Cameron Files - Secret at Loch Ness Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Cameron Files - Secret at Loch Ness

Cameron Files - Secret at Loch Ness

A Walkthrough
By Catalina Navarro

Monday, - December 17th

The game starts out with a scene in Lord Mac Farley's Manor. Once 
inside the sitting room you (as Cameron) clicks once and you trigger a 
scene with Lady Mac Farley. After saying a bit she faints and drops a 
necklace in the sofa. Then the Indian butler takes the Lady and tells 
Cameron (you) that his room is upstairs.  So go upstairs, either 
through the main hallway or the double doors beside the sofa. 

If you go through the double doors take a left to the end of that 
hallway and then a right to the end of that hallway, then take a left 
and up the stairs. Go straight to the end of that hall and then right 
and to your left to the first pair of doors right across.

Enter Cameron's room, go to the bed and pick up your sachel. Now go to 
the desk and click on the envelope from Mr. Mac Grab... Read it. Now read 
your notebook, you have to retrieve whatever Lady Mac Farley dropped.

Leave the room, and go back to the sitting room. Go to the sofa and 
find the necklace under the pillow, open it and take the pills and the 
small key. Now walk to the desk and click on the newspaper, read about 
the stolen Celtic book, now click on the book in front of the desk and 
see the book that it is about "Electricity and Magnetism".

Now walk out the room through the doors that are by the sofa. Turn left 
and go to the first hall all the way down to the white door. Go in, it 
is the kitchen. Go to the sink and click on the towel and take it, turn 
around and go to the table beside the dumbwaiter, open the drawer and 
take the candles and matches. Turn around and go to the bells, just 
take a look. 

Now go to the box next to the door and take the first key on your 
right, which is Lord Mac Farley's room key. At that moment a bell rings 
and if you go to the bells you will see that it is Lady Mac Farley's 

Go to the dumbwaiter and pull the handle, watch it go up to a room. 
Turn right and go to the stairs at the far end of the room. Go up. Exit 
the stairs and go to the white door opposite yours. It is the laundry 
room, go to the dumbwaiter to your right and take the cup. Exit the 
room taking a right; now go all the way down to the double doors across 
the hall. Using your passkey, enter Lord Mac Farley's room. Take a left 
to the first bookcase and open it taking the folded piece of paper, it 
is a Memorandum. The Memorandum explains the use of a telegraph device.
Turn right and go to the desk; open the drawer and read about Mac Grab 
Distillery. Move your cursor to the left and you will be prompted to 
the lower left hand side of the desk, where there are 3 fingerprints. 
Using the copper oxide powder, ink and blank paper: lift the 
fingerprints. Look around and then walk out. 

Go to your right to the next double doors, it is Lady Mac Farley's 
room. Go to your right to her bedside. Taking the pills and the cup 
give them to her, hear what she says. 

Turn around and go to the chest of drawers by the door and take the 
chloroform.  Now go to the bathroom and then to the vanity. Using the 
small key found in the necklace open the box and take the attic key.
Go to the table by the white door and take the picture that is in 
there. Look at it. Look around and walk out.

Go to the left past Lord Mac Farley's room to the end of the hall, turn 
left and up the stairs. Look around at everything until you come to the 
end of the corridor.

Using the attic key go in. This triggers a scene and shuts you in the 

Click once forward and then shift a little left until you find the 
magnifying glass. Click on it and you see the candlestick. Using your 
candles and matches get some light in the room.

Go to the far back wall, where there is a candle on a table. Open the 
box and find an album. Take Lord Mac Farley's photo. Now turn left and 
go to the door you can't open.

Take a left to the cabinet and open the door and take the folded paper, 
it is a map.

Turn around and go to the two boxes piled on top of each other. Look 
inside and take the crowbar. 

Now go to the round room in the back. Look at Cameron's notebook 
(yours). Click on the other door, and that triggers a scene. Now go to 
the window that is bordered up.

Using the crowbar, take the planks off. Now look through the window. It 
is the Loch Ness Monster!!! Quick take a picture! Of course, with the 

Now go to the other door, using the crowbar open the door, walk down 
the hall to the trapdoor. Open it and climb down. That triggers a scene 
with a ghost (a banshee).

Go to the sitting room as Cameron suggests. Walk out take a right, all 
the way down then another right, then a left to the other side of the 
hall and then a left to the stairs. Walk down the stairs. You can now 
enter the room on your left.  The only thing there is a book of Moira's 
paintings about flowers, leaf through it and find the Phalaenopsis. 
Look familiar? Look at the picture you (Cameron took from Lady Mac 
Farley's room). It is at the greenhouse. How strange the Edelweiss has 
a 666 there? Wonder why?

Exit the room and take a left to the end of the hall, then a right to 
the end of that hall, then an other left to the last double doors on 
your right. Enter the room.

It is the sitting room. Now go to the table with the bottle and some 
glasses. Using the flask of Bourbon pour it into one of the glasses. 
The Cameron crystal comes out. Take it and turn around, go to the 
double doors next to the armor. Exit the room and go straight across to 
the double doors in front.

Open the doors, looks like a reception room. Go straight across to the 
little bar. Open the doors and take the mead. Look familiar? Look at 
the picture from Lady Mac Farley's room. Turn around and go to the far 
back of the room, past the chimney to the bookcase. 

Using your (Cameron's) knife open the case and then the box, take the 
scroll. Read it, it's the "Auld Alliance Treaty". Isn't it Celtic? Read 
your notebook. It says to go and look for the Celtic cross. Ready to 
venture out? Walk out the room and go to the main entrance.

Once outside go straight. When you get to the Cross, look at the 
picture. Put the bottle of mead where it goes. Turn around and go to 
the greenhouse to your left or use the map.

Go inside and on your left is the flower. Using your knife take it. 
Either by walking or using your map go to the Cross, again. Put the 
flower, where it goes. This triggers a scene with the banshee. 

So you have to find the 3 crystals of Sirdach. That is the Mac Farley's 
Crystal, Mac Grab's and the Cameron Crystal.

Tuesday- December 18th

Now you are automatically taken to your room. Read your notebook. Exit 
the room and go to Lord Mac Farley's office. The one downstairs. 

Go towards Lord Mac Farley's room and take a right to the end of the 
hall, as you pass the double doors towards the stairs you hear talking, 
but you can't go in. Oh well, go down the stairs. Enter the first 
double doors. It is Lord Mac Farley's office. 

When you enter the phonograph is playing. Go to it and turn it off. You 
hear talking go to the spiral staircase in the far right of the room. 
Go up, when you get to the end look around the ceiling for a trapdoor. 
When you find it, it triggers a scene. 

Listen to the conversation between Mac Grab and Moira; they are talking 
about the crystals. Go back down.

Go to the other end of the room, where there is a niche there is a 
carving that you can't work. Turn around and exit the room.

Take a left, then a right and then a left to the first double doors on 
your right. Open the doors and you enter the foyer.

Notice the briefcase on the bench near the right staircase. Open it and 
take the signet ring and the letter. This triggers a scene with Mr. Mac 
Grab. He invites you (Cameron) to his distillery at eight; but Cameron 
decides no way and wants to go earlier.

So go outside and using your map go to the Stone Bridge. Stop before 
crossing; go to your right to a dock. Take the oars and climb into the 
boat. Automatically Cameron rows to the distillery. When you get there 
you see a man with a shotgun go inside a building. Go to the door and 

The man answers the door and says it is closed. Do it twice. Save your 
game! Now go left and then left again to a group of barrels, pick up 
the pliers.

Turn left and go to the dock, now turn right and right again and go to 
the doors with a chain around it. Using the pliers cut the chain. Save 
your game! Go in and walk to the other door, be careful with the 
bottles on the floor. Open the other door, and go in. Now go to the 
office on your right. Once inside use the chloroform and the rag to 
knock out the man.

Now turn right and see the cane. Take it and open the handle take the 
chest key and then the cane. On the back of the chair you see a case 
open it and take the stolen book. The book of Kelia. Exit the room, 
then go out the other door you came in, and then the other door. Now 
you are looking for the cellar. 

Go outside and go to the water wheel using the cane, stop the wheel. Go 
back into the room and go straight to the end of the waterway. See the 
trapdoor. Climb down. You come to a room where you see a chair. It 
looks like an electric chair.

Click on the box underneath the chair and open it, Take the amber rings 
and the mirror rings. Now move the chair. Using the signet ring open 
the door. Go in.

Walk down the corridor until you come to a big cave. There you have 
three entrances: one with a bird on the top, a cross and a coat of 
arms. Go down the one with a bird on it. 

When you come to the end you find a stone wheel and a boulder with 
writings like the one in the Book of Kelia. Turn around and walk out.
Take the next tunnel, the one with the cross. Go to the end and find a 
closed door, turn around and exit. Take the next tunnel. The one with 
the coat of arms.

Go down to the end and you come to a gate. Go through it and you end up 
at the tackle room in the manor. Turn to your left and go to the chest, 
open it and see a diver's boots and helmet and in the locker there is a 
suit. You can't do anything just know that they are there. 

Using the map go to the castle, once inside go to Lord Mac Farley's 
office. Go to the niche and using the cane open the secret office. Once 
inside go to your left to the bookcase, click on the bottom part of the 
case and you find a safe with Roman numerals. Remember the Celtic 
Treaty? (MCCXCV). Take the piece of paper. Look at the piece a paper 
and you find a drawing of an armchair and a hand. Well it looks like a 

Now go up the stairs past the armchair and to the door at the top of 
the stairs. Go in, this is Lord Mac Farley's laboratory. Look around. 
When you come to the part of the counter where there are some drawings 
and drawing utensils and some radio like devices, click behind them and 
find the glove and a window handle; take both. 

Walk out and on your way down notice the first window. It doesn't have 
a handle. Go to the armchair. Follow the numbers that are on the 
drawing. Before you put your hand in the hole. SAVE YOUR GAME! Put on 
the glove. Now take the Mac Farley Crystal. Once you leave this scene 
it triggers another scene. You see the maid shutting the door so that 
you are locked in. At that moment a timer appears, so go directly to 
the window without a handle, using the handle you climb out, but 
somebody cuts the rope and you fall into the moat. If you did it within 
the time allotted you are saved, if not... I hope you saved your game!

This triggers a scene where Moira tells you (Cameron) have to go to the 
laboratory and send a telegraph to Scotland Yard. So that they can 
decipher it.
Wednesday- December 19th

You are once again in your room. Look at your notebook. Exit the room 
and go to the secret office. Go to the portrait of Lord Mac Farley; 
take notice. Turn around and go to the desk, from the drawer take the 
observatory key and the Indian dagger. Walk to the laboratory and using 
the observatory key open the door to the locked door. Go up.

Turn right and go to the locker open it and take the Raven statuette 
and the book.  Read the book and find out about the holograms made with 
the Sirdach crystals. Now turn around and go to the machine.

Click on it and turn it on. Remember the memorandum? The numbers are:
Telegraph device code: 75436
Id number: 65

First enter the telegraph code and a green lights comes on then enter 
the id number and a red light comes on. Next it prompts you to put the 
fingerprints, Loch Ness picture and Moira's code on the silver plate. 
After you do it you here a bell ring. Click on the copper plate and you 
receive a message, take it and now read Scotland Yard's answer. Read 
your notebook.

While you are waiting for the answer go downstairs and go to the 
apparatus that looks like the one in the drawings. Using the amber 
rings, then the mirror rings, the Raven statuette and Mac Farley's 
crystal a scene is triggered. And you can see writing on the statuette, 
"If you seize the Celtic triskel, only the raven will know how to open 
the path". Once you take the raven and the crystal you hear a bell 
ring. So go back upstairs.

Click on the copper plate. Take three documents from the plate, and 
then read them:
1.	Mac Farley's message- Key to Chapel is behind Mac Farley's 
2.	Scotland Yard's answer- fingerprints are Mac Grab's.
3.	Loch Ness photograph- it is a submarine.
Read notebook. So now we go to the Chapel. Go down to the office and 
look behind Mac Farley's portrait. Using the Indian dagger open the box 
and take the Chapel key and the poem. Read poem. Go to the front of the 
Manor and using the map, go to the Chapel. Try to open the door with 
the Chapel key.  Oops, it breaks, which triggers a scene with the 
Banshee. Who says the key is in the book of Kelia.  Now you need a 
cord. Using your map go to the Stone Bridge and then to the dock.

Using the pliers take the rope and the grapnel from the chest. Go back 
to the chapel using the map.

Once there go to the right side of the building and using the grapnel 
and rope climb up. Once on top a dial appears.

So using the Book of Kelia, find the corresponding symbols to the word 
"Sirdach". The dial moves and you climb down.

Once inside, turn around and go to your right. Read the stone 
inscription "Risen form ancient times, king, queen and knight will 
cross glances and discover the path of the inexpressible power". Go to 
the first statue and click on it three times, go to the next statue on 
the right and click on it three times. You should end up at the biggest 
statue, where you climb down. Click that statue twice.

A floor door opens, walk down the stairs, you come to a crypt. Look 
around. There is a pedestal with a stone figure on it; it is the 
triskel. Take it, now put the raven statuette on the pedestal. The trap 
door closes but another door opens.

Go to the now open door. Look familiar? It is the cave, the tunnel with 
the cross on it. Take the tunnel with the coat of arms and exit at the 
tackle room. Using the map go to Menhir.

There you see another raven. Oh well, you can't do anything right now. 
Go back to the manor.

As you enter you are encountered with the Indian Butler. You ask him 
about Lord Mac Farley and Mr. Mac Grab. You find out that they once 
worked together, but had a big disagreement. He tells you that 
something strange is happening on the lake.
Thursday - December 20th

The scene starts out in your room. Read your notebook. So start your 
search for somebody in the castle. Actually you find no one. But when 
you enter the sitting room walk to the pool stick rack and click on the 
left hand window. There you trigger a scene where you see the monster 
again. So you are prompted to go outside.

Using your map go to Menhir, go to the boulder that is by the stone 
structure, click on it and you discover that it crumbles in your hand. 
Wonder what happened there? Now go to the tackle room. Now you can take 
the diving equipment, but first you are suggested to find something to 
carry them in. So using your map go to the greenhouse, there, on the 
left side of the greenhouse you see a wheel barrel. Click on it and a 
scene is triggered and you end back at the tackle room. Put the things 
inside the wheel barrel. Turn around and go to the air pump (the box 
with an iron wheel on it). You need someone to help you carry it. Go 
back to the greenhouse. Once there you can see that Mr. Mohr is inside. 
Go in and click on him. Automatically, both of you walk out toward the 
lake. Now you are at the lake all geared up. Once in you go in you 
can't come back out until you finish underwater.

This path worked for me. From where you entered go forward one click, 
slight move to the right (just enough for the arrow to appear) click 
once; move right to just before the boat frame, click once; move right, 
1 click; move left, 1 click; move right, 1 click; move left, 1 click; 
move left, 1 click; move left, 1 click and look at your feet. Pick up 
the broken bottle. Move cursor up and go forward one click. Move left, 
1 click; move right until you are between two plants, click once. There 
in the background you see a pair of large doors. Save game!

Go to the doors and using the broken bottle click on the door. A 
carving of the raven appears. Turn around and as you click forward once 
a timer appears, because your air is running out. Move right, click 
once; move left, 1 click; move right, 1 click; move left, 1 click; move 
right, 1 click; move right, 1 click; move left, 1 click; move right, 1 
click; move left, 1 click; move right, 1 click, move right twice, 1 
click; move right, 1 click; move right, 1 click; move left, 1 click; 
move left, 1 click; move your cursor up and exit the lake.

When you climb out you find Mr. Mohr laying on the ground and you hear 
a scream coming from the manor. Go to the manor and then to Lord Mac 
Farley office, once inside you see the secret office door open, go 
there and when you walk inside, Lady Mac Farley appears and tells you 
that Mac Grab took Moira. You should go to the distillery and that 
there is a gun in the drawer in her nightstand. Go to her room and take 
the gun, then go to the distillery. 

Go to the side entrance the one you took the first time you went there. 
Before you enter, to your right there are some pails in a wheel barrel 
and to the right there is a sack of sawdust, take it. Now go in. Go 
straight to the other door where the office is. Go in. Save your game! 
Exit the room through the main entrance. When you exit the maid hits 
and you are out. When you come to you are in the room with the electric 
chair. Go to the far wall and take the leather strap. Turn right and go 
to the far wall. Look up and using the leather strap on the window 
bars. Turn around and go to the opposite wall to the machine like 
device. Using the leather strap again turn on the machine. Turn around 
and climb out the window. Save game! Once outside look down at the 
ground, you will see a bag. Once you pick it up, the maid will come out 
of the main entrance with a gun, a timer appears, when you get control 
for the cursor, aim it at the bag that is hanging over the maid's head. 

Walk to her and open her bag taking Mr. Mac Grab's notebook. This 
triggers a scene with the banshee. 
Friday - December 21 st

Once again you start out at your room. Read your notes and Mac Grab's 
notebook. So go to the tackle room and then the passageways to the 
tunnel that has a raven on it. Click on the wheel, remember what the 
banshee said. December 21 shortest day and Alban Arduous. In Mac Grab's 
book it says Capricorn. Click on the outer wheel until the N appears 
under the spotlight. Turn the inner wheel until the N appears between 
the ??and ???Turn around and go to the boulder with the symbol of the 
triskel on it. Enter and go up the stairs.

You arrive at a ship like building. Exit to the hall, Turn right and 
walk down until you get to the first opening on your right, go in and 
look down. There is a door. Take note. Turn around and exit the room on 
the right side. When you exit you see a porthole in front of you, click 
on it and hear Mac Grab's plan. When it is over a timer appears. Turn 
right and click once.

Once you gain control of the cursor, keep going right to the next 
opening, there you find a staircase leading up, when you get to top you 
find a door you can't open. Take note. Exit to your right and click on 
the porthole you see Lord Mac Farley. Keep going right, in the next 
opening are some stairs leading down. That is where you entered. Exit 
to your right and you come to the main lobby. The central column has a 
three-circle figure on it. Turn around and go into the office. Go to 
the machine on the wall behind the desk and switch it off. Now turn 
around and click on the desk, open the drawer and take the platinum key 
and the metallic pliers. On top of the desk is the triskel chest. Take 
it. Exit the room and go to the column. Click on the silver circle and 
then on the red circle. This opens two doors.

Go to the room that seems like a lab. When you enter go to your left 
and to the first set of cabinets. Open the right side; take the nitro 
acid, sulfuric acid and the glycerin. Go to the shelves where there are 
some books, take the orange book, the one about explosives. Open it and 
read about making dynamite. Exit the room and go into the one where 
Lord Mac Farley is.

Save your game! Go to the machine that is beside Lord Mac Farley; 
switch off the middle switch, then the one on the left and finally the 
one on the right. Go to the far right of the table and take the green 
bottle. Click it on Lord Mac Farley. 

He comes to, and you tell him whom you are. He tells you that he is 
going to the laboratory at the manor to prepare the laser. You will go 
and look for Moira, try to blow up the submarine and get the triskel.

When you try to exit the room you hear a scream and a timer appears. 
Click once then turn left click again, go right and click until you 
come to the opening that has a door on the bottom. Once you arrive 
click on the dial. Remember Mac Grab's notes the number for the 
submarine room: 421.

Now climb down and turn left, go in. You see the submarine in front of 
you and to the right a cage. Walk to your left to a pile of pails on 
the floor click on them and take the starry key. Save your game! Now go 
to the cage and see that it is Moira. Turn right to the far wall click 
on the controls and put the starry key on the key pole.  Move your 
cursor not immediately to your right, but to the lower right hand side.
This triggers the cage moving it to the side and now go to the cage and 
using the pair of pliers set her free. She sort of thanks you, and you 
tell her to go to the manor where her father is. From there you go back 
to the lab where you got the materials for the explosive. Go to your 
left and click on the beakers. 

Remember the recipe for dynamite, Ok. Click on the middle beaker and 
first, save your game! Take the nitro acid and put four amounts, 
because you are carrying quantities of 30 ml and the recipe asks for 
120. Now take the sulfuric acid and you are carrying quantities of 20 
ml and the recipe asks for 80 ml. Now pour in the glycerin. Take that 
beaker and pour it in to the other beaker on your left. Now get the 
sawdust and put it in the green bottle on your right. Now take the 
pipette and get the explosive from the beaker, now take the pipette to 
the green bottle and put it in there.  Take the bottle. Go back to the 

Once on the submarine turn left and go to the end, put to bomb on the 
left propeller. Exit the room and go to the opening with the staircase 
leading up. Go to the number dial. Remember Mac Grab's notebook, the 
number for the triskel room: 532.

Go in and go to the little door that is on the column. Using the 
platinum key open the door. Take out the triskel chest and place to the 
right of the triskel. Using the metallic pliers take the triskel and 
place it in the box.

Now exit the room and go to the opening where you saw the stairs 
leading down. Go down and exit the dock. Go to the manor and then to 
Lord Mac Farley's laboratory. Once you are up there you are met with 
Moira. She gives you the honors. Click on the laser, this triggers a 
scene where Mac Grab is driving the submarine, after that a timer 
appears and a target as well, aim it at the submarine. Once it 
explodes, the scene changes and Moira is thanking you, but you still 
have something to do. Go to the cross and place the triskel chest on 
the platform near the mead. Enjoy the closing scene.
This document Copyright 2002 Catalina Navarro

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