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Branmarker: the Adventure of Sammi Risni script by xue1
Title Screen

(top) From the beginning
(2nd from top) From the continuance
(middle) Extras
(2nd from bottom) Options
(bottom) Exit

The yellow spring that provided our groundwater was contaminated with manure.
The only instrument that we could employ to restore our vitality was the Orb of
Eternal Life.  When it was stolen from us,
it was as if the sun's flame had been extinguished.
There were inadequate funds for an operation to investigate its recovery.
Our community was doomed.
We needed an experienced adventurer to restore our vitality.

Sammi says,
I will say that this bird's work is "dove" work,
because I am named after a peaceful bird.  Since nature is abundant here,
the king muffled even the villagers, so that the hullabaloo of their work
didn't disturb ... however, the authoritarianism of the king imposed stagnation!
Several boys departed, before a few adults dared to organize an insurrection,
demanding that he concede his crown to a different bird --
one that would heed the farmers.
Every day, I wonder if I should let another day elapse before departing --
I consider the pros and cons of whom to visit.
... Although, I undertake such affairs to discuss news of the departed,
and to cultivate existing relationships ... approximately 2 weeks ago,
as this bird went here and there, monsters appeared that resembled sea urchins.

[Translator's note: those monsters were called Reapers]

The raid penetrated the village.
The princess of the castle and her ladies-in-waiting fled underground,
one after another, through the catacombs,
until they received word that the defenders had halted the raid!
The king sought the soldiers of the castle, in hot haste,
so that they would yet rally in defense of the keep.
The bodyguards of the ladies rallied from below in sufficient number
that the reigning bird was not imperiled!
My older sister was in the sword battle,
and then embarked to search for the princess's refugees, for homecoming ...

How do you do!  My name is Sammi.  I have just recently reached 18 years old,
and begun completing quests beyond mercenary work.
What?  I don't look like I work as a mercenary?
I serve my employers to gain experience,
as I have yet to blossom as an adventurer.
This bird bids farewell to the city, embarking on a job as an armed escort,
since she has inherited it from previous generations of her vocation.
Regardless, I have passed tests of my magical powers as many as 3 times
during my journeys, without error.
At last, my license has been granted for crafting ...
Alas!  If only I was talented at the study of magic.
Nonetheless, I have no doubt as to accepting the job,
as I shall guide him from losing his way during the night of the journey ...
At last, we have authorization to begin the vigil to search for the princess.
The villagers still have hope for her rescue.
A mage examines the trail of her evacuation ...
Everyone would be pleased by her rescue!  Even so, I shall embark to do my best!
Being steeped in mercenary work as an initial vocation is so instructive;
their methods are so disciplined.
You should also aid the rescue, don't you think?  Onward!

Main menu
(top) Item  (2nd from top) Magic  (3rd from top) Talk  (3rd from bottom) Equip
(2nd from bottom) Status  (bottom) System



Blue girl in the southwest says,
Well, the news says that the king is distressed about the most recent problem,
and he commends the work of the champions

Pink girl in the south says,
The mercenaries love to react to problems quickly.
They follow the zeitgeist of the day

Uncle in the southeast says,
Whew.  The younger wife of this bird took him to marriage counseling,
which eroded the aloofness of the bird, and as a result,
we are affectionate to each other.  The nearby decorations are her gestures

Your blue-roofed house in the east says,
Your older sister is not home because she embarked to a sword battle
at her workplace; she left an apology to anyone that missed her within.
Save the circumstances?  (top) Yes  (bottom) No

Middle-aged woman in the southwest says,
This bird paints with her younger husband, as a hobby

Girl in the inn of the west says,
Welcome!  You come at a good time, as I have a vacant room
(top) Lodge  (bottom) Exit

Young man in the north says,
The weather is ideal for this bird to embark on a commission
that will be as smooth as cotton.
Every day, I feel the burden of meeting the demands of my livelihood

Middle-aged woman in the northeast says,
Have you heard?  What time is the play?
The most recent performance was far away; the travel was onerous

Magic shop in the northwest says,
On afternoons, this appears to be a house of tools of magic.
There are various scrolls and wands that I don't recognize.
I must shop later!

Young woman inside the castle gate says,
Do you embark on a quest to find the princess?
I have faith that you shall persevere on the quest

King says,
"How many days have passed since I have heard news of my neighbor,
Lady Aerie, or seen an acquaintance of hers.  It looks like she has a problem.
For your first mission, perhaps you could deliver this parcel
that I have just packed to Lady Aerie, before nightfall?"
Sammi says,
"Should I ask the residents of the neighboring hamlet
about her unusual silence?"
King says,
"Don't get ahead of yourself.  There are monsters along the only known route.
You won't be able to sneak through their habitat undetected.
You must learn the route.  Proceed with the quest anyway"


Slime appears in your way!

Which response should Sammi craft, to persevere against this adversity?
(top) Assault  (2nd from top) Magic  (2nd from bottom) Item  (bottom) Flee

Other foes: Gem Slime (pink) and Reaper

Aerie's Hamlet

New foe: Frog

Sammi says,
This seems to be the domain of Lady Aerie's tribe,
although the tribe is not on the streets

Southwest house says,
"What is that?  There is a lost article in the residence.
It looks like a key fell on the bed"
You acquire the Pantry Key from below

West house says,
Someone else was within!  There are signs of a fight.
A preliminary inspection reveals damage

Central house and east house say the same thing as west house

Northwest house says,
"Oh?  Somebody is in the middle of the house!  ... A?  Foe?"
Gargoyle appears in your way!
Magic, Assault magic, Energy bolt
Rita says,
"Ah, you are an Esquire ..."
Sammi says,
"I am Sammi.  The king asked me to find you, to aid your acquaintance.
I succeeded in the venture.  I look forward to a little remuneration.
You are now free to reconnect.
I wonder ... if you know the way to reconnect.
Tell me the story, where did Lady Aerie go?"
Rita says,
"Not Lady ...  Princess ... in that way ..."
Sammi says,
"What happened?
You wept suddenly, as I released you from your rope bonds!
What happened!?"
Rita says,
"Lady Aerie was captured by those gargoyles
in the course of returning home, and transmogrified into a frog ...
the gargoyles ambushed our trio as prey.  Our defense was too late!
Please rescue the lady!"
Sammi says,
"They couldn't have traveled far in such a short time!
I'll depart and follow their trail, while you return to the castle on the path"
Rita says,
"Esquire Sammi, I'll pray that you free the lady!"

Northeast house says,
It was opened with the key from below.
"A?  What family produces such cacophony.  ... Ah!  It must be an enemy!!"
Zavara berus appears in your way!
Sammi says,
"Revert to Lady Aerie!  I must discover a method to transform your body back
into its original form.  Your cells are imbued with frog ..."
Weird frog says,
"It must have been a tribulation to come here.
I shall be a tribulation also..."
Sammi says,
"I have time!  I can sell a month to the frog of my objective.
We can talk as we depart!"
Weird frog says,
"Older sister~.  Please cure me!  Dispel the remnant of the curse,
so that I can begin my life again..."
Sammi says,
"What!  (You say Hi like that!
I could be the first-kiss partner of such a frog...)"
Weird frog says,
"Even if I am -- regardless, take me"
Sammi says,
"Affection -- we must have chemistry.
(I shall deliver the order!  It will dispel the curse...)"
(top of screen) Cured!!
(bottom of screen) ... her true self!
Lady Aerie says,
"The affection worked; the affection worked!  Your natural transmission --
your natural transmission.  I have been restored to my original form!
First, let me thank you!"
Sammi says,
"Yes, you followed me on the way ... the natural transmission of my mouth
(that was my first kiss...)"
Lady Aerie says,
"Older sister~.  I'm Aerie, the lady that evacuated from the castle.
Let's hurry while it's still early"
Sammi says,
"I have subdued the beasts that troubled you.
Since I am mighty enough to subdue the beasts,
please take my hand in yours, so that we can travel home, Princess!..."

King says,
"Esquire!  You have done well by rescuing Aerie, and escorting her home..."
Lady Aerie says,
"Can older sister inquire whether my other older brother (that was captured)
was rescued from the badlands?"
King says,
"Don't get ahead of yourself.  Rescuing Prince Eric requires travel
to the Forest of the Northeast.
She must request authorization from her supervisor.
Perhaps she can contact him in the gravel badlands.
In any case, any succor would be welcome..."
Sammi says,
"... I am familiar with that area.  I shall embark to that forest with dispatch"
King says,
"Don't get ahead of yourself.  It is said that travel along that route
is impeded vigilantly.  The journey requires preparation and dedication!"
Sammi says, "... Whew"


Sammi says, "The prince can be found within this forest!
The forecast predicted that a cold wave would enter!"

New foes: Harpy, Poison Toad, King Cobra, Myconid

Sammi says, "What's that?  Somebody is stuck in that tree!  ... Ah!!"
Sammi says, "Yikes!  A fallen tree obstructs the way forward on the path!
My quest shall not be thwarted by happenstance.  I shall find a detour!"

Weird monster says, "Organs were ordered....."
Sammi says, "Outrageous!!  The oddly-horned monster reaps organs!"

Weird monster appears in your way!

Weird monster was able to flee in fear, ending the encounter!
Since the foe was able to escape your presence completely,
your grievance must wait until another encounter...
Sammi says, "It fled for some reason?  That monster was very frightened,
and seemed shocked as it left..."

Sammi says, "Oh!  Somebody was ensnared hopelessly while traveling!
... I shall rescue him!"
Dragon Knight appears in your way!

??? says, "You ate him like a fish!  Can you assist me by untying the rope! ..."
Sammi says, "Your family!  You are the older brother of the royals.
That monster ensnared your foot hopelessly... your quest failed!
Perhaps Viga missed the ball?"
Viga says, "May I make a proposition?
You are obsessed with winning, Sammi!  Your avarice is distasteful...
you live by the sword!  If you assist me by untying me, I shall mentor you!
If not, I shall complain about your irresponsible response to my strait!"
Sammi says, "That's the best that I can do, guy..."
Viga says, "I shall report that your rescue was unpleasant!
As a mercenary, you fulfilled the quest of finding the prince by yourself,
but you made fun of my ability..."
Sammi says, "How will we return home from the north of the world.
You have made this bird languid!  Even though I have traversed the way,
tell me which route we will take..."
Viga says, "Shoot!  (Even if I tell her which route to take,
in order to return home) ... The route winds narrowly through the countryside.
It is unfortunate that we must rely on it!"
Sammi says, "Ordinarily I would.  In my view, the prince should guide me
on my quest.  I won't accept such excuses on the journey home!"
Viga says, "I am not certain of the route, either!"
Sammi says, "How vexing!  It looks like we can progress step by step
through the foes.  We will use our limbs to subdue the foes, and prevail!"
Viga says, "I shall pack provisions to abate hunger.
I shall carry them on my shoulder between meals,
so that they are readily available.
All right now, I believe that I can walk with it unencumbered"
Sammi says, "Shall we embark on our way together?"
Viga says, "Indeed, let us embark on our way!"

Sammi says, "What's that?  Somebody is stuck in that tree!  ... Ah!!"
Sammi says, "Viga, this fallen tree obstructs the way forward"
Viga says, "Yes, it comes along in that way.
It screens the alignment of people ... for a demon!"
Sammi says, "All right, let us confront it.
We have become mighty enough for the challenge"
Viga murmurs, "Oh boy"

Sammi says, "Draw your weapon quickly, to prevail against the monster!
... Partner, come to the battlefront!"
Chimera appears in your way!

Elda says, "Come forth and rescue me!
I shall show you how to untie my bonds!!"
Sammi says, "Yeah, I shall climb the trunk to up high, and reach over to you.
You can assist our quest by briefing us on the next prisoner!"
Viga says, "I know that the final foe is inside a kiosk.
... Let's discusss this!  If we chop this tree above the ground,
then we won't need to risk climbing up to reach the prisoner!"
Sammi says, "That method would suffice..."
Elda says, "Encircle me.  Encircle me!"
Elda says, "A rough chop would be harsh..."
Elda says, "I have been rectified...!"
Sammi says, "Are you all right?"
Elda says, "I still have my wherewithal somehow ...
since the foliage cushioned my fall, I will be able to brief you"
Viga says, "One more prisoner remains in the next zone.
For that reason, I have fathomed the way to that zone precisely"
Sammi says, "What a champion!  You are a constable of this predicament!!
Shall we commence to the alcove of Prince Eric?"
Elda says, "For the prince, you must defeat another monster in the cul-de-sac
deep within the forest..."
Sammi says, "It is still early enough to travel!
Entrust the task of the prince to us!"

New foes: Orc, Lizardman, Little Ghoulie

A faint shriek from the direction of the cabin is interrupted.
"Organs!  Orgaaaans!!"
Sammi says, "Was that the voice of the monster of the household?
I wonder if someone is in here?  Anybody in here ... What is that?
Was that motion along the floor? ... A foe!?"

Sphinx appears in your way!

Sammi says, "Prince, you performed as gracefully as a prince!
Where is the objective!"
Viga says, "There!  Emerges an extraordinary maiden wearing a crown!"
Sammi says, "Who is that?  That one looks like she is also of the royal family.
In what way does this maiden..."
Royal maiden says, "You come in here victorious!
I was captured to be consumed somehow.
At last, I am free from the predicament of being prey"
Sammi says, "From now on, your peace of mind shall not be disturbed!
Speaking of your mind, what is the source of that unidentified crown?"
Royal maiden says,
"The reason that I wear this is because I am the heir to the throne..."
Sammi says, "Eh!  You believe that you are Prince Eric!?"
Royal maiden says,
"... Miss, if you give me a kiss, then my identity shall be revealed!
You can dispel the glamour that was cast on me"
Sammi says, "A glamour, like a maiden transmogrified into a frog..."
Viga says, "Don't jump to the conclusion that it is a glamour.
She could be taking advantage of your pity"
Sammi says, "I am not naive.  My intuition tells me that she does not lie.
I shall give her a peck!"
(above) Trust!!  (below) Revealed!
Prince Eric says, "Hehehe ... your transmission cured me!
You sweetened the curse that my captor wrought.
Every day, I languished; I languished..."
Viga says, "What a defilement!  Your resilience is strong.
You sound like your true self!"
Prince Eric says, "I feel better.
I was changed so that I would please my captor.
Older sister cured me!"
Sammi says, "....."
Viga says, "Let us embark!..."
Sammi says, "... All right, Viga, let's embark.
We can return the way that we came"
Prince Eric says, "... Excuse me.  I didn't intend to delay the quest.
Older sister succeeded in her quest"
Sammi says, "I shall report the quest as Sammi's.
All right now, let's embark.  The king awaits a report on his commission"

King says, "Oh!  Eric!  Your predicament was resolved!"
Prince Eric says,
"... The spirit of the maiden attained my recovery from the bunk!"
King says, "I have discovered a location where there remain other ladies
and ladies-in-waiting to rescue.
When you are ready, embark to the blight of Luri.
I have authorized the crafting of enchanted tools, so stop by the shop"
Sammi says, "Luri?"
King says, "The mage that serves my kingdom shall serve you as well.
He has been charged to teach the comrade of the prince.
After the education of the comrade of the prince, descend inward,
and penetrate via the gravel road, where an illusion conceals a stronghold"
Lady Aerie says, "Knight Amy also journeys to the nearest land.
She will enter it with you"
King says, "Open her gate in the castle, to facilitate your quest.
Search the area for prisoners, and release them.
The castle is at the end of a gravel road in the forest
southwest of the neighboring hamlet.
You must gain might within before you find the ladies, past the beasts.
Use the corridors to enter the connecting rooms throughout.
She will guide you, even though she is also a novice knight...
Sammi, will you collaborate with her on your quest,
and listen to her propositions?"
Sammi says, "I shall come to know the land below.
I shall accept a guide to the southwest of the neighboring hamlet"
King says,
"In the forest, you must overturn and penetrate the way to the rampart.
Raid the encroachment.  The infield can perplex the uninformed"
A key is given, "Collect the treasure chests on the floors of the old castle"


Sammi says, "Are we mighty enough to enter inside this place?"
Viga says, "Don't be intimidated by its breadth.  I shall protect you.
Sammi says, "I have the highest confidence in you.
Your brain has no cavities!"
Viga says, "....."

New foes: Skeleton, Red Skel, Minotaur

2nd floor, new foes: Spider, Mimic

Viga says, "Hey, Sammi!  That one..."
Sammi says, "!!"
Viga says, "A strange worker"

Sammi says, "Sketch the root of that one.
Perhaps the stronghold wants to hire us for a quest.
I wonder what it needs?"
Viga says, "There is something that must be released.
We must discover it within"

Treasure chest, "You pick up a Sleep Scroll from below"

Sammi says, "Oh!  ... Lady Gina!"
Viga says, "She was placed in deep water to transmogrify her into a mermaid,
but the spell fizzled..."
Sammi says, "Was it a minotaur that put her in the pool?
How did she begin with the princess,
and then pass through and emerge from the encroached road?"
Viga says, "Let's look for Amy to assist with this.
That maiden probably knows something about the mermaid job that fizzled"

Treasure chest, "You learn a spell called Wish"
Treasure chest, "You pick up 500 gold from below"
Treasure chest, "You pick up Ear Plugs from below"
Treasure chest, "You learn a spell called Acid"
Treasure chest, "You pick up Ear Plugs from below"

3rd floor, new foe: Ghost

Viga says, "Hey, since footprints arrive here, something draws travelers"
Sammi says, "They disappear before the threshold of the interior room!"
Viga says, "Do you see a worker?"

Treasure chest, "You pick up Bells of Egress from below"
Treasure chest, "You pick up Sword of Evils from below"
Sammi unintentionally grasps the blade's edge!
Her arm receives a rush of violent pain!  Sammi is afflicted by a curse!

4th floor, new foe: Wight

Treasure chest, "You learn a spell called Cure"
Treasure chest, "You learn a spell called Birthday"
Treasure chest, "You learn a spell called Antibalm"

Sammi says,
"We must find a mate that latches to the pattern of the teeth
depicted by the armpit of the keyhole"

Treasure chest, "You pick up Vodka from below"
Treasure chest, "You pick up Ivory Key from below"

You employ the Ivory Key below
Treasure chest, "You pick up Azure Gem Key from below"

You employ the Azure Gem Key below
Sammi says, "Heavens, Amy has come into view... Oh!  Peril!!"

Angel appears in your way!

Amy says,
"The monster detained me... the monster measured my resistance..."
Viga says, "Did it say that you were suitable to pass as its servant
in this manner?  Since the monster didn't want to lose you,
it measured your resistance.  It believed that you must be hidden
and bound, until you became subservient"
Sammi says, "Sketch the root of your perpetrator!  Try, try...
Even a deed that doesn't seem pertinent.
You are stretched stiff against your chains.
Relax, so that we can unwind them!"
Viga says, "I can unwind them to release you!"
Sammi says, "Will you help us revert this nonsense all the way?"
Amy says, "Thank you very much ...
I was given a request for another evacuee to be rescued.
Alas, my capture prevented me from rescuing Lady Gina
from the den downstairs"
Sammi says, "I am Sammi.
Anyway, shall we strive to rescue Lady Gina by dismantling her enclosure?"
Amy says,
"... The king's message specified that I deliver holy water to the victims.
I was asked to circumvent the infestation, but it seems that I failed.
I was detected on the way by that monster with the javelin.
He stalked me, and ambushed me like a duck.
There was no way to parley.  The holy water lost its potency.
We must seek the lost crystal of Lady Gina,
to use as a key to breach the cage..."
Sammi says,
"The holy water brought from the king's palace lost its potency
on the journey, right?  I shall undertake that task!
Amy, you must be too fatigued to take part.  Take some rest.
Eat and drink, for sustenance"
Amy says, "Comrade, your words mollycoddle me ...
I pray that you save Lady Gina!"

2nd floor

Sammi says, "Lady Gina,
we have begun to manifest your resurrection from your imprisonment!!"
Viga says, "We shall hurry to carry the holy water, and spray your cage!"

King says, "Holy water?  How unfortunate.
I believe that a water spray bottle is available, to find Cecilia.
I will tell the woman to hold it for your seizure until dusk"
Sammi says, "The holy water will yet resurrect Lady Gina
from her enclosure to our associate!"
King says, "Don't get ahead of yourself.
There is another behemoth to confront in the estate of Luri.
It was away during your visit.
Will you encounter the boss of the workers at night?"

Sammi says, "Let me see, holy water, holy water ... found it!
It is probably this one, because of its shape, don't you think?"
Viga says, "Lady Gina shall be resurrected soon!"
You pick up Holy Water from below

Sammi says, "The crystal of Lady Gina is pretty, isn't it?"
Viga says, "Don't be conceited.  Who is the architect of this aberration!"
Sammi says, "I'm sorry for distracting you"
Viga says, "You overlook someone --
the unrevealed commander of the transmogrifications!!
Regardless of what this commander looks like,
we must strike and destroy it, to end its depravity, don't you think?"
Sammi says, "I am disposed to investigate with enthusiasm"
Viga says, "I know that you joke"
Sammi says, "Now let's see, the holy water..."
The bottle! ...
Cleeeanse the hex!!!
The crystal transforms into a great demon, and descends to the floor!!
Sammi says, "The commander of which you spoke!  This is it!!"

Great demon appears in your way!

You pick up Orb of Guidance from below
Sammi says, "Oh, something fell out of the apparatus"

3rd floor

Abruptly, the Orb of Guidance shoots a ray of light
The wall in front splinters (like a dead leaf) along a new path

Hanging Bladey appears in your way!

Cecilia says, "The receptacle!  It purifies transmogrifications.
Strike the cabal, and end the abominations!"
Viga says, "Those snakes!  They must be awful!"
Sammi says,
"A crusade to end the abominations would be in our interest!"
Cecilia says, "That kind of language is proper.
Soon you must rescue another nearby"
Viga says, "Are you aware of evil nearby..."
Cecilia says, "A hexed prisoner!
You must touch the place that leads underground!
The occult!  ... You must!  Tread below with boots!
Touch the peacock! ..."
Viga says, "Explore therein!! ..."
Sammi says, "The sewer!  Our compassion leads us to venture below"
Cecilia says, "Thus, you must rummage through the amenity to find her"

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