Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars: Director's Cut Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars: Director's Cut

Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars: Director's Cut

Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars: Director's Cut (PC) Walkthrough v1.0B
Copyright (c) 2011-2015 by OutRider

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Author's Note:

I'm a little slow on the uptake for writing walkthroughs since it's been a long
time since I wrote my last one. Writing guides has lost its appeal for me as
I've gotten older and have moved on to doing other things although I'm still as
much of a gamer as I've always been.

I'd like to think that this will be my first original walkthrough. My previous
guides have always been based upon someone else's work but this game will be
one I'm playing through on my own without any additional assistance and I'll be
writing the guide based on my personal experiences with the game.

The original reason I decided to write this guide was to update the guide I
wrote for the original game that was last updated eight years ago and have this
one supersede it in order to include the additional content that the Director's
Cut had to offer in terms of its new storyline. However, I'll keep the two
guides separate in case there are those who have no interest in playing the new
version of the game.

Copyright & Technical Notice:

All I ask is that you don't plagiarize this guide or add this guide to your
website without my express permission as legal action will be taken against
you. Please don't reproduce my work for profit, however, you may distribute it
for others to use for free. You may include this guide on your website, as long
as users have the unhindered ability to access it for free, but all I ask from
you in return is that you contact me and tell me where the guide will be listed
so I can keep track of all the websites listing it for players to use.

Over the years, people have emailed me because they were having technical
issues with a game with which they were using my guides. Let me take the time
to tell you now that I am not technical support and I will not provide any
technical assistance for you. If you are having problems, consult the game's
FAQ and contact the developer for further assistance as I do not want to be
held liable for any damages caused to your system.


The Carchon Estate – Paris, France:

The game opens with a French reporter, Nicole Collard (or Nico for short),
reminiscing about life in Paris, France. She used to love it there, except now
all she can associate with it is death. We learn that she was sent to interview
Pierre Carchon, a French media tycoon but on her way to his home, she's
accosted by a mime.

Inside, she's introduced to his wife, Imelda the “Ice Queen” before her husband
walks into the room. Nico is told that she was picked specifically because he
was good friends with her father. Meanwhile in another room, we see a gloved
intruder drop a vase that draws the attention of Pierre Carchon. Not too long
after, he's shot and Nico runs into the other room to see what has happened.

It appears that the mime shot and killed Pierre Carchon and he punches out Nico
before he makes his quick escape. Upon regaining consciousness, Pierre's wife
goes to call the cops while Nico investigates further into the circumstances
surrounding Pierre Carchon's assassination.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with the new interface and along the
bottom of the screen, you'll see several icons. The spanner icon allows you to
change the settings of the game, while the others allow you to access the
inventory and read from Nico's journal to re-evaluate the notes she's taken and
search for clues that may help with her investigation.

As you move your mouse cursor around the screen, you'll see the cursor change
as blue blips pop up to indicate that actions can be taken with those objects.
Let's start by inspecting Pierre Carchon's corpse. Open his jacket and remove
the slip of paper to discover a ticket and then pick up the hair clip near his

Walk over to the door and move the curtain aside and you'll realize that his
murder was a professional job. The mime used a glass cutter to cut a hole in
the window and unlock the door so that he could sneak in unnoticed. When you
open the door and look outside, Nico will decide to look for the ladder he used
to climb up to the door, only to realize that there isn't one to be found.

You can look around at the busts and the books on the shelf, but there really
isn't anything else to be found once you've picked up the ticket and the hair
clip so let's leave the room and go out into the hallway.

You'll find Imelda on the phone with the police, but before we talk to her,
look at the table underneath the large painting. You'll see a cloth that Nico
can move out of the way, only to uncover a hole that looks like could unlock
something. Use the hair clip on the hole by opening the inventory and dragging
the hair clip onto the hole and Nico will unlock a hidden compartment on the
table. Take the key that's found inside and then walk over to the easel near
where Imelda is sitting. You'll find an unused tube of paint that Nico should
take with her before you go and finally talk to Imelda.

Imelda isn't exactly forthcoming with any helpful information, but during the
conversation you'll be presented with a couple of moral choices. I've never
known Nico to be anything more than nice, so I responded in kind and was
presented with a key that unlocks the door to Pierre's drawing room that's next
to the room in which he was killed. Not only that, the “Ice Queen” seemed to
finally warm to Nico a bit as she started to act a little nicer towards Nico
which will certainly be helpful if Nico wants to investigate Pierre's murder

Once you're finished talking to Imelda, walk over to the drawing room door and
use the key to unlock it before going inside. You'll find several paintings
hanging around the room as well as a couch, fireplace, and writing desk. When
you investigate the painting hanging above the mantle, Nico will see that it's
actually hiding a safe that's been set into the wall. Use the key from the
drawing table to open it to see a marked stone inside. Nico will take it with
her and you can feel free to continue looking around the room for more clues.

When you check out the writing desk, you'll see a tray, a blotter, and an
antique elephant. Taking the antique elephant will cause Nico's heart to skip a
beat as she realizes that it's one that was carved by her father, Thierry
Collard and she's convinced that he and Pierre truly were best friends. When
you took the stone out of the safe, Nico may have mentioned that it had some
sort of message inscribed upon it but currently you have no way of making out
what it says.

To reveal the contents of the message, squirt some of the paint into the tray
on the writing desk and use the stone on it to cover it in paint before using
it on a sheet of blotting paper. Once you've revealed what it says, Nico will
make a connection between the message and the ticket that she found in Pierre's
jacket. Once she's made the connection, leave the room to talk to Imelda before
Nico heads out to Ile de la Cité.

Ile de la Cité:

Walk around the corner and attempt to open the metal door at the end. It won't
budge, but you'll see that it's locked by a couple of complicated locks.
Welcome to your first puzzle. The object here is to slide the vertical and
horizontal blocks out of the way so that you can slide the lock over and unlock
the door. Neither of them are overly tough, but they may take some work to
figure out.

The second lock puzzle may require you to slide the lock over to make room to
slide the blocks so that you can get the door unlocked. I don't have any exact
solutions for either puzzle but as I said, neither of them are difficult enough
to really require one.

Once you've unlocked the door, go inside to find a couple of broken down ship
frames. Move the one that's propped up along the wall and Nico will knock it
over to uncover a spent shell casing. Take the shell case and then walk over to
the next door. Use the stone cylinder in the lock and you'll have to figure out
the combination to unlock it. If you mess up the combination, the lock will
reset and you'll have to start over. It's another trial and error puzzle and
once you've opened the door, remember to remove the stone cylinder before going
into the next room as it'll come in handy in a moment.

The following was submitted by Andrew Lin in regards to the stone cylinder lock

"In the second section of the game, Ile de la Cité:, you stated that the stone
cylinder lock is "trial and error," when, in fact, the game gives you the 
answer to the combination.  When you rolled the cylinder with blue paint
onto the blotter, there was a coded message under Sub-Judice:  SDSSDSS.

When Nicole looks at the lock she says Sinister means Left, and Dexter 
means Right, which gives you the combination!  The S's are Left,
and the D's are Right!"

Put the shell case on the floor near the door you used to enter the room and
then walk over and lift up on the cross. As you do so, a panel will be revealed
as the door closes to crush one end of the shell case. Set the cross back down
and pick up the shell case before lifting up on the cross once again. Use the
shell case on the cross to hold it up and you'll see that the door is still
closed and the panel is still showing. Use the stone cylinder on the hole in
the panel to open up another door, except this one is stuck and will not open
any further.

Take the shell case and use it to prop open the new door before you head
through it and realize that you were just in a hidden passage that led from
someone's stateroom. The first thing you'll notice is that it's dark, so you'll
need to find a source of light so that you can inspect the surroundings. If
you'll walk back near the entrance, you'll find a blinking red light. Use it to
flip the breaker, which will cause the room to light up.

Check out the desk on the far side of the room to see several files, including
one containing pictures of Nico and her personal information. You'll realize
that the Costume Killer has been spying on Nico for reasons currently unknown
to her. Open the drawer to find an encoded note and when you go to close it,
Nico will accidentally pull the drawer all the way out and won't be able to put
it back in. Upon further investigation of the space behind the drawer, you'll
find a picture of Pierre Carchon in his younger days when he was out quelling
African uprisings with the other half of the picture having been torn off.

There isn't much else you can do here for now, but let's take a crack at
decoding that note. You'll have to match the letter with the symbol but with no
way of actually knowing which symbols to which the letters correspond, you'll
simply have to guess. The game offers a hint that the first word is Pierre, and
that the letter E is usually the most common.

The message, once decoded should read as follows:

“Pierre. Full report to follow. But this is too urgent to wait. Arno and Yamada
both dead. This is not a coincidence. Indeed it seems that all of us who came
together in July are in danger. Take great care. X.”

Once you're finished decoding the message, Nico will return to her apartment at
Rue Jarry to write up the story. The next day, she'll receive a call from her
editor Ronnie, who thinks she's crazy for writing a story that trashes a
national hero even though he initially loved it when he first heard about it.
After Nico hangs up, she receives another phone call, this one being from a man
named Plantard. He wants to talk to her about the story and tells her to meet
him at the Café de la Chandelle Verte.

Meanwhile, an American named George Stobbart is sitting at a table at the café
Nico is supposed to be headed to when he encounters a creepy clown who runs in
with an accordion and leaves it on the stool next to Plantard's seat. It's too
late as it's realized that it's a bomb in disguise and as it explodes, it
leaves George under a pile of rubble nearby and Plantard has been killed.

Café de la Chandelle Verte:

You'll start to notice the technical differences in the audio here as you can
tell Revolution Software simply ported the audio over from the original game
without cleaning it up, but since I'm not an audiophile I have no way of
accurately describing the differences.

Anyway, once George picks himself up and dusts himself off, pick up the
newspaper that's lying against the light post to catch up on the local news.
Head north to enter the road works to see an old man currently at work. Not too
long after George arrives, two officers appear on the scene, Sergeant Moue and
Inspector Rosso. Rosso will escort George back to the café for interrogation
and you'll be able to answer his questions however you choose.

Once the interrogation is finished, Rosso will hand over his card and George
will be free to leave. Talk to Nico, who's wandering around outside snapping
photos. Ask her about the clown as well as Plantard before asking about the
clown again. Before she leaves, she'll give George her phone number so that he
can call her should he learn anything helpful to her story.

Return to the road works and talk to Flobbage the worker. Hand over the
newspaper and he'll leave his post to go bet on the horse races. Click on his
toolbox that is inside the small tent to find a T-shaped tool and then return
to the café. Off in the distance is another passage leading to an alley, which
is where we're heading next. Use the T-shaped tool on the manhole cover and
climb down the ladder to enter the Parisian sewers.

Follow the path to find a red object (the clown's nose) lying on the ground not
too far from the ladder. Retrieve it and then continue following the path to
find another ladder leading up to the surface. Pick up the cloth on the ground
as well as the green material that's on the spike near the ladder before
climbing up to the surface.

As George emerges from the sewers, a man will stop him and mistake him for the
Costume Killer. Answer his first question and then show him Rosso's card. Show
him the green material and he'll identify it as coming from the killer's
jacket. Ask him about the jacket four times to get a phone number for someone
named Todryk and you can then leave the conversation. The man will escort
George back out to the street, where he can use Flobbage's telephone to call
Nico and tell her of the news.

The scene will shift to Nico's apartment where she begins pondering the
unanswered questions running through her mind. Before George shows up to tell
her what he has learned, it looks like Nico will have to take care of a few
things first.

Rue Jarry (Nico's Apartment):

There's not a whole lot to do here at the moment, so leave the apartment
through the front door and walk down the street until you see the city map and
return to Café de la Chandelle Verte.

Café de la Chandelle Verte:

As you approach the café, you'll find a man boarding up the window to cover up
the gaping hole that was there previously. Talk to him to realize he's
Flobbage's brother and he's a little angry because his brother hit it big at
the races and isn't willing to share the wealth even though he was more than
generous when Flobbage needed money.

When you ask him about himself, Nico will offer to snap some pictures but he'll
need a moment to gussy himself up. While he's preoccupied, walk into the café
to do some snooping around. You'll find a bottle of brandy on the bar, but what
you want to do is move the broken mirror away from the wall. As Nico goes to
move it, it falls down to the ground with a crash. Gaze into the mirror and
Nico will spot something wedged into the exposed pipes.

Remove the object from the pipes to discover a pouch with Carchon's cross
emblazoned upon it. When you go into the inventory and open it, you'll find a
coded note and some sort of artifact. Decode the note to read the message
“Plantard. Pierre killed. Murderer must have followed trail from Arno and
Yamada. He will come for us now. We must be vigilant. Thierry's girl broke into
Pierre's safe. She worries me. Imelda.”.

Once you've finished decoding the message, leave the café and return to the
city map to automatically go to Ile de la Cité.

Ile de la Cité:

Return to the stateroom and use Plantard's key on the slot in the wall near the
breaker to open the safe. You'll find several torn pieces of a photograph
inside, so pick them up in order to assemble them. It's a relatively simple
process and as you put the pieces together, Nico will quickly realize at what
she's looking. It's the other half of the photograph that features Pierre
Carchon and her father quelling the African uprisings. Nico is crushed by this
revelation as she's always seen her father as someone to look up to, but she
resolves to get to the bottom of the case and learn the truth.

She'll return to her apartment just as George arrives on the scene.

Rue Jarry:

Talk to the old woman about Nico and you'll learn that she's only been living
in the apartment for a few months. Use the door behind George to head up to
Nico's apartment and talk to her about the clown nose and she'll discover the
name of the shop from which it was purchased. When you ask her about the green
cloth, she'll show George a picture of a man wearing the similarly designed
pants and you'll see that he has a scar on the right side of his face in the
shape of a crescent moon (or a horseshoe, if you prefer).

After the conversation, leave the apartment for La Risée du Monde.

La Risée du Monde:

Talk to the proprietor and show him the picture to learn more about it.
Afterwards, show him the tissue with the greasepaint on it followed by the
picture again and the proprietor will tell you about a man named Khan. Leave
the shop and either go to the road works at Café de la Chandelle Verte or the
police station and use the telephone to call Todryk. Ask him about Khan's
picture and he'll tell George that he is staying at Hotel Ubu, which will be
your next destination.

Hotel Ubu:

First thing you'll notice as George walks up to the hotel are the two
seedy-looking characters standing outside. Ignore them for now and head inside
the hotel. Walk to the left until you reach the counter and do you see that key
rack on the wall? Try taking the key, but the concierge will stop George from
taking it. Ask him about the picture to learn that Khan is in fact, one of the
hotel guests.

Go over and talk to Lady Piermont, the English pianist. Ask her about the
picture and about Khan himself to learn that he has an alias: Thomas Moerlin.
Look at the key hanging on the rack again and investigate the register in front
of the concierge to learn that Khan is staying in room 22 while the key is for
room 21. Talk to Lady Piermont about the key and she'll agree to distract the
concierge so that George can swipe the key before he comes back.

With the key in hand, walk upstairs and use it to unlock the first door on the
right. Open the window and climb out onto the ledge. Shimmy down to the next
window and enter Khan's room and as you rummage through it, George's snooping
will turn up nothing. Try to leave through the bedroom door and George will
spot Khan returning to his room. He'll hide in the closet, where he is nearly
discovered as Khan changes his pants.

After Khan leaves, inspect his pants to see a pocket that's been stitched shut.
Flip them over and look through the back pockets to find a matchbook. As George
pulls the matchbook out, he reveals a ripcord that you can pull to undo the
stitch in the front pocket.

Flip the pants back over and look through the unstitched pocket to find a
business card with Khan's alias on it. Leave the room and return to the main
lobby. Talk to the concierge and ask him about the safe and then show him
Moerlin's card, but it won't do any good. Talk to Lady Piermont again and show
her the business card and she'll once again help George out so that he can get
the contents of the safe, which turns out to be a rolled up manuscript.

Once you have the manuscript, you're left with two choices: Head outside and
end the game prematurely, or head upstairs to the empty hotel room. I'm sure
you'll want to continue on to see the story through to its conclusion, but if
you're curious, feel free to take a step outside.

Go out onto the ledge again and drop the manuscript down into the alley below
before leaving the hotel. As George walks down the front steps, Flap and Guido
will frisk him and if you have the manuscript in your possession, George will
arrive at the pearly gates but if you dropped it into the alley before leaving,
they'll let him go on his merry way. Head into the alley to retrieve the
manuscript and George will automatically return to Nico's apartment to apprise
her of the latest news.

Rue Jarry:

Show Nico the manuscript and they'll take a look at what George has discovered.
Watch the movie to learn more about it and then ask Nico about the individual
illustrations on the manuscript. She'll tell George that they'll need to talk
to a man named André Lobineau, who works at the Musée Crune, which is where
we'll be headed next.

Musée Crune:

Head inside the museum, and you'll note that Lobineau isn't in at this time.
Look at the tripod in the display case near the guard to confirm that it is the
same one from the manuscript and then head back to Nico's apartment.

Rue Jarry:

Talk to Nico about the tripod and she'll share some information about a
professor named Peagram who is working in a small Irish village called
Lochmarne. When you're done listening to her, just leave without asking
anything more and go to the airport to fly off to Lochmarne, Ireland.

Lochmarne, Ireland:

When George arrives in Lochmarne, talk to the kid that's standing outside the
pub to be introduced to Liam Maguire. Ask him about Peagram and then about
Peagram's dig three times. Go into the pub and speak with Sean Fitzgerald, the
man sitting at the table closest to the door. He seems awfully nervous about
something, but anyway, ask him about the dig as well.

Go over to the bar and speak with the man sitting at the bar who is dressed in
light clothing. His name is Patrick Doyle, and you should talk to him about
Peagram and then about the dig twice. When you try to ask him about Fitzgerald,
he mentions that his brain needs some “lubrication”. Offer to buy him a beer
and then ask him about Fitzgerald again. Go over and talk to Fitzgerald again
and ask him about the dig again. Afterwards, leave the pub and ask Maguire
about the dig and Fitzgerald.

Go back inside and speak with Fitzgerald about the dig, Peagram, the gem, the
package twice, and finally Jacques Marquet. Fitzgerald will be very agitated
and he'll decide to run outside. You'll hear a car speed by followed by a
thump. Maguire will burst in to say Fitzgerald has been run over, but none of
the other patrons seem to care. Go outside to listen to Maguire recount what
had just happened to learn that Fitzgerald was hit by a red Ferrari and then
abducted by the driver.

When you're done listening to his story, flip the switch on the panel near the
entrance to the pub, only to have it break off. Go back into the pub and ask
the bartender for a beer. You'll learn that the glass washer and the beer pump
are both broken. Show the bartender Moerlin's card and he'll ask George to
repair them. Go over to the corner and talk to the old man about the necklace
he's making.

Afterwards, stand near the front corner of the bar and as the old man puts the
wire on the table and begins to sneeze, quickly grab the wire from him. Use the
wire on the electrical outlet near the vibrating washer and then talk to the
bartender to be let down into the cellar. Pull the lever on the wall only to
realize that the trap door is stuck.

Head outside and open the trap door, and after you do so, Khan will walk up and
begin to question George about the package Fitzgerald dropped as he was being
abducted. George will deny that he and Maguire know anything about it, causing
Khan to turn around and leave.

Return to the cellar to see that it's now fully illuminated. George will pick
up the flashlight from near the sink and the sparkling gem that Fitzgerald
dropped through the trap door. On your way back outside, make sure to grab the
towel from the edge of the bar.

Follow the upper right path to find a man reading while resting in the middle
of a large haystack. Ask him about the car twice and then about Fitzgerald
until he decides to leave to go look for him since he is the man's nephew. Once
he leaves, climb up the haystack and use the sewer key on the mortarless crack
in the wall near George's left hand to create a step that will allow George to
reach the top of the wall.

On the other side of the wall, you'll encounter a rather nasty looking goat. If
George tries to climb down the ladder nearby, he'll be rewarded with a headbutt
to the stomach from the goat. Walk over to the other side of the area and move
the plow share. As the goat attacks George again, his leash will become tangled
in the plow share which enables George to climb down the ladder unscathed.

You'll find a statue sitting on the ground as well as a work table nearby. When
you inspect the bag resting on the table, George will discover that it's a bag
of plaster of Paris. Try moving the statue on the ground, only to have it
overbalance and tip over. Pick it up and note the impressions that statue left
in the sand. Sprinkle the plaster of Paris on the impressions to cover it and
then return to the pub.

Go down into the cellar and use the sink to turn the water on. Wet the towel
and then quickly return back to the dig site before the towel dries. If it does
become dry before you make it back, simply return to the pub and get the towel
wet again. As soon as you've returned to the dig site, use the towel on the
plaster of Paris to get a hardened cast of the statue's impressions.

Use the cast on the left side of the door to unlock it and watch the sequence
as George stumbles upon a mural featuring the word “Montfauçon” inscribed on
it. Before we get to learn what ultimately becomes of George, we return to Nico
in her apartment.

Rue Jarry:

Check the answering machine on the stand sitting towards the left side of the
room to hear that Nico has three message waiting for her. The first one is from
her editor, trying to get her to come back to work while the others are from
George and Imelda Carchon. Imelda is inviting Nico out for dinner the next day
but when she mentioned the name Thomas Moerlin, Nico begins to panic as she
realizes that he is the killer and he is due to meet with Imelda that day.
She'll leave her apartment and head directly to the Carchon estate.

The Carchon Estate:

You can see that that front door light is on, but when you test the intercom
near the door, Nico will spot that the wiring has been cut and the door itself
is locked. It looks like you'll be able to climb up to the broken window, but
it's too high to reach and the only thing allowing you to access the window is
the statue sitting nearby but even that is too far away from the ledge and it's
tethered to the ground.

Undo the wires holding the statue in place and push the statue over to form a
ladder leading up to the ledge. Cut open the plastic with the shell casing and
open the window to enter the room where Pierre Carchon had been murdered.

Go out into the hallway to see that the door to Pierre's office was left open.
Head inside to find Imelda slumped over on the floor. She briefly comes to in
order to reveal that she knew Nico's father, even though Nico originally
thought that she hadn't and then afterwards, Imelda passes away. Before
leaving, inspect the locket hanging around Imelda's neck to find a small key
inside. After Nico takes it, she'll return to her apartment.

Rue Jarry:

Open the chest at the foot of Nico's bed to discover a bug hiding inside. Nico
will remove and destroy it before re-entering the room. Further inspect the
chest to find a box with an elephant engraved upon it. Nico will comment that
it never had a key, but when you use the key from Imelda's locket, you'll see
that it fits. Inside the box is a third piece of the photo that shows that
Imelda was in Africa with Pierre and Thierry. Read the letter to find out that
Imelda had loved Thierry, but once she found he was a spy, he had to leave and
she ended up falling in love with Pierre instead.

At this revelation, Nico will finally discover the truth and resolves to keep
her father's secret. She'll sit down at her table to cry when she hears a knock
at the door. She knows it's George, and he'll enter the room to tell her what
he has discovered in Ireland.

As George, leave the room and go to the police station.

Poste de Police:

Talk to Sergeant Moue about Jacques Marquet until the option disappears to
learn that he's been hospitalized at a nearby clinic. Leave the station and go
to the hospital.


Talk to the receptionist and show her Moerlin's card. Ask her about Nurse
Grendel until the option disappears to learn more about where Marquet is
located. Walk down the left hallway and you'll spot the janitor sweeping the
floor. Unplug the sweeper from the wall, although you may have to attempt to
enter the storage closet near the janitor before you're able to do so.

Once the janitor plugs in the sweeper and begins his trek back to his original
location, open the door to the closet to find a doctor's coat. George will put
it on just as the janitor returns.

Return to the lobby and talk to the elderly doctor. His name is Felix
Hagenmeyer and the guy in the glasses that you may have seen wandering around
is his nephew Benoir or “Bunny”. Go back down the hall with Bunny in tow and
soon you'll wind up in Ward J-2.

Nurse Grendel will tell you to check on the man in bed three. His name is Eric
Sopmarsh, but there really isn't anything that you need to discuss with him.
Talk to Bunny and hand the blood pressure gauge over to him before heading
towards the far end of the room where you'll see a guard watching over
Marquet's room. However, before George can get too far, Sopmarsh will call him
back because he hasn't taken his blood pressure.

Talk to Bunny and have him take Sopmarsh's blood pressure and while he's
preoccupied, talk to the guard and head into Marquet's room. George will have
an interesting conversation with Marquet himself and after a while, another
doctor will enter the room. George will leave and eventually Marquet is killed
after it's revealed that the doctor was an impostor. Afterwards, George will
return to Nico's apartment.

Rue Jarry:

Talk to Nico about Marquet to fill her in on the details before leaving for the
Crune Museum.

Musée Crune:

Enter the museum and when the guard isn't looking, go over to the display cases
near where Lobineau is standing and flip the switch to open the window. When
the guard goes over to close it, hurry up and hide inside the sarcophagus on
the opposite end of the room. If you fail, you can always try again until you
succeed. Once George is hidden in the sarcophagus, the guard and Lobineau will
leave and later that night, George will emerge from the sarcophagus only to
witness Flap and Guido attempting to steal the tripod.

Knock over the totem pole, only to have the top part of the totem fall in the
wrong direction and render George unconscious. However, a cat burglar will
break in through the skylight and take Flap and Guido down for the count as
they steal the tripod for themselves.

Rue Jarry:

George will find himself back in Nico's apartment after having convinced the
police that he was innocent. You'll learn that Nico was the cat burglar as she
sets the tripod on the table. After the conversation, return to the museum.

Musée Crune:

Talk to Lobineau about Montfauçon twice before making it your next destination.


Ask the jongleur about himself twice and George will take a stab at juggling.
Ask the gendarme sitting at the table about the clown nose and he'll give
George a lesson on presentation. Talk to the jongleur about the clown nose and
George will start juggling again, this time entertaining the crowd. The
jongleur will pick up his balls and leave in a fit of rage, but he'll leave one
behind. The gendarme will leave to go do some policing, leaving George up to
his own devices.

Use the sewer key on the manhole to open the sewer and climb down the ladder.
Walk to the right and take a look at the first panel from the right. Use the
sewer key on it to discover that it's hollow as George puts a hole through it.
Click on the switch inside the panel to move it a bit and then walk onto the
boat and turn the wheel to lower the chain.

Pick up the chain and George will connect it to the panel before reeling it in
and breaking the panel. Go through the entryway to find yourself inside of a
large cave. Look through the hole in the wall near the stairs to eavesdrop on a
meeting of the Knights Templar! They'll leave once the meeting has adjourned,
so feel free to walk down the stairs to their meeting place.

Look at the stone pedestal and place the tripod atop of it. Put the gem on the
tripod and watch as a beam of light shines onto it and splits into five
separate beams that spell out the word “MARIB”. Afterwards, George will return
to Nico to keep her up-to-date.

Rue Jarry:

George will tell Nico what he's found and he'll learn that Marib is a village
in Syria. Once she's caught up, it's time to leave for the airport and onwards
to Syria.

Marib, Syria:

When you arrive, go as far to the right as possible and walk up the stairs near
the kebab seller. Talk to the man and show him the book of matches in order to
gain access to the stairs hidden behind the rug.

As George enters the club, he'll be introduced to Ultar, the local taxi driver.
Try to open the door leading into the bathroom, only to find it locked because
after reading the sign and talking to Ultar regarding its meaning, you'll learn
that someone stole the toilet brush and the bartender won't allow anyone into
the bathroom until it's returned.

For now, leave the club and head back down into the marketplace. Talk to the
kebab seller to learn that he stole the toilet brush and is now using it to
baste his kebabs. Return to the spot where George appeared when he first
arrived in Syria and talk to the boy to be introduced to Nejo. Show him the
ball and then try to talk to the kebab seller, only he doesn't speak English
cogently enough to be understood.

Talk to Nejo again and ask him about the kebab seller twice before giving him
the red ball. Return to Arto the kebab seller and tell him the phrase as was
instructed by Nejo, only it appears that whatever George was told to say had
the effect of making Arto turn homicidal as he becomes angry and chases George
up the stairs with a knife.

When you get ready to chew out Nejo, George will realize he was used as a
diversionary tactic that allowed Nejo to grab the brush when Arto was away from
his stand chasing George. He'll hand over the pilfered brush and you can go to
return it to the bar owner.

Upon returning the brush, the bar owner will hand over the bathroom keys. Use
them to unlock the door and enter the bathroom. Open the towel dispenser near
the door using the bathroom keys and take the towel and then go into the stall
and take the chain from the cistern.

Leave the bathroom and talk to Ultar about Khan's photo and then ask him about
Bull's Head. He'll offer to take you there for $50, but since George doesn't
have that kind of money, he'll have to find a way of getting it. Exit the bar
and return to Nejo's stand.

You'll spot a cat resting on the table near Nejo. Spook the cat and it'll jump
onto the shelf and the only way to get it to come back down is to ring the bell
which causes a man to come out from behind Nejo. A ball will go bouncing around
and cause the cat to jump off the shelf, knocking over a statue in the process.

Pick up the statue and use the tissue with the greasepaint on it to disguise
the statue as having been made from aged marble instead of cheap plaster. Now
we have to find ourselves a mark dumb enough to fork over some money for it.
Try talking to the fat man wandering around to learn he is an American named
Duane Henderson. Show him the statue and he'll offer to pay $50 for it, which
is exactly what we need in order to get to Bull's Head.

With the money in hand, return to Ultar and hand it to him to get ready to
leave for Bull's Head. However, before we can get too far, Ultar says that the
fan belt broke and he has to wait for a replacement. Give him the towel from
the bar's bathroom and George will be on his way.

Bull's Head Hill:

When you regain control, walk over to the tree and snap the twig off of it so
that it can be tied to the towel to form a makeshift grappling hook. Use the
hook on the funnel shaped hole and climb down to the cliff below.

Near the hidden cave passage is a small hole in which George will be able to
fit his hand. He'll discover a metal ring, which you should pull in order to
open the cave passage.

As you enter the cave, you'll discover Klausner's remains and it appears that
he died from either starvation or dehydration. Open the left side of his jacket
to find a small lens resting inside of a satchel that's hanging from his
shoulder. After that, look at the stone panel on the far side of the room to
discover a map with a Latin phrase “In occidenta sita est in ora mundi”
inscribed on it. Look at the three headed statue near Klausner's remains and
after you've done so, you'll hear the door opening. George thinks it's Ultar
walking into a trap and begins to warn him about it, only to discover that it's
Khan and he's found George!

Khan will bring George outside and hold him at gunpoint. Be honest when he asks
about Klausner, but lie to him about the lens. Be honest with him again in
regards to the next question and opt to die like a man (the George icon).

When you have a chance, shake his hand using the electric buzzer to buy George
enough time to jump off the cliff and into Ultar's truck. Next thing you know,
you'll be back in Paris telling Nico what just happened.

Rue Jarry:

Leave and go to Musée Crune.

Musée Crune:

Talk to André about the manuscript and then ask him about Nico twice. When
you're finished, return to her apartment.

Rue Jarry:

When you arrive and ask about André, Nico will tell George that he stopped by
to look at the manuscript and was over the moon with excitement upon seeing it.
Leave and return to the museum to learn what André discovered.

Musée Crune:

Ask André about the manuscript four times and then leave for Villa de
Vasconcellos via the airport.

Villa de Vasconcellos:

Walk as far to the left as you can and then use the pressure gauge on the part
of the hose that is coming out of the window. The gardener's hose will shut off
and he'll already suspect that it was George that caused it.

The gardener will walk into the house to fix the hose, so follow him inside.
Walk towards the gate, which will set off the dogs and get them barking. Before
the gardener spots George, hide behind the suit of armor and when the gardener
checks on the dogs, head up the stairs to meet the Countess de Vasconcellos.

After startling the Countess de Vasconcellos, she agrees to hear George out
before he is fed to the dogs. Ask her about the Templars and then about the
chess pieces. After a bit of conversation, George will be escorted to a Templar
mausoleum that's been dedicated to the de Vasconcellos Templars. As George
begins to investigate the mausoleum, take the Bible from the lectern and check
out the chessboard decoration underneath it. Ask the Countess about what you
can and she'll have Lopez the gardener retrieve the chess pieces.

When he arrives, George will take the set from him and place them on the board.
Take the red pieces and starting with the top row, put them in the following order:

Rook – First column, first row
Queen - Fourth column, first row
Pawn – Fifth column, first row
King - First column, second row
Pawn - Fifth column, second row
Bishop – Fifth column, third row
Bishop - First column, fourth row
Knight - Second column, fourth row
Knight - Fourth column, fourth row
Rook - Second column, fifth row

Once you're successful, you'll get the white pieces that will also need to be
dragged to their correct spots. The white bishop goes in the third column of
the first row, the white knight will be placed in the third column of the third
row, and the white king will be placed in the third column of the fourth row.

When the pieces have been correctly positioned, it'll unlock a niche in the
wall to open to reveal the missing de Vasconcellos' Communion chalice. The
Countess will be overly thrilled at what George discovered and eventually he'll
return to Paris to meet with Nico.

Rue Jarry:

Leave and go to Montfauçon after the conversation.


Walk up the steps to enter the church. Show the chalice to the priest and when
he asks if he can be allowed to polish it, agree to his request. Walk over to
the knight statue behind the priest and place the lens inside of the scroll the
knight is holding in his left hand.

This next puzzle consists of turning the dials until you line up the picture to
show a Knight Templar being burned at the stake while holding a date. Talk to
the priest to have the chalice returned to George and then inspect the tomb on
the other side of the pews. When you're finished, leave Montfauçon and return
to Nico once more.

Rue Jarry:

George will fill her in on his new discoveries and then you can leave and head
over to the Musée Crune.

Musée Crune:

Talk to André about the three-headed statue that George saw in the Syrian cave
and he'll explain that what he saw was a statue of Baphomet. He'll also mention
a new location, the Site de Baphomet, our next destination.

Site de Baphomet:

Walk through the gate and down the stairs. Open up the right door to find out
that it's locked. Talk to the guard and ask him for the keys to the washroom
and unlock the door to go inside.

Take the soap from the sink and use the keys on the soap to make an impression.
Use the plaster on the soap and then run it under the water to make the cast
before running it under the hand dryer to harden it. Afterwards, look at the
boiler so George will note how hot it's running before leaving the room.

Look at the thermostat that's above the radiator and talk to the guard about
it. He keeps the place nice and toasty because he has to leave the door open
for the workmen to gain access, which also exposes the room to the chilly
autumn air.

Turn down the thermostat and after a few seconds, the guard will put his gloves
on. After he does so, return the keys to him and then head outside. Try to put
the plaster key into the paint, only to be stopped by the painter who doesn't
like people messing with his paint pot.

Return downstairs and use the phone on the wall near the guard to have George 
place a call to Nico, who will agree to assist George in distracting the
painter. Tell the painter that he has a phone call and after he leaves, dip the
key into the paint.

Go downstairs again and after the painter leaves, ask the guard for the keys
again and then head back into the washroom. Replace the real key from the
guard's key ring with the plaster key before returning the key ring back to the
guard. Call Nico again and this time the guard will leave to persuade the
painter to answer the phone.

While they're arguing, use the key on the door the guard was protecting to find
a three-headed statue similar to the one found in Syria. Place the chalice on
the floor in front of the statue to make a new discovery, after which George
will return to Nico.

Rue Jarry:

Same old story. Nothing really new after George talks to Nico about his latest
discovery. Return to the Villa de Vasconcellos.

Villa de Vasconcellos:

Talk to Lopez and he'll apologize for having acted so rudely when George
visited the first time but he has decided to trust him from now on after he
made the Countess a happy woman again.

Go into the villa and take the mirror hanging on the wall near the hose. Walk
upstairs and talk to the Countess. Talk to her about the chalice to have George
return it and then ask her about herself. She asks about George's findings in
regards to the Bible references he found on the de Vasconcellos tomb in
Montfauçon but George has no idea what the actual verses actually say.

Leave the Countess and walk over to the mausoleum outside. The path leading it
to is somewhat hidden by Lopez's spraying, but you'll be able to find the hot
spot that will allow you to go there. Take the Bible from its lectern and  then
place the tissue on the long pole. When George tries to light the chandelier,
the flame is extinguished by the breeze blowing through the open window.

Click on the window and George will grab the pole and close it. Place the
tissue on the pole again and this time, the chandelier will be lit. The candle
will quickly melt away and drop a strange key. Return to the Countess and ask
her about the Bible. After you're done talking, go out and talk to Lopez about
the well. He doesn't know where it is because it's been covered up for
centuries but then ask about the gap twice. He'll suggest making a divining rod
that will allow George to locate the hidden well.

The hazel tree that Lopez points out is growing near the window with the hose
leading out of it. Grab a branch and George will fashion himself a divining
rod, but after hours of searching, he turns up nothing but a tin can filled
with water.

As Lopez throws it away, George will notice that it's taking an awfully long
time to fall when he suddenly hears a bang, which suggests that he found the
well. Lopez will assist George in climbing down the well and at the bottom,
you'll find a carved lion's head blocking the path. When George takes a closer
look at it, he'll realize that the fang is a separate piece.

George will jump out of the way to avoid being crushed by the falling statue
and after he picks himself up and dusts himself off, use the mirror on the
light shining down into the wall to reflect the light into the darkened passage
in order to reveal a key hole in the hidden door.

Use the strange key from the chandelier on the lock and you'll have to solve
another puzzle to unlock it. The game hints at using the notes from Montfauçon
in order to solve it. You'll have to turn the dials to spell out the correct
code so that they align at the top and push the lower right button as you input
each Roman numeral.

The solution is XIV - XXVII - VI - LXXXI - III - I - XVII - XII - XXV

Once the door is unlocked, walk through the door to make yet another discovery.
George will return to the villa to give the Countess her missing chess piece
before leaving so she can be alone to deal with the shock.

Rue Jarry:

André will be here with Nico and the trio will put their heads together in
order to come to the conclusion that for all the searching they've done, the
journey will come to an end in Bannockburn, Scotland. After some conversation,
George and Nico will hop aboard a train bound for Scotland.

Aboard the Train:

Try to leave and a conductor will enter the compartment to check everyone's
tickets. George has his suspicions about the conductor and the old lady, but
once the conductor leaves, get up and exit the compartment.

Walk to the left into the next car and you'll spot Guido coming out of one of
the compartments. Return to George's compartment only to find that the old lady
and Nico have both disappeared!

Go into the compartment next door with the man wearing the striped shirt. Ask
him about Nico and then open up the window to climb up onto the top of the
train. Walk to the right until you see a ladder leading down into the next car
and climb down. You'll find Nico bound with the conductor pointing a gun at the
old lady. Flap is knocked out of the train and killed as the conductor is
recognized as Eklund, one of the Templars, as she shoots and kills Khan, who
was disguised as the old lady.

As soon as you can, pull the emergency brake near George's head to cause the
crates to fall over and crush Eklund. Talk to Khan to learn that he and George
are on the same side, since Khan is an Assassin sent to stop the Templars from
reforging the Sword of Baphomet. You can ask him about how he escaped from
Bull's Head if you'd like, but as he succumbs to his injuries as he tries to
tell George one last thing.

Untie Nico from her bindings and the two will share a kiss as George realizes
just how close he was to death. Exit through the left door and the two will
soon arrive in Bannockburn, Scotland.

Bannockburn, Scotland:

As George and Nico walk up to the ruins, Nico will explain that they were once
used as an arms dump until a stray spark destroyed all but the tower. Walk
inside and sift through the rubble near the window four different times to find
an object each time. Use the gear you find on the close-up view of the demon
statue and George will place it in one of its eyes. Near the statues are a set
of gears and a handle. Try turning the handle only to have it come off in
George's hand and then take the gears out of the same contraption.

Use the other gear on the demon to place it in its other eye and then put the
handle in its mouth to open the door. Follow the passage to stumble upon a
secret Templar meeting. George and Nico will recognize one of the hooded
figures as Inspector Rosso and they're soon discovered by Eklund, who survived
the encounter in the train.

The Grand Master will persuade George to join them as they know how smart and
resourceful he is, but George will refuse and a shoot-out will ensue. George
and Nico will attempt to leave, only to find Guido blocking their path. Grab
the nearby torch and George will throw it onto the cache of gunpowder that
dates back to the English Civil War. Nico, having caught onto George's plan,
throws the handbag containing the C-4 onto the gunpowder.

The Grand Master is convinced that the powder won't explode since it's so old,
but as Guido thinks otherwise, he'll attempt to blow the fire as the C-4
explodes while George and Nico escape a fiery death just in the nick of time.

Watch the ending as George and Nico return to Paris and reminisce about their
experience while looking out over the city from the Eiffel Tower to conclude
this thrilling adventure.

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