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 Boo Boo Web

Boo Boo Web

1. At Memorial Park, grab the 6-pack of beer.
2. At Carwold, grab the sturdy tongs.
3. At Goosetown, give the 6-pack to the bum in front.
4. Go inside, and talk to Goose. Grab the photo that drops from the bar.
5. Go further inside to the bathroom and use the tongs to grab the uranium.
6. Return to Carworld, give the uranium to Mechanic. Grab the time-machine 
   after he leaves.
7. At Sal’s garage, use the sparkplug and alternator on the pink Cadillac.
8. At The Bacon Strip, enter and speak with Tony.
9. At The Gibbet, speak with Madam Secretariat.
10. At Memorial Park, give Johnny the VIP pass. Grab Johnny’s quarter after he leaves.
11. Return to The Gibbet and give Gimp the quarter.
12. At Carworld, use the keys on the fence. Walk in and use the crowbar on the truck.
13. At 42nd and Main, grab Mercedes’ wooden leg.
14. Go to The Trucker’s Nest, and free Mercedes.
15. At The Docks, move the loose board and grab the ring. Give the photo to Finfin.
16. Return to The Trucker’s Nest and grab Johnny’s ruby nose.
17. Combine the ruby nose with the ring.
18. At Angelo’s Gym, give the new ring to Angelo.
19. At The Big Club, go inside and give the perfume to Jaws.
20. Return to The Bacon Strip, and use the golden ruler on the ninja. Proceed inside, 
    and use the time-machine on Tony.
21. Pat yourself on the back, cheater.

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