a security camera.
Back at Animoid Row chat with the Peruvian Lady for more information about
the dragonfly earring. Speak to the bar tender in China Bar for the security
camera disc. Use an Esper on this for photos of Izo and Guzza.
Go to Sebastian's place, ask him about Tyrell, Eisenduller, Moraji and Chew,
after which he'll ask you to leave.

Hysteria Hall
Chat with Crazy Legs. Ask him about the registration for the Sedan and show
him Lucy's photo. Ask the OAPs about the same photo, the cheese and the
wrapper. Back at Kingston's tell the woman you know what her secret
ingredient is. At Taffy's bar ask Gordo about the cheese. Follow him
outside. Go over to Hysteria Arcade; Lucy's playing a game. Talk about
Runciter, Father and Crystal. If you don't want to be a Replicant
sympathiser, VK her.

Nightclub Row
Enter Early Q's. Chat up the dancer to distract the bouncer, and run over to
the lower-left booth. This reveals a private bar where Early Q is hiding.
Ask him about Lucy's photo and the jewellery. Wait for Early Q to leave,
follow him, watch the show for a moment then hurry back. Enter Early Q's
private office (left of the first stage) to find a jewellery receipt. After
the show, go to the dancer's dressing room. VK her, or talk to her about
Early Q, her belt, the black Sedan and Crystal.
In the subway alley return to Nightclub Row. Follow Crystal into the dance
hall. Go up the stairs and shoot the projector. Climb more stairs to the
editing room. Dektora is to the left of the window. But to kill, or not to
kill, that is the question...

Act 4
Train cemetery
Exit the station to the left and pass the subway alley. Pass through the
interrogation chamber and go underground. Quickly head back to your
apartment for some important information, then return to the crossroads.
Pull the lever to extend the bridge; you'll encounter Lucy, no problem.
Search for a weapon upgrade in Izo's basement.
Back at the crossroads take the route that leads to the room with the
elevator. Jump in. On the surface talk to the bum about the sewers, others,
and Guzza. Enter the tunnel to the right. Walk across the wooden bridge
until the rat appears, run back, turn around and kill it when it's near you.
Now cross the bridge properly.
In the twins' lab talk about Replicants, work, life spans, Clovis, Runciter
and Guzza. They want something from Tyrell. Go there via the
air-conditioning duct leading to the Tyrell lobby, take the lift, grab the
DNA from Tyrell's desk and return to the twins where you can trade DNA for
Guzza's folder. Climb the stairs on the right, up to the apartment. Use the
vid-phone to contact Guzza, return to where the bum is and enter the gate on
the left to meet Guzza. Chat with him, then shoot him when Clovis speaks. If
you don't want any part of it just run back to your apartment, speaking to
Gaff on the way.

Act 5
Check the vid-phone in the bedroom. Someone will call you. This is the point
of no return - you must decide if your destiny lies in being a Replicant or
a human. We've taken you as far as we think you can handle - the rest is
entirely up to you.


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