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 Cake Mania

Cake Mania
	  _____      _        __  __             _       
	 / ____|    | |      |  \/  |           (_)      
	| |     __ _| | _____| \  / | __ _ _ __  _  __ _ 
	| |    / _` | |/ / _ \ |\/| |/ _` | '_ \| |/ _` |
	| |___| (_| |   <  __/ |  | | (_| | | | | | (_| |
	 \_____\__,_|_|\_\___|_|  |_|\__,_|_| |_|_|\__,_|

	FAQ/Walkthrough by Ameya B.
	Created: 01 December 2008	
	Last Updated: 01 December 2008
	Version: 1.00 
	Copyright © 2008 Ameya B.


1. INTRODUCTION ...............................................[ITR]
2. VERSION HISTORY ............................................[VRS]
3. GAME CONTROLS ..............................................[CNT]
4. THE GAME ...................................................[GME]
5. IN-GAME UPGRADES ...........................................[UPR]
6. CUSTOMERS INFO .............................................[CST]
7. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS(FAQs) ...........................[FAQ]
8. AFTERWORD ..................................................[FTR]

To get to any section of this FAQ/Strategy Guide, use "Control + F" to 
bring up the search box and type the code with the brackets. Hit 
the return key twice.



Welcome to my FAQ/Strategy Guide for Cake Mania. This guide is for the
PC version. This game was developed by Sandlot Games and its trial
version is available on the internet. 

The Plot: 
Jill, the main character of the game and who we play as,has grduated 
and returned from culinary school. She finds that her grandparent's 
Evan Bakery is closed as the new  Mega Mart buys the bakery from 
their landlord. Jill takes up the task of earning money and thus 
reopening her grandparents bakery.

System Requirements:
• Windows 2000/XP/Vista
• 400MHz or faster Processor (800MHz for Vista)
• 128MB RAM (512MB for Vista)
• 16MB Video Card with 3D Hardware Acceleration
• DirectX 9.0-compatible Video Card for Vista Machines
• DirectX 7.0 or better (9.0 for Vista)

I am 15 and live in Mumbai, India. This is my first FAQ/Strategy Guide,
so I welcome suggestions to improve this guide. If you want to make
any, they are welcome at my email.


Version 1.0:
01 December 2008
11 kb


The controls are quite simple. You play using only the mouse and click
on objects to do functions like hand out menus, bake a cake,frost etc.


As you begin, you will play a small tutorial that should teach you
everything you need to know. However, as you proceed through the game,
you will need to make larger, multi-layer,decorated cakes. I've 
summarised the steps as follows:

•Hand the customer a menu
•Bake the cake of his choice
•Frost the cake accordingly
•Hand over the cake to the customer

If the customer wants multi-layer cakes:
•Bake the second layer
•Place it on top of the first and frost it or;
 Frost it and then place it on top of the base.

If the customer wants decorated cakes:
•Place the cake in either decorating station ( you will need to buy 
it first ),and click on the desired topping

Note : Cakes not sold will cost YOU money.

Hand the customers their cakes,and they leave. The money they 
leave behind includes their tips and is ready to be picked up.

Note : The money customers leave behind need not be picked up 
immediately. The next customer will not move ahead until and 
unless you pick it up. You can let it remain there and thus limit
the number of people in your shop.


A huge collection of upgrades will get your mouth drooling. However 
most of them will be accessible only later on in the higher levels
as they are quite expensive. The list of all available upgrades is 
given below:

  Note: You can read the descriptions of the items listed below, when
	you buy them.

------------------------------- Ovens ------------------------------- 

  The conventional oven is where the magic all begins. Jill 
  can have up to three ovens running at one time, so be sure to keep 
  track of who ordered what! Times vary depending on the type of oven.
  All of these 3 can be further upgraded in 3 stages.

      Name              Stage      Cost       Time
  Bake Pro 1000           1        $1000     6 secs
  Bake Master 2000        2        $2000     4 secs
  Lightning Bake 5000     3        $3000     2 secs

-------------------------- Frosting Stations --------------------------

  Up to three frosting stations can be working at once. This comes in 
  handy when double-layered cakes are ordered, or when there are a lot 
  of customers waiting. Like the Ovens, these too can be upgraded in
  3 stages.

      Name              Stage      Cost       
  Frost O Matic 1000      1        $600      
  Fast Frost 2000         2        $1000     
  Lean Mean Frosting      3        $1500     

------------------------- Decoration Stations -------------------------

  Decoration stations allow Jill to add some flare to each cake with 
  one of four different toppings. Two decoration stations can be 
  working at once, with up to eight different toppings in all. Decorated 
  cakes also sell for a tidy profit!

  Note:  and  denote station 1 and 2 respectively.

      Name              Stage      Cost       Value
  Deco Lite 1000          1        $400        $10
  Rose Topper             2        $700        $15
  Wedding Topper          3        $1500       $25
  Strawberry Topper       4        $1000       $20

  Tradewinds Topper       1        $500        $10
  Super Granny Topper     2        $700        $15
  Slyder Topper           3        $1000       $20
  Snail Mail Topper       4        $1500       $25

  Deco Deluxe 2000        -        $1000        - 
  Deco Demon 5000         -        $1500        -

  The last two are speed enhancers.  

----------------------------- Television -----------------------------

  A television keeps customers happily distracted, buying Jill more 
  time to cook. With various channels, there is sure to be something 
  to please everyone. Just make sure to know what each customer enjoys 
  watching when changing channels. For the list of customers and their
  TV preferences, visit the Customers Info Section of this guide.

----------------------------- Microwaves -----------------------------

  Honestly, who could be upset with a warm cupcake in their hand? 
  Especially when they're free! This cupcake microwave is useful when 
  long lines build up and customers become frustrated. The microwave
  makes 4 cupcakes in a fixed period of time determined by the 

      Name              Stage      Cost       
  Cupcake Oven            1        $500     
  Quick Cake Deluxe       2        $750     
  Space Cake 2000         3        $1000     

------------------------------- Shoes -------------------------------

  Upgrade the type of shoes Jill is wearing to move around the kitchen 
  more quickly. These come in handy when there is a long line of 
  customers waiting for their cakes.

        Name              Stage      Cost       
  Cloud Crosstrainers     1        $500     
  Wingtips                2        $1000     
  Smokin' Sneakers        3        $1500  

---------------------------- Display Case ----------------------------

  This fancy stand offers an extra place to set down a work in progress, 
  or display a finished cake to tempt buyers.


There is a large variety of customers that visit Jill's Shop. They 
all have their Preferred Topping , Favourite TV channels etc. There is a 
large difference between the patience levels of different customers.You
might want to serve the impatient businessman first, and then turn to
the Granny. 

I've rated the patience of the customers on a scale of stars[* - *****].

    Customer     Patience      TV Channel     Topping

  Delivery Man     ****           News       Tradewinds
      Kid           **          Cartoons       Slyder
     Granny        *****      Food Network  Super Granny 
 College Female    ****       Food Network   Strawberry
     Bride           *        Food Network     Wedding
  Food Critic       ***       Food Network      Rose
  Easter Bunny      ***         Cartoons     Snail Mail
     Cupid          **          Cartoons     Snail Mail
  Santa Claus      ****         Cartoons     Snail Mail
    Dracula         ***       Food Network      Rose
  -> Regular        ***           News            -
  -> Vacationing     **           News            -


  Q : What is the cost of the game?
  A : The game's trial version is free. The full version costs $19.99 

  Q : Should I save money an each level?
  A : You should spend money on atleast every alternate level. Don't keep 
      piling up money. 

  Q : How should I upgrade?
  A : The best way is to have 2 of the Oven and the Frosting Stations and 
      then upgrading them. There will be no need to run three of them until 
      you reach the 3rd or 4th stage.
  Q : Are there any other Cake Mania games?
  A : A sequel called Cake Mania: Back to the Bakery has been released. There 
      are also games called Cake Mania 2 and 3.


------------------------------ Credits ------------------------------
-> Me, for writing this.                                        
-> You, for reading this.                                        
-> GameFAQs, for hosting this guide.                          
-> for the ASCII Art.             
-> Sandlot Games, for making such a nice game.                   
----------------------------- Disclaimer ----------------------------

You may freely distribute this file as long as you do not alter it in
any way. This document is for personal use only. I am given credit for

  This document is Copyright © 2008 Ameya B.  All Rights Reserved.

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