Call of Duty 2 FAQ Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Call of Duty 2 FAQ

Call of Duty 2 FAQ

     )   ___                        ______                 _
    (__/_____)     /) /)      /)   (, /    )              '  )
      /       _   // //   ___//      /    /    _/_       ,--'
     /       (_(_(/_(/_  (_)/(_    _/___ /_(_(_(__(_/_  /___
    (______)               /)    (_/___ /        .-/
                          (/                    (_/

                             For PC
                           Version 1.1
                         By Chris Zawada
                         User: antseezee
                         Created: 11/02/05
                       Last Update: 12/31/05
                    Copyright 2005 Chris Zawada

Author's Note
The moment when you hit the beach, when you charge the enemy, when you scream
freedom. These are all situations when guts clamp themselves above glory,
pride, and arrogance. The Call of Duty series, originally introduced back in
2003, was practically game of the year. While it was another WWII shooter that
featured great graphics, excellent gameplay, a riveting single player campaign,
and addicting multiplayer, it was a darn good game. Call of Duty 2 attempts to
recreate that feeling, except with a visual upgrade, more support for the
online system, and a "glory-like" approach giving you a perception from a
majority of the nations that fought in the game. This guide will lead you
through the single-player missions, along with talking about multiplayer
briefly and weapon ratings. Will you charge in an attempt to flank the
bunker, or will you simply cower behind a pillar in disgust?

If you have any contributions, feedback, or strategies you'd like to have
added to the guide, contact me via e-mail or on GameFAQs. I'll be more than
content to add your segment of information, and will also provide credit. If
you have any questions you'd like added to the Common Questions section, ask.
I simply don't have the time to sit around thinking of questions. Provide me
with what you want to know!

=12/31/05= v1.1
Added the following items:
	> How to enable cheats
	> Tip on how to avoid the initial Matmata Ambush (thanks to BSam)

Still looking for multiplayer tips if anyone has them. I'll be looking towards
adding a modification list once the community builds up some momentum. My
weapons section is not geared towards historical accuracy, although I'd
recommend reading Scottie theNerd's guide on GameFAQs if you want a TRULY
amazing weapons guide.

=11/10/05= v1.0
Finished the FAQ. The toughest element was laboring through the single-player
which was surprisingly longer than I expected. Put these elements aside, not
sure if it was worth the $50 as I expected more interactivity from the online

=11/02/05= v1.0
Started the FAQ. Had to get it due to the high hype. Interestingly enough, the
game has gotten great reviews, despite everyone thinking it would just be a
rehash. Multiplayer hasn't exactly impressed me to a large degree.

- I've now added a Quick Search function to the guide. Press CTRL + F, and
type in the designated (#.#) to be quickly forwarded to that specific section
of the guide.

          -    Table of Contents     -
          1) Introduction
          2) Game Basics
             > Controls
             > Screen HUD
          3) Single-Player Walkthrough     (3.1)
             > Moscow 1941
             > Stalingrad 1942
             > Stalingrad 1943
             > El Alamein 1942
             > El Daba 1942
             > Libya 1943
             > Tunisia 1943
             > D-Day 1944
             > Caen 1944
             > Hill 400 1944
             > Germany 1945
          4) Multi-Player                  (4.1)
             > Game Modes
             > Maps
          5) Weapons                       (5.1)
             > Ratings
          6) Codes
          7) Common Questions
             > Troubleshooting
          8) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines
          9) Proper Credits


- 1) Introduction          -
When the original Call of Duty came out back in 2003, most gamers were thinking
that it would turn out to be another Medal of Honor clone, or simply a rehash
of previous World War 2 shooters. Fortunately, Infinity Ward decided to spruce
things up by making a fairly realistic shooter with iron sights, decent
graphics for 03', and a plethora of available 1P missions with online
multiplayer. The original Call of Duty was simply a hit, even if it was just
another WWII shooter. Call of Duty 2 leaves off where the original quit. It
simply allows you to play more missions from a few years of the war, based on
various factions of the Allied forces. You never get to play as Axis forces in
this game, unless you're playing online.

The story revolves around the simple element that the Allied forces had to
survive the German threat during the early years of the war, fight back, and
eventually gain domination. The game illustrates the bravery, courage, and
determination that many soldiers had, and others lacked. It guides you through
key battles that could have broken or how crucial states in the war were
solidified. Call of Duty 2 takes place from a first-person perspective, mainly
based around shooting. The game is not like the Battlefield series where you
interact with vehicles and items of the such. While the emplacements do exist,
you'll find this title to be much more infantry-intensive.


##### GAME INFO #####
Players: 1-64 (w/ online support)
Developer: Infinity Ward
Released: 2005
Rarity: common
Special Features: Voice, Online, Modifications
ESRB: Teen
Cover Art on box:
- Shows soldier ready to make key assault

	> Windows XP
	> Intel Celeron D / P4 1.4ghz or better
		(Pentium M's & AMD's work fine, P-M's are faster than P4)
	> 512MB RAM +
		(Recommended is 1 GB from my experience. 1 GB makes
		 improvements but stutter lag occurs mainly from DX9. More
		 info about this mode is revealed later on.)
	> 8x or faster CD/DVD drive (depends on DVD/CD version)
	> 3.0 GB+ free HD space (recommend 7200 RPM HD to prevent stutter lag)
	> DirectX 9.0c
	> nVidia GeForce 4000 or better, ATI Radeon 9200 or better
		(Call of Duty 2 lightens up when it comes to video cards,
		 however, you really need the half a gig of RAM just to get
		 things to flow smoothly. This title is graphic intensive, and
		 relies heavily on the use of textures. The more RAM, and a
		 better processor yields better results.)


- 2) Game Basics           -
What I have always loved about PC games is the fact that you can use a keyboard
and mouse. The amount of keys gives you an overwhelming amount of options to
choose from when selecting what goes where. This section will go over the
involved controls, and the screen setup.

/Controls - Movement/
          W - Moves forward
          S - Moves backward
          A - Strafes left
          D - Strafes right
          Q - Leans left
          E - Leans right
      Space - Stands if in lower position, normally jumps
          C - Enters crouch mode
       CTRL - Enters prone mode

- As with any modern game, Call of Duty 2 utilizes the W,S,A,D setup. It works
quite well when combined with the leaning system. Leaning only tilts the upper
body, and is really more useful for multiplayer where you want to limit the
exposed portions of your hitboxes. Aside from that, you'll find the varying
positions to serve the most usefulness. Crouching improves accuracy, and makes
you a smaller target. Proning allows you to lay flat on the ground, and makes
you extremely accurate at the compensation of only exposing your head (also
limits range of aiming movement). You cannot always prone based on the ground
you're supported by. You do not have to hold the buttons down, but rather, must
only press them once to enter the specific mode.

/Controls - Weapon/
  Left Mouse Button - Fires weapon
 Right Mouse Button - Enters sight aiming mode
 	      Shift - Melee attacks, holds breath on sniper shots
 	          R - Reloads weapon
                  G - Throws grenade
                  4 - Throws smoke grenade
             1 or 2 - Switches between primary/secondary weapon
                  B - Enters binoculars mode
                  F - Use

- The mouse is used for looking around, and also aiming almost every weapon in
the game. The special sight aiming mode basically uses iron sights or a scope
depending on the weapon. You only have to click it once to enter the aiming
mode, and when you do so, you'll almost slow-walk or aim from your set
position. It aims best when standing still. This makes you a lot more accurate,
as opposed to the default crosshairs. Grenades can also be tossed by clicking
the middle mouse button, but not everyone has one on their mouse. Smoke
grenades exhibit a large array of thick smoke, and it DOES make a difference in
Call of Duty 2. Binoculars allow you to see at high distances rather than
squinting, and are used for scouting or sniper spotting. The melee attack is
used for close range fighting, does enhanced damage, and is necessary when
reloading or out of ammo. The same key also holds your breath when firing,
which steadies the aiming of the scope barrel. The Use button is the most
important. This key must be pressed after you die to respawn. Also, press it
over highlighted weapons to exchange.

/Controls - Other/
         Tab - Shows current objectives or multiplayer score
         F12 - Takes a screenshot
           ~ - Brings up console
           Z - VOIP button that allows you to talk online via your MIC
           T - Chat to everyone in the game
           Y - Chat to everyone on your team
           V - Chat with in-game voice commands, responses, statements
           X - Brings up weapon menu

- The Tab key basically let's you see your given score, or what you have to do
during single player missions. The screenshots are normally saved right after
the key is pressed. It may be in My Documents/CoD2 or in the Activision/CoD2
folder itself. The VOIP button will only work when you are in a VOIP-compatible
server. These types of servers usually have the gray MIC icon listed in the
server list. Also, make sure your MIC is enabled in the audio options, and test
to make sure a majority of the voice bar fills up when you talk into it. The
in-game voice commands are quite interesting, but fairly limited. If you want
to change teams or what not, press ESC during the game. You can also change
weapons there.

/Screen HUD/

  |                                       |
  |...[1]                                 |
  |                                       |
  |                 ^                     |
  |                [4]                    |
  |                                       |
  |                  |                    |
  |               - [3] -                 |
  |                  |                    |
  |  __                                   |
  | /  \                                  |
  ||[2] |                         |||||||||
  | \__/                          ||[5]||||

Meaning Key:

	[1] - Status Text - Shows who killed who during multiplayer maps
			    or objectives for single-player missions.

	[2] - Compass - Shows which direction you are headed, but more
			importantly, shots the direction of a marked waypoint.

	[3] - Crosshair - Use this to aim, becomes enhanced by right-clicking.

	[4] - Damage Indicator - Shows the direction of where the damage is
				 coming from.

	[5] - Ammo Indicator - Shows how much ammo you have left, and the
			       amount of reserve bullets/grenades.


- 3) Single-Player Walkthrough (3.1) -
Before you can just jump into WWII, there are some key essentials that must be
learned to master every perspective on the battlefield. Whether you're the
English, Americans, or even the French, it comes down to who is willing to
sacrifice the most. Infinity Ward has put a lot of effort into their games,
specifically when it comes to the single-player campaign. They feel that a
majority of "epic" situations should be included, hence why it is named Call of
Duty. This section will guide you through all missions on the Hardened
difficulty (one before Veteran).

/Moscow 1941 - Red Army Training/
Difficulty: *
Main Objectives: + Basic Training
                 + Defend against the German attack

- This mission is more of the less a tutorial. Start off by following the
orders of the Commisar. Your worthless friends will steal all of the rifles
before you can grab one. Go left to the storage room and grab the pistol/rifle
off of the table. Head back to the Commisar. Engage in the basic target
practice by picking off the designated helmets, plates, and items of delicious
choice. You'll eventually be placed to fire under a timed drill of 15 seconds.
None of this should be too challenging at this point. Go to the left when
ordered, and pick up some potatoes. Toss a few of them into the targeted
designations. Suddenly, one of the fellow soldiers will report that a German
soldier has been captured. Several German infantry are approaching from the
southeast, along with halftracks and some mobile artillery. The Commisar
quickly orders you to reorganize to the storehouse for necessary supplies.
Looks like you're getting a dose of the action this quick already.

- Follow your comrades out of the interrogation building. You'll eventually
notice a mobile turret in the distance firing on your troops. Drop down into
the trench, and ensure to be in the crouched position. Enter the prone position
by pressing CTRL, and crawling under the narrow space. Reach the other building
to where you will meet another soldier. Grab the submachine gun off of the
table, reload it, then climb up the stairs as ordered. Now, dispense a smoke
grenade by pressing 4, and toss it near the middle of the street. You will make
use of this to conceal your movements. Cross the road as ordered. Pass through
the next distraught building, and you'll your have your first engagement with
the Germans. Using your PPSh, fire away at the two soldiers that pop out of the
armored halftrack. Then, continue up the street. If I were you, crouch when
firing. Eventually, an MG42 will start firing down the street. Simply hide
behind the burning car, and one of your comrades will blow out the gunner with
a grenade. Again, pick off the Germans hiding behind the boxes.

- You will reach a small gate, however, one of the soldiers happens to spot
some German armor. This isn't a good sign when you're armed with a poorly-made
PPSh. Instead, flank along the right. Several German reinforcements will flood
the destroyed houses. Pop them off, flank along the left, and shoot the two
Germans behind the medal barrels. Proceed up to this position, and then snipe
the Germans across the small alleyway using the Mosin-Nagant. You may also want
to get rid of your pistol if you wish. Now, head across this area. Toss a frag
grenade behind the stacking of sandbags to take out the establishment of German
troops. Cut around this alleyway, and an armored halftrack will be waiting for
you. Pick off some of the foolish German patrols, then charge on the left side
of the halftrack. Press F on the yellow explosives icon to plant the
explosives. Retreat to safety, watch it explode, and then wonder why this
missions was so easy on the Hardened difficulty.

/Moscow 1941 - Demolition/
Difficulty: ***
Main Objectives: + Rendevous with the necessary assignment
                 + Fend off the German attack
                 + Counterattack
                 + Plant the explosives

- You'll spawn inside an abandoned warehouse with some German propoganda
sounding off in the distance. Move forward cautiously. There will be a few
German troops around the corner, about 3 in total. Pick them off from behind
the boxes. Look further around the left corner. About 15 German troops will
start retreating to the other side of the street. Pick off as many as you can.
You'll receive some fellow comrades to assist you on the battlefield.
Regardless, charge to the windows, crouch, and start picking them off with the
SVT. Thankfully, this is a semi-automatic rifle with a reloadable clip, so you
don't have to bolt-action reload after each shot. The Germans will keep
spawning, but the idea is to pick several off, move forward to one wall on the
street, and repeat. Keep doing this. The Germans will try to push forward by
flooding out of the doorway, but this makes them ideally exposed to your fire.
Move to the third wall, then toss a grenade inside the left crack. It should
flush some of them out. Pull out the PPSh, and gun down the reinforcements that
flood the hall. Cut the corner, and hit the remaining German troops from the
rear that were guarding the other side of this new building. Now, turn around,
and head down the narrow doorway.

- Use your binoculars to peer in the distance. You should see some camoed tanks
right above the oil pipeline. This isn't a good sign. Head down the stairs to
your left, and the comrade at the bottom will thank you for arriving (not
politely). Go through the small cut passageway under the street. One of your
comrades will be dragging an injured fellow. Suddenly, 3-4 tanks will proceed
overhead but hardly notice you. Reach the other side of the building, and you
will be informed that the Germans are preparing a massive counter-attack. It is
up to you Vasili to lay the smackdown, Russian Vodka style.

- Look in the small two-window shack to the left. You should see a sniper rifle
laying there; pick it up. Stay right in this isolated position. The Germans
will toss several smoke grenades near the middle of the battlefield. I reckon
it is nukem time. Wait until the German troops rush through the lines of smoke,
and try to pick off any with your sniper rifle. It will be difficult due to
stutter lag, and yes, it will occur even with moderately fast computers. If
they breach the first smoke line, pull out the PPSh, and then wait for them to
rush the left trench. Toss a grenade in anticipation, and then rush out of this
establishment. Charge at them while ensuring to gun them down. Once you take
out about 15 of them, the Germans will start to retreat. You are ordered to
counter-attack. It's braveheart time. I chose to charge along the right side on
the exterior of the fence. Taking the trench on the left brings you surrounded
Germans. Flank them on the right, picking them off with your sniper or
submachine gun. Keep pushing them back, and start to take cover behind tree

- Eventually, the Germans will have a trenchline near the far side of the
building. MG42s will fire down on you, along with support from German base
troops. Pick them off with scoped shots, and don't forget to make use of your
SHIFT key to hold your breath. A good tip is to toss a smoke grenade once they
start making use of the MG42s. Rush into the smoke, and toss frag grenades
right by the trenches to disable massive amounts of Germans. Rush into their
base building, and start gunning down the infantry that flood from the left &
right storerooms. Check the back area, and pick off any remaining crouched
Germans. Watch for a German near a cracked ceiling portion. He's actually a
tricky fellow that you won't spot at first. Report to the Lieutenant once this
area is clear. Go around to the front, and near the stairs to speak with him.

- The LT will tell you that the remaining Germans have barricaded themselves on
the upper floor. He needs explosives to breach the perimeter. Head back down
the stairs, but now, press F next to the crouched soldier who looks like he is
fiddling with something. Once you have the explosives, 3 new compass indicators
should appear on your map. You need to plant 3 charges to bring the building
down. Two of them are located in the back area by the side storerooms. The
other one is near the front. Once all 3 are planted, retreat out of the
building to the center stump. They will detonate, and cause a huge explosion to
the previous German establishment. I need some ale after that experience.

/Stalingrad 1942 - Repairing the Wire/
Difficulty: ****
Main Objectives: + Repair the 6 cut field wires
		 + Contact HQ via the field phone
		 + Disable 3 Panzer II tanks

- Apparently, your communication lines between two key outposts have been cut.
This could have been due to shrapnel, accidental cuts, or a German ambush. The
other outpost checked the lines yesterday, and it is your turn today. You'll
start off on a well-established street. Proceed forward, and an MG42 will start
gunning down the main street. Throw a smoke grenade for cover, and rush to the
building along the left side that is hollowed out from the Stalingrad
destruction. You'll have a very strong establishment of German troops in this
area on the left. Slowly and cautiously push forward, as they will keep
spawning. Ensure to repair the first wire here. Pick them off using the SVT.
Try proning under the one desk with no chair, and you'll be able to snipe a few
out. Also, pick off the MG42 gunner by peeking through the table with a hole in
it. Jump over this ledge, and watch the right roof across the street for two
long-ranged Germans. Now, push forward into the next area. This will be a minor
house with a hill reaching the second floor. Repair the second wire, and ensure
to clear out the first floor. Cut a right across the street, and take out the
German hiding in the little inlet to the building.

- Now, rush north up the street. Take cover along the side inlets via the
buildings as there is an MG42 mounted there, along with several spawning
Germans. Try picking up a steadier submachine gun off of the ground if possible
as well. Ensure that the 3rd field wire has been repaired. Toss some grenades
to clear out the Germans hiding behind here. Rush forward, and cut a right
inside. Take out the 3 Germans hiding behind the boxes in here, then go right
through the doorway. This next part is tricky and intertwined. There will be an
immediate German behind the wedge debris in the next room. You will also notice
a staircase along the right, along with some balconies directly ahead of you.
Take out the German behind the barrel, and the total of 4 Germans on the two
top balconies. When you head up the stairs, some reinforcements will flood out
from the turn behind you, so try to engage them. Then, rush the top room. Take
out the 3 Germans with your submachine gun and the assist of your comrades. You
should be able to repair two more field wires here as well.

- Now, look at the top floor into the distance. About 10 Germans will be
established behind a wall. Pick up the Russian sniper rifle, and start scope
sniping the Germans behind here. Eventually, your fellow comrades will charge
the position, and it helps in the long run if you assist them by taking out
unnecessary threats. Turn around, and head towards the wooden bridge planks.
Watch for a German to pop his head from behind a small sandbag area. Try
picking him off with the SVT, charge across, and don't crawl through yet.
Flushing a grenade rarely works since it tends to bounce off of the two wooden
planks nailed across the window. Rush in, and flank the left. Grab a MP40 if
possible off a dead German, and start clearing out room-to-room. Now, cut back,
and snipe off the Germans across the small break in the roof. You pick some of
them off with the sniper, but the rest will just have to be aimed out. Now, go
down the stairs where your one comrade is crouching. Charge the two men hiding
behind the stashes, then cut a right through the doorway. Drop down to the
stairs below, and take out the lone guard. Repair the last field wire. You now
gotta tell HQ that everything is fixed.

- Move ahead a bit. There will be 2 Germans hiding behind some cargo boxes.
Simply give em' a whack or two. Then, down the hallway, toss a frag, and MP40
them down. Run to the end, melee out any remaining souls, and press F on the
phone which is on the crate. HQ will inform you that Panzers are headed to your
position. They want you to destroy them. Go back to the field phone, and check
to the left to grab some satchel charges. Press F, and exit this area by
proceeding ahead. When you reach the next blown-to-pieces area, several German
infantry will be in the next distraught room. Toss a few frags, and use the
left wall for cover. Move ahead a bit, gun some down, take cover. Repeat until
you reach into their room, then submachine gun charge. Now that it's clear,
move ahead to the windows. Man the MG42 and gun down the German infantry that
try to rush towards you on the street. Keep gunning until the armored turret
reaches the area. This is not a good sign. Get off the MG42, and wait for the
turret to approach close, practically directly in front of your position. Drop
down, run to the right of it, plant a charge, and run to the left for cover.
Don't even worry about gunning down Germans, although it helps to pick off a
few behind the left broken building. The mobile turret will eventually be
destroyed after about 30 seconds. Now, you gotta move forward. Take the
remaining Germans out down the streethead.

- Move forward into the building flank along the right. You should notice a
tank passed by from before. Gun down the 3-4 Germans up the stairs using a
submachine gun. From this balcony, pick off any troops below on the street,
then drop down. Cut the left corner, and you'll get a ton of reinforcements. Go
inside the left building inlet, and move forward while the tank fires down the
main street. Use each left inlet for cover. Now, move to the right inlet as a
second Panzer II tank will fire a tank shell (most likely stuns you). Toss a
smoke grenade, and both will retreat to the far ways. Rush to the center
building with some messed-up office supplies. Flank the tank along the left
street from the rear (it will rush your comrades ahead). Plant a charge from
the rear, and watch it blow up. Now, go down the right street. Dispense any
remaining smoke you got as the second Panzer will be firing down on you, along
with the whole German army. Move forward taking cover behind wooden boxes. The
second tank is around the corner to the right. Pick off some of the rapid-
firing Germans, then rush it, and plant the charge. Prone behind some boxes for
cover, and one of your foolish soldiers will try to destroy it himself (even
though you planted the charge and showboated credit for it). Once both tanks
are down, shoot off any of the remaining Germans, and go down the right street.
Some assistance is needed at the trainyard.

/Stalingrad 1942 - The Pipeline/
Difficulty: ***
Main Objectives: + Reach the trainyard via the pipeline
                 + Attack the trainhouse
                 + Defend the trainhouse
                 + Destroy the Panzer tank
                 + Take the remaining station house & MG42 positions

- Your squad decides to resupply at a nearby station house before moving onto
the railyard. The train railyard has exchanged hands twelve times in the past
six hours. The quickest way to get there is via an oil pipeline that travels
through the heart of the city. Jump in the hatch, and go left crawling down.
You'll eventually reach a bottom segment missing, where you can view a squad of
Germans exiting a vehicle. Gun them down. Continue forth, and the Germans will
catch on that you're inside the oil pipeline. Peak down each hole, and pick off
the Germans hiding behind their walls, or the ones shooting up at you. Make
sure to cut a right where the white lettering on the pipeline wall points down
the long stretch. Keep hitting the crouched Germans from the rear as this will
assist your men doing the ground assault. Watch OUT for grenades. One will get
a scripted toss-up about halfway down the segment. Simply keep rushing forward
ignoring what is below. Exit the pipeline by dropping down, and pick up a PPSh
from the supply crate. Head outside, and pick up the sniper rifle in the
trench. Pick off a few Germans across the trainyard in the warehouse, and make
progressions. Use the middle cart for cover. Grenade one of entrances and move

- Watch for some remaining Germans around the rear. More importantly, there
will be a ton of them up the stairs. I recommend tossing a flush grenade, then
charging with your submachine gun to engage the poor souls. Suddenly, your
commanding officer wants you to hold the train station at all costs. Here comes
another German counterattack. This one is tougher since the Germans will flank
you from both sides on the other side of this warehouse. Pull out your sniper
rifle, and expend it on all the Germans hiding behind the train carts, barrels,
and incoming reinforcements. Pick up a semi-automatic rifle once it's out, and
watch the ground floors. The Germans may breach your upstairs position from the
rear, so keep a check on your radar. Eventually you'll get so overrun that I
recommend leaving the building. Yes, you're retreating, but it's for the right
cause. Instead, go out the front entrance, and cut a left across behind the
destroyed truck. Throw a smoke grenade to cloud the area so the opposing
Germans don't simply pick you off.

- Go around the right side of the warehouse, as the left is much more
difficult. Proceed to flank the right train carts, and there should be a head-
on path that leads towards the Panzer, along with side flanks on the Germans
near the Panzer tank. Throw a smoke grenade as far as possible to block their
view, and then proceed down this way. Flank the Panzer II along the right,
plant the satchel, and prone by the mini-trench nearby. Once it explodes, you
are ordered to attack the warehouse. Use a rifle or SVT to engage the Germans
inside hiding. There's an MG42 at the far end of the warehouse. Simply flank it
along the right where it cannot see you, and charge it before it can turn. Once
it is down, your comrades should be able to breach and secure the perimeter.
You'll now have a split objective as to where to go. There's another enemy
station house, but the choice of which one taken is yours. Exit the warehouse
by heading into the new area. An MG42 from the "C" position will fire on you.
Engage the 4 guards with your rifle to pick them off, and flank over here. A
squad of German reinforcements will charge by the train carts to your left. I
highly recommend gunning them down and tossing a grenade for distraction

- Move to the former MG42 position, and start to move forward. Pick off the
Germans firing upon you at the second floor of the Station "B" warehouse.
Continue forward, then look along the left wall for a breached hall in the "B"
warehouse. Move inside this hole for a secret entrance. Rush up the stairs and
flank the foolish established patrols from the rear. Cut a right, gun some
Germans, then move into the right mailroom hallway. Toss a grenade down here to
flush several out, and proceed forward. Your allies will assist in clearing out
the top floor. Once this is done, look out the north windows of "B" that
overlook position A. Simply pick off the MG42 position & the several men next
to him. Go back downstairs, and head to the waypoint for a job well done.

/Stalingrad 1943 - Downtown Assault/
Difficulty: **
Main Objectives: + Destroy 2 Panzer II tanks
		 + Progress towards the City Hall

- Slowly but surely, the Russians are pushing the Germans out of their beloved
Stalingrad. However, the Germans will not go without a fight. Your squad's next
goal is to take back block after block through the city all the way to City
Hall. It will be a tough battle, but it will be done for the motherland. Start
off by heading onto the street with your allies, and rushing forward. Several
German long rangers will appear on the balconies of a building to the right.
Watch for the flood of German reinforcements to take cover behind some
miscellaenous cars/debris. Pick them off, then flank into the building with the
balconies. Climb the stairs, and clear the area out. Go back down, and a Panzer
II tank will have arrived on the scene. Take cover behind some debris, then
sprint back over the hill. Cut a left flank path, and pick off the Germans
firing on your comrades. Go into this abandoned hallway, and you'll find some
satchel charges on the floor next to the bathtub. Pick them up.

- Backtrack out of this building, and toss a smoke grenade in the shallow
explosion hole. Let the smoke fill, then charge across, and plant the charge on
the tank. I recommend sniping out some of the men inside the abandoned train
cart who try to pick you off. This makes a great hiding place after the
explosives are planted. Watch your rear though, as several troops will try to
rush over the barricaded hill. Once the tank is destroyed, head back up into
the explosives building, and continue down the hall. Your allies will help rid
of the foolish German resistance. Once you reach the series of windows, an
established German building opposite of you will start firing down. Try to lay
down some pot shots, then follow LT down around the corner to the broken
window. Toss a smoke grenade, and go after the smoke is displayed. Rush to the
other side, and frag the initial guards on the lower floor. Pick them off, move
in, and your allies will reinforce. Watch for tossed grenades down from the
second floor when you hit the stairs. I recommend tossing some up of your own.
Clear out the second floor, and head to the back room. Man the MG42 on the
right, while your LT mans the other.

- You'll now have to deal with about 30-50 German troops. They will spruce up
at various intervals at the building opposite of you, at the building to the
right of your position, and down the streethead. Man that baby like there's no
tomorrow. Keep laying down the pressure until your Russian comrades are able to
break through. Eventually, a Panzer II tank will approach from the main street.
Get away from the MG42, and it will blast a hole in the wall after 3 tank
shells.	Drop down the hole, and stay against the right wall. Run to the left
ruins, then get in the former German building for cover. Your allies should be
laying suppressive fire. Now, start picking off Germans hiding behind the
broken stone walls. Toss a smoke grenade to make progression towards the Panzer
II. This one is fairly smart though. It will try to run away from you, and
usually has its turret pointed at you. Just latch a satchel to the side of it,
and take cover in the central ruins. Follow your next waypoint indicator after
the armor is destroyed. Now, follow the squad of men who are running down the
alleyway. Cut a left into the building, and head up the stairs. Mission

/Stalingrad 1943 - City Hall/
Difficulty: *
Main Objectives: + Proceed to the City Hall entrance

- You'll start off at a very silent, but deadly ambush. When you move forward,
some German guards will pop their head from behind the barricade. Gun them
down, hop over, and cut a left towards the destroyed truck. Several
reinforcements will flood from this left side. You will find it to be primarily
difficult to move on from here as an infinite flood of Germans will rush down
the street. Make baby steps forward, picking off a majority, finding new cover,
and repeating. Keep doing this until you can safely navigate around the next
corner. Try tossing some smoke to keep the accurate MG42 off your butt.	Flank
it along the left wall, peak out, and snipe the gunner off. Jump the sandbag,
cut a left around the corner, then you'll see a large stone building. Go left
now. Several German reinforcements will flood this main street. It is nothing
you cannot handle though. Move forward far enough until you have to cut a right
towards a new building. Be weary though as several aware patrols will rush on
the sandbags. Either toss a grenade up there, or fire away with a submachine
gun at the rushing troops. Flank them from behind, then head inside to plant
explosives on the door. Once the door is blown, head on through.

/Stalingrad 1943 - Comrade Sniper/
Difficulty: ****
Main Objectives: + Take out the enemy sniper
                 + Clear out the rest of the City Hall
                 + Defend the City Hall to death

- So far, your troops have managed to clear out a majority of the buildings.
You're split up, and the scouting report of snipers in the area makes you
weary. Eh, we're all gonna die of something. Charge around the corner, and gun
down the two Germans that try to stop you. Head into the next room, and be
weary of the same fate. The troops enjoy tossing bounced grenades on this
level, so watch for the indicator ASAP. There should be about 3 remaining
Germans (watch for the one to scare you around the corner of the stairs). Head
up, then you'll regroup with the rest of your men. Drop down, and follow
through. One of your standing men will get sniped quite easily. Grab the Mosin-
Nagant Sniper Rifle against the wall. One of your comrades will distract the
German temporarily as he picks off a false helmet. The sniper is located on the
fire-burning building (also known as the red building), on the second floor.
Count for the second row of windows. Now, look for the German to pop out of one
of them. He will often switch from spot to spot, so just nail him once for the
easy kill. Proceed up the ladder, and jump into the hole to move forward.

- You'll have to clear out a few basic rooms involving close combat. I
recommend just using the Mosin-Nagant sniper in close range as we want to keep
range on this level. You will find a Panzerschrek in the middle of the room;
pick it up. We'll use this later on. Look out the window, and pick off the 9-12
German troops that retreat out of your occupied area. Go left, down the stairs,
and to the first floor.	Clear out the remaining Germans on the ground floor.
You will know it's clear once your comrades say so. Head to the second floor as
you must prepare for a German counter-assault. Ensure that you have spotted
where the second spare Mosin-Nagant Sniper Rifle is - you're going to need it.
Also, if you have not picked up the Panzershrek, do so now. There will be about
100 total Germans to deal with, with 15 MG42 gunners, a mobile halftrack,
ground riflemen, and general flankers the rear. I highly recommend sniping from
the right corner window on the second floor. Simply stash in the corner when
injured to recover.

- The biggest factors to take down are the MG42s. These do the most damage, but
they also distract your AI comrades as well. Most of the MG42s spawn in the
left or right building, 2nd or 4th floor. Always look across the field,
concentrate, and fire. As for dealing with the general infantry rushes, pick
off the men holding the MG42s. The closer they get, the deadlier they are.
Secondly, kill infantry that get in ridiculously close range or men that prone.
These can be grenading threats, or opposing snipers themselves. Eventually,
you'll notice that as each wave gets fended off, the objective text let's you
know. When it says an armored halftrack is approaching, pick up the Panzer
launcher, or switch it out of your inventory. Wait for the halftrack to get in
range. It should get past the fountain before you have a chance to hit. One
shot should destroy it ultimately. Finally, fend off the last rush of foolish
Germans. They'll try their best Braveheart impression, but will eventually
retreat as you mow the down like sausage at a derby. It was not your day to

/El Alamein 1942 - The Diversionary Raid/
Difficulty: ****
Main Objectives: + Clear out the bunkers
		 + Destroy the fuel barrel supply
		 + Destroy the ammo depot supply
		 + Gather the enemy documents

- The British are in dire need of heroes. Slowly but surely, they're on a
partial retreat back to Egypt. Before we can count them down, your local squad
commander wants to perform an assault on a local supply dump. Hopefully, this
will temporarily distract the Germans long enough to rebuild some core strength
within the British army. Start off by following your Corporal to the left. Pull
out the Lee-Enfield, and pick off the 4 Germans by the sandbags & stone
emplacement. Then, go into the trenches along the right side. This next part is
tricky. About 2-3 Germans will appear above you, so listen to your friends'
calls. They often spot themm for you. Secondly, there will be several guardsmen
hiding behind barrels. Make use of the Thompson to rip right through them. I
recommend tossing a smoke grenade to disguise your presence as well. You'll
move up till you reach a solid barricade of supply crates. Cut a left to the
destroyed artillery, and pull out the Lee-Enfield. Pick off the MG42 gunners in
the distance, then head down along the left side where 2 of your allies are
waiting. Gun down the Germans that rush out of the stone bunker. I recommend
flushing one of the corners with a grenade. Rush in after it explodes.

- There will be anywhere from 3-5 Germans hiding behind boxes or in dark
corners. Keep your eyes aware, your Thompson loaded, and your melee button
close. Once this bunker is clear, exit it, and cut a left. Watch for an
immediate tango to pop his head above the upper sandbags. Also, toss a grenade
into the stone emplacement to the left where the MG42 is. Rush up here, man the
MG42, and gun down the Germans hiding in the front trenchline. Lee-Enfield the
ones out of range or out of your angle's reach.	Go back to the main trench, and
continue forth. 4 Germans will be waiting for you around the corner. Rush
through them with the Thompson, and melee swipe when necessary. Reload and head
into the bunker to your right. Again, flush out the remaining troops in the
next room. Watch for the multiple grenade toss by the German squad. Toss a
smoke grenade at the base of the ladder, and climb it. Immediately look for the
nearest stone emplacement with the 2 guards. Rush it and waste the Thompson
clip on them. Then, take cover, reload, and kill the guard who was right by the
ladder. Exit the bunker and regroup.

- Cut a left and your AI should follow if you went the right way. Some Germans
will defend themselves behind boxes, but it's a mere joke compared to the
spray-n-pray gun. Meet up with your backup. You'll be assaulting the main
supply dump now. Here comes the tricky part. You'll have optional objectives to
complete. There are 5 fuel barrel stockpiles, and an ammo depot. I suggest
heading for the ammo depot first, as it will be lightly defended with the
Germans spread out. Go along the left where the 3 Germans were behind the
sandbags. Go behind the barracks building (there should be hardly anyone here).
Then, cut a right around the corner. Drop down right to the sloped entrance of
this ammo depot. Don't plant the explosives yet. Instead, wait down there as a
huge overload of German troops will rush out from the other depot (15+).
Explode both barrels by shooting them on the left & right positions. Then,
plant the explosives, charge up, and retreat back the way you entered this
area. You will have to run, gun, and evade bullets. Pick off anyone who chases
you. Recover your health and ammo. Do the same routine, but head to the ammo
depot opposite of that one. Plant the explosives, and you'll have only 5-7
Germans to deal with up top (they'll be distracted too). Once this second depot
is down, head to the left for the third and final depot. Plant the explosives,
meet with the men in the center, and destroy any remaining fuel depots.

- You will now be told to search for enemy documents. Your men will run to a
bunker entrance a tad north of the ammo depots. One of your men will breach it
with explosives, You are ordered to clear it out. Oh booyah. Head on in, and
immediately submachine gun the 2 Germans to the left. Continue down the narrow
hall. You will eventually reach a split. Watch for awaiting Germans behind the
crates. A constant flow will rush from the right stairs entrance. Be weary, and
try to get down there once you isolate the respawning of the Germans. Head on
in, and toss a grenade into the left room while you gun the Germans in this
room. Push forward. You will find the documents on a wooden table. Head back
up. Meet with your Captain back in the center. Looks like we're heading back to
deal with some darn Panzers.

/El Alamein 1942 - Hold the Line/
Difficulty: ***
Main Objectives: + Defend the lower lines by using close-range weapons
                 + Defend the rest of the town via artillery support

- Your squad is being transported to the nearby town via Bren carriers. Quite a
luxury if you ask me. Anyhow, don't worry about the initial part until your
carrier parks. Hop out, and follow the Captain to the nearby trench. Crouch
onto the MG42, and start gunning down the Germans that hop out of the
halftracks & from the desert to the south. Keep staying on the gun until you
are told to defend the west side. Hop off the MG42, and look for the "W" symbol
on your compass. Head in this direction. You will have to go slightly right of
the West position though. You may notice that there is no MG42 here. Look for
the nearby Flak gun (looks like an artillery mechanism). Press F to man the
Flak Gun. Aim the shells at the large groups of Germans that rush over the
hills. More will approach from the southwest; do the same. Unfortunately, more
fools will charge from the north hill, and your Flak Gun can only hit a portion
of them. Quickly jump off of the Flak Gun, and head towards the north direction
(but stay in the town). You should be able to find a MG42 mounted on a concrete
barrier. Man it, and simply wave the fire all over the Germans rushing the
hill. It will get to a point where you will be told tanks are coming in, and
artillery support is available.

- Jump off the MG42, and head to the new waypoint. It's the tallest building in
town. Go inside, then up the stairs. Climb the ladder to the very top. On top
of this building is where you must make your legendary stand, and no, it has
nothing to do with mustard. You must use your binoculars by pressing B, then
pressing F once the binoculars are aimed at the correct target. The artillery
feature takes awhile to get use to. After pressing F, a red flare will drop
down from the sky. This marks the artillery spot for the support fire. However,
there is about a 15-second delay from calling the coordinates till they
actually rain down. Also, the artillery has about a 5-7 second reload time per
firing, so you must compound these waiting times. Nonetheless, the series of
enemy troops will approach from the south, southwest, west, and then far north.
However, only concentrate the fire where you are told to. Remember, you have to
aim "ahead of" the intended directions of the large German squads. It takes
time to get use to firing the artillery, so test a shot, and hope that the
actual firing occurs right when the group comes under it.

- There will also be about 8-10 tanks to destroy. Wait until the tanks stop
moving, spot them with a flare, and this will usually destroy them. Sometimes
they'll move if they see the flare land in front of them, so let it land on top
or behind their position. Be weary not to fire artillery close to your men (it
usually will not let you, and this is a waste of a shot). If the Germans
override one of your lines, concentrate a pot shot near the line but not close
to your men. If the Germans pop a smoke grenade, and entire squad disappears,
aim at the smoke cloud for best effect. Feel free to pick off the Germans with
your bolt-action rifle at will. Eventually, your tank support will arrive once
you have rid of the last German squadron to the north.

/El Alamein 1942 - Operation Supercharge/
Difficulty: **
Main Objectives: + Eliminate 5 Flak Anti-Tank Crews
		 + Clear out the bunker
		 + Take the last point & radio to HQ

- You'll start off on the immediate frontline of the battle. Your fellow tanks
will be pushing through the Afrika Korps lines, however, they need your
assistance to guide the default engineers. Move forward, and pick off some of
the Germans either with your sniper rifle or Thompson. Move into the tunnel
ahead to provide assistance. When you reach the end, nail down anyone who
opposes you, but wait for the Captain to lead the way. A few artillery barrages
will come down. Your Crusader tanks will move up to assist. Follow them for
cover support, but ensure to Lee-Enfield snipe off the MG42 gunners in the
distant trenchline. Your Captain will order you to flank the trenchline and rid
of the MG42 nest. Follow him into the trench, ensuring to fire away at any
Germans. Eventually, your route will cut upwards to the left. Follow it up
until you reach 3 Germans hiding by some barrels. Thompson them down, cut a
right, and head down the concrete stairs. Try to pick off the German who fires
immediately at you in the peephole. There are explosive barrels behind him that
can be penetrated.

- Drop down the ladder entranceway inside the concrete bunker. Inside, you will
find a hidden German establishment with about 8 men total. There's nothing
special, just navigate forward, and use the MG42 peephole to reap up some quick
kills while conserving Thompson ammo. You will find a dirt-cut exit tunnel that
leads back out to the trenchline from before. Continue forth, and eliminate the
first Flak 88 crew. There are 4 men total ot deal with; a well-placed grenade
will make them jump for joy (literally). Proceed down the cut path, and hit the
MG42 gunners from the rear. Continue forward, moving under the wooden plank
bridges for your Crusader tanks. A few stray Germans will provide to be nothing
close to worthy in the mention of combat. You'll find another Flak 88 crew in
the next concrete bunker. Toss a cooked grenade to deal with them quickly and
efficiently. Cut a left to exit this bunker area, and you'll soon arrive at a
barren field. You're ordered to cross with the tanks. Do so. One of the tanks
will get destroyed halfway. Simply follow the other one now. You won't be able
to do much for the most part as this is mainly scripted AI.

- Follow the second tank all the way till you reach a right German trench.
Assault the initial patrols hiding inside, and continue through the underlit
carriage of the trench. Move left at the Y-split. Move forward till the smoke
starts to build up. Eliminate the large grouping of Germans crouched in the
trent, and disable this squad of Flak 88 operators. You should have one crew
left at this point. Continue down this same trench line, and ensure to pull out
the sniper rifle. Simply take long range shots on the crew operators, and also
at the perimeter guards. The last crew should be taken down easily. Backtrack
to the Barracks door waypoint. The Captain will breach the door with some
tainted explosives. Rush on in and immediately lay the smackdown on some awaken
German soldiers. You'll find about 3 in the main room, and two in the side
rooms. Go left and out of the bunker. You'll be at the main rally point now.
Pick off the roof guard and snipers who pop their head in the cracks of the
varying buildings. Move out of the trench and fall in after the tanks. This
next part will be a slow but progressive assault. The Germans will pour out of
the main HQ building. Let them do so, and use the trenches for cover. Pick a
few off, move forward, and repeat. You should be able to flank the right wall
of the building easily. Head on in through the front, then upstairs, and take
out the remaining souls who had not died. You'll find a radio on the second
floor in the back room. Radio in to HQ about how you kicked ass and chewed
bubble gum.

/El Daba 1942 - The End of the Beginning/
Difficulty: ***
Main Objectives: + Take out the 3 German artillery crews
		 + Radio in for an artillery bombardment
		 + Find the German dispatches
		 + Return to the Captain

- The infamous mission from the demo, also known as The Daba. Anyhow, you'll
spawn in an initial transport truck. The British forces are advancing on a
well-secured German town, more of the less the last stand for the Germans. One
of the nearby armored transports will get shelled by a plane. You'll be
inserted into the heat of the battle. Crouch and jump off the truck. Cut a
right past the MG42. You can throw smoke if you want or pick him off, it
doesn't really matter though. Once you reach the right flank, about 6-7 Germans
will fire back behind the barrels. Get a grenade or two over there, along with
support fire. Push forward, and pick off any balcony snipers around the left
corner. Using the right wall for cover, hit the remaining MG42 and men
surrounding the area. Once it's clear, head into the MG42 nest building via the
front door. On the other side where the exit door is, you'll have an MG42 & 2
assisters as well. Toss a grenade, or take out the MG42 first. Watch for
counter-grenade tosses. Rush them, then around the alley corner is the coast
where the artillery crews are. I recommend tossing a timed nade at the crews to
take large groups out rather quickly. Watch for balcony riflemen along the
right flank - these guys are a pain.

- Toss a smoke grenade to make sure but slow progression. Pick off the MG42
gunners at the center of each artillery crew, as these can be deadly to your
allies. Continue moving forward, and just be weary around the marketplace. Some
jihadist Germans may try to melee swipe you. Take the right entrance into the
marketplace as the left entrance takes heavy MG42 fire. A small squad of
Germans will try to rush out from around the right flank - make sure they get
Thompsoned down. Go along this right flank, and take out anyone else who tries
to escape. Go in via the side door, and you'll have 4-5 Germans who rush from
the second floor. Once you reach the top floor, head to the balcony, and signal
the radio for shell firings from the main battleships. The British navy will
rip the 2 German supply ships to smitherines. Now, follow your waypoint towards
the next sector. It's going to get hairy, and perhaps dangerous.

- 2 MG42s will start firing down this alleyway at your men. You should be able
to run straight across the street with no worries. Take the left flank up and
around. One of your men will breach a wooden door only to get breached down by
MG42 fire. Toss a frag into the room to flush the gunner out, then Thompson
down the 3 bastantes. Move to the next alley, and hit the 2 retreating Germans.
Move on up into the building where a blasted hole exposes the 2 MG42 gunners.
Before sniping them off, pick off the roof guards who have long-range
capabilities. There are about 3 of them in total. Take out the gunners, drop
down, and head over towards the German base. Move in through the front door,
and the next door has 2 Germans crouching by both corners. Shouldn't be too
difficult to take them out. Move up the stairs, and take out the 4 guardians of
the plans. They will crumble like a loaf of bread after 2 weeks of staleness.
Grab the German dispatches off of the table, and leap back to the ground. Man
the second MG42 and mow down as many Germans as possible down the street. Go in
the left alleyway. Pick off the 3 Germans that try to retreat, and you'll be
saved by an amigo with the last German who takes aim at you. Follow your way
back to the Captain, and you've scored several bottles of Cognak.

/Libya 1943 - Crusader Charge/
Difficulty: *
Main Objectives: + Take out the line of Panzer tanks

- Interestingly enough, this is the first vehicle mission we're provided with.
Unfortunately, you get to navigate a vastly underpowered tank with the
advantage of speed. Start off by following the tank formation to the left.
There will be tons of scattered German soldiers on this one, but they're
unimportant to the actual battle. Your focus is on eliminating the enemy tanks.
Proceed forth with the "V" formation until you reach the ridge where they tell
you to close in fast. Before that though, feel free to crush Germans, blow them
up with tank rounds, or simply careen to the next checkpoint. Your secondary
turret fires automatically, while the arrow keys guide your tank. Let the mouse
aim the turret.

- Once you start to approach the incline, the Panzers will begin to rain long-
range shells on you. Stay behind the lead tank, but try to move at a diagonal.
This makes it tougher to get hit by the enemy. Your commander will let you know
when you are within range. Don't be too pretentious about pre-aiming and all
that goofball stuff. Instead, put the cursor over the tank and fire when it
turns red. The tank shells have remarkable accuracy and rarely dip over the
distances (unless you're out of range). It is best to hit the Panzers from the
rear, which can only be done by flanking them. Try eliminating the tanks of the
left first by moving diagonally and firing. It will take 2 shells normally, one
shell for a rear shot. Try to hit the rest of the Panzers from the rear as
well, but do not stop, slow down, or get caught in debris of a destroyed tank.
This spells doom. Remember, don't move straight towards the tanks - slant
towards them. A fairly easy & SHORT mission.

/Libya 1943 - 88 Ridge/
Difficulty: *
Main Objectives: + Flank and take out the Flak Guns
		 + Take out any Panzer opposition

- You'll start off in another tank assault mode. How short can this mission
get? Nonetheless, move down the ridge, and charge up the hill. You'll be
greeted by 3-4 Panzers, nothing too bad, however, there are Panzershrek
infantry at some of the Flak Gun emplacements. You know what to do, blast the
barrels next to these points to watch the rockets sore (along with the
Germans). Push forward, and you'll run into your first major resistance. About
10-12 Panzers will be scattered. I found it easiest to simply weave in and out
behind them rather than a frontal assault. It's more risky, but the front-
armored tanks go do a lot quicker than usual. Once it is cleared, push up the
hill. You will have to go along the right ridge, but do not go all the way
right. Instead, cut a left to the peak of the hill when you see a takeable
path. Once up top, take out the remaining Flak guns along the right ridge.
There will be 2 Panzers down the left side of the hill you will have to move
down to purposely to take. Get back to the top of the hill, and take out the
remaining 6-8 Panzers from the rear as they'll be distracted by the Shermans.
Other than that, another fairly short mission.

/Tunisia 1943 - Outnumbered and Outgunned/
Difficulty: ***
Main Objectives: + Man the MG42
		 + Control the armored car turret
		 + Meet at the rally point

- Who said chasing down the ill-supplied was easy? You'll be inside a major
town on a partial defense while the rest of your divisions catch up. However,
you'll start taking fire immediately on this one. Man the MG42 directly in
front of you. You'll have several spawning Germans, primarily from the
straight-ahead road and the right flank. Shoot the barrels for added
explosions, and keep gunning them down. You'll have one tango to deal with on
the roof in front of you. Most of the enemy tossed grenades will land in front
of you but do no damage. After enough kills, an armored German halftrack will
fire heavy rounds on your building. Prone as the rounds will destroy the MG42
and place several holes in your building. One of your nearby squads will be
screaming for reinforcements. Your Captain orders you to flank that armor
outside. Wait for the back door to get kicked down, and pick off the 2 German
assaulters. Head downstairs, and around the right corner. Watch for the
defenders by the table. Exit the building.

- Outside, watch for the MG42 past the barbed wire. Cut a right down the
alleyway and run into the door just left of the armored turret. Then, pop out
and shoot the gunner out. Kill the remaining Germans, and the Captain will toss
the navigator out. Press F to use the armored car. MacGregor will drive it for
you, but it turns out that he's a complete idiot when it comes to driving.
Watch the overheat meter on your turret. If it overheats, you'll get stalled
and could easily get destroyed. Pick off the Germans that rush you by simply
firing and rotating the turret. Watch for the guy on the left with the
Panzershrek. You'll make an entire loop around the block. Two more Panzershreks
will make an appearance on the rooftops. Feel free to kill the existing German
infantry crouched behind boxes & drums.	When you reloop, and go right this
time, you'll end up flanking the Panzer tank from behind. Keep firing till it
explodes (there's a fuel tank attached on the rear). Also, ensure to hit the
Panzershreks on the ground level. When you reach the dead, flip the turret
around, and nail the German infantry that rush the corner. There will be 5-7
Panzershreks at once, so I hope you're quick on firing that turret. Remember
not to overheat it.

- You'll start to do more continual loops, but this time with plenty of
transport trucks and German infantry to kill. Simply gun away, and aim for the
engines on the trucks to easily destroy them. You'll have a few more paths to
navigate, along with a few lone Panzershreks to deal with - nothing
overwhelmingly challenging. Eventually though, MacGregor will run over a series
of mines that catapult you from the armored car. You're not dead, just one of
those Rambo moments without caffeine. Take cover in the nearby building, and
Thompson out the Germans behind the stack of crates. Move up along the right,
and flank the MG42 nest via a right alleyway. A well-placed grenade ought to do
the trick. You should rally up with some of your loyal men. They'll start to
push forward, but run into minor German resistance. When you are told to defend
the rear, turn around, go back, and pick off the Germans that rush the
marketplace. The Captain will then order you to push forward to the rally
point. Turn around yet again, and go forward. Watch for the undetected Krauts
hiding behind the crates and stack of boxes right by the destroyed car. If you
omve forward a bit, a line of Germans will be behind the barricade past the
blown-up Panzer tank. Pick them off with the Lee-Enfield. Rush forward though
as the Germans will start to hit you from the rear. You should meet up with
another squad of your allies who breached through. Head for the last transport

/Tunisia 1943 - Retaking Lost Ground/
Difficulty: ***
Main Objectives: + Take out the Flak Gun crews
		 + Retake the Mosque

- You've been ordered to retake the town of Toujane after getting scowered out
like hounds. This time, you're going in with tank support, but the Germans are
probably just waiting to ambush you. You'll spawn on one of the Crusader tanks
sitting out in the open. Eventually, your lead tank will be destroyed. Hop off,
and take the right alley. Cut a right here, and mow down the Germans waiting
around the walls. Continue down this way to flank the Flak gun. When you get
close to the main street, don't pop your head out. An MG42 is waiting around
the corner to the right. Ensure to pick off the several Germans crouched behind
the supplies and around the wall corners. Either smoke in front of the MG42, or
lean pick him off by crouching against the stack of boxes. Once it's clear,
move up, but be careful. An ambush of Germans will occur from the rear, left Y-
flank, and right alleyway. Let your allies take care of the guys on the right
(along with explosives from one of your men on the Flak gun). Meanwhile, go
down the Y-split, and take out the 5 Germans who try to surprise ambush you. A
well-placed grenade ought to do. Once they're down, look towards the left flank
past the Flak Gun position. Several Krauts along with riflemen on the roof will
fire on you. Pick off as many as you can.

- Move forward once they're isolated and taken out. Move under the shanty
shadows, and one of your AI will place a ladder to the roof. Cover his back by
shooting any Germans who rush him. Climb up top, and move across towards the
hole in the wall border. Drop down, climb the left wall, and you'll hit a
defensive line of Germans in a window to the left, and behind sme obstacles. I
took cover right to the left of the window, and just side flanked each of the
Germans at their initial spots. It should not be too difficult.	Again, move
forward. You'll run into a Flak crew along the left flank. Toss some smoke to
prevent the MG42 from sighting you, and pick it off from the distant position.
Gun down the Germans hiding behind the sandbags, and watch for a resupply of
Krauts via a transport truck to the right. Once it's fairly clear, move up
along the left, and you'll have several Germans on roofs to deal with. There
will also be a turret firing on your position. Flank left cautiously, but also
help pick off some of those ranged riflemen while you're at it. One of your
Crusader tanks will blast through a stone wall and rid of the Panzer.

- Once the Panzer is down, move up, and watch for the awaiting Germans to your
left. Your tank will provide some assistance, but will stop near one of the
corenrs. Flank this Flak Gun crew via a left road, as they have an established
MG42 which fires down the main alleyway. Once it's flanked, watch for Krauts to
pop their heads on two roofs right next to the position. Gun them down, and
continue following the tanks up through the city. You'll find more resistance
up ahead, but you may lose your last Crusader tank due to Panzershreks. Clear
out the Germans along this left path until you're told to take the last Flak
Gun. Move ahead, and you'll have about 12 Germans to deal with, 6 split near
the Flak, and another 6 who try to flank you along the right. The Thompson
should rip them up easily, and hop the wall to finish off the remaining Germans
next to the gun. Backtrack towards the next waypoint to clear out the remaining
Geramns hidden in the town mosque. You'll find several Germans behind sandbags
on the upper ridge of the mosque. Lee-Enfield them down with headshots, rush up
the stairs, and man the MG42. Your Crusader tanks will come in to back you up,
but simply fire away at the Germans retreating down the right street for bonus

/Tunisia 1943 - Assault on Matmata/
Difficulty: *****
Main Objectives: + Fend off the ambush
		 + Take over the AA gun & shoot down planes

   ***TIP: I'd like to thank BSam for providing this tip.
           Right when you start off, bail out of the truck and head over to
           the destroyed British tank. Hold up here for some easy-going cover.
           Chuck about 2-3 smoke grenades. This actually stops most of the
           firing, and you can easily get out of the area, or gun down the
           Germans at will. This tip works especially well on the higher

- This mission is probably the toughest beginning you'll have. It's frankly an
ambush. You'll be transported until your jeep runs into a German transport
truck. Your driver is instantly kill from the collision. Jump off, and take
cover between the transport truck and brown crates right in front of you.
Crouch here, and pick off the Germans that appear on both roofs. Don't worry
too much about the Panzershreks, as they'll be aimed at the vehicles. The
explosion from your transport truck will not kill you, but stay between these
two to prevent the Krauts from getting a decisive angle. One of your men will
breach a side gate. Head through it once you are told to. At the establishment
up ahead is several German infantry. Follow your Captain till he crouches
behind a sandbag. Prone here, recover your health, crouch up, and potshot the 2
Germans opposite of you on the roof. Repeat this strategy to rid of the other
enemies. A smoke grenade helps here, and do not worry about enemy grenades.
They will not hurt you if you stay wedged between the sandbags.	You'll have to
flank along the left somehow. Watch for the central building as lone patrols
like popping their head out of windows and firing down on you. Keep pushing
forward till you get to the T-split. This is where it truly gets difficult.

- Toss a smoke grenade to the left to distract the enemy. Kill that MG42er from
before by hitting him along the right road. He won't see it coming. Backtrack,
and start picking off the Germans in the smoke with your rifle. Wait for the
second MG42 to start firing on your men, than aim at the window and pick off
the gunner. You'll now have 4 Germans lined up behind the stone wall directly
underneath the MG42. It can be difficult, but try to Thompson snipe them down.
A small squad of Germans will try to flank on the left; gun as many as you can.
Turn around, and kill the German on the balcony near your right-rear flank.
Push along the right side, and you'll have a ditto effect of more German squads
rushing out. Do the same run-n-gun style, Suddenly, a mobile German MG42 will
rush onto the scene. I found no way to destroy it. Simply run down the left
alleyway, and try to approach it. The vehicle will retreat backwards. However,
several German infantry will rush onto the scene to reinforce. Fire away as
ther will be a large group of fairly accurate troops. Once they're down, follow
the route where the vehicle retreated to. Some Krauts will reinforce this
flanking route. Gun them down, and watch the corner though as the vehicle will
be waiting for you. Toss a smoke grenade as a distraction.

- Your tank reinforcements should have arrived by now. Push forward down this
street, and let the tank rip them up with the turret. Feel free to flank along
the right, picking off the long-range riflemen and close-range submachine
gunners. You should hear an AA gun sounding off in the distance. Eventually,
your tank will be destroyed. Finish off the remaining infantry, and head
through the tunnel where the AA is. Toss a grenade or gun down the AA crew
manning the beast. Move in to where the AA is, and crouch here. About 5 Germans
will pop their heads on the north roof. Pick them off, do the same for the east
& west walls. Then, man the AA gun. Do not rotate it as all 20 planes will
approach from the set direction. To pick them off, aim it much like the tank.
Wait till the cursor is red and fire. There is no overheating meter, a limit or
ammo, or recharge to worry about. Once the planes are down, Captain Price is
proud of your accompishments. He tells you to liquor up before the next battle.

/D-Day 1944 - The Battle of Pointe du Hoc/
Difficulty: ****
Main Objectives: + Climb the Rope and find the Artillery guns
		 + Destroy the Artillery Guns
		 + Backtrack and clear the 3 bunkers

- Practically like any D-Day landing, you're on one of the death transport
boats. Your goal is to knock out some artillery cannons the Germans possess as
these can be troublesome to troops landing on the Omaha & Utah beaches. The
MG42s will start raining fire down on all of the boats as you get within range.
Once the transport unloads, your ship will get destroyed, and you'll be tossed
fairly unconscious. One of your buds pulls your head back together, and you
pull your act into gear. Move slightly to the right where cover it, and look up
diagonally to the left. Pick off the MG42 gunner with the Springfield. Now,
keep going left till you find an empty rope. Press F to climb it, and do so to
the top. Once you reach up top, follow your men as the guns will not be here.
This is where it gets tricky. Flank along the right side, staying close to the
trenches, but at an angle capable of sniping off the AA gunner. Pick off the AA
gunner so that this large distraction stops firing. You should find a small
hidden bunker entrance slightly north. Be careful though as a huge grouping of
Germans will rush out of the entrance. Thompson them down, head inside, and
shoot the men at the far end of the dark hall.

- Cut a left about halfway down when the big explosion occurs. You'll find some
Germans via their rear flank in the next room. Gun them down. I recommend
exchanging the Thompson for the MP44. The MP44 was a practical assault rifle,
and ahead of its time back during the war. It also has a larger ammo capacity.
Check the left bunker room for a ton of Germans barricaded inside. A well-
placed grenade and automatic fire makes them cry for mercy. Head up the stairs
to exit the bunker. You will be right next to the AA gun, along with MG42 &
MP40 fire from the trenchlines. This part is EXTREMELY frustrating because you
have to throw smoke grenades to conceal your position. Toss 2 of them, in
series, so the smoke cloud is huge. Run across diagonally left into the trench.
Cut up near the one MG42 bunker, and shoot the Germans that try to exit the
bunker up the exit stairs. Now, snipe the 2 gunners on the AA gun opposite of
this area, and head towards the waypoint indicated on the map. Don't step past
the mine signs though. Move along the right of the main entrance to where your
squad is crouching. Charge in when the guy starts laying down cover fire with
the BAR. Move to the straight house, then look right, and nail the 3 Germans
hiding inside the small cottage. Move to this cottage, then support fire
diagonally left towards the crouched Germans behind the trailer.

- You'll have to make baby steps, but there is an MG42 mounted on some sandbags
on the corner roof of the house at this small conjunction. Pick the 3 gunners
(they pick off where the last one died) out of the MG42 position. Move up, then
cut a right, and gun down the man behind the box. Toss a nade into the 2 side
windows to flush out the German. Enter the house via the left side doorway.
You'll find several Germans on the ground floor, and about 3 Germans on the top
floor. Clear out the ground floor first with a submachine gun, nade the top,
and pick off the one German who shoots right when you reach the top of the
stairs. Clear out the second floor, and a .30 CAL should start laying down fire
on the Germans across the series of walls. Get back to the ground level and
help your allies out the back door. Pick off some of the Germans pushing
towards your position, then move along the left flank where the halftrack is.
Take out the turret gunner, along with the series of reinforcements. Move along
this flank, and knock out the crouched Germans behind each series of walls
trying to defend their stationary position. You'll reach a main road where the
SGT orders you to follow him. Do so.

- You and the SGT happen to find all the artillery guns. The foolish Krauts
forgot to guard them. You have to plant Thermite grenades to dispose of them.
Move in at the base where the shells are normally loaded and press F. Do this
for all marked ones on your map. Once they're all destroyed, regroup with the
squad. You're ordered to clear out the remaining Kraut bunkers before leaving
this area. Backtrack through the series of walls, and pick off the Germans that
try to hold you back. When you move along the left, about 12 Germans will run
out from the farm field. Make use of the MP40, BAR, or Thompson to mow them
down. Cut a right back through the building. There will be only a few Germans
left where you originally breached through on the town. Take em' out, and make
it back to the bunker battlefield. Pick off any scrambling Germans in the
distance. Follow your squad to the entrance gate. One of the privates will
charge-blast the gate. Rush on through. Take cover in one of the impact holes,
and fire back at the Germans in the trench. Do your best to scramble and crawl
in their trench. Pop each corner ensuring to nail down the crouched Germans in
the trench. Take this trenchline but go left. Work your way to the first bunker
that is isolated from the other two. Toss a grenade into the isolated position,
and clear out the last man in the dark corner. Run back to the trench but go
towards the other two positions.

- The second bunker position is VERY unguarded. Clear out the 2-3 Germans, but
then take the stairwell that heads into the inner area below. This bunker will
lead to an exit right by the third bunker. DO NOT take the front entrance to
the bunker, an MG42 is waiting to fire at you. Jump on the roof right above the
MG42. Look down, and you should see an open entrance to the bunker along with
some German feet. Toss a timed nade into the hole to flush the Germans out.
Drop down and quickly move into this area. Cut back on the 2 MG42 gunners from
the rear and the final bunker will be cleared. Regroup for the end.

/D-Day 1944 - Retreat? We're Advancing in Another Direction/
Difficulty: *****
Main Objectives: + Defend the south & west points
		 + Retreat to the orchard and provide cover
		 + Retreat to each of the designated trench points
		 + Hold out for 5 minutes till support arrives

- All I can say is that this mission is an absolute mess to deal with. You will
initially spawn on the roadway captured from before, except the Germans are
pressing down like a necktie squeezed firmly. You'll have to defend the south
point first. Make use of the Springfield for long-range shots first. Then,
switch the submachine gun for when the Germans get closer. When you are told to
defend the west point, do so. Move over to that position and start firing down
on the Krauts. You'll have a repeat performance except the pressure is quite
extensive. Keep firing until your SGT tells you that the Germans are bringing
in tanks from the east. Retreat to the top-hill wall of the orchard. Again,
crouch here and lay down support fire with your sniper rifle and/or submachine
gun. Infantry will pour in from the left flank and straight flank, so make your
shots count. Watch for the MG42s, and sneaky bastantes that will try to hit you
from the sides. When you're told to cover the squad by manning the .30 CAL,
move back to into the building. Before you can get there, some Germans will
approach from the left farmfield. Lay a few pot shots, and then get into the
building for safe keeping.

- Move to the second floor where the right window is. Hop on the .30 CAL and
start firing down on the Germans pouring through the Orchard. Remember not to
friendly fire at your own men. You're going to have to keep doing this until
you see all arrows on your compass safely past your position. If you see the
Panzer tank breach the orchard, quickly get off the MG42 as a tank shell will
rip you to pieces. Now, with this task accomplished, it is time to move. Go
downstairs, but watch the closed door as a German will kick it down. Quickly
gun him down. Germans will be hitting you from the rear and right flank
outside, so Thompson what you can and get into a building for cover. Move down
along the right buildings, and you'll notice that the Panzer has managed to
slip through. Pull out back to the bunker battlefields until you reach the
initial trenchline where you are told to stop. Get on the MG42 and start firing
at the Germans pouring through the town gate & main gate. Don't worry about the
Panzer tank as it will do little damage. If you get hit too many times, get off
the MG42, recover, and hop back on. Get off and shoot any Germans who manage to
slip through on your wide-angle shots where the MG42 cannot hit them. After the
smoke clouds start to fill the battlefield, you'll be told to retreat again!

- Follow your SGT and don't bother to shoot back. That tank would rip you to
pieces. A countdown timer of 5:00 will start to signal. You have to hold out
for five minutes or die trying. The point you're at, just keep firing back with
submachine gun fire and/or sniper fire. Hold out till about 2:50 left on the
clock, and the Panzer will literally be right on your arse. Retreat back with
the SGT to the last point. I'd recommend picking up a BAR, MP40, or MP44 to use
as you will need the ammo. The Germans will approach from the bunker location
and left flank. Stay crouched in the trench, pop up, expend a clip, and recover
health. When the timer approaches 0:50, get to the roof of the bunker and
prone. You will have to signal a smoke grenade by pressing F on the icon to let
your reinforcements know you're still alive. Do this, then stay here, and
simply gun away. The Panzer tank will push onto your last position when the
countdown timer hits 0. The planes will bomb it to pieces, and make sure to mop
up any surviving Germans. You tried, and they died. Hoorah.

/D-Day 1944 - The Silo/
Difficulty: ****
Main Objectives: + Provide cover fire to advance
		 + Clear the buildings in the town
		 + Snipe the artillery crews from the Silo tower

- After the days of struggle, time has come to move forth with your plan. Your
squad is ordered to scout a village out to the north. Your SGT wants to lay
down cover fire from a .30 CAL, while everyone else moves forward into the
village. Meet up to the rally point, and prone right on the dirt mound. The SGT
will rush ahead along with his troops while you and the .30 CAL must pick off
the Germans. Aim right at the upper right window as a MG42 will pop up here.
Pick him off, then work on the MG42 gunner slightly left & below him. Look to
the left of the farm field as you'll see a plethora of Germans crouched behind
a stone wall. Slowly but surely, your men will make progress up the hill. When
they get fairly close to the top, make sure to pick off any Germans who try to
man the MG42s. Move up with them, and pick up a MP40 off of a dead body. Enter
the first building on the right to clear out. Near the far side window, pick
off the Germans in the distance who rush onto the street head. While your AI
keeps these guys busy, go left to the "A" marked waypoint. Some Germans are
behind flipped-over tables in the dark entrance. Pick them off, move in, and
cut a right through the hall. Clear the first and second floors. You'll just
need a basic submachine gun to deal with the threats.

- Head out the back exit and move up towards building F. Watch for the MG42 in
the dark window. Flank along the left, and use the crates for cover. Enemy fire
will mainly come from the windows. Smoke your assault or pick them off one-by-
one. Once inside, the first floor is easy to clear. The second floor is filled
with lots of threats though, specifically in dark crevices. Grab a MP44 if
possible off of one of the dead bodies.	Move back down to the rear exit, and
head over towards building D. You'll have lots of initial guards on the ground
level, so make use of the stone perimeter for cover. Watch the front entrance
to this place. Five Germans will literally try to run out, and you'll run out
of ammo unless you have a MP40/44. A nicely timed grenade ought to make the
dessert. Clear out the second floor, and head across the next road to building
E. This one hardly has any men on the ground level, but there are 3 Germans
including a German sniper hidden on the second floor in the last room. Toss a
grenade in there to flush them out, and exchange for the Kar98K scoped if
you're low on default ammo. Exit this building and flank building B on the
right side. You will find holes in the stone wall which you can use to pick off
the Germans hiding inside.

- Smoke the front entrance to the barn as there are men on the 1st & 2nd floor.
Wait till the smoke is milky thick, then charge in the door with some of your
allies. IMMEDIATELY run up to the second floor ignoring the first. Take out the
2nd floor guard, then wait for some of the Germans to chase up the stairs after
you. Submachine gun them down. Now, clear the second floor, and drop down to
clear the first. It's time to head over to the "C" sector. To make this next
part easy, go to the right behind building C. There should be no enemy activity
what so ever. Go around via the top side, and hop into the first floor of the
building via the window. All of the Germans are on the second floor. Toss an
initial nade, then rush up, turn left, and submachine gun anyone in that
doorway. Turn to your right after the mate is downed as there are 2 Germans
waiting right around the corner. Clear the right room first, backtrack, and
take the left room. Once building C is taken, regroup at the center. You're
told to take up a position on the Silo in order to defensively snipe against
the Germans.

- This is the toughest part of the mission, specifically on higher
difficulties. Basically, the Krauts are going to counterattack, and you know
it's one of those Saving Private Ryan moments. Anyhow, the basic idea is that
the Germans send in 2-man artillery crews, and they're trying to hit your
position on the silo. You must snipe only the 2-man crews, while your allies
deal with the ground threats. Each artillery crew is marked on your waypoint
indicator. Look where it is, then aim in that direction. The key is to always
aim at the one that has been on your compass the longest, as this means it is
most likely to fire at your position. You can only take a set amount of
artillery shots on this one before you always die. Always shoot the man who
plants the device or is moving it to the set location. If the Germans set an
artillery up, then all they need is for infantry to operate. Hence, it is
important to shoot the men carrying them before they can plant them on the
ground. If not, it's just one more item to worry about. The attacks will occur
on both faces, and reload the sniper rifle whenever there are no stars on the
map. This should lead you to victory. Climb back down after the Shermans arrive
to deal with the darn Germans. Your SGT is proud, and wants to give you a
Romanian cookie.

/Caen 1944 - Prisoners of War/
Difficulty: ***
Main Objectives: + Eliminate the mortar crews
		 + Find the wounded Americans
		 + Get a transport vehicle back to the wounded Americans

- You're making a stealthy assault on a German village. Follow Price up along
the left wall, then cut your flank along the right. Germans will pour out of
the bushline. Use the stone walls for crouch cover. Stand for accurate shots,
prone for a health recharge. Progressively move up, although the Sten is a
fairly bad submachine gun. You should be able to mow through the first German
defense easily. Smoke the bushline and charge through as there are several
Germans behind the stone wall. Stand up and pot shot them down. Quickly get
inside as mortar will start to rain down on your position. An MG42 will keep
you pinned down, but MacGregor thankfully flanks it. Once it is down, jump out
of the windows and assault the Germans hiding behind the obtrusions. It should
not be too much of a problem. Go into the building with an open doorway, and
head up the stairs. Eliminate the officers, then peak out the window with the
Lee-Enfield. For the next portion, engage the total German amount of 20
soldiers. Some will be at a distance behind a stone wall, by debris, or just
randomly running around. When the coast is "fairly" clear, move to the first
floor to get to the ground level. Flank along the right side with Captain

- Around the corner, you'll have a few more poor souls to engage. You'll want
to proceed directly into the building, clear it out, then head around back
where you will find the last artillery crew. Take them out, and regroup near
the front. Move along the right side, as an established MG42 on the left side
will fire away. Toss a smoke grenade near the battered wall to keep the Germans
from spotting you. Rush their position, then snipe the MG42 gunner behind the
sandbags. Clear out the building where the gunner was. It should not be too bad
though. Captain Price will bust through the back door to find lots of American
wounded. Don't shoot the German guards as they're willing to surrender. The
Captain wants you to get a transport truck to move the wounded Americans.
Follow MacGregor out the front.	Engage the first squad of Germans that hop over
the barrier. Another establishment of Germans is in the dark house around the
right corner. After that, just follow MacGregor's arrow on your compass. You
don't even have to engage the other Germans that fire at you. Once you reach
the truck, press F to hop in the back. Swap your Lee-Enfield for the
Panzershrek. MacGregor is a horrible driver, almost like one on narcotics. He
will traverse through the city, but have trouble on turns. If you get hit, duck
to recover. Eventually, one Panzer tank will get on your tail. Fire the
Panzershrek at it to destroy it. The best shot happens when it tries to cut you
off right before you reach the Americans. Hit it from the side for dramatic
explosions. MacGregor owes you two, the Americans get to go home, and you need
some darn Cognak by now.

/Caen 1944 - The Crossroads/
Difficulty: ***
Main Objectives: + Secure the crossroads
		 + Take the farmhouse & barn
		 + Defend the barn from enemy attack waves

- You'll spawn on the dark city streets on a rainy day. Boy this is going to be
a pain in the arse. Start off by moving up the street. Your men will be engaged
by a MG42 in a house, along with riflemen in the windows. Flank via the right
house, and kill the 4 Germans inside here. Make it to the other side, then from
this right flank, pick off the gunner & riflemen. Move forward, and a Tiger
tank will bust out from the right side. I quickly charged past the tank on the
right, to its rear, then into the building where the former MG42 was. Get up to
the second floor, take out the guard, and you should find a Panzershrek laying
on a crate right by the left window. Pick it up, go to the first floor, and
fire two rockets at the Tiger tank. It will be destroyed. Regroup with the
Captain near the deserted building. He wants you to flank the left buildings.
Do so at the first open door you see. Inside, you'll find a mix of Germans on
the ground and second floor. Get up on the second floor, peer out the window,
and pick off the 3 men in the MG42 nest below. Go outside, and move to the
second building right next to this one.

- Again, clear it out, and head to the top floor. When you look out, make your
first shot count on the MG42 gunner. Retreat to cover as there are several
opposing Germans inside windows with powerful rifles. Hop down when the coast
is clear and flush the building out. Jump down to where Price is, and follow
him up the road. Ignore the rear fire you take from the Germans. An enemy
halftrack will start to rumble down from the crossroads. Remember that
Panzershrek you had from before? Fire it at the halftrack till it is destroyed.
This actually alters what is suppose to happen (a private destroys it with
explosives), but it's cooler than an apple pie.	Move up to where the barbed
wire is on the right. You'll find a Panzershrek at the base of this building
for more ammo. Pick off as many Germans as you can beyond the barbed wire. They
will retreat after you kill enough of them. When they do, move back down the
street to check the nearby farmhouse. Your Captain will breach the gate to it.
Immediately prone and take out the MG42 gunner that appears in the second floor
window. Smoke the base of the building, move in, and clear out all Germans from
the establishment.

- Price wants you to check the barn now. Hop out of the second floor window,
and regroup with him. Toss some smoke in front of the MG42 that fires out of
the barn window. Flank it along the left, and toss some grenades into the dark
barn to flush the Germans out. Move in, destroy the radio along the left wall
by pressing F. After the radio is taken out, the Captain has been informed that
enemy attack waves are coming for the barn. He wants you to man the MG42 and
defend it at all costs. You'll find the MG42 at the leftmost window. Hop on and
start firing away. The six waves are primarily infantry that flush in from
hopping over the tall stone wall & through the right bushes. Wave the rapid
fire back and forth until an enemy tank comes. I recommend getting off the MG42
after the hole in the central portion of the barn is blown through. Pull out
your Panzershrek from before, and aim 2 rounds on the top turret of the tank.
It's a narrow aiming section, but it can be done. If you don't destroy it in
time; don't worry. Your reinforcements will hit it from behind causing a
massive explosion.

/Caen 1944 - The Tiger/
Difficulty: ****
Main Objectives: + Clear out all marked waypoints

- Your next objective is to take a town next to Caen for isolation purposes on
the Germans. However, it's dark, it's raining, and everyone is grumpy. You'll
start off moving down the road with 2 Sherman tanks assisting you. A Tiger tank
will end up interfering with your progress. Move through the right bush
opening, and attack the Germans across the broken stone wall. Clear the
building to your right (both floors), then your allies will provide cover fire
for you to move down the next alley. Use the Sten to pick off the Germans
around the corner and in the house who try to prove themselves as a valid
threat. The second floor will have several men up there, so be weary of the
corners and when hopping over objects. Head back down and exit. Look across the
street at building A. Some Germans will be firing out of the base windows. Fire
back. As for building A, this one is fairly tough. Go to the back entrance of
the building on the left. The right entrance has some men on the ground level,
but the Germans keep spawning on the second floor. From the rear entrance, move
up the stairs, and hit the man behind you at the top. Cut the corner and engage
the Germans up top, then hit the men below with a timed grenade. Once A is
clear, prepare to move on.

- Cut along the right side, and move through the breached hole on the stone
wall. Submachine gun the Germans across from you, move up the mini-stairs, and
hop right over the wall. Immediately run inside the building for cover. Get to
the 2nd floor, and take out 2 Germans, specifically the one on the MG42. Man
the MG42 and rip the 7-10 Germans below so your squad can move up. Once this is
accomplished, stay in this stop floor until 2 more Shermans move up the street.
When they're in front of B, hop down, and crouch cover by the Sherman. It will
provide cover for the time being. Hop into the ground floor entrance just as it
passes it, and take out the 2 Krauts on the low floor. Move to the top, and
clear the second floor out. Now that this area is clear, exit building B, and
head up into the graveyard. A burst of German reinforcements will pour in,
along with some riflemen in various buildings. Use the stone face of the grave
for cover from the flanking fire to concentrate on the group of infantry. Move
through the exit, and take out the Germans that round the far corner. Lay down
some cover fire on this nearby building here. Move in along the right side
where you'll find the Flak Gun crew. Kill them, then cut into this building.
Clear it out, and your squad will lay cover fire from this position. Now, go to
the ground floor, and pop some of the Germans opposite of you by the church

- Run across and use the right stone wall for cover. When you're ready, round
the right corner, and flank the church along the right. Take the back entrance,
and feel free to clear the Germans out from behind. Watch for between the pews
& also the side rooms. Once it is clear, it's time to move onto the Field HQ.
Head towards objective E. This is the toughest part of the mission, because
there are literally 120 Germans inside the Field HQ. Anyhow, move towards E and
take out any resistance you encounter in the minor building. You'll be close to
E when you see a turned wagon, along with a plethora of German troops. Take
this next part slow, as you have to be careful, conservative on ammo, and
reloading when the coast is clear. Take out the squad of Germans by the wagon
as they'll be a fair threat to your men. Turn right, and look along the right
bush wall. Watch for 2 crouched Germans, or men who running to that position.
There may also be a German inside the mini-hollowed building. Clear what you
can, and move along the right bush wall. You should see an inlet on the left
that supposedly leads to the Field HQ. Don't run through here. Throw a smoke
grenade by the wooden fence right by the Field HQ. Once the smoke is thick,
move in along the right side with support from your allies.

- Cover the back door where the Germans start to poor out. Use the MP40 or MP44
to deal with the continuous threats, and gun down the men hiding behind the
wooden link fence. Watch for Germans to flank fire on you from the far right
away from the Field HQ. Move into the Field HQ via one of the back doors. There
will be about 12 men on the ground floor that keep turning corners. Only reload
after you nailed a bunch of them, and feel free to prone or crouch when
necessary. Move to the stairs, and toss 2 grenades up to flush out the Germans
by the windows. Rush to the top, and finish off the remaining Germans. Once
it's cleared, your mission is complete.

/Caen 1944 - The Brigade Box/
Difficulty: ****
Main Objectives: + Take out the mortar crews
		 + Take the Field HQ
		 + Take the barn & farmhouse
		 + Defend the farmhouse for 3 minutes

- Apparently, you're receiving ambush attacks from the Germans. Right off the
bat, artillery will rain down on your position. Move up with your men into the
German-infested barn. Help them clear it out by nailing the guard in each
stall. Once it's clear, MacGregor will breach the barn doors. Move along the
right flank to avoid enemy fire from the halftrack & opposing building. Move
into the building where the MG42 was, and flush it out. Get back to the ground
level, and move up with your men. Head for the north crew first. You'll find
them by several barrels in the middle of a street near wreckage. Flank them
along the street head, take out their initial guards, then pick their heads off
with the Lee-Enfield. Now, flank left, but don't cross the bare plain.

- Instead, make your way via a series of destroyed buildings on the right side.
Move from building to building, rendering the troops inside each one useless.
Cross the road to the major building, and clear out the second floor. Use the
back window to pick off the MG42 gunner, and any Krauts below. Leap out the
window, and cross the street against the cover of the rock solid building. Look
back and fire at any Germans who are looking out back windows. Now, move down
thr street, leaning out to pick off the men inside the mortar area. Once all
troops are cleared out of that mortar hole, you are told to capture a German HQ
to the north. Follow the Captain. You'll take the HQ, however, a rain of
Germans will approach from the rear entrance. The farmhouse is actually the key
to their HQ. Follow the Captain out back, and start to flank along the right.
Pick off the Germans as they approach from the brush using your MP44 or set
submachine gun. Hop over the half-opened wooden gate, then over each wall. If
an MG42 construdes your path, pick the gunner off with your weapon and move
forth. Head around the back side of the location, where the tractor is. Move
up, and take out the Germans in the basement who fire at you. Enter the back

- In the basement, move up through the stairs, and watch the corners for
several Germans. There should not be too many tangos inside the farmhouse. Once
you have it taken, the Captain tells you to take up defensive positions.
Scouting reports have hundreds of Germans coming your way. It's nukem time! Get
on the MG42 that faces the east flank. Simply stay here and fire at the Germans
that approach on this side. Luckily, your men should be able to cover your
back. If you see red dots on your rear, get off the MG42 and turn around to
shoot Germans entering the farmhouse. You'll have to hold out for about 3
minutes. A Tiger tank will eventually arrive with 1:00 left. You have to flank
it along the left side. Go out the front, and run-n-gun the men out near the
fenceline. Toss a smoke grenade near the cracked wall where the tank is firing
from. Once the smoke blocks its view, move along the left, and hop over the
half-wooden fence. Run up to the tank, press F on it, and watch it explode.
Shoot any remaining Germans, and regroup with the Captain. Remember to have
faith in your allies in the farmhouse.

/Hill 400 1944 - Approaching Hill 400/
Difficulty: **
Main Objectives: + Clear out the initial houses
		 + Take out the mortar crew
		 + Clear out the church

- For the first portion of the mission, you have to clear out some houses in
the Belgium town so the allies can progress easily onto Hill 400. Each house
will have a few Germans inside to disable. Watch for the third house with MG42
support across the farmfield. There are quite a few Germans on the top floor to
deal with. Get rid of the Thompson when ya get a chance, since we'll be needing
a larger clip submachine gun. As for the 4th and 5th houses respectively,
they're tougher to tank. Use the right flank to get to the 4th house, but use
cover as you will take fire from both floors. The fourth floor is not as
heavily infested, but watch for topside fire on the 5th house upon exiting the
4th. Make sure you got the SGT with you when clearing the second floor as there
are five guys bunched in a hallway.

- Regroup with the SGT, and you'll discover that your nearby path is
barricaded. Flank along the east. Head towards the gates structure. Smoke the
initial entrance so the Germans cannot get clear shots on you. Run through the
open gate, charge into the house, and take out the ground-floor guards. Before
you can move on to the German hard point, WATCH your left flank. Four Germans
will ambush you as you attempt to rush the building. Gun them down as they come
from the basement of the side building. Once they're down, proceed forward with
the SGT to engage the main house. There are about 10 Krauts on the ground
floor, and barely any up top. Once it's cleared, you gotta move north to take
out the enemy mortar firing on your position. Move up a bit, and Randall will
breach the nearby house with his foot. Gun down the 4 Germans inside. On the
other side, try to Garand out the Germans across the stretched field. If you
cannot, simply flank along the left side with your squad, and hit them from the
side portion. They won't have a shot on your angle flank.

- Before you can engage the mortar crew, you're gonna have to clear the
barricaded house. Head around back, and the SGT will bust through the door.
Toss a grenade diagonally left at the large group of Germans. Once the grenade
flush is through, charge in and gun down the Germans. Check the top floor for a
few more Krauts. Head to tbe bottom floor, and the PVT will kick open this
door. Head on through and pick off the Germans across the courtyard. Plant some
explosives on the German halftrack to destroy that. Now, charge forward and
eliminate any remaining resistance of the mortar crew. Toss a grenade into the
blown-up church, then pick off the two men on the top balcony. Once the church
is cleared, head out front to the SGT.

/Hill 400 1944 - Rangers Lead the Way/
Difficulty: ***
Main Objectives: + Take out the 4 MG42 bunkers
		 + Eliminate the 2 mortar crews
		 + Secure Hill 400

- It's do or die time, and quite frankly, this is the best way to die. The
ultimate freedom charge, aka Hill 400, is where you're going to. The Germans
have artillery located near the top that has been raining down fire on your men
for days. You'll start off in a nearby trench with German artillery raining
down everywhere. The LT is unsure of what to do. The PVTs decide to charge. Do
so. You'll start to take MG42 fire from a bunker on the left. If you get
excessively hurt, crouch in one of the mortar holes, and recover. Move along
the left until you see a jutting corner of "Minen" signs. Toss a smoke grenade
up the hill, then charge after the smoke blocks their view. Move around the
left side of the bunker, and plant a satchel charge on the door by pressing F.
Once it explodes, toss a frag into the room to clear out initial Germans. Do
the same for the MG nest, and clear it out. Once the first nest is down,
prepare to move to the next one.

- You'll have to move east, rather than directly up the hill due to mines. Do
so, but you'll run into some enemy resistance by blockade squares. I found it
best to smoke this area, and move down along the right flank. Hit the Germans
as they crouch from the side. Make sure you use the smoke for cover though as
they are deadly shots. Once they're down, head down the decline but to the
east. Pick off the MG42 & several crouched Krauts using a long-range rifle.
Move down to this location, and the second bunker will fire down on your from
the upper left. Toss a smoke grenade partially ahead, and your squadmates will
also toss one farther up the hill. Move up, but watch the diagonal left side.
About 6 Germans will be waiting for you here. MP44 them down, and proceed to
the rear of the bunker. Plant the charge and move in. Toss a grenade in the
little peephole and clear it out. With the second bunker clear, move forth.

- The third bunker will also be east, but you won't have to climb any further
up the hill. You will run into more resistance near blockade squares. I
recommend picking up a powerful rifle, aka BAR or carbine to pick them off.
When you get close to the third bunker, move to the back, plant the charge, and
flush it out. Once it's clear, look for a German sniper rifle on the ground in
this room. Also, pick up the Panzershrek. You won't have any useful close-range
weapons, but we'll worry about that later. MG42 sandbag bunkers on top of the
hill will rain fire down on you from this third bunker position and on forth.
Use the German sniper rifle to pick the gunners off, to permit safe assaults.
Eventually, you'll reach a point where you have to move up the hill. Watch for
a halftrack to approach on the left road. Fire one rocket to destroy the nasty
son of a smoking car. Now, pick off each German Kraut hiding behind each
trenchline. When you get to the second line, toss a smoke grenade for extra
cover. Rush up towards the main communication bunker, and watch for the MG42
peephole gunner by the doorway. Head inside, take out the initial guard, and
drop the sniper rifle for a submachine gun. Plant a charge on the door, and
head inside after it is breached.

- There will be an inner door to breach. Plant another charge and seek cover.
Toss a few grenades in this room though, as there are several Germans. Once the
bunker is cleared, exit the way you came out. Head to the top inlet, and grab
the smoke grenade ammo. Look slightly down to the left and shoot the red barrel
to knock out a majority of this mortar crew. Finish them off to eliminate one
crew. Look towards the right edge now. Toss 2 smoke grenades to cover the
entire length of where the enemy fire is coming from. Pick off the men behind
the barrels, and move up to the halftrack. Plant a charge on it to allow it to
be destroyed. Now, move down along the left, shoot the red barrel by the mortar
crew, and kill the remnants. Once they're down, head back to the top, and your
hill is secure.

/Hill 400 1944 - The Battle for Hill 400/
Difficulty: *****
Main Objectives: + Hold Hill 400 from German counterattack
		 + Take cover from artillery barrages
		 + Hold Hill 400 for 5 minutes from German assault

- Basically, everyone has died or is wounded from just taking Hill 400. It's up
to your squad to defend it until support arrives. In the meantime, the Germans
are most likely to assault your position given the task at hand. Your first
objective is to scramble around the hill back and forth near the perimeter
fence lines. You have to snipe off the mortar crews that are at varying lengths
around the hill. This part is frustrating because it's very much like the Silo
mission. The only problem is you have no central position to stand on. Run from
spot to spot towards the marked waypoints. Look down the barbed wire edge, and
fire at the 2-man artillert crews monitoring each. Some crews will only have
one man. Do this for about 10 crews until the first attack stops. You'll have
various Germans breaching your perimeter along the way. Use whatever weapons
possible to gun them down. After the first wave disappears, look for a
Panzershrek on a nearby crate. Exchange your Thompson for it. An artillery
barrage will hit your position. Get to the central bunker and stay in there for

- This next portion of the mission is going to be like Nam' all over again. You
basically have to defend against the real German assault, and it's extremely
difficult. Stay close to the main bunker entrance, as this can be used for
cover, a recovering place, and also where you don't want the Germans to go.
Secondly, make sure you have a Panzershrek as your secondary, with your primary
either the M1A1 Carbine, a MP44, MP40, or something with a powerful/large clip.
The sniper rifle is useless now; get rid of it. You will have a total of 3
halftracks to disable using Panzershreks, 2 Tiger Tanks, and about 150 German
infantry that randomly assault from all sides on the hill. The best tips I can
give you is to not stay in the open, and to listen to which direction the armor
approaches from. While you can plant charges on them, it's too difficult to
rush up without getting killed. Fire the panzer missiles at them to disable the
halftracks. The Tiger tanks will take two shots each, so make sure you remember
where the Panzer missile storage is. You will have to visit these crates during
the battle to restock. The Tiger tanks won't come until after the second
artillery barrage, so don't worry. The infantry will rush both corners, so be
prepared to look back and forth. This is why it's best to take cover near the
bunker entrance where you can dodge into the doorway to recover health. Hold
out for five minutes and when it hits 0:00, P-51 Mustangs will rain down on the
infantry below. Kill the retreating Germans for fun and glory.

/Germany 1945 - Crossing the Rhine/
Difficulty: ***
Main Objectives: + Take out the Artillery crews
		 + Hunt down the 2 Tiger tanks

- Crossing the Rhine is no easy task, but and we're going to make sure of that.
You'll spawn on an amphibious boat in the .30 CAL position. Start gunning away
at the MG42 gunners who are in the small town. Focus on the one in the top
window, and left stone wall emplacements. Dismount by pressing F and follow
your men on the beach. Throw two smoke grenades to create a smoke screen that
obstrudes the MG42s from firing on you. Flank them on the left, then Thompson
down the line of Germans at this artillery station. Clear it out, and head into
the building. Move to the opposite side, and gun the next artillery crew in the
distance. Once the initial tangos are down, head into the opposite building,
and clear out the crew from this extra cover. Move up the street once this
artillery station is cleared.

- This next portion will involve numerous threats behind barbed wire. Flank
along a left building, and through the windows, pick off a majority of the
perimeter guards. Walk up to the barbed fence, and toss grenades over at the
next artillery station. If you move a tad further up the street, you'll find
several Krauts hiding in abandoned buildings. Toss a smoke grenade in front of
the primary path of the MG42, and ensure that the artillery station over at the
right has been cleared.	You'll have to cut right through a doorway to reach a
side street. Again, you'll have 15+ Germans to deal with, mainly behind side-
tossed tables. Make your way up the street and curl towards the church
graveyard. Again, eliminate the tangos that try to block your progress up the
road. Continue forth, and you'll find another artillery crew. Disable the men
around here, man the Flak Gun, then aim down thr street. Fire a few Flak rounds
to take out any bunches of infantry hiding in this location.

- Move down the street, but watch for a squad of Germans to move along the left
fenceline. Take them out, then go down here while you're at it.	Cut through a
central building, and you should be at a town square by now. There will be an
artillery station across from your position, along with a large grouping of
infantry across the courtyard. Toss a smoke grenade along the left, and use it
for cover as you flank the left side. Move close to the Flak crew until you
hear the rumbling of a tank. Turn around, and head towards the second alley.
This is where the second Tiger tank comes from, but we'll take it out first
since it's lightly guarded. Kill the 2 Germans in front of the tank, then
crouch around the corner and wait for the tank to pass by. Plant a sticky bomb
on the hinge right as it rolls by. With one tank disabled, retreat back to
where you first got into this courtyard. Go through here, and cut back across
via the graveyard slightly down the street. Wait for the first Tiger tank to
rumble by. I recommend proning right beyond the stone wall in the graveyard.
Plant a satchel, watch it explode, and shoot the Krauts behind the tank. Move
forward, and eliminate the remaining Germans that were reinforced by the Flak
Gun. Head back to the rally point. The SGT gets promoted to LT, while you're
examined at for a promotion to SGT.

   *An ending movie is shown during the credits where an American stealth
    mission is performed behind enemy lines. Captain Price is being brutally
    tortured when the Americans resuce him. Unfortunately, many of the
    Americans die in the process, but Price & one of the soldiers manage to
    escape in an armored turret. A german strafer nearly destroys the vehicle,
    but Price ends up carrying the lone American out of the wreckage. Probably
    something Infinity Ward tossed together in 15 minutes.*

               \\ /////
               |      |               THE
              (| _  _ |)
               |` |  '|                  END
               |  __  |
        /               |||  \

Mike Hertz


- 4) Multi-Player (4.1) -
The finesse portion of most games nowadays, multiplayer has transformed into
almost a necessary element in first person shooters. Multiplayer allows players
to compete against other humans, usually on tightly-wound maps, along with
involving ping, skills, and smacktalk into the mix. This section will review
the multiplayer game modes for Call of Duty 2, while providing general tips on
each map.

/Game Modes/

   Summary: Free-for-all Combat
      Goal: Score the highest amount of kills in one round
    Rating: ***

- Believe it or not, Deathmatch works well with Call of Duty 2 because of
random spawn points, and the imbalanced design of the maps. Unlike most games
which simply mirror the map for both sides of a team, and then force Deathmatch
on this grossly imbalanced maps, Call of Duty 2 takes advantage of the random-
like design to assist deathmatch players. Since maps often have various types
of covers on both sides of the map, there really is no set advantage to one
type of deathmatch player - the camper, to another - the roamer. If anything,
Call of Duty 2 deathmatch can be fun in small groups of 16 players or less.
Combine this with the plethora of weapons and you're set.

   Summary: Team-based Combat
      Goal: Win the most rounds by eliminating the opposing team
    Rating: **

- This mode turns out to be mildly disappointing for two reasons. First and
foremost, the spawn system is based off of where a majority of your own team is
currently located. If the engine detects 5 men in area C, then you'll be
spawned at area C. The problem with this design is that on some of the rooftop
maps, one soldier can flank where tons of your allies are spawning, and simply
gun them down right as they spawn into thin air. It happened quite often on the
Tunisian fort level. Secondly, it is not like Counter Strike where it is round-
based. This is both good and bad as it's practically pure mayhem, but you're
not limited with your fun. Either way, I found it to be mildly disappointing.

   Summary: Team-based Objective
      Goal: Capture the enemy flag the most times in a round or by time limit
    Rating: *****

- I'd have to say that this is by far the best mode of play in Call of Duty 2.
Basically, two teams spawn on the map opposite of each other. Each has a home
flag that they must defend, while supplying enough offense to capture the enemy
flag, and bring it back to where their home flag is to "capture it."
As with most games, you can return your home flag by killing an enemy and
running over it. Likewise, you can continue the extraction of the enemy flag by
picking it up where your opponent left off. Weapons can still be fired from the
flag carrier. The best part about CTF is that the mobile spawn idea comes into
effect. You'll spawn with a majority of your teammates. Thus, if your home
spawn gets overrun, it can sometimes turn into an exchanging of flag spawn
locations. You'll spawn where their flag normally is, but it'll be like hell
trying to get back to your spawn to capture it. Plenty of flanking routes,
sniping, and smoke grenade combat comes into effect.

   Summary: Alternating Offense/Defense
      Goal: Attack an opposing HQ or defend it for the longest time duration
    Rating: ****

- Headquarters is a fairly new, and the most varied of the game modes in the
entire game. The basic idea is that you spawn on a map with two neutral points.
Both teams must capture their HQ at the neutral point, then the defending team
must hold out at their HQ for the longest amount of time. On the defending
team, you cannot respawn if you die, while the attacking CAN respawn. The idea
is to survive the longest without giving up the HQ. The attacking/defending
team rotation alternates, and the same procedure occurs. While this mode is
interesting, it can get fairly hairy, especially if you get raped on defense.
Knowing your terrain and the maps becomes a must-have during key situations.

   Summary: Round-based Objective
      Goal: Either destroy one of two targets on offense, or defend on defense
    Rating: ***

- Some gamers will love this mode; some gamers will hate this mode. This is
essentially the Counter Strike mode of Call of Duty 2. Both teams spawn on a
map opposite of each other, however, if a player dies during the timed round
(generally five minutes), they stay dead till the end of the round. A set
attacking team must reach one of two target destinations, hold down F on the
target to plant a satchel, then ensure the target is destroyed before the round
ends. As for the defending team, they must prevent either site from receiving a
charge, and/or defuse a satchel on the device to let the round end. As usual,
the team that kills all other members on the opposing team will also win. How
does this sum up? Pretty darn fun. However, you need patience, and simply
cannot run around like John McClane with 2 Uzis. Instead, this mode of play
comes down to cunning ability, knowing when to camp/move, and weapon selection.
Snipers tend not to thrive well on this as many SD maps are based around close-
combat situations. Sometimes an opposing team will rape for several rounds
until the other team breaks out. Can be fun, but you need spare time to make
the most of it.

Multiplayer maps are often designed specifically for multiplayer, and are
independent of the 1P maps. This section will briefly go through some key
locations to hold on the maps, or what works best for each gameplay type.

   [[x]] Beltot, France [[x]]
      Conflict: Americans vs. Germans
        Rating:	**
   Description: This map looks much like something from Brothers of Arms,
                lots of generic barns, farmhouses, hay stacks, and windows to
                look out from. The south side of the town has the most
                interesting terrain, including a farmhouse (which you can reach
                the roof by climbing out of the 2F window), a two-story barn,
                and several bushlines along the ground. Defensively, you should
                have no trouble on this map. Make use of the windows in the
                houses for lean sniping spots. Your flanks will be the toughest
                locations to guard, along with snipers from across the map. If
                anything, this map is not too impressive and not played as much
                either. If approaching from south to north, pass the abandoned
                tank on the left, and head up this route for sufficient cover.
                Heading north to south, good luck.

   [[x]] Brecourt, France [[x]]
      Conflict: Americans vs. Germans
        Rating:	*****
   Description: One of the best maps in my opinion, Brecourt can be basically
                summed up as snipers' delight. The map essentially has a large
                oval center of bushes that cannot be seen through. This
                vertical oval extends for both spawns. The interesting part
                about this is that on the left & right sides, you will find
                snipers firing back and forth. There is a general stone wall
                that interlinks throughout for minor cover, with several hills
                on the other side (with some bushes). Thus, the strategy of
                smoke grenades for distraction/cover comes into play. A
                trenchline interlinks both sides by cutting across underneath
                through the bushes. However, this trench line is basically one-
                way death, as someone is always bound to nade it, or fire a
                long-range shot through the tunnel. Nonetheless, this map works
                AWESOME for capture the flag, and even has tendencies to play
                out fun with team deathmatch as you'll be watching both flanks
                for snipers. It still can be an effective close-range map, but
                you'll find it dominated by scoped weaponry.

   [[x]] Burgundy, France [[x]]
      Conflict: Americans vs. Germans
        Rating: ***
   Description: This map is designed heavily for close-quarters combat.
                It is practically an alley-linked urban setting with two
                exterior streets that travel from spawn-to-spawn. These two
                streets have halftracks and abandoned tanks to block a clear
                view. The inner portion of the city has several buildings with
                grassy knolls and alleyways interlinking them. It essentially
                works best with the search & destroy mode where it can turn
                into a frantic quest of not exposing yourself on the two side
                streets, or smoking the middle to conceal your run. Either way,
                I usually find this map to be moderately fun. Other than that,
                it gets congested on higher player servers.

   [[x]] Caen, France [[x]]
      Conflict: Americans vs. Germans
        Rating: ***
   Description: This map is almost identical to Burgundy, except the streets
                are wider with more clearance. There is an excellent sniping
                position on the second floor of a building near your spawn. It
                has a dark-lit window which works perfectly for picking off
                targets at the opposite spawn. I highly recommend staying off
                the two side streets as I have experienced rush sniping when
                taking these side routes right near the beginning of a S&D
                round. For other game modes, it tends to work well with HQ as
                the opposing spawns have defendable positions to a certain
                extent. Watch for window soldiers on this one. Lots of players
                like staying on the second floors until the opposition amounts
                run down, then they'll go mobile to clear things out.

   [[x]] Carentan, France [[x]]
      Conflict: Americans vs. Germans
        Rating: **
   Description: This map is quite similar to Caen, except the city is fairly
                light with buildings on the two team spawns, and tends to get
                concentrated with cafes & houses near the middle. You'll find
                the side flanks sufficient with arched hallways lining the
                buildings, and some MG42 nests posted in second floor windows.
                Watch where the lightly covered areas are as there is no cover.
                Make use of the urban setting for moving around.

   [[x]] El Alamein, Egypt [[x]]
      Conflict: British vs. Germans
        Rating: *
   Description: While it is one of the few (if any) night maps in Call of Duty
                2, I also find it to be very bad. It's practically an
                underground trench, and then the topside has an intricate
                trench system that links between the two positions.
                Unfortunately, the map tends to suffer from standing snipers
                who will crouch cover, and pop their head to pick you off if
                you run on the surface. The underground bunker interface is
                limited, and this map tends to favor smaller crowds of players.
                You'll find it rarely played on most servers.

   [[x]] Leningrad, Russia [[x]]
      Conflict: Russians vs. Germans
        Rating: ***
   Description: A Russian map that tends to get awkward due to many rear
                flanking routes. Leningrad tends to take place in the
                industrial environment, where there will be hollowed warehouses
                and a few two-story buildings. Watch out for the tight corner
                alleyways that are used for the flanks. HQ tends to work well
                on this one as the attack/defend rounds go quick, and most
                opponents are within relative range. Not a favorable sniper
                map. Worth a try if you're interested in mixing things up, but
                certainly NOT the best Russian map.

   [[x]] Matmata, Tunisia [[x]]
      Conflict: British vs. Germans
        Rating: ****
   Description: A partial favorite that turns out to be another decent S&D map,
                Matmata takes place in a partial African town, but spaced out
                with wide street routes. The interesting thing is that near
                each spawn on both side are great starting sniping points. If
                you spawn near the bottom truck, go left, and stand next to the
                palm tree. You'll be in excellent position for cover and a
                sniping lane directly up the street. The left flanking route
                with the tight alleyway tends to always be taken by most
                players, as it can reach a standstill. The right flanking route
                is more risky as you have to watch two corners when rounding to
                the left. Put these elements aside, I generally tend to stay
                back as a sniper, and move up once the numbers decrease. You
                should be able to do well as a sniper on this one, but even
                better with an MP44, or Bren LMG.

   [[x]] Moscow, Russia [[x]]
      Conflict: Russians vs. Germans
        Rating: *****
   Description: Another favorite of my own, this map runs very similar to the
                single-player version. There is basically a destroyed ruin
                where the Russians tend to spawn, and an organized 3+ story
                location where the Germans. A four-pillar courtyard in front of
                the German location tends to be where most of the combat is.
                You will find two side flanks near the Russian spawn with
                mounds of destroyed rubble where most of the action takes
                place. If you're sniping, stay back near a pile of rubble, and
                prone over the hill for kills. If sniping as a German, stay on
                your spawn floor, and aim downward diagonally. This map is
                EXTREMELY fun with HQ as both teams have sufficient HQs that
                are worth defending. The terrain is wide open, and there are
                destroyed train carts to seek cover in. The hills that
                intercede each flank prevent long-range shots from snipers as

   [[x]] St. Mere Eglise, France [[x]]
      Conflict: Americans vs. Germans
        Rating: ****
   Description: This map works well with the S&D mode. Basically, you got one
                team that spawns near an open corner building on fire, and
                another team that spawns inside a heavily artillery-strucken
                zone. The left side has several intricate buildings that
                interlink. However, each doorway tends to have two corners to
                watch for. The other flank traverses through a misty graveyard,
                which is preceded by a church. Both flanks are dangerous.
                Moving up the middle tends to provide the best success, but can
                easily be flanked for kills. Positions at a destroyed wall of
                the church, and a building window provide side angles on the
                central street. This map can be quite strategic and tough to
                deal with campers on S&D. Designed for medium-sized crows,
                nothing above 32 players total.

   [[x]] Stalingrad, Russia [[x]]
      Conflict: Russians vs. Germans
        Rating: **
   Description: As much as I'm tempted to say Stalingrad is a great map, it
                truly isn't. It's probably the most camping-emphasized map in
                all of Call of Duty 2. Basically, two teams spawn on opposite
                sides of a central warehouse. This central warehouse goes in
                excess of up to five stories, with windows along one portion of
                the building, and a fairly empty trainyard on the other side. A
                middle flank contains a crate room filled with stacks of
                crates. One side of the map has a train station where you can
                go the top floor and mount yourself on a MG42 in the top
                window. Several train carts interlink throughout this train
                yard. The other side of the map contains a large armory filled
                with tanks, vehicles, and items in operation. The players on
                the armory side tend to win this one a lot, majorly because
                they camp it out until the opposing team rushes them. Once the
                numbers diminish, rushing the trainyard is easy as there is
                hardly any cover provided (even from the top window, which is a
                common place to look first).

   [[x]] Toujane, Tunisia [[x]]
      Conflict: British vs. Germans
        Rating: *****
   Description:	A personal favorite on most servers, this is a daylight map
                based around an urban African city. The advantage is that this
                map has three main flanking routes, roofs to engage the enemy
                from, and only a few buildings the player can actually enter.
                It is essentially an urban street battle, and fun I might add.
                This map tends to suffer on team deathmatch though, as players
                can get easy kills by stationing themselves on roofs, then
                finding the team spawn location and continually picking off
                spawner after spawner. If playing S&D or a round-based type,
                the British will have the initial disadvantage. Many veterans
                like tossing grenades through the skyline to reach the British
                spawn. I recommend tossing grenades diagonally left towards
                point A where you'll find a majority of the rushing Germans. If
                you want to play a risky game, look for the sandbags to your
                left and prone there with a sniper/LMG. You can pick off some
                Germans if you have a quick trigger finger that cross the
                central road. The right flank is tough to pass, but the most
                lightly guarded. Cut a left into the center alleyway if under
                fire. There is a brown wooden fence tower near the center of
                the map that is great to prone at, and pick opponents that
                cross the major streets.

   [[x]] Villers-Bocage, France [[x]]
      Conflict: Americans vs. Germans
        Rating: *
   Description: Another hated map in my arsenal, Villers-Bocage is generally
                biased towards close-quarters combat. Its practically useless
                to snipers. This is not what ticks me off. The problem is that
                the center part of the city is all destroyed. Half of the roofs
                are ripped off, and the corner buildings do not have the best
                firing angles. There is an outside road around the perimeter of
                the town that circles from spawn to spawn. Unfortunately, it is
                quite easy to camp one of the corners, and pick players off
                that round out from one of the debris buildings, or from behind
                a car/abandoned item. The center portion of this map is useless
                as looking around you could have up to 15 possible windows
                where an opponent pops out. The small size and combination of
                destroyed ruins makes this a trench gunner's dream.

- 5) Weapons (5.1)         -
The primary gadget used in first person shooters, is the gun, or weapon of
choice. It controls how powerful your character is, how quickly they can take
down opponents, and molest the enemy without getting shot back. This section
will briefly go through each weapon in Call of Duty 2 without breaching the
fine line. Note that these ratings are based off of my opinion, and tend NOT to
be historically accurate.

  ->>.] Mosin-Nagant [.<<
       Theme: Russian
   Clip Size: Small
       Power: *****
    Accuracy: ****
       Range: ****
     Overall: ****

   - Essentially the Russian version of Kar 98K, both guns almost mirror each
     other in comparison. The Mosin-Nagant has a bolt-action reload style,
     similar to a majority of the rifles using during the war. However, if
     anything, the Mosin-Nagant is probably the worst out of the four rifles,
     as it seems relatively less powerful and/or accurate in certain
     situations. It's not a bad weapon to use, just has nothing exceptional
     over the other countries' base weapons.

  ->>.] Scoped Mosin-Nagant [.<<
       Theme: Russian
   Clip Size: Small
       Power: *****
    Accuracy: *****
       Range: *****
     Overall: *****

   - Any sniper rifle in Call of Duty 2 practically rocks - plain and simple.
     None of them have distinctive disadvantages, and there's a reason why you
     can only get a sniper rifle on certain missions. The Scoped Mosin-Nagant
     is practically the same as the base version, except modified with a scope.
     Still, the Springfield & Kar 98K turn out to be better rifles in my
     opinion. Scope looks fairly awkward on the Mosin-Nagant. Too bad the
     Russians didn't have the Dragunov by now.

  ->>.] PPS42 [.<<
       Theme: Russian
   Clip Size: Medium
       Power: ***
    Accuracy: ***
       Range: ***
     Overall: ***

   - Reminds me of a light weapon, almost like the Sten, except a tad more
     designed for down-the-barrel shots. The PPS42 is quite a light load for a
     submachine gun, and has a very straightforward design. Has great accuracy
     on ranged shots, and the rate of fire is stable enough to be aimed at
     sufficient targets. Unfortunately, other guns beat out the unique
     characteristics, and you'll rarely find it during single-player.

  ->>.] Tokarev SVT-40 [.<<
       Theme: Russian
   Clip Size: Medium
       Power: ****
    Accuracy: ***
       Range: ****
     Overall: ***

   - One of the few semi-automatic clip rifles you'll use in the game, the
   Tokarev SVT is practically a stock-based weapon modified with a larger clip.
   The idea is to be able to engage multiple targets with rifle-like power, yet
   not have to reload each bullet. The design is quite identical to the Gewehr
   43 of the Germans, except the build quality is of poorer materials. Still,
   useful for key situations.

  ->>.] PPSh [.<<
       Theme: Russian
   Clip Size: Large
       Power: **
    Accuracy: **
       Range: **
     Overall: ****

   - Despite a weak barrel, and a design so cheap that the Vietcong were using
     it on a regular basis, the PPSh is the drum-barrel mold of this series of
     submachine guns. Packing the largest SMG clip in the game (71 to be
     precise), the PPSh can last you awhile in many firefights. Hence, it's
     useful for close-combat situations. The compensation is that the gun lacks
     accuracy, range, and firepower, hence why it is recommended for smaller

  ->>.] DP26 [.<<
       Theme: Russian
   Clip Size: Large
       Power: *****
    Accuracy: ****
       Range: ***
     Overall: ****

   - The Doparyev machine gun was practically the Russian's version of defense
     last, offense first. While its design was outdated for the war, it served
     its purpose like any other machine gun - mow down people. The awkward top-
     style reload and vertical aiming bar shows off the unique characteristics
     of this MG. Unfortunately, you rarely use it during 1P or multiplayer.

  ->>.] TT-33 [.<<
       Theme: Russian
   Clip Size: Small
       Power: ***
    Accuracy: **
       Range: ***
     Overall: **

   - Essentially the Russian version of a pistol, the Tokarev seems almost like
     a Colt 1911, except not capable of withstanding as much recoil. While it
     has a mediocre build, and fair stopping power, it's just a mere pistol.
     For the most part, Russian soldiers did not even have pistols due to
     inadequate supply lines, or a lack of produced weaponry.

  ->>.] Sten [.<<
       Theme: British
   Clip Size: Medium
       Power: ***
    Accuracy: ****
       Range: **
     Overall: *

   - Despite the useful innovations the British had for their weaponry, I have
     no respect for the Sten in this game. It's a worthless submachine gun with
     a 30+ round clip that shows nothing off except the best mobility rating.
     Its weird side-loading clip forces it to be held in a sideways hip
     position, and the recoil tends to bounce it vertically after 2-3 bullets.
     While the British were known for having accurate weapons, this one should
     just never be used in any situation.

  ->>.] Lee-Enfield [.<<
       Theme: British
   Clip Size: Medium
       Power: *****
    Accuracy: *****
       Range: *****
     Overall: *****

   - My absolute favorite rifle in the game, this bolt-action invention from
     the British not only totes the best accuracy per shot, but tends to take
     down most opponents with one-round. Even if it is bolt-action reloaded,
     the Lee-Enfield is capable of holding (2) 5-round clip extensions, as
     opposed to most bolt-action rifles which only held (1) 5-round clip. Thus,
     you can essentially stay on the battlefield longer, gun down more Axis
     opponents, and thank the Queen for this everloving rifle.

  ->>.] M1 Garand [.<<
       Theme: American, British
   Clip Size: Small
       Power: ****
    Accuracy: ****
       Range: ****
     Overall: ****

   - A personal favorite among many veteran WWII gamers, the Garand is
     a semi-automatic rifle. Based off of a clip-reload system, the Garand is
     capable of holding 8 rounds per clip, yet possesses above average power
     and fairly precise accuracy. It was highly used among many Allies since it
     could counter the drawback of the Kar 98K (despise being outpowered in a
     sense). Sometimes you'll find the Garand takes 2 shots to bring down
     opponents as compared to one round from a bolt-action rifle. Nonetheless,
     this is a good rifle to use for any situation.

  ->>.] Scoped Lee-Enfield [.<<
       Theme: British
   Clip Size: Small
       Power: *****
    Accuracy: *****
       Range: *****
     Overall: *****

   - Another popular sniper rifle for the Brits, the accuracy of the
     Lee-Enfield is only enhanced with a scope, and precisioned barrel for the
     utmost accuracy. While it may pale in comparison to a modded Kar or
     Springfield, it still makes a sufficient weapon to use for snipers alike.

  ->>.] M1897 Trench Gun [.<<
       Theme: American, British, German, Russian
   Clip Size: Small
       Power: *-*-*-*-*
    Accuracy: *
       Range: ***
     Overall: ****

   - This is the practical shotgun of Call of Duty 2. Each country uses the
     same type, either to save production time for the crew, or the simple fact
     that you can only use shotguns during multiplayer. Either way, the trench
     gun is a pump-action shotgun that can hold up to 6 shells. The power
     varies based on the distance from the target, as the shotgun shell spreads
     over the distance fired. Thus, the closer you are, the more damage dealt.
     This is why it is called a trench gun, as it's best used during situations
     involving close quarters or clearing out trenches. Believe it or not, this
     baby can hit up to about 30 feet in the Call of Duty 2 engine. Of course,
     that does not mean it deals adequate damage at 30 feet.

  ->>.] Thompson [.<<
       Theme: American, British
   Clip Size: Medium
       Power: ***
    Accuracy: ***
       Range: **
     Overall: **

   - The Thompson was a popular choice among many squad leaders during WWII, as
     this submachine gun was praised for its large clip & spray-like
     performance. The only flaw is that each clip holds 20 bullets in Call of
     Duty 2, meaning you'll be reloading often with this submachine gun. As
     much as I'd like to love it, the 20 bullets is not enough to suffice on
     any battlefield. On a side note, it does have a quick reload though.

  ->>.] Bren LMG [.<<
       Theme: British
   Clip Size: Medium
       Power: *****
    Accuracy: ***
       Range: ****
     Overall: ***

   - The Bren is the ideal support weapon during sticky situations. Equipped
     with a folding tripod on the front, it was ideally the British machine gun
     used for some portions of the war. While it was not as portable as the
     well-designed BAR, it still makes a great weapon to use from the prone
     position. The problem is actually finding a place to safely prone in this

  ->>.] Webley [.<<
       Theme: British
   Clip Size: Small
       Power: **
    Accuracy: ****
       Range: ***
     Overall: **

   - Granted the British had accurate weapons, but this one just downright
     disgraces. The Webley was essentially a revolver pistol only capable of
     holding 6 bullets. For a revolver, you would think it does sufficient
     damage, but the damage difference between the other pistols is hardly
     negligble. Not very useful even as a secondary weapon. Worst pistol out of
     the bunch.

  ->>.] Grease Gun [.<<
       Theme: American
   Clip Size: Medium
       Power: ***
    Accuracy: **
       Range: ***
     Overall: ***

   - The Grease Gun was an oddly-designed submachine used on occasion during
     WWII. The most distinctive characteristic was the "putt-putt" sound the
     weapon made upon firing, almost like greasing the contacts between two
     cylinders. The Grease Gun has odd horizontal recoil, and is best fired
     with single shots from a crouched position.

  ->>.] M1A1 Carbine [.<<
       Theme: American
   Clip Size: Medium
       Power: ***
    Accuracy: ***
       Range: ****
     Overall: ****

   - While not as powerful as the Garand, the Carbine made up for it by nearly
     doubling the base clip (15 bullets) for a semi-automatic rifle. The
     Carbine was designed for moderate support fire while on the move, as
     opposed to most troops who fired from prone or crouched positions with the
     Garand. Lead officers usually held the Carbine, and made use of the butt-
     fold stock for easy aiming. This folding design has been used in the
     future for weapons like the G36 & AK-74.

  ->>.] Springfield [.<<
       Theme: American
   Clip Size: Small
       Power: *****
    Accuracy: *****
       Range: *****
     Overall: *****

   - If you asked me, this is the simplest and most unique out of all four
     sniper rifles in the game. The Springfield was a modified M1 rifle fit for
     long-range fire. A crosshair-marked scope was used (the typical in first-
     person shooters) along with a large "BOOM" shot after each bullet fired.
     While it is bolt-action reloaded like most rifles, the Springfield really
     sets presidence on the battlefield.

  ->>.] BAR [.<<
       Theme: American
   Clip Size: Medium
       Power: *****
    Accuracy: ****
       Range: ****
     Overall: *****

   - The BAR is one of the best weapons in the game aside from the MP44 &
     general rifles that most players use. The Browning Automatic Rifle was
     nearing the design of what most Assault Rifles were to this day - a gun
     capable firing high-powered rounds while providing accuracy. The BAR only
     has a 15-round clip, yet each round does tremendous damage. It works best
     when used in a crouched or proned position, and has accuracy problems when
     standing. However, the accuracy problems are not as bad as the Bren LMG.

  ->>.] Colt 45 [.<<
       Theme: American
   Clip Size: Small
       Power: ****
    Accuracy: ***
       Range: ***
     Overall: ***

   - The Colt .45 was the prototypical sidearm of most US soldiers during the
     WWII era. Identical to the Colt 1911, the .45 fired fairly powerful rounds
     for a pistol in a small 7-round clip. Nonetheless, it was stable, reliant,
     and never provided problems for the operator.

  ->>.] MP40 [.<<
       Theme: German
   Clip Size: Medium
       Power: ***
    Accuracy: ****
       Range: ***
     Overall: ****

   - My favorite submachine gun out of the bunch, the MP40 has a verticle-clip
     loading bay much like any modern submachine gun. While the MP40 has a
     lower rate of fire and mediocre power compared to most submachine guns, it
     makes up for the best controllable recoil under automatic fire. The rate
     of fire is delayed enough so recoil is minimized, and automatic shots can
     be fired in a consecutive manner.

  ->>.] Kar98K [.<<
       Theme: German
   Clip Size: Small
       Power: *****
    Accuracy: ****
       Range: ****
     Overall: ****

   - Very similar to the Mosin-Nagant, the Kar 98K was the primary infantry
     weapon of most soldiers during WWII. This bolt-action rifle was capable of
     providing precision-cut shots with plenty of power behind the projected
     round. Of course, the main disadvantage of equipping your entire army with
     bolt-action rifles is the discourse that can be caused going up against a
     majority army of semi-automatic rifles. Nonetheless, this ranks second to
     the Lee-Enfield bolt-action rifle.

  ->>.] Gewehr 43 [.<<
       Theme: German
   Clip Size: Medium
       Power: ****
    Accuracy: ****
       Range: ****
     Overall: ****

   - Very similar to the Tokarev SVT, the Gewehr 43 took the same type design
     except was composed from a higher-quality build. Thus, you will generally
     get better accuracy, slightly less recoil, and about identical firing
     power. Semi-automatic rifles were typically assigned to officers, squad
     leaders, or more elitely trained troops, considering the cost to produce
     them was higher.

  ->>.] Scoped Kar98K [.<<
       Theme: German
   Clip Size: Small
       Power: *****
    Accuracy: *****
       Range: *****
     Overall: *****

   - The Germans' sniper rifle is the same base Kar 98K, except modified with a
     pin-tip scope, and still proves to be highly effective on the combat
     field. While most people would prefer the Springfield given the loud
     "BOOM" sound that erupts from the barrel, the Kar 98K works expertly well
     in matching in with the rest of an infantry division. The enemy won't know
     what hit em'.

  ->>.] MP44 [.<<
       Theme: German
   Clip Size: Medium
       Power: ****
    Accuracy: ****
       Range: ****
     Overall: *****

   - Practically the most primitive and first assault rifle ever developed, the
     MP44 Assault Rifle was the ultimate mold of power, accuracy, and clip size
     amassed into one weapon. Given to the most elite divisions of the German
     army, the MP44 could be useable in close-combat situations with full-auto
     & a 30+ round clip, or at farther ranges for picking off targets. Recoil,
     while somewhat extensive, and minimized with less consecutive firing.
     Unfortunately, the gun was designed and equipped too late in the war to
     max its effectiveness, but this SHOULD BE your primary weapon used during
     Call of Duty 2.

  ->>.] Luger [.<<
       Theme: German
   Clip Size: Small
       Power: ***
    Accuracy: ***
       Range: ***
     Overall: ***

   - Most gamers think of the Luger as an Indiana Jones "BAM" kind of pistol
     that blows infantry away. To be honest, it is not as powerful as you'd
     expect, and has a small clip like nearly every pistol in the game.
     Regardless of these subtracted options, the Luger makes a decent sidearm.
     It has a unique slideback option to reload the clip, besides the
     protruding design.

  ->>.] MG42 [.<<
       Theme: German
   Clip Size: Large
       Power: *****
    Accuracy: ****
       Range: *****
     Overall: *****

   - There is one sole reason the Germans used this finely-tuned machine gun
     to guard the beaches of Normandy - it rocked. Aside from that, the Germans
     had a tech advantage over the Allies with the invention of the MG42. A
     machine gun based solely off of firepower and rapid rate of fire, the MG42
     ripped through targets with high velocity and excessive rounds per minute.
     In Call of Duty 2, this weapon can only be attained from mounted
     positions. Nonetheless, it is a beauty to use on opponents and will rip
     them to shreds. The rounds tend to spread out after a certain distance,
     and the weapon generally tended to overheat easily (although it does not
     overheat in Call of Duty 2).

  ->>.] 30 CAL [.<<
       Theme: Americans
   Clip Size: Large
       Power: *****
    Accuracy: ***
       Range: ****
     Overall: *****

   - Pretty much the American's version of a heavy-duty machine gun, the .30
     CAL was a fairly cheap and reliable weapon that could lay down high-
     density rounds, and a limited rate of fire. The limited rate of fire and
     lack of accuracy on long-range targets limited its use during the war,
     despite several support soldiers using it. Again, this weapon can only be
     attained on mounted positions or during single-player.

  ->>.] Grenade [.<<
       Theme: American, British, Russian, German
   Clip Size: n/a
       Power: *****
    Accuracy: ***
       Range: ***
     Overall: ***

   - Grenades are the ideal explosive projectile for infantry units that want
     to clear out corners, holes, campers, or just isolated positions. Got a
     sniper to deal with? Let him deal on a pint of grenades. In reality
     though, all grenades by default in Call of Duty 2 cannot be cook, or pre-
     timed. You can hold down the pin, but they blow up after about 3.5 seconds
     with the pin being released. The Germans and Russians tend to use
     Stielhandegrenates, or potato-stick grenades. These look similar to long-
     slender types where the end nozzle would be twisted, then the grenade
     tossed. The other type is generally the pineapple design where
     encumbersome squares full of charges surround a center core which explodes
     after the time fuse has been lit. Both designs seem equivalent in the
     game, and grenades also lay down the "slowdown" effect when an opponent
     has one explode near them.


- 6) Codes                 -
Cheats, codes, and special debug features are quite common with PC games. Most
developers who composed high-quality games design their base engines right into
the PC game. Often, you'll find the ~ key operates as the console opener, and
special commands can be inputted from here. This section will cover a brief
list of the included codes with Call of Duty 2. I'd like to thank:

- for providing this list of codes & their effects.

**IMPORTANT: Do the following commands before entering the codes. The codes
             WILL NOT work unless you do so.

**DO THIS: Make sure the console is enabled. Check your Game Options menu
           to do so. Now, type in developer 1 (in the console) and press ENTER
           to enable the cheat mode. Go to any map and type in devmap in the
           console and press enter. Simply press the ~ (or command key) one
           last time, and enter in the code below. I forgot to mention this in
           a previous version of the guide, and I'm sorry for that. If you see
           a different version of this cheat with the supposed "Load" button,
           it's probably false. The load button does not pop up after you type
           in the cheat enable code.


    god				Enables god mode, never receive harm

    give ammo			Refills all ammunition & grenades

    give all			Refills all status indicators

    ufo				Enables flight mode, use jump to elevate

    noclip			Let's you walk through walls, ceilings, floors

    notarget			Enemies do not see you

    kill			Commit suicide

    demigod			Unknown effect, heh cool

    map 		Takes you to desired map

Here is the list of maps to insert in  (don't include <>'s):

	88 Ridge <-> 88ridge
	Armored Car Escape <-> toujane_ride
	Assault On Matmata <-> matmata
	Bergstein <-> bergstein
	Comrade Sniper <-> downtown_sniper
	Crusader Charge <-> libya
	Defending The Pointe <-> duhoc_defend
	Demolition: demolition
	Downtown Assault <-> downtown_assault
	El Alamein <-> elalamein
	Holding The Line <-> decoytown
	Prisoners Of War <-> beltot
	Railroad Station No. 1 <-> trainyard
	Rangers Lead The Way <-> hill400_assault
	Red Army Training <-> moscow
	Repairing The Wire <-> tankhunt
	Retaking Toujane <-> toujane
	Stalingrad City Hall <-> cityhall
	The Battle For Hill 400 <-> hill400_defend
	The Battle Of Pointe Du Hoc <-> duhoc
	The Brigade Box <-> breakout
	The Crossing Point <-> rhine
	The Crossroads <-> crossroads
	The Diversionary Raid <-> decoytrenches
	The End Of The Beginning <-> eldaba
	The Silo <-> silotown
	The Tiger <-> newvillers


- 7) Common Questions      -

)) Gameplay ((

<< What would you rate Call of Duty 2? >>

- I'd probably rate it an [8/10]. This certainly is one of the top WWII
shooters I've played, although perhaps not the best from a multiplayer aspect.
Day of Defeat: Source may fit those looking for a more adequate multiplayer
perspective. Put these elements aside, Call of Duty 2 is a graphical
enhancement to the series that places you in numerous roles across World War
II. Great presentation features are common throughout the game, and the title
emphasizes infantry-based combat. Muliplayer contains several game modes. Most
of the in-game engine is first-person shooting, with a few extra vehicle modes
here and there. The original Call of Duty was an instant hit, as no definitive
WWII shooter cleared out the other competition like CoD did. Many CoD veterans
were expecting more out of CoD 2, and honestly did not get it (aside from
graphical enhancements). I have never played the original CoD, so playing Call
of Duty 2 was practically a fresh playthrough for myself. It's a great game,
but I'd honestly regret putting up the $50 for it in the first place as the
replay value went down greatly once single-player was completed.

<< Are there any other versions of Call of Duty 2? >>

- Aside from the PC version of Call of Duty 2, there is also the fairly popular
Call of Duty 2: Big Red One (console version) which is actually a partially
different game. Many of the levels are different, and the title plays the role
of the actual popular "Big Red One" unit during WWII. The PC version of CoD 2
tends to focus on a wide array of perspectives from various soldiers in the
campaigns, as opposed to only one unit. Either way, you get a large array of
weapons/units, or you're limited to the Americans - plain and simple. The
original Call of Duty was released back in 2003 for the PC & was a huge hit.
United Offensive was the expansion pack for it, and that turned out to be a
moderate success. UO added vehicle supports and little tidbits that enhanced
the gameplay. Most gamers are expecting an expansion for CoD 2, although no
official announcement has been made. Also, Call of Duty: Finest Hour was
released for the next-gen consoles as part of a Call of Duty alteration, but it
did not receive the best reviews from the community. On a side note, the XBOX
360 & PC versions are identical, while the Big Red One is the other version for
the consoles.

<< What countries do I get to play as in the game? >>

- There are single-player campaigns for the Russians, British, and Americans.
They take place across varying months/years. You can also play as the Germans,
but only during multiplayer mode. Many gamers have argued why a German campaign
has not been instituted and it is most likely due to controversial subjects.
Other players have suggested adding more countries like Canada, but eh.

<< How come I cannot access a certain country's campaign? >>

- You have to complete the base campaign until it says "Yada" campaign
unlocked. Keep playing the Russian missions till the British campaign is
unlocked. Then, keep playing the British campaign until the American campaign
is unlocked.

<< Do you have a list of recommended mods? >>

- No, although I plan on adding several ones to this guide once the
modification community picks up for this game. Unfortunately, a large majority
of the mod communities are focusing on an interactive title like Battlefield 2
with a more universal engine.

<< How good are you at multiplayer games? >>

- I'd say average. I've really lost the swing of things playing BF2 for several
months. I can do quite well with the scoped rifles, but SMGS, general bolt-
actions, and even the MP44 I tend to struggle with. I usually end up with a 3:2
K:D ratio.

<< What's your favorite weapon? >>

- Any of the 4 Scoped Sniper Rifles work for me. Yeah, you can claim it's
n00bish, but not after I pick you off from about 150 feet. Honestly though, I
do best with scoped rifles, and scoped rifles work best with me. My second
favorite weapon would be the MP40 Submachine Gun (love the controllable
recoil), with the Trench Gun being a close second.

<< Why is the Trench Gun considered n00bish? >>

- The Trench Gun, or Shotgun can pretty much rip through any encounter when it
comes to close-quarters. One interesting item of note is that the crosshair
stays on while you're moving. Most guns like the rifles or submachine guns lose
their crosshairs on the move, however, the shotgun does not. Thus, you can
essentially strafe run and shell down opponents, or even do a single bunny hop
to an extent. It sort of rules in close-quarters, but you sacrifice long-range
abilities given the fact that pistols suck in this game.

<< How do I toss grenades back? >>

- You cannot. This is a feature only given to the AI, or your computer bots in
the game. I'm sure they'll add this feature in the expansion.

<< How good are you at multiplayer games? >>

- I'd say average. I've really lost the swing of things playing BF2 for several
months. I can do quite well with the scoped rifles, but SMGS, general bolt-
actions, and even the MP44 I tend to struggle with. I usually end up with a 3:2
K:D ratio.

)) Troubleshooting ((

<< My framerate sucks, or the game stutters. How do I fix this? >>

- Call of Duty 2 is basically run out of two possible game engines - DirectX 9
or DirectX 7. DirectX 9 is a more modern version that has many cool special
effects which newer video cards support. DirectX 7 takes those effects out, at
the cost of being compatible with older computers or being able to operate at a
faster framerate. If you want to increase your framerate, go to the options
menu and select graphics. Look for a tab that says mode or texture types. Click
off the default "automatic", and change it to DirectX 7. When you play the
game, many of the special effects will be removed, but the game will run almost
4-5 times smoother. Special effects are generally scripted effects. For
example, ripples on the soldiers' uniforms, heat waves eroding off the desert
floor, and better shadows/lighting are the only differences. You can live
without them, and the framerate improves DRASTICALLY. I've also noticed that
you can play high resolutions with nearly maxed AA and other settings on DX7
with no problems.

<< When I join a multiplayer game, my name does not show. How do I fix it? >>

- Pause the game, and go to the Multiplayer Options button. Look for Username,
click it, then edit it to the name you want to display. Even if you preset
this, it will sometimes reset your name to a server default due to a patch, new
downloaded modification, or something along those lines.

<< It says my CD key is in use. Why can't I play multiplayer? >>

- This means someone is using your CD key, and Call of Duty 2 only permits one
CD key to be in use at a time. Sometimes this is caused by software pirates who
create programs that generate CD keys. It is possible that someone guessed your
CD key, even if you just bought the game brand new. I recommend returning the
item immediately for a new copy & CD key.

<< Is there any way to command my squadmates? >>

- Nope. This game is not like Brothers in Arms. A majority of the in-game
actions are scripted, which means they're preset. While your allies do help
you, a majority of it is based on random firing schemes. You'll also find that
key roleplayers do not die, even if a grenade explodes by their feet. However,
general soldiers can die quite easily.


- 8) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines -
This FAQ/Strategy Guide/Walkthrough is my own published work, and copyrighted
by Christopher Zawada. Whatever you do, DO NOT edit this FAQ in any way. DO
NOT steal anything from this FAQ. If you want to use some information in your
own guide, simply ask me. If you want to place this guide on your website,
either link to the GameFAQs game page, or download the file and place it on
your own web server. Basically, you can post this on your website as long as
it's in ORIGINAL form, and not linking directly to GameFAQs. Aside from that,
all proper credit is due when necessary. Also, don't even think about selling
FAQs. Trying to prosper off of other people's work will get you in big time
trouble (coming from an eBay seller myself).

Any site out there has permission to host my FAQs (following the above terms),
however, these are a list of current sites that host my FAQs officially:



- 9) Proper Credit         -
I'd like to thank the following people for their help in making this FAQ

)) CJayC (( for constantly updating GameFAQs, and dedicating his entire life
to it. Takes a lot of effort to keep a site going this long.

)) (( for letting me use an excellent ASCII generator, which
composed this typical-style art. Excellent.

)) Infinity Ward (( for creating a well-composed WWII shooter. Granted, the
replay value went down, but it was great for the time being.

)) (( for providing several console codes that help lengthen
the gaming experience.

)) BSam (( for providing a tip on how to get pass the initial ambush at the
Battle of Matmata.

)) WWII Vets & KIA's (( for serving our country to the utmost extent.

  "Some people make sacrifices to make other people happy." - Chris Zawada
  "Freeeeeeddooommmmmmmmm!" - William Wallace (Braveheart)


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