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Accept mission, click on blobman
At the map: go home, wait some seconds because you are sleeping!

There is a fire in your house. Use fire blanket on TV. After that use
fire blanket (you left it on TV) with electrical cables. Open hallway
door. Open window, escape.

Look at the fire! Map:

Go to building 4.2: go desk, take coin, go to fridge, open it and take
the milk. Give the bottle of milk to the man. Take business card that
he gives you. Go to door. Go to Safety City bus station. Open door, go
to ticket machine. Put 10 mk coin in coin slot. Press the button for
Lost Degas. Take ticket. Go outside to the man in the car. Give him the
ticket. Take the key he gives you. Use car keys on trunk. Take the
briefcase! (number 3). Close trunk, go to Intersection (it is between
Nanoblob Laboratories and Hotel Zero). The man had an accident! Click
on bike. Take piece of paper. Click on man, click on mouth. Click on
throat. Click on left leg, then right arm and waist him! Finally click
on head. Click on street signs. Go to phone booth. Press 112 (emergency
number by heart). Finish talking with alarm center. After 10 seconds
they will arrive. Talk to police officer, give him business card. He
checks. Take bike. Go to Nanoblob Laboratories. Click on woman, give
her the bike. Click on computer. Take nanoformula (the last bottle at
the right side). It is not necessary to click on the other 10 bottles
and read the instructions! Go to Hotel Zero. Take coin that suddenly
appeared on the floor between you and the receptionist! Go to
recreation center, go to w.c. and click on 3rd door. Take the
briefcase! (number 2). Click on condom machine. Put 5mk coin in coin
slot. Take condom package, and give it to nanoblob. Take Nicotine gum.
Go to Hotel Zero. Give nicotine gum to receptionist. Go upstairs, go in
door. Take lighter and cigarettes. Take coke bottle. Put coke bottle to
flames. Give nicotine gum to Blob. Click under bed. Take the briefcase!
(number 4). Go upstairs. Go to the second door, open it. Take paper,
click body, click crotch, click face, click magazines. Go downstairs to
rceptionist. Put cigarettes and lighter to apparatus. Give "call give
ad" to receptionist. Say "Can I talk with nanoblob-5 please". Go city
bus station, open door, click on flower box, take key, open using this
key the locker-13 (before machine ticket). Take briefcase (number 5).
Go to nanoblob laboraties. Talk to woman take briefcase. Go to nanoblob
Inc. talk to Mrs. Steel. Give nanoformula to Mrs. Steel.


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