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 Broken Sword II - The Smoking Mirror

Broken Sword II - The Smoking Mirror

(PC) Walkthrough Final Version
Copyright (C) 2002-2006 by OutRider

This is the final version of this guide, meaning that this guide will no longer
continue to be updated.

To see the other guides that I have written, please check out this link:

WARNING: This walkthrough does contain spoilers that may ruin the game for
anyone who may be playing this game for the first time. Do not read ahead
unless you fully understand the risks involved.

Copyright notice:

Don't plagiarize this guide or add this guide to your site without my
permission, as legal action will be taken against you. Please don't reproduce
this guide for profit. Please do not distribute this guide, and please don't
email me requesting permission to add my guides to your site, as enough places
already have them on their pages.  Please do not make an HTML version of any of
my guides. Other than that, have fun and I hope this guide helps you out.

People have constantly emailed me because they were having technical
difficulties with a game for which they are using one of my walkthroughs.
I am not tech support, nor am I affiliated with any of the different companies
that made the games for which my walkthroughs are based upon. If you do
email me with a technical problem, the only answer I can and will give you
is to check the developer's website and read the FAQs. The reason for this is
because I do not want to be held liable for any damages done to your system.


Watch the opening sequences, and soon you will find yourself tied up in...

Professor Oubier's House:

When you have control of the game's hero, George Stobbart, right-click on the
bookshelf to learn that it's being supported by a loose block of wood in one
corner. Kick out the block of wood and watch the bookshelf fall over and squish
the large spider that had been cornering George. Now that the spider is gone,
it's time to untie George. To free George from his binding, use the metal
handle that is sticking out of the wall where the bookshelf used to sit and
he'll move over and free himself.

Once he's free, go over to the writing bureau and open it up. Drink some of the
tequila and George will spit out the worm. Pick the worm up off the floor and
open the drawer inside the bureau. Take the pot you find inside and then go
into your inventory (the strip at the bottom of your screen) and examine the
pot to find a key inside. Notice that there's a couple of objects lying on the
floor. First pick up the dart and then pick up Nico's bag. Use the dart on the
cabinet near the flames and watch as the doors are blown wide open, sending
George flying across the room. You'll see a cylinder that was inside had burst
as well as an intact cylinder.
Try to pick up the intact cylinder to learn that it is too hot to handle and
then use the panties you pulled out of Nico's bag on the cylinder and you will
be able to pick it up. Attach the cylinder to the siphon that's on top of the
cabinet and then use the extinguisher to douse the flames.

Kick open the door and head downstairs. Pick up the newspaper clipping from the
table next to the phone and examine it to find a bank statement hidden inside.
Read the note you have in your inventory and then use the phone to call an old
friend, André Lobineau. After the conversation comes to an abrupt end, use the
key on the door to the left of George and exit to automatically travel to


George will sit down at the table, and when the waiter comes out, try talking
to him. He'll ignore you the first time you try, so when he comes back out, try
again. He'll actually say something to you this time before heading back in to
get George's coffee. You don't need to talk to the waiter about anything, so
don't bother, and Lobineau will come strolling up.

Talk to Lobineau about the pot and he'll mention something about the Glease
Gallery. Stop talking with André and you'll get to see a short sequence
involving Nico and her captors. When you see George again, talk to the gendarme
(who was sitting there at the table in the first game) and answer his question
however you see fit. Talk to him about himself a couple of times and when he
starts to sulk, swipe his flask. Leave Montfauçon and go to the Glease Gallery.

The Glease Gallery:

When you arrive at the Glease Gallery, go over to the man standing closest to
the display shelves. When the guy holds his glass away from himself, pour some
absinthe into it and George will sneak some into his glass. The guy will notice
the difference, but decides he actually likes it. Pour some more into his glass
and watch as he falls over, demolishing the display case behind him. Glease
will run over and check on him, and while he's doing so, go all of the way to
the left and look at the packing cases. Take the label you find pasted on the
side of one of the cases and then go talk to Glease. The conversation will then
take you to Marseilles.


Take a look at the shack and then look through the window. Watch as the man
drops a bottle down the trap door. Leave the view and knock on the window.
Don't talk to him about anything, and then go down the steps to the left of the
hut. Take the hook that's floating in the water near where George is standing
and use it to get the bottle that man dropped a moment ago. Go back up the
stairs and try touching the chimney to find out it's hot.

Use the bottle on the chimney to cool it off and then take the cone off the top
of it. Use the bottle on the chimney again to plug it up, causing smoke to pour
out of the window. Go back down the stairs and go up into the shack using the
trap door. Take the dog biscuits and then leave. Use the dog biscuits on the
platform near the dog and then use the hook on the platform to send the dog
plunging into the cold water. Go back up the stairs and climb over the fence.
Walk over to the left and climb up the ladder you see there.

Open up the nearby window and as George is peering inside, jam the fan by using
the hook. Go back outside and knock on the door. Ask the man that answers about
the label and he'll get mad at George. Hurry up and climb up the ladder and
when the man comes out, use the clamp to send a barrel into the water. This
will cause the man to walk over to see what's going on, and as he's standing
there, send another barrel down and watch as it crashes into the man and knocks
him into the water.

Climb down the ladder and go through the now open door. Open the desk drawer to
find a small brass key. Go over to the right and watch as a man appears from
behind the crates. Ask him about the key and George will end up setting the
little guy free. Push the button near the elevator to go up to the next floor,
and after George gets off, push the nearby crate to keep the elevator from
going back down to the previous floor. Push the switch on the right side of the
elevator door to turn on the lights. Go over to where the light is shining and
notice the scratch marks on the ground. Look at them and George will deduce
that they were made by a door.

Open up the secret door (you should be able to see the outline in front of
George) and head on in to find Nico! Pick up the fetish near her feet and then
untie her. Before following her out, pick up the masking tape she threw on the
floor. Go back over to the elevator, and near the bottom of the crate on the
left side, you'll find a small black panel. Use the tape on the photoelectric
cell to keep the elevator from going back down and then push the crate out of
the way.

Push the small crate off the other crate and then push that crate. Raise the
pallet carrier so that the statue is near the pulley and then tie one end of
the rope to the statue and tie the other to the pulley. Lower the pallet
carrier and attempt to push the statue to learn that it's too heavy for one
person to push. Ask Nico to help push and they'll give it a nice shove, sending
it crashing through a wooden door at the far end of the room. Go through the
newly made exit and use the manacles on the cable to send George and Nico to
the ground below, but before they can safely land, the cable snaps and they
both fall into the water. You'll eventually arrive back at the Glease Gallery
and then it's off to Quaramonte.


Go to your right and talk to the band. Ask them about Miguel and then ask them
about their music. Lastly, talk to them about the mining accident and then walk
more to the right and talk to Pearl (a character that was mentioned in the last
game). Talk to her about Duane (the guy you sold the statue to in the first
game) three times and then go into the police station. You'll be introduced to
General Raoul Grasiento. Ask him about Professor Oubier twice and then try to
look at the chart on the wall only to have the general stop you. Leave the
station and Nico will try to start a conversation with you.

Don't talk to her about anything right now and then walk to the right. You'll
see Professor Oubier standing next to a truck with Duane sitting inside. Talk
to Oubier about himself and then go back to the left and enter the mining
office near the dock. Here, you'll get to meet Conchita. Ask her about the
mining accident three times and then ask her about Oubier. Leave the office and
walk back to the truck to see that Oubier has left. Talk to Duane and ask him
about the truck twice, then about music, and finally about Miguel twice. Go
back up into the office and ask Conchita about a detonator. Tell her about the
chart and then go outside to talk to Nico. Ask her about the chart twice and
they'll devise a plan so George can check out the chart. You'll go into the
police station, so talk to the general about Nico and then talk to the
general's partner, Renaldo, and ask him about the pyramids twice. Go outside
and tell Pearl about the ruins and then Renaldo will take Pearl to go see them.

Look at the chart on the wall to learn that it is a map. Leave the police
station and go tell Conchita about the map. Open the cupboard behind her to get
the detonator and then go back and talk to Duane. Tell him about the detonator
twice and then go back into the police station. Go to the rear of the station
to enter the jail area and talk to Miguel, the man inside the middle cell.
You'll have a chat and Renaldo will show up and force George into another cell.
Control will switch to Nico, who's currently inside the general's home.

As Nico, take a look at the TV, the portrait on the wall, the mounted
swordfish, and the lava lamp. Ask the general about them and watch the sequence
as the general's mother enters the room. Afterwards, you'll find yourself with
George and Miguel, who are now locked up in the Quaramonte jail.

Talk to Miguel and ask him about the noose twice. He'll give you the rope, so
use it on the cell window. Take the noose and give it to Duane. Watch the
sequences and you'll soon wind up in Teoculcan.

Disc 2 – Teoculcan:

Take the vine rope off of the washing machine and then go underneath the tree
house to find a small pile of leaves near the water wheel. Put the bank
statement in the pile of leaves and then use the fetish on the water wheel to
set the leaves on fire. A priest named Hubert will come out and talk to you.
Ask him about Nico and then about the root twice. Hubert will mention that his
collar is creased, and he won't go to the village looking anything but his best.

To get his collar pressed, put the collar on the press and then use the vine
rope on it. Take the cross nearby and then use it to press the collar. Pick up
the collar and give it to Hubert and then ask him about the root. He'll take
you to the Mayan village.

The Mayan Village:

The guard will start a conversation with you, so ask him about Nico and then
about Hubert. Ask him about the shaman, and then give him the box of biscuits
to take to the shaman. When he comes back, he'll tell you that the shaman wants
more. Put the Mayan stone in the box and then give the box back to the guard.
You'll be invited to go talk to the shaman, so go to the left to find him
sitting near a fire. Talk to him about Nico twice, the root twice, the Mayan
stone, the jaguar stone twice, the eagle stone twice, the Mayan stone again,
and finally, ask him for the root. You'll get the root and George will go back
to the tree house after spending a fun-filled night partying with the natives.

Back at the tree house, you'll need to extract the juice from the root. In
order to do so, put the metal chimney cone underneath the press and then put
the root on the press. Use the cross again on the press and George will crush
the root. Pick up the cone and carry it into the tree house and George will
give it Nico to heal her. After the sequences, you'll find George in a place
called Ketch's Landing.

Ketch's Landing:

Take a look at the plans on the table near George, but the man will prevent you
from getting a good look at them. Walk out onto the docks and talk to the boy
fishing there. His name is Rio, and for the moment, don't talk to him about
anything. Go up the stairs to the north of the tent and once you're at the top,
extend the ladder out and then try to open the door. The women sitting nearby
will tell you the museum is closed for renovation. Talk to the Ketch sisters
and ask them about their cat and answer their question however you want,
although telling them yes will illicit a somewhat humorous response from
George. Ask them about their cat again and then ask them about Rio three times.
Ask them about Emily and then stop talking to them for now.
Go down the stairs and ask Rio about getting a fish. Give him the worm and then
ask him about Emily. Stop talking to him for a second and then talk to him
again about the fish twice. He'll first pull up a broken bicycle. Take the
inner tube off of it and during this time, Rio should catch the fish you asked
for. Ask him for it and then go back up to the museum.

Talk to the sisters again and ask them about Emily twice, which will cause them
to head down to the beach. Climb up the ladder and use the inner tube on the
nearby flagpole. Climb back down and put the fish on the inner tube to distract
the cat and then while he's away, swipe the ball he was playing with. Climb
back up the ladder and take the inner tube.

Go over to the tree behind the table where the sisters were originally sitting
and put the inner tube on it. Fling the red ball using the inner tube and
George will knock the target off the flagpole. The man on the beach will come
upstairs and berate George for ruining his work. He'll climb up the ladder to
attach another target to the other flagpole, and as he's sitting on the
flagpole, knock the ladder out from underneath him to leave him stranded.

Take the plans off of the table to learn that Bronson was going to change the
museum into a pirate themed hotel. Take the theodolite and then go back
upstairs. Talk to Bronson about the plans twice and then show them to the
sisters. Watch the sequence and you'll get to play as Nico.

The British Museum:

Walk to your right and look at the cabinet near the two ladies. Talk to the
attendant on the opposite side of the room and ask him about the jaguar stone.
You'll soon learn that Professor Oubier is also in the museum, so ask him about
the jaguar stone. Oubier will leave and the attendant will come back and talk
to you. Ask him about the stone again and you'll soon learn that Oubier has
stolen it! Take the key out of the cabinet near the attendant and use it to
unlock the cabinet near the phone. Open it up and then take the key out. Go
into your inventory and open the handbag to find a hair clip. Talk to the
attendant and ask him about the ship and then show him the key. Move the
curtain to reveal a hidden door and then use the dagger to open it. While Nico
is finding out what's behind the door, we'll go see what George is up to back
at Ketch's Landing.

Ketch's Landing:

You'll see that George has managed to go inside the museum, so open the sea
chest near the lantern to find a girl named Emily hidden inside. Don't talk to
her about anything right now and take the quill off of the desk. Look at the
portrait of Captain Ketch and ask Emily about the cross twice. Leave the museum
and give the quill to the cat and watch as it shreds it to pieces. Pick up the
shreds and go talk to Rio about Emily and then about his sister. After that,
give him the feather shred and then go back into the museum.

Talk to Emily and give her the conch. She'll give you her cross in return and
then stop talking to her. Take the hanging lantern and then put it in the ink
well on the desk. Take the chart that's sitting on the easel behind you and put
it in the square recess on the desk. Put the cross in the pen holder next to
the lantern and then you'll learn about Zombie Island. Leave the museum and
talk to Rio about the treasure twice and then about the zombie and Rio will
take you to Zombie Island.

Zombie Island:

Check out the boat to learn that it's got some nets in it. Look at the rock
outcrop and then ask Rio if you can borrow his net. Use the net on the outcrop
and we'll go see what Nico is up to while George is scaling the cliff.

London Underground Station:

You'll see that Nico has discovered an abandoned underground subway station. Go
over to the vending machine and use the hair clip on the coin slot to push a
coin down into the coin return slot. Take it out of there and then put it back
into the machine. An old chocolate bar will come down, so take it and then take
the penny out of the slot again. Go to the other side and use the coin on the
weighing machine to get a card. Use the dagger on the cupboard that's to the
right of the machine and then use the card on the crack. Push the red button
and a train will come to a stop, allowing Nico to get on.

Zombie Island:

You'll find George at the top of the cliff, and as you can see, there's a fork
in the jungle. Take the upper path first and you'll find yourself in a swampy
area. Take the reeds that are on the ground nearby and then continue to follow
the path to the right. You'll see a small cave here with a black creature
hiding inside. Poke it with the reeds and it'll end up squeaking and biting the
ends of the reeds. Go back to where you started and take the lower path this

Follow this path until you encounter a boar. Save your game here just in case
you screw up. Afterwards, put the dart in the reed to create a blowgun and then
use it on the boar. Before the boar charges, grab a hold of the branch behind
George and the boar should turn north and uncover a hidden path.

Before we check out the hidden path, follow the trail to the right to find a
needle-like rock structure. Take the creeper off of the rock and then put the
theodolite marker in the net. Use the new combination on the creeper and put it
all onto the rock structure.

Go back to where you encountered the boar and follow the path that he
uncovered. Put the theodolite in the holes on the ground and then look through
it. Move the theodolite to the right until you see a group of pillars. Near the
bottom, you will see something sparkling. This is where you placed the marker,
so look at it and then look at the pillar behind it. Stop looking through the
theodolite and go down the hill to the right of it. While George makes his way
down, it's time to go see where Nico has ended up.

The Docks:

You'll see Nico hiding behind a crate. Click on the crate to her left and
she'll sneak over there. When the guard circling the deck isn't looking, click
on the ladder to have Nico hide on top of the boat. When the guard starts
talking to Pablo, hurry up and click on the cupboard below Nico to open it and
then climb back up the ladder.

The guard will come back around to investigate the open door, and when he is
fully inside, climb down and close the door behind him. Use the mop nearby to
prevent him from coming back out and then look through one of the portholes.
You'll find Oubier talking to Karzac. Karzac reveals that he killed Oubier's
wife and then turned him to drugs. He also says that he is no longer needed, so
he kills Oubier with his gun.

Nico will go inside, so check on Oubier and then take the stone from him. Just
then, Karzac sneaks up behind Nico and strangles her with a garrote. Before
Nico passes out, stab Karzac in the leg with the dagger and Nico will make her
escape. Now, it's time to head back to Zombie Island.

Zombie Island:

George will uncover a movie production and the scene will be cut when the
director notices him standing there. George will go over to where the director
and the cameraman are located, and when you have control, talk to the actor
standing next to the woman. His name is Haiku McEwan, so ask him about himself
twice and the director will start shooting again.

Watch the scene and afterwards, take a bun, some syrup, and a pancake off of
the table. Put the syrup on the pancake and offer it to the stuntman. Throw the
bun in the bush and you'll realize that there is a hornet's nest hidden in
there. Take another bun off of the table and toss it into the bush to send the
hornets swarming after the stuntman. Hawks will decide to shoot the movie down
at the beach. Talk to him about the cave and then try taking the camcorder on
the ground near the cameraman. He doesn't care about your idea, so talk to
Hawks about the cameraman and watch the sequence.

The Mayan Village:

We see that Nico has finally made it to the village, only to find it destroyed.
Titipoco will show up, so talk to him about the sunglasses and then about
George. Walk to the entrance of the village and pick up the underpants and then
go over to the big barrel by Titipoco. Try to pick up the Mayan stone out of
the ashes only to find it too hot to pick up. Try pushing the barrel next to it
only to find Nico isn't strong enough to push it by herself. Ask Titipoco to
help and they'll knock the barrel over. Pick up the stone and exit to the left.

Outside the Pyramid:

Look at the scaffolding gantry and take the rope nearby. Talk to Titipoco and
have him climb up and throw the rope over. Once he's done that, pick up the
rope and use it on the engine. Go over to the generator and take the cylinder
near the bottom of it. Use the dagger on the fuel line, and as the fuel is
spilling out, use the cylinder on it to fill it up. Go over to the engine and
use the cylinder on the fuel cap and then pull the lever.

Push the button to start the engine and talk to Titipoco about the lever. Walk
onto the elevator and tell Titipoco to pull the lever. When you're able, take
the ammunition belt and then head back down the elevator. Walk over to the left
and the guards will notice you. Answer their question however you want, and
then take the torch. Talk to Titipoco to have him set the torch ablaze and then
throw it onto the puddle of fuel. Chuck the ammo belt into the fire and watch
as it explodes and the guards will take off.

We'll next find Nico at the top of the pyramid, so talk to the general and then
talk to George to set him free. You'll end up inside the pyramid.

Inside the Pyramid:

On the wall, you'll see a pattern and two levers. Try pulling both levers, and
then talk to George to have him help you out. They'll fall into a pit and Nico
will end up in a puzzle room. This puzzle can be difficult, so I'll try to
explain it as best as I can.

You'll see two dials, both having a set of pictures. To the right of them,
you'll see a group of ten tiles, and a group of four. What you want to do is
first pick a picture from the set of four tiles and then determine which two of
the ten tiles create that picture. You must then turn the dial so that one half
of the picture from the ten tiles is at the 3 o'clock position and the other
half is at the 9 o'clock position. When you've done that, go over to the set of
ten tiles and push the picture in that you just made on the dial. You have to
then make the second half of the picture  using the dial and then push the
second tile in.

Once you're able to do that, go over to the set of four tiles and push in the
tile that corresponds to the picture you've just made. Repeat the process until
you're able to push in all four tiles and the exit will be revealed. Go through
the exit and game play will switch back to George.

As George, take the torch off the wall and have Titipoco light it. Pull the
lever on the wall and you'll end up in another room. Pick the torch up off the
ground and use it to light the torch on the wall. Pull the lever and go through
the door on your left. Pull the right lever and go through the nearby door.
Pull the right lever again and go through the doorway. You'll see that a set of
stairs have now been uncovered, so head on down. When you can, pull the lever
next to you and head down to the room of 'certain death'. Watch the ending
sequences and you'll have finished Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror.

If you wish to continue the series, be sure to pick up Broken Sword 3: The
Sleeping Dragon, and the upcoming Broken Sword: The Angel of Death.


Tom Hayes – for allowing me to use his guide as a base for mine.

Revolution Software – for creating such an excellent adventure series. I loved
Broken Sword 3 and can't wait to play Broken Sword: The Angel of Death.

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