Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare

Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare


                         Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC)

                            Complete Walkthrough v.1.30

                                Last update: 11/20/07

		  Created by: JediMeister (

                           Copyright 2007 Alvin Shek

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
	- Legal Info
	- Version History
	- About the Author

2. Level Maps
		2.0.1 - 'F.N.G.'
		2.0.2 - 'Crew Expendable'
		2.0.3 - 'The Coup'

	2.1 ACT I
		2.1.1 - 'Blackout'
		2.1.2 - 'Charlie Don't Surf'
		2.1.3 - 'The Bog'
		2.1.4 - 'Hunted'
		2.1.5 - 'Death From Above'
		2.1.6 - 'War Pig'
		2.1.7 - 'Shock and Awe'
	2.2 ACT II
		2.2.1 - 'Safehouse'
		2.2.2 - 'All Ghillied Up'
		2.2.3 - 'One Shot, One Kill'
		2.2.4 - 'Heat'
		2.2.5 - 'Sins of the Father'
	2.3 ACT III
		2.3.1 - 'Ultimatum'
		2.3.2 - 'All In'
		2.3.3 - 'No Fighting In The War Room'
		2.3.4 - 'Game Over'
	2.4 Epilogue
		2.4.1 - 'Mile High Club'

3. Intel Locations

4. Cheat Codes

5. Credits

1. Introduction

Legal Info

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Version History:	v 0.10 - Played through the demo, finding the enemy
			v 0.50 - Bought the game, played through until 'One
				 Shot, One Kill' while writing the walkthrough.
				 Took a short break in frustration with dying
				 over and over because the helicopter was so
				 far away.
			v 1.00 - Finished the game and polished up the
				 walkthrough as much as possible. Found 12/30
				 piece of intelligence.
			v 1.10 - Began going through the missions again to
				 find the missing pieces of intelligence. Was
				 not published to any site.
			v 1.20 - Thanks to Kevin and some other kind souls on
				 the GameFAQs boards I've updated this
				 walkthrough with the location of all 30 intel
				 pieces, and included cheat codes for those
				 of you who want 'em. 
			v 1.30 - Added some minor details regarding 'All
				 Ghillied Up', 'One Shot, One Kill' and
				 'All In.' Also expanded the section below.

About the Author

This is my fourth game walkthrough. I haven't written a walkthrough for a
couple years but since I'm about to start working again, I decided to give it
one last go. Any and all suggestions and tips are welcome, please email me at
the address posted above. 

P.S. I completed the game on Hardened difficulty. As far as I can tell, the
difficulty meter determines how quickly you accumulate damage, lowers certain
time restraints, and increases the chance of being on the receiving end of 
multiple grenades whenever you camp in one spot.


2.0.1 'F.N.G.'

This is a tutorial level, like all Call of Duty games start. Pick up the rifle
and proceed to the firing range. Shoot the targets as directed. CoD now features
bullet velocity so you can shoot through certain types of materials to hit the
enemy taking cover behind. Go back to the armory and pick up your pistol. Knife
the watermelon and head outside. If you're ever lost, hit escape and a mini-map
should give you an overhead view of the surrounding area. You'll pass a fuel
tanker on the right, and then go through the hangar doors to join your team.
You'll receive new orders from Captain Price. Climb the ladder to an observation
post. While he gives you new orders, take a look at the area below. You'll
proceed from checkpoint 1 to checkpoint 4. It can get a little confusing while
clearing the area so I'll try to give as best a description as I can. Climb
down the rope and shoot the 3 targets through the windows. Proceed around the
wall and enter the structure, hugging the wall to climb down the ladder. Shoot
the target that appears and head left. Throw a flashbang into the next room
and shoot the two targets within. Go left through the doorway and shoot the
targets in front of you and to your right. Turn left, throw a flashbang into
the next room and shoot both targets within. Without entering the room, exit 
the mock structure to the right sprinting, following the arrows on the floor
to the finish line. I don't think you get anything special for completing it
at the best IW time, so its up to you if you want to try for it. When you're
done, approach the team by the monitors to receive your new briefing. You will
now get to choose the difficulty you want to play the game at. 

2.0.2 'Crew Expendable'

After the loading screen, you'll be in a helicopter ready to board the
freighter. Kill the enemies in the bridge. Follow your team through the
corridors, nabbing the laptop intelligence (1/30) from the crew quarters. Exit
back onto the deck, and go down the stairs in front of you to follow your team
towards the aft of the ship. The helicopter will kill the enemies shooting at
you from the windows above and then report bingo fuel and return to base.
Follow Price and the rest of the team through the watertight door, being sure
to sweep both the left and right fire lanes. Head down the stairs and around
the corner your team will come under fire from enemies down a hallway. Kill
them and proceed to the red-lit area. Wait for a teammate to throw a flashbang
into the area before heading through the door and killing two more crewmembers.
Go up the short flight of stairs and kill the crewmember who appears from the
right. Follow your team through the stacks of boxes to another door, which
Price kicks in. As you go down the stairs, pick up laptop #2 from a table at
the foot of the stairs (2/30). Move with your team, eliminating crewmembers on
the catwalks above as well as ones hiding among the boxes. Flush them out with
frag grenades and eventually you'll clear the area. Proceed towards the blue
cargo container. Grab the manifest (its the flashing clipboard) resting on top
of the crate within, and prepare for all hell to break loose. Follow your team
up the stairs to the catwalks, and don't get left behind! Once on the deck,
make a jump for the hovering helicopter.

2.0.3 'The Coup'

You'll assume another person's body for a ride in a car through a city. Watch
the chaos on the streets with your almost 200 degree field of movement. I don't
know about you, but I get the feeling something bad is going to happen to

2.1 ACT I

2.1.1 'Blackout'

Kill the two soldiers standing guard outside the house, as well as the two
within. Use the silenced M4 so they don't hear you coming. Grab the laptop 
inside to secure a piece of intelligence (3/30). Follow your team and clear the
next grouping of houses. Follow Price into a house and exit into an open field
for a rendezvous with Russian troops. Follow your team up the hill and get ready
to make use of your sniper rifle. Help out where you can, but kill the machine
gunners when ordered. Follow Kamarov through a building and back outside. Take
cover in the building from the troops charging down the hill. Make a run up the
hill when you don't see any more approaching and then help the Russians take the
town by sniping enemy troops from your high vantage point. Continue up the hill
to the power station. Rappel down the cliffside and jump over the wall. Head
into the village through the open garage and take cover behind the desk to kill
the three soldiers that exit through the doorway. Jump out the window and go up
the hill to the marked house. Equip your nightvision while you wait for Price
to take point. Go through the house eliminating the soldiers guarding the
informant. Go upstairs and clear all the rooms, including a bathroom on the
second floor which contains another piece of intelligence (4/30). A good habit
to form is to throw a flashbang into a room before you rush in, it could save
your life. Follow the team outside to escort the informant to the waiting

2.1.2 'Charlie Don't Surf'

Enjoy the ride into town aboard a Blackhawk helicopter. Rappel down and follow
your squad down the alley to the left. Breach the door and head right, down the
stairs. Kill the soldiers and clear the room to the left to pick up a laptop
with enemy intelligence (5/30). Next, clear the rooms along the right, using
flashbang grenades to disorient the enemy. Follow the objective marker back out
of the building, and follow the squad through the gap in the low wall. Kill the
soldiers hiding out behind the tan car in front of you and head in their
direction. Turn left down the alleyway and turn right at the sheets of metal.
Kill the two soldiers who drop down from the rooftop, and any opposition as you
head for the TV station. Watch out for snipers on the second floors. Turn right
and go through an open doorway and up some stairs to get a piece of enemy
intel (6/30). Go back down and turn east towards your objective. You'll see a
pile of burnt cars and just past it a rooftop with several RPG troops and
infantry. Throw a grenade up top to clear it and then climb the stairs on the
second building to the south to find another piece of intel (7/30). The TV
station with the satellite dish mounted on top is your objective. Get to the
door indicated on your compass. Breach, and follow Vasquez and Hatch into the
electronics room. You'll enter the office area just ahead. Instead of going
through the cubicles, I find its easier to go straight across into the offices
since you're less exposed to enemy fire from that path. When you've made enough
progress, you'll be able to get to the area left of the giant map of the world.
Vasquez will open the door and you'll enter the lobby area of the the TV
station. Follow Vasquez up the stairs and through the doors up to the roof. Go
through a few more doors until you reach the objective marker. Hold position
outside the room and help clear the room. 

2.1.3 'The Bog'

Follow your squad until you come under fire. Use the car flipped on its side as
cover until you're ordered to take point. Run down the steps adjacent to the
building and turn left while activating your night vision. Kill the four
enemies hiding behind the low wall and go through the hole in the building.
Turn right and follow your squadmate up the stairs, feel free to dispatch his
attacker with a swift knife to the back. Continue up, and hold position near
your end of the hallway. Toss a grenade in to soften the resistance and
clear to the furthest room. Use the M60 to mow down the enemies in the building
across the way. Exit back into the hallway and follow the Marines clearing the
side room. Pick up the laptop on the table to the left to pick up the piece of
enemy intelligence (8/30). Go back the way you came down to the first floor.
Take a right into the first doorway, and continue through the rooms to the end.
Eliminate the enemy troops on the rooftops before crossing to the adjacent
building. When you get the order to pick up the Javelin rocket launcher, kill
as many opposition troops on the overpass as you can, because they can ruin
your day with a lucky shot. The Javelin is found in the open courtyard where
the heavy firefight was just taking place. Equip it and find the green squares
as quickly as possible. Lock the crosshairs and when you hear a solid tone,
let fly a rocket. There are four armored vehicles in total, but I believe you
only have to kill two to complete the objective. Follow your squad through the
hole in the fence and take a short breather as you follow them through the
bazaar. When there is a path to the left, take it, and turn left again when
you see the refrigerator. The piece of intelligence is hidden behind some boxes
to the left (9/30). Eventually you'll reach an open field of sorts, with a
friendly tank in the middle. Towards the south and the west are hordes of 
enemies intent on taking out the tank. Prioritize your targets, the fighters
armed with RPGs first, those armed with rifles and other assorted weaponry
second. Take cover behind the dumpster or the tank, but don't stand near any
cars as they can take you out when they explode. Also, try not to stay in one
single spot with your sights up, because the enemy will continually throw
grenades at you. When you've cleared the area to the south, head west, picking
off the stragglers. You'll know when you've cleared enough, because you'll
receive new orders to take out the AAA gun to the southwest. The little area
with the AAA gun is only accessible through the building to the east of the
gate. Kill the three men within and plant the C4 on the indicated area of the
gun. Clear the building before you detonate the explosive. Return to the open
field and make a beeline for the beacon marker. Drop it and see the awesome
firepower wielded by Cobra helicopter gunners. Return to the tank to end the

2.1.4 'Hunted'

You have your pick of weapons here, an M4, a G36, and an MP5. If I were you, 
I'd grab one with a scope instead of iron sights. Head towards the marker and
follow the team into an archway under the bridge. Price will take point and
move into a garage. Take aim at the soldier threatening the old man, and pull
the trigger when Price gives the order. You team will make short work of the
others. Jump over the fence and go prone behind the wheel of hay. After the
helicopter passes by, follow Price and the others to the next farmhouse. Behind 
you, more enemy soldiers will arrive on truck, and a helicopter provides air
support. Delay them while Gaz busts open the basement door and then dive in
yourself. Find Nikolai and head upstairs. The front door will suddenly open and
an enemy flashbang will come in. Don't be standing in the middle of the room
when it goes off. Exit the house and grab the enemy laptop in the house with
the soda machine in front (10/30). Kill the dogs that are released and follow
Nikolai. Continue eliminating soldiers until the area's quiet. Follow Price and
the others through the chain link gate. Slide down into the drainage ditch and
don't move until Price gives the OK. Follow the team onto a flat open field. 
Despite how tempting it might be to pop some heads of the search party, hold
your fire, and move when your team does. Eventually you'll be compromised, but
hopefully after most of the enemy soldiers have moved away, leaving you with
only maybe four or five opposing forces at best. Move into the greenhouse where
you once again come under fire. Kill the opposition and head towards the marker
on your compass through another greenhouse. Eventually you'll find yourself
back outside. Turn left as soon as you exit the second greenhouse, and jump
over the burnt windowsill into the remains of a building. Across from you is
a barn. Kill the soldiers that rush out and grab the laptop from atop the
barrels in front of you (11/30). The helicopter will make another pass, but you
can kill the gunner momentarily to take some heat off your back by taking aim
at the gunnery door and firing in short bursts of 2-3 rounds. I say momentarily
because eventually a new gunner will appear. Get into the barn with a red
tractor. Swap a weapon for the Stinger launcher. The first one will miss
because the helicopter drops flares, but pick up another one and finish it off.
Follow Price out the door and you'll hear a transmission telling you of the
arrival of an allied gunship. Stop in the ditch before you reach the road.
Price will call down an airstrike, but feel free to cap some infantry while
they're distracted by the gunship. Walk past the burning vehicles to end

2.1.5 'Death From Above'

This mission you're going to be in the hot seat on a AC-130 Spectre gunship.
The 105mm cannon takes too long to reload in my opinion, so you're better off
using the other two weapons. The 25mm machine guns zoom in pretty far, so use
it to pick off single targets, whereas the 40mm is better suited to saturation
targeting. Make sure you keep the IR viewer on so you don't accidentally shoot
friendlies. Eventually, Price and his men will commandeer civilian vehicles.
Keep switching between the different weapons systems to keep watch over the
friendlies so that you aren't stuck with a narrow view of the battleground. 
Friendly Chinook helicopters will come upon the scene and lift the soldiers
below to safety.

2.1.6 'War Pig'

Immediately take cover behind the car in front of you. Make the enemy soldiers
in the bus your first priority. When you are able, advance towards the junk
pile. A squadmate will announce the arrival of enemy troop helicopters. Run
around either the bus or the blue cargo container to find a stash of RPGs which
you can use to shoot down the helicopters before they drop off all the enemy
reinforcements. All of the enemy resistance will suddenly slacken and you're
free to follow your squad to the objective marker. Follow the tank through
the massive archway but don't rely on the cars nearby for cover. Shoot at the
RPG troopers on the rooftops. Hug the right wall and flank the enemy by
making your approach through buildings rather than on the street. After passing
the cars and the dumpster on the right side, jump over a low wall, and go up
the stairs to the right. The first room on your left on the second floor holds
a piece of intelligence on the dresser. Continue from building to building on
the right side of the road. When the tank comes to a stop, enter the restaurant
building directly behind it, and one of the second floor rooms has a laptop of
enemy intelligence on the bed (13/30). Exit down to ground level, and hug the
left wall. Jump through the gap and engage the enemy head-on. Follow the
objective marker to a back alley where one of the soldiers is leaning against a
dumpster to move it towards the barricaded enemy. Snipe the two men manning the
machine guns in the building ahead and enter. The room with the machine gun
next has another laptop (14/30). Follow your team to a hole in the building
overlooking an intersection guarded by an enemy tank. Sit back and watch the
pretty explosion. Go down to ground level and take point to the LZ. 

2.1.7 'Shock And Awe'

You'll start out the mission as a gunner on a Chinook. You're horribly exposed
so just keep an eye on the temperature gauge on the right hand side of the
screen and let fly the mortars. Your biggest threat are the RPG troopers and
the anti-aircraft vehicles. I personally thought that this was the section
that most frustrated me because I had the misfortune of being killed by
infantry with automatic weapons more times than I'd like to count. Eventually
you will clear the rooftops and the helicopter will land to let off some
troops. The helicopter will take off again and this time you will allowed to
attack on foot. Follow the squad into the building and clear the first floor,
then head up the stairs to the second. Nab the laptop in the corner (15/30).
Drop down to ground level and take cover behind the cargo container. Go around
it to the right and walk through the door. Clear the upstairs, and check the
closet for another laptop (16/30). Go back downstairs and follow the marker to
get to the helicopter and temporary safety. On the way back, two enemy soldiers
attack from the alley to the right. Board the helicopter, and you'll see an
escorting Cobra attack helicopter get shot down. Shoot the RPG troopers on the
rooftops and the infantry on the ground level before the helicopter can touch
down. You are tasked with grabbing the pilot and dragging her back to the
Chinook. Wait for your squad to fully deploy and take up defensive positions
around the crash site before attempting to drag her to safety. Once you have
her, run as fast as possible back to the Chinook. Your seat is right next to
the ramp, so cover your team as they board. And then...just watch...

Crawl up out of the wreckage and off the ramp to the ground below. Somewhere
along the road, you'll get the bad news.


2.2.1 'Safehouse'

Follow your team up the dirt path. Troops will attack from the bell tower to 
the left. Call in an airstrike on the building closer of the two marked on the
compass and clear both floors. There's a laptop resting on a dresser on the
second floor (17/30). Clear the next furthest building on the right, and
another piece of enemy intelligence is yours for the taking in the dining
booths (18/30). Go up onto the second floor and grab and RPG if you haven't
already killed the armored vehicle. Exit the door leading to the water tower,
but turn right instead of heading for the marker. You're going to make a wide
loop, following the wire fence around the corrugated sheet building to the
left, and ending up at the designated building. The building at the top of hill
overlooking the village has no intelligence within, so keep going
counter-clockwise around the town. Once you've cleared all of the buildings,
one marker remains. The area is quiet, but that all changes as you close to
within 70 meters of the final target building. Use your nightvision goggles to
your advantage and with your team's help you'll make it to the barn. Wait for
Price to break down the door and open up a can of whoopass on Al-Asad. GG

Now its time for a trip down memory lane.

2.2.2 'All Ghillied Up'

Follow MacMillan into the structure and then go prone before the patrol sees
you. Pull out your silenced pistol and tail them until they both turn around.
Kill one, and MacMillan will take out the other. Hug the building and
MacMillan will let you decide the fate of the soldier by the car. The both of
you will jump over the fence and then MacMillan will stop when he sees the
lookout in the tower. Snipe him and the patrolling guard that MacMillan
notices. Go into the church and climb the ladder up to the observation post.
Grab the laptop (19/30). Follow MacMillan out the door and past a gap in a
low wall. Jump over the pipe and get ready for a tense situation. Two APCs and
accompanying Russian troops approach from the East-Southeast. Try not to get
run over by an APC and anticipate the vector the troops are moving at so that
you won't get stepped on. The best idea is to go prone and stay right behind
MacMillan, and move ONLY when he does. Another option provided by Devon Mathis
suggests the following: "A much easier way is to look to your left, there will
be two trees. They are both close to each other. lay behind the one DIRECTLY
behind up and as close as you can get up against it. The enemy will have to
move around the tree, therefor going around you, and therefor you don't have to
move at all." Eventually he'll stand behind a caterpillar tractor. You have a
choice now. You can either kill the troops or sneak around. Whatever you
decide, take the lead as you head southeast towards a group of cargo
containers. MacMillan will then take point and knock out the guard patrolling
around. Turn south and go prone as you go between two cargo containers. You
should see a laptop in the middle of the enemy camp atop some blue barrels
(20/30). The guy leaning back in the chair is half-asleep so pop up quickly and
grab it before rejoining MacMillan. Watch out that you don't walk into the path
of another patrolling soldier. Follow MacMillan through a series of containers
until you reach one with a crack between the doors. MacMillan will lead the way
past the soldiers and under a truck. A new truck will pull up right behind the
first one, stay under both. Wait for the troops to walk away and then you're
sprinting to cover once again. MacMillan will then order you to kill the sniper
on the 4th floor fire escape on the side of the building. Go all the way up the
stairs and jump into the window on the 4th floor to pick up another laptop
(21/30). Go back down and jump in the broken window on the 2nd floor, then drop
down to street level out the other side. No matter what you do, don't shoot the
dog, just keep moving. If it starts growling or barking, move faster. If you
kill the dog, eight or nine wild dogs will charge you and MacMillan and you'll
be in the fight of your life. Stay right behind MacMillan and all will be fine.
After passing through another crumbling building, you'll see a hotel in sight. 

2.2.3 'One Shot, One Kill'

Take a look at the picture of zakhaev before you start aiming with the rifle.
MacMillan will make positive ID, so you have about 30 seconds from the
meeting until Zakhaev turns around and leaves. MacMillan will let you know
right before Zakhaev leaves. Zoom in so that you have Zakhaev and the flag on
the nearby car in the scope. You'll need to account for the direction of the
wind, so compensate by moving the rifle in the direction opposite the flag.
Another option is to wait for the wind to die down when Zakhaev raises his arms
in frustration and take the shot there. Remember to aim a bit high to account
for the Coriolis effect. If you miss with the first shot, quickly take another.
You'll blow off his arm, but zoom back out and kill the helicopter pilot and/or
gunner to buy some time to escape. Turn around as soon as you can and go up
the short flight of stairs. Begin rappeling down before MacMillan reaches you
or else you might not make it in time before the upper floor explodes in flames.
Help MacMillan take out some of the soldiers taking cover among the cars and
then run away from the ones behind you at full speed. At some point you'll 
notice a timer counting down from 20 minutes. You have this much time to make
it to the rendezvous point near an abandoned fairgrounds. Head in the hallway
on the left and wait for MacMillan to open the door. Follow him through both
broken windows, after shooting the dog on the other side of the chain link
fence. Kill all of the soldiers outside in the playground area. Switch to your
sniper rifle and shoot down the helicopter. Turn around and run so that you
have less distance to run to pick up MacMillan from under a rotor blade and go
through the gate towards the objective. Release MacMillan near the bumpers of
one of the cars and kill the soldiers who attack. Pick him back up, and proceed
past the burning barrel and wrecked car. Hug the right wall, releasing
MacMillan if you need, then pick him up and head for the apartments ahead. Go
in the door to the right, and right again, up a ramp of smouldering debris.
Turn left into the room and head for the stairwell. Turn right into the room on
the other side. Drop MacMillan near the right doorway. Kill the dogs and two
soldiers. The soldiers are waiting in the room across the hallway. Pick
MacMillan up exit the building into a courtyard. Drop MacMillan and go up the
nearby ladder to the fire escape and climb up to the top level. Pick up the
laptop and go back down (22/30).  Go into the other building and turn left or
right into either locker room. Follow the corridor around into the swimming
pool area. Stay away from the dogs by hugging the left wall around to the hole
in the wall to the grassy field beyond. Head towards the ferris wheel, and
snipe the two guards in your way. The timer stops as soon as you reach the
field. The upcoming section of the level is quite possibly the hardest in the
game so far so take a deep breath. You'll have to hold your position by the
ferris wheel until the helicopter (which is 10 km away mind you) arrives. You
can use your claymore mines and C4 to set up defenses around you and MacMillan,
but between you and me, he can take care of himself. From what I've seen, the
best places to hide out are on the far side of the bumper cars, which is south
of the ferris wheel, or camp by MacMillan. There are no autosaves after the 6
km point, when enemy helicopters lower additional troops into the area. Holding
out isn't really a problem unless you're unlucky and all the troops throw
grenades at you at the same time. Its making it to the chopper that's the hard
bit. My recommendation is to plant C4 near the far groupings of cars as you
carry MacMillan to his sniping position by the ferris wheel. If you get too far
away from him, he'll die. The groups of two to three cars mark where the enemy
troops will be lowered from the helicopters. When the helicopters finish
dropping off their loads, detonate the C4 and run to the south side of the
bumper cars area. You can hold out here until the chopper arrives. On Hardened
difficulty, you'll be pelted with flashbangs and grenades at this position, so
be forewarned, this is no cakewalk. At some point, attack dogs may show up as
well. The second and final piece of intelligence on this level will be
available at some point after the enemy reinforcements arrive by helicopter.
Look for the five story building to the southeast. The doors will open to
reveal a long and narrow U-shaped area. The laptop is located within (23/30).
When the helicopter arrives, take some time to kill the enemy troops and then
pick up MacMillan. You may have to drop him again if you need to eliminate
additional troops. When its relatively quiet near you, pick him back up and run
up the ramp to the waiting Chinook. 

2.2.4 'Heat'

Follow Price and the others up to the wooden fence. Let the initial wave be
wiped out by the concealed charges, and then open fire on the survivors and
the secondary waves. Reload only when you have a few bullets left, because it
takes a long time. The enemy will get smart and throw smoke grenades to cover
their advance. Run to the downed helicopter and man the minigun. You have to
enter the crew cabin through the door on the other side. It takes some time to
get started but the best advice is to keep your finger on the trigger until
you see the temperature gauge get orange. Use the minigun to wipe out the
helicopters that arrive as well. You'll get new orders to abandon the minigun,
so follow your team up the hill. Take up a defensive position by Price until
you're ordered into the nearby tavern. Grab the C4 detonators from the
windowsills and blow each set in succession. You'll eventually fall back to
the farm where you captured Al-Asad. Grab the Javelin and lock onto the
pursuing tanks. Destroy all four. After several more radio transmissions,
you'll have to go back down the hill. Straight down the middle isn't really an
option, so go in the building to the west and keep going west, then turn
south. Remember that you have the option of calling in airstrikes so if you keep
dying at the same spot, call in an airstrike before you advance down the hill.
If you're fast, you should make it to the checkpoint with some time to spare.
Take cover behind some rocks and cover your team's approach. Then board the
helicopter when directed. 

2.2.5 'The Sins of the Father'

Follow the team through the junkyard, and jump over a car wreck. Get on top of
the nearby dumpster and take aim at the guards in the tower. When Price gives
the command, take both of them out and help your team eradicate the outpost
with support from your sniper rifle. Rush into the diner and look over the
tables to the left. Grab the laptop before the next part of the mission starts
(24/30). When you are once again in control, you'll be in the guard tower you
cleared. The ambush will go down, and in the process the tower will be brought
down. Go around the car, and to the right of the buses, back the way you came.
Kill the dog and keep sprinting. Eventually you'll reach a paved road heading
north-east. Enter the building on the right so you can get an angle on the
soldiers behind the barricades. Kill them and then run to the wall of the
building ahead to trigger the next checkpoint. Follow Griggs and Gaz into the
alleyway. Kill the soldiers on the other side of the rusting fence. Instead of
jumping through head east past the dumpster, and then north. Go up the stairs
and use this vantage point to help your team take the backyard. Grab the laptop
before going back down and heading north-west around the buildings (25/30).
Continue along, eliminating enemies, and go up the stone steps leading into a
parking lot. Find cover from the machine gun nest and the ever-helpful
Blackhawk will eliminate it for you. Enter the building, go up to the second
floor. Clear it, and then go up the stairs to the north to get to the third
floor. Take cover in a side room and let the Blackhawk eliminate the enemies.
Proceed up to the roof but you won't make it in time to stop the guy from
committing suicide.


2.3.1 'Ultimatum'

Form up with your team and head to the marker to the southwest. Your team will
kill the opposition along the road. You'll see a gate in the distance, and
after clearing the area, Price will breach a door to the right. Go up the
stairs by Bremner, and plant C4 or claymores outside the two locked doors. Kill
the two soldiers in the adjoining room. Four soldiers will rush out of the
doors right into your waiting explosives. Go back downstairs and wait by the
front door. Take out the soldier patrolling by the car quietly and his partner
to the southeast. If you don't do so quietly, soldiers from the building to the
west may attack, along with several attack dogs. After they're all dead,
proceed to the second floor of the building to the north. Clear the first room
and then proceed upstairs. Let your team breach the door, then untie Griggs and
head back outside. Follow the team to the transmission tower, hiding from the
enemy helicopters the fly over. Place the C4 and get to a safe distance before
detonating. Follow your team through the fence and to the compound up ahead.
Jump through the hole in the wall. Consider switching your pistol for either
the sniper rifle or shotgun by the crates. Continue north behind your team into
an open garage. As you attempt to head west, you'll come under attack from
troops hidden in the buildings across the field, and helicopters will drop off 
additional troops. Kill them all, including the ones on the rooftop to the
south. Enter the building with an open garage door to the west to find another
piece of enemy intel in the northwest room (26/30). Exit south and go up the
stairs to the second floor of the building ahead. The team will come under
attack from the east. Kill all the enemies, including one whom may be hiding in
the tower. Go into the building south of the tower, and exit west. As you enter
the building to the west, three trucks will pull up. Eliminate the troops that
emerge and then proceed southwest along the road where you'll meet up with a
sniper team. The proverbial doggy feces hit the fan and the mission ends.

2.3.2 'All In'

You'll start out under fire from the helicopter gunship but it'll get shot
down. Follow the team through the gap in the fence. Throw smoke grenades to
cover your approach to the vehicle and use nightvision to cut through the
smoke. Hopefully you don't get run over >_<. Plant a C4 packet on the rear of
the vehicle and detonate it from behind cover. Exit to the east, and turn
south at the road. Take cover in the building marked with '2'. Exit towards the
east, hugging the buildings on the right. You'll advance towards a gatehouse,
where one of your soldiers will blow the gate with a charge. Before heading
through the gate, go behind the south building across from the gatehouse. 
Collect the ammo and pick up the laptop for a piece of intel (27/30). Head 
through the gate and continue east into the first building across from the gate,
and wait for a BMP to stop near you. As always, its easiest to approach from the
rear. Blow it, and advance towards the farther one. On your way to the second
armored vehicle, head southeast towards the hangar-like structures. Go into
the middle one of the three that you see on your minimap and pick up the laptop
from the ground next to some barrels (28/30). Take up a position by the exhaust
vents and rappel down as soon as you are able.

An alternate way of doing this level is to go around the chain-link fence
towards the north. Plant a C4 on the indicated area and kill the enemy troops
among the cargo containers. When the first BMP appears you can retreat back out
the hole you blew to the truck and use the RPGs stacked up by it to take it out
without having to get up close and personal. Instead of following the road to
the south, keep heading east to the blocked gate, and up the rusted stairs. This
rooftop overlooks the silo area where two additional BMPs attack. You can use
the Javelin launcher on this roof to make quick work of the two vehicles before
jumping over the railing and rejoining your team for the level exit through the
air vents.

2.3.3 'No Fighting In The War Room'

Crouch and follow Griggs through the ventilation shaft. You'll drop down into
the shower area. Exit through the door Price is peeking around and turn right
into the hallway with the yellow strobelight. From this point on, on Hardened
difficulty anyway, you have 11 minutes to make it to the control center and
abort the missiles. Turn left and kill the men running down the hallway around
the corner to the right. Continue down the path, which is quicker than the 
right because it bypasses the kitchen. Turn left into a dark meeting room to
pick up the laptop facing away from you on the table. Keep advancing until you
reach a room divided into two halves by crates in the middle. Kill the enemies
annd then proceed behind the crates, and down the stairs. Turn left and proceed
down the extremely long hallway. The most expedient way is to go along the
parallel side corridors to the left or the right. Before you charge bravely and
suicidally down either path, throw a flashbang in to blind any potential
ambushers. Rejoin the long hallway and then turn left at the corner. You'll see
yet another long hallway. Again, there are two parallel corridors, so pick one
and clear down it. At the end of the main hallway, go through the door and Price
will secure it behind you. Gaz and Bravo Team will open the launch bay doors
from the security room, but it opens ridiculously slow. Throw a flashbang in,
and hug the right wall around to a brick room with two flashing red strobes.
Plant a C4 packet where its indicated, and blow the charge. If you still have
a flashbang or two now is the time to use it. Go through the hole you blasted,
turning left and running for cover alongside the workstations. Help your team
clear the area and check the briefing room near where the other team breached
the control center for the final piece of intelligence (30/30). Go down the
central aisle separating the workstations and enter the abort codes using the
keyboard on the left side as you're facing the main viewscreen. You have to 
hold down the action key while your character enters the codes. Just tapping it
won't do. Follow Price and Griggs back out of the hole and go down the hallway
eliminating the enemy soldiers. Board the elevator and ride it up. Exit into
the vehicle depot and with the rest of the squad, clear it of all hostiles. 

2.3.4 'Game Over'

This mission starts as a standard rail-shooter mission that's been a staple
of CoD games. Crouch for cover if you need. Make the RPG trooper on the truck
behind you a priority. After a while, you'll pass through a couple of tunnels
and cause a crash between a fuel truck and the one chasing you. Pick up the
RPG launcher next to you and try to take out the helicopter. It'll fly off but
then reappear, taking out the bridge in front of you. When you regain control
of your person, jump northeast as soon as you can to get off the falling
section of bridge. Take cover behind a nearby wrecked car and shoot at the
pursuers. A Hind helicopter will fly for a final pass and wipe out most of
your team. Zakhaev and his men show up to execute the survivors. One of your
friendly soldiers will slide a pistol to you. Use it to kill Zarkhaev and his
two cronies to end the mission and the game.

2.4 Epilogue

2.4.1 'Mile High Club'

Note: You have to sit through the credits to open up this level. As far as I
know this mission isn't related to the plot in any way. Kill the  terrorists as
you proceed towards the front of the plane. You have 1 1/2 minutes to find the
hostage. Note that you can shoot through seats to hit the terrorists behind,
but the same is also true for yourself. Go up the stairs at the front and turn
around, killing the opposition. Aim down the sights of your pistol and kill the
terrorist before evacuating the plane by jumping out.

3. Intel Locations

With Kevin Rice's permission, I am including his list of intelligence locations.
This area is for people who have already completed the game and are no longer
in need of step-by-step directions of how to proceed through each level.

#    Level                        Location
1    2 - Crew Expendable          In the room that the drunk soldier comes out
				  of, next to the two sleeping soldiers
2    2 - Crew Expendable          To the left of the bottom of the stairs after
				  the first flash bang
3    4 - Blackout                 In the first shack on the left at the
				  beginning of the level
4    4 - Blackout                 In the bathroom of the night vision building
5    5 - Charlie Don't Surf       In the basement of the target building, far
				  left room from the bottom of the entry stairs
6    5 - Charlie Don't Surf       Second story of the furthest right building 
				  in the town before crossing the main street
7    5 - Charlie Don't Surf       After crossing the road to the right side, it 
				  is on the second story of the first, right 
				  most building
8    6 - The Bog                  After the machinegun section, in the room that
				  the two soldiers door breach in the hallway
9    6 - The Bog                  After the Javelin section, in the northeast
				  corner of the alley.  To the left of the
				  crooked posters, behind the boxes
10    7 - Hunted                  After the building where the enemy tries to
				  flank and flashbang, there is a shack to the
11    7 - Hunted                  After the second greenhouse, under the tin
				  roof to the left, in front of the barn
12    9 - War Pig                 In the area after the tank runs over the car,
				  in the first two story building on the right,
				  on the second floor
13    9 - War Pig                 Across the street from the first intel piece, 
				  on the second story in one of the rooms on a 
14    9 - War Pig                 Behind the two second story MG positions that 
				  overlook the alley full of cars near the end 
				  of the level
15    10 - Shock and Awe          In the far right corner of the room where you 
				  rescue the recon squad on the second story
16    10 - Shock and Awe          After you jump down with the recon squad, in
				  the second story building straight ahead, on 
				  the second floor, in the closet
17    12 - Safehouse              In the first building on the right after the
				  forest, on the second story, across from the 
18    12 - Safehouse              In the building next to the water tower, 
				  inside one of the booths
19    13 - All Ghillied Up        At the top of the ladder inside the church
20    13 - All Ghillied Up        Halfway through the maze of containers, inside
				  the makeshift camp to the right on a small 
21    13 - All Ghillied Up        At the top of the stairs where you shoot the 
				  sniper down
22    14 - One Shot, One Kill     After exiting the building with the dogs and
				  hiding enemies, at the top of the fire escape
23    14 - One Shot, One Kill     When the enemies start attacking the carnival
				  position, through the right alleyway, through 
				  the back door
24    16 - The Sins of the Father Before the opening scene fades to black, 
				  inside the diner, on a table
25    16 - The Sins of the Father On the second story of the building right 
				  before the alleyway where enemies shoot from 
				  the roofs
26    17 - Ultimatum              In the area of the first major encounter, in 
				  the room directly across from your entry point
				  into the battle
27    18 - All In                 Before heading through the blown up gate, in 
				  an alleyway behind the building to the right
28    18 - All In                 In the southeastern warehouse (far right) out 
				  in the missile area with the two ZPUs
29    19 - No Fighting in the War Room
				  After the bathroom, take the left hallway, 
				  past the locker rooms, in the darkened meeting
				  room on the left
30    19 - No Fighting in the War Room
				  In the meeting room at the far end of
				  the missile control room

Single Player Cheats

Intel Pieces    Cheat Code       Description
2               CoD Noir         Turns the game colors black and white
4               Photo-Negative   Inverts the game colors
6               Super Contrast   Turns up the contrast in the game
8               Ragtime Warfare  Turns all game colors black and white, adds an 
				 old film filter, speeds the game up to 70% of 
				 normal speed, and replace the sound with a 
				 looping ol' timey track
10              Cluster Bombs    All frag grenades thrown by the player explode 
				 into 5 live grenades
15              A Bad Year       All enemies explode into a cloud of car tires 
				 when killed
20              Slow-Mo Ability  Clicking in on the right button slows the game 
				 down to 40% of normal speed
30              Infinite Ammo    Gives the player infinite ammo

4. Cheat Codes

I can't for the life of me understand why someone would need cheat codes on this
game but for those who can't resist, here they are for your reading pleasure.
GameFAQs user 'cekken' posted it on the boards for public use so I am just
making it easier for people to access.

Note that to make use of the codes, you have to enable the console in the
'Game Options' menu.

Here it is in its entirety, his post regarding the codes:

Hit the tilde key (~) to drop the dev-console.

Type seta thereisacow 1337 and then press ENTER.

Type spdevmap and then press ENTER. (This step is what was making cheats not
work for some, unless you type spedevmap and then hit exit when it says it
could not find map, cheats will not work.. found this out after tweaking
around last night).

Once you hit spdevmap and exit back to main menu, resume your saved game or
start a new one and cheats should be working fine!

Type the following codes in from the console (~) to activate them:

Code - Result:
give all - Access All Weapons
god - God Mode
noclip - No Clipping Mode
notarget - Enemies Ignore You
give ammo - Full Ammo
jump_height # - Adjust Gravity (Default = 39)
timescale # - Adjust Time (Default = 1.00)
cg_LaserForceOn 1 - Add Laser Sight to All Weapons

5. Credits

I'd like to thank Activision and Infinity Ward for making a sweet game for all
fans of first person shooters. Thanks as well to Jake Steeves for pointing out
the location of the second piece of intel on 2.1.1 'Blackout', and Kevin Rice
for sending me an entire list of intel locations as well as what they unlock.
I will be integrating that list in its entirety, with some minor changes in
formatting, into the walkthrough/FAQ for version 1.20. Additional thanks are in
order for Devon Mathis for his suggestion on where to hide on 'All Ghillied Up'

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