Cameron Files - Pharaoh's Curse Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Cameron Files - Pharaoh's Curse

Cameron Files - Pharaoh's Curse

By Catalina Navarro

	The game starts with Cameron at the gate of the hotel. Walk around the 
palm tree and enter the hotel; talk to the manager who tells you that Moira 
is not in but went to the Museum.  You are left at the top of the stairs with 
the key to your room in your inventory it is room 17. Click forward, and then 
left and left again now turn right. Go down the hall and turn left your room 
is the second door on your left. Take the key from your inventory and click 
it on the door.
	Once you have entered turn left and there is a note on the night stand 
with a key inside. Read the note from Moira which tells you to go to the 
museum and leaves you the key. Now go to the table on the other side of the 
bed. It is a brochure from the hotel and the museum, take it. Turn around and 
walk around the bed. Click on the bed and Cameron puts his suitcase on the 
bed click on it and take the skeleton keys and flashlight. So exit the room 
and turn right and down to the lobby.
	Click on the counter where you saw the manager and on the guest book and 
read in what room Moira is in. She is in room 18. Now go around the counter 
and to the main entrance where there is a taxi waiting for you. Get it and it 
will automatically take you to the museum. 

	The taxi leaves you at the side entrance, using the key that Moira left 
you go in. Once inside turn left and go down the hall to the last door on 
your right. It is a storage room. At the far back on your left there is 
another door that lead to some stairs goes down. When you get to the bottom 
you will see another door which is locked. You can't open it yet, but turn 
around and on the right of the stairs are some utensils, go there. Take some 
wire cutters that are on the second shelf, now turn right to the tool box and 
using the wire cutters cut the lock and take the utensil that is in there. 
Turn around and exit to the hall of the museum again.  
	Once in the hall turn left and go all the way down to the concession 
stand and turn left go forward past the main exhibition area. Turn left past 
the door to a display case on your right, look at it, take note of the ankh. 
Now turn right and go to the first door on your left. Click on the door it is 
Moira's office. Go to the purse on the small file cabinet. Open the purse and 
read her name and notice a key hanging inside. You can't take but make a 
mental note of it. Now turn right and go to the desk click on the file that 
is there and take the Isfet card now open the file and read about the 
existence of two statuettes of Ka. You don't have to but you can write down 
the hieroglyphics that are on the page. 
	Now turn right and go to the card cabinet look at the first five drawers 
read the different meanings and when you get to the M drawer don't forget to 
take the Maat card. Now turn around and go all the way down to the door that 
is in front of you. Using the skeleton keys enter the room. It is the 
curator's room, Al Salem. Look around the only thing you can open is the desk 
drawer. Open it and look around. Go to the table on the right side of door 
you came through and look at the chest. The key hole is in the shape of an 
ankh. Well guess what? We have to find a key with that shape. Now exit the 
room by the door that is in front of the stairs by using the skeleton keys. 
When you exit you here foot steps. Turn right and go back to the display case 
now using your skeleton keys open it and take the ankh key. Go back to the 
curator's office and open the chest and take the key. Exit the curator's 
office again and walk to the stair case that is on your left take the right 
set of stairs and when you reach the top turn right and go to the first door 
on your left. Using the new found key open the door and you are confronted by 
a red curtain walk past it.
	Look around there are two niches on opposite walls open them and find 
out they are empty. Look at the chest that is on the floor it is empty. Go to 
the altar and look at it. Now you can exit the room. Don't forget to save 
your game, here. Walk to Moira's office again and before you reach the office 
you will see a scene where you talk to Al Salem, you tell him that you are 
there to talk to Moira. Notice the artifact he has in his hand. He then takes 
you to the storeroom that was locked, he then locks you in. Use your 
flashlight to see, walk toward the far end of the room (click three times) on 
your left, behind a box in the corner, there is a piece of electrical wire, 
take it. Now go to the light switch which is on the right side wall by the 
door. Click on it and using the piece of wire fix the switch. Now you see!!  
Walk again towards the back and look at the crate on your left. Notice a 
German sticker on it, and that is all that you can do.  A timer starts so 
before the time runs out click on the right side of the big statue and watch 
the scene. 
	You end up at the hotel gate watching the two men from the museum. Well, 
go inside.

	Once inside go to the sitting area on your left and read the paper and 
read about the riot. Now go to the counter and to the key holder and take 
Moira's key, number 18. Now go upstairs and this time go to your right to get 
to room 18. Using the key enter the room. Upon entering the room, turn right 
and click on the night stand and open the drawer. Read the note from Al 
Salem. Now go to the cabinet and take her diary. It is locked; remember where 
you saw a small key. Yes. In her purse, which means we have to go back to the 
museum.   When you walk back to the door somebody knocks on the door a scene 
starts at the end he gives you a translation. Now go down to the bar. Go 
downstairs and to the hall on your left. Enter and see the bartender, and a 
man standing there turn right. There is a sitting area on your right, go 
there and talk to the man sitting there. A scene starts hear about the dig. 
It is abruptly terminated by the guy that was standing at the bar. Before 
leaving the bar read the Cairo Telegraph that is on the table and read about 
the tomb that was broken into in the Valley of the Kings. Exit the bar and go 
to your room. You hear talking and someone saying that you are coming. When 
you arrive at your room you notice that it is open. Go in and click on the 
chair that is by the windows. Take the chair to the wall where the wardrobe 
cabinet is. Put it there and climb on it now click on the vent to hear what 
they are saying. The again refer to the statuettes. When they are finished 
you are suggested to go unnoticed to the museum. How to do that?  You can 
take a taxi, which is not very discrete or use the hotel brochure. Just click 
on the museum part to the brochure and you are there.

	Once there go to Moira's office and get the key from her purse. Read her 
journal and find out about the dig and the break-in and the man following 
her. Now go to the room with the curtain. Look at the niches and take the two 
statuettes. Now go to the chest on the floor look inside. Those are the 
things that were in the curator's drawer. That means that we have to go to 
the office. Now go to the altar and take into the inventory the glass bottle, 
the feather, the blue bottle and the grinding utensil. Remember the artifact 
Al Salem had in his hands when he locked you in the storeroom. Reread the 
Maat card and see the order in which the ingredients must be mashed. First 
the oil, then the feather now mash them with the grinding utensil and pour 
the liquid into the blue bottle. Exit the room and go to the curator's 
	Go to the chest where you got the key from. Put the two statues into the 
indentations and see the drawer open. Now click on the parts in the drawer 
and a balance is assembled. Put the blue liquid on the balance and a third 
drawer opens. Take the piece of paper, which you will need later on, and the 
other key. Now go to the desk and click on the pencil holder and take a 
pencil now open the drawer and take the notebook. Using the pencil find out 
about Isfet controlling Moira's mind and about the Wonders of the Nile and 
about the dig.  Exit the office and go to the warehouse.
	The warehouse is the basement room you were locked in. Using the new 
found key open the locked door. Go to the crate you tried to see before and 
using the tire iron open the crate and take the note. It is from the Ministry 
of War and says something about a very important mission and a code Huh? Turn 
around and go to the sarcophagus that is near the entrance. Open the 
sarcophagus using the wire cutters. When you open the sarcophagus you see the 
museum keeper dead. Get out using the hotel brochure. 

	You arrive at the gate, walk into the lobby and automatically you are 
given a message from Edmond and a ticket to the Wonder of the Nile. He tells 
you that you were invited to the Valley of the Kings, and that he took the 
liberty of reserving a cabin for him and you and he would meet you there. 
Automatically the scene changes and you are on the ship. Look at your 
inventory. All you are left with is the flashlight, skeleton keys, message 
from the Ministry of War, the piece of parchment found in the chest and a key 
to cabin 15.

	You are found on the top deck. There you see one of the German guys 
asleep in a chair. Let's go and explore the ship. Now go down the stairs and 
around the deck clockwise. On the other side of ship you will see cabins 2 
and 3. Go forward past the stairs that lead to the lower deck, and past the 
sitting area, to the next door. Go in it is the bar, talk to the bartender it 
is the hotel manager's brother. At that moment the Countess enters the bar by 
the other door. She talks to the bartender and he starts to act weird. The 
countess talks to you and then you hear voices telling you to look for 
Edmond. She then goes and sits down on the sofa. Go to the center table and 
try the fruit and take the ships brochure. You can't talk to any of them so 
exit the room through the door the countess entered. Turn right and past 
cabin 1 to the stairs that lead to the lower deck. 
	When you reach the bottom of the stairs turn left and go to the doors 
that look like shutters. Using your skeleton keys open the door and go 
inside. Look at the diagram of the ship and see all the cabins. Three on top 
and six on the lower deck. Turn right and go to the little cabinet, click on 
the drawers and take the stethoscope. Turn right again and look at the ship's 
occupants. See that some of them have safes. Exit the room and turn left, 
forward, and then left and now you should be facing the other six cabins. 
Yours is the first one on your right. Using your key enter and look around. 
Go into the bathroom and click on the sink, you see some smoke coming through 
the pipe and floor. You are now going to investigate it. Exit the room and 
turn right to the end of the hall. On the left side wall is a little door 
click on it and take the handle. Right now would be a good time to save the 
game. Put the handle on the trapdoor, now turn around to your left and take 
the ladder that is hanging on the wall and place it in the opening of the 
floor. Climb down.
	Use your flashlight. Go to the barrel that is on your right and take the 
hammer. Go through the gate and see the green box that is almost underneath 
the other stairs, notice the German insignia. Turn left and go to the gate 
that is locked and see through the holes notice the alter setting. Do the 
artifacts look familiar? They are from the museum. Exit the cargo hold.
	Now go back to the bar. When you get to the top of the stairs and you 
start to go to the bar a scene interrupts and you hear a scream and see 
Edmond backing up with a gun. You catch Edmond before he falls. Somebody 
takes him to his room and you end up at the hall on the lower deck. Go to 
Edmond's room and hear "a monster a demon" but you can't go in. Exit the 
lower deck using the stairs on your left and go to the stairs that are on the 
left side of the ship click on the window to see Al Salem hypnotizing Edmond. 
Now go to the bar.
	When you enter you see the bartender asleep, click on him and take the 
pass key and the key to the cargo hold. Exit the bar and go to the German 
guy's room it is number 2. Use the pass key and enter. Once inside go to the 
box on top of the table and click on it. Now click on the radio and take the 
piece of paper that pops out. Now turn around and go to the closet. Open it 
and click on one of his coats and take the key with the German insignia. Now 
remember that that cabin has a safe in it. So click on the mirror that is 
beside the rum bottle and see that there are fingerprints on one of the side 
shelves. Click on it and the painting on the wall moves to show a safe. Use 
your stethoscope on the safe.
	Move the pointer to the safe's dial and move it so that a curved arrow 
appears on the right side of the dial. Click on it till you hear the sound of 
a something falling into place. Do it on the left side and so on and so 
forth. You have to do it 20 times. Now click on the dial. Still can't? Okay 
the numbers are: R-20, L-11, R-52, L-20, R-40, L-31, R-69, L-40, R-58, L-51, 
R-90, L-60, R-80, L-68, R-10, L-80, R-0, L-90, R-31 and L-0. Click on the 
middle of the dial and the safe opens revealing a gun, a metal box and a 
note. Take them all. Exit the room and go to Edmond's room.
	You still can't enter. So go to the Curator's cabin, number 20.  Using 
the pass key go in. Turn right and click on the nightstand, inside the drawer 
is a book, take it. The book is the Toumchetki Believers Book. Now turn 
around and go to the closet. Take the statuette. Exit the room and now go to 
Edmond's cabin, you can enter it now.  
	Boy he is out of it. Go to the suitcase and open it see the insignia on 
the lid. Go to Edmond and click on his hand the ring has the same insignia, 
but you need something to get it off. Go to the bathroom and take the soap. 
Go back to Edmond and using the soap click on the ring. Now go to the 
suitcase and using the ring open the top part. Take the goggles, the file and 
see the passport. Take the note inside and read the note find out that he too 
is a spy. 
	In your inventory you have the note you took from the radio, it is in 
code. Remember the note you found in the crate in the warehouse of the 
museum, remember what it said? Logical continuation of figures and letters in 
their place. The note is really easy to decipher. Look at the note and see 
the sequence. Right down the alphabet on a piece of paper. Look at the words 
and concentrate on the 3 letter words. The seventh word has two letters (TH) 
so it is most likely that the third letter is an E, making the word the. So 
in the alphabet put 3 for E.  Now put all the Es.  Now look at the nineteenth 
word the only letter that fits right is A making the word PLAN. So A is 1. Go 
on ahead by yourself it is fairly easy.  I'll wait here....             You 
couldn't or are just too lazy. Okay, A-1, C-2, E-3, G-4, I-5, K-6, M-7, O-8, 
there is no 9, S-10, U-11, W-12 and Y-13. So finally the message reads: KV 
Mission highest priority bring back the eye of Isfet get rid of the Vizir if 
he interefers with our plan confirm explosive arrival. Now we go to the cargo 
	Exit the room and when you go up take the right side of the stairs. Go 
to the set of stairs that are on the right side. Go inside and using the 
other key you took from the bartender open the box that is on the left side 
wall. Click on the handle to make the crank move and now click on the doors. 
Go down and turn right to the green crate. Click on it using the key with the 
German insignia. Wow, it is dynamite. Go to the doors that were locked and 
you could see an altar, using the file you took from Edmond's room click it 
on the lock and open it. Go in and walk to the big crate in the back, open 
the sarcophagus. You can see the things that were out before. Now go back up. 
And go to the curator's cabin again.
	Look at the note that is on top of his bed rest. It is addressed to the 
Luxor Chapter, and he is saying something about the Maat?s statue that was 
stolen. Well, we know who took it, right. When you take the note you hear the 
voice of the Countess, warning you of impending danger. Now is a good place 
to save your game. If you walk out you will be confronted with the mummy. You 
will have a timed sequence. Go to the inventory and take the statue and click 
it on the mummy.  That is it you are saved but you passed out. When you come 
to the countess is there and tells you that Maat had saved you. 
	Well good for me but they also mugged me.  Well go to the door and see 
that there pushing a note under your door, take it. It is from Al Salem. Exit 
the room and go to the curator's cabin, cabin 20. Look on the left side of 
the bed and take the gun that is on the floor. Exit the cabin and go 
upstairs. We've docked. Before you do anything go down to the cargo bay to 
look around. Well the green box is gone, but go there anyway and click on the 
metal rod that is under the ramp and take it. Now go to the room where the 
sarcophagus was and notice it is also gone. Turn right and right there in the 
corner is some rope, take it. Exit the cargo bay.

	Go to the catwalk and hear the explosion, you have already gone to the 
cargo bay and found out that they have already been unloaded. So go down the 
ramp. When you get to the bottom you see a reflection in the far back. No 
problem, but save your game. Now the adventure begins. 
	When you get to the palm tree turn left and take the left path. When it 
ends turn right and notice the tombstone, see the indentations for a scarab. 
Ok turn around and go back to the palm tree and turn left to the sailboat, 
climb in. Click on the front of the boat twice. 

	You arrive at an island get off the boat and take the path on your left 
past the ruins go up to the end of the path and notice another tombstone. 
Turn around and go back. Go back down and when you get to the ruins turn left 
and take the path on the right side of the ruins. Follow the path all the way 
down till you get to the rock fall. Now you know where the explosion came 
from. Go back. Go to the other building that you see in the background.
	Go inside. It is a warehouse, when you take your first step you hear the 
door being locked behind you. So now you are going to have to find another 
way out.  Go down the first aisle and when you get to the wall turn around 
and look at the barrels that are by the wall, click on the first one on its 
lower right hand corner, take the straw. Now go down the second aisle. Click 
once and turn around toward your left, there on the second shelf, counting 
from the bottom, is a small box, click on it. Open it and take the climbing 
pins. Go back to the wall and turn right to the door that is there. You hear 
movement. On the right side of the door is a little hole, click on it. You 
see that other German guy walking around. Turn around and go towards the 
bicycle that is leaning on the wall. There is a bucket, click on it and take 
the piece of mirror. Return to the door and click on the hole again now using 
the piece of mirror click on the hole again.  Now you see the German guy up 
on a ladder looking for something. After that you hear him leave the room. 
	Take the straw from your wallet and put in the keyhole, then go to your 
wallet again and take the Wonder of the Nile brochure and click on the bottom 
of the door and click again to push it through the door. Go back to the 
keyhole and put the straw back in and here the key drop. Now go back to the 
brochure and click on it. Pick up the key and the brochure. Now open the door 
using the key. 
	Go in and turn left and go to the table that is by the wall in the back, 
click on the map on the wall and see the different sites. Turn left and go to 
the ladder, look on the shelf and click on one of the books. It is the 
registrations. Those are the different expeditions, notice there is a page 
torn off, and it corresponds to Pickerton?s expedition. Turn around and go to 
the sitting area that is on the other side of the room. Go the table and 
notice the ashtray. Turn and go to the door, right before you exit turn to 
your left and notice on the shelf a pile of papers. Click on them and see a 
picture of Pinkerbottom, Edmond and Moira. Now exit the room. 
	Go forward all the way down to the end of the beach, and then follow the 
path to your left go up the path click three times. You get to a steep part, 
take the left path. It is a dead end. Go back and take the other path go up 
past the ladder till you get to a part where the ladder ends. Now turn right, 
almost 180 degrees. Using your rope click on the rock. Turn around to the 
ladder rungs and a little ways down you will see a hot spot, use your 
climbing pins, then get the hammer and click on the pin. Now turn around and 
get the rope and click it on the pins, move up and click on the first rung 
there you are up. Now save your game.
	Go up look around, but DON'T look through the telescope, yet. Turn right 
and see the dig at the bottom of the valley. Notice there is no way down. Now 
turn around and look through the telescope.  Wow, you see Al Salem, Moira and 
the mummy. Oh the mummy looks at you. You have to go help.
	So start down, but you see the mummy coming up and a timed scene starts. 
Remember the dead end you saw going up well go towards it now. HUU!! That was 
close now go to the sailboat so you can go to the curator's cabin, but before 
you do go to the warehouse again. Enter and go to the warehouse, see the 
German guy talking to himself and altogether acting weird. Exit the office 
but before you do look at the left lower corner of the door frame. He dropped 
a key, take it. 

	Now go to the sailboat and click on the rear of the boat and now at the 
front. Get out of the sailboat and go to the ship. 

	Go directly to cabin 20. The curator is also out of it. Click on the top 
part of the plant that is on the night stand and take the key. Now click on 
the curator's neck and take that key. Now click on his chest and take the 
scarab. Turn left and go to his suitcase, using the first key open the 
suitcase and using the key found around his neck and open the compartment and 
take the famous statuette. By now you should have leafed through the 
Toumchetki Book. You have to dip the scarab in something. So go to the 
bathroom and remember the liquid we made at the museum? Well take the scarab 
and dip it in there. Well now you are armed and ready to take on the mummy. 
So now go to the first tombstone you saw, the one on the little island.

	Get off the ship and go to the palm tree and turn left go down the path 
and at the end turn right. Click on the tombstone. From your inventory take 
the scarab and click it on the indentation a green scarab appears on top, 
take both of them. Go back to the palm tree and turn left, get on the 
sailboat click forward once. With your pointer go to the first barrel, to the 
bottom right hand side and click there to see a pulley, take it. Okay now 
click forward again. You arrive at the other island.

	Get off the boat and go to the other tombstone that is to your left on 
the left side of the ruins. Using your scarab obtain a red scarab, take both 
of them.  Now let's go back up to where the telescope is.  Don't worry about 
the mummy, he is gone. 
	When you get to the top turn right to where you can see the excavation 
site. Now, how to get down? In your inventory click on the rod you obtained 
on the ship and then click on the pulley you obtained from the sailboat. Now 
you have a way to get down. Using the sliding instrument you just made click 
on the wire... and away you go! When you get to the bottom, click forward once 
climb down the rung ladder. Wait! Turn right, there on the ground is the 
scarab. You dropped it, take it. Keep going down, you are getting thirsty, 
don't worry. Go straight to the tent you see toward your right in the 

	Go inside the tent and right there at the entrance on your left is a 
crate, open it and click on the canteen that is in the lower right hand 
corner, click on it and satisfy your thirst. While you are there, might as 
well take the lighter, in the middle of the crate, and the kerosene, in the 
upper left hand side of the crate. Turn right and go in to see Mr. 
Pinkerbottom in the same stat as the others. Turn right and click on the 
briefcase and take the note from Al Salem. Read about the Toumchetki Book and 
the two statues. 
	Look up on top of the desk and click on the map, see the colors, looks 
like the locations of the tombstones with the scarabs. Well that means you 
are missing one. We will have to go look for it. While you are there, open 
your inventory and using the key that fell from that German guy, the one that 
is beside the kerosene, click on the box and just open it. Now exit the tent.
	Go toward your right side. Go back the way you came, click once. In the 
back ground you can see the rungs to the ladder you used to descend, turn 
slightly to your left and go forward. On your left you can see a little part 
of another tombstone. Click again and turn left till you see it. Take the 
other scarab it is an olive green one. Now go back to the tent, but don't go 
in just click forward and down the ladder. Turn left and go to the entrance, 
click on it. You see it is locked.
	If you have done everything the way I have told you, you have everything 
to go on in. If not and you have to go back to get whatever. Don't fret, 
there is a way. Turn around and on the left side of the mine cart is a 
ladder, take it. Now walk back to the place you descended and instead of 
going left go right, down the canyon to the rock slide. Right in the middle 
place the ladder and climb over the rocks. You can't walk back that way you 
will have to use the pulley again.
	But...!! If you have everything, then let's go in. Click on the gun and 
point it at the lock and... Voila!! The door opens. Now go in a go down the 
steps, you can't see very well and your flashlight won't work. So turn right 
and on top of a crate is a lantern, take it. In your inventory is a can of 
kerosene click it on the lantern. Now also in your inventory is a lighter, 
click it on the lantern. Now you see. So turn left and go down the three sets 
of steps.
	You arrive to a big room with fourteen carvings on the wall in front of 
you. There are seven on the top row and seven on the bottom row, numbering 
them from 1 through 7 from left to right on the top row and from 8 to 14 from 
left to right on the bottom row. Click on the fifth one. Look in your book of 
Toumchetki, on the opposite page where it tells you how to get the scarabs of 
different colors, from the tombstones. You see the black scarab on the top of 
the carving you need to find, and on the bottom are all three scarabs bunched 
	Take the black scarab and place it in the indentation and see how the 
carving turns black. Now take the blue scarab and place it on top of the 
black one and the carving now turns blue. Do the same with the red and green 
scarabs, in that order. When you do it right the door to your left opens. 
Walk towards it and SAVE your game. When you enter the hallway the door 
closes behind you. Now go to the room you see in the back ground. The one 
with the four columns.

	In front of every column is a door and if you go straight from where you 
entered on the opposite side of the chamber there is another door. So if we 
number them 1 through 5 starting from the first door on your left and going 
clockwise, go to door 3 first. Click on the ankh and take it. Now go to door 
5, which is on the right side of the steps you came through and using that 
ankh click it on the indentation of an ankh on the door. The door opens and 
there is a statue right in front of you. Go to it and click on the right hand 
of the statue. Turn around exit the room and go to door 1 and do the same. 
Now go to door 4 and then to door 2 and then go back to door 3. You can find 
the puzzle the book of Toumchetki.  If you did it right, door 3 opens and the 
other four doors close ...Wait! Don't go in yet. Go back to all four doors and 
take the ankhs, so you should now have five ankhs.  Save your game and now go 
into the next chamber. The sarcophagus chamber.

	Click on the sarcophagus, and see the carvings, remember the piece of 
paper you got from the chest, numbering the carvings from 1 through 7 
starting from right to left click on 1,2,3,5,4,6,7. If you did it right the 
sarcophagus moves revealing some stairs. Save your game, here and before you 
go down lets do some calculations. Remember the piece of paper you found in 
the chest in the curator's office?  Using that and the book of Toumchetki 
find out what numbers the symbols correspond to.
	So you have 120 with six steps, 130 with 3 steps, 220 with 5 steps and 
270 with 2 steps. Okay, no go forward toward the mist.  When you walk into it 
a timed scene appears, go to your inventory and click on the goggles. OKAY!
	See the dial move it until you get to 120 and click it will return to 0, 
do that six times. The background should turn gray. Now go to 130 and do it 
three times, the background should be grayer. Go to 220 and do it five times. 
The background should be light green. Now do it to 270 twice and you should 
be out of the mist and in a hallway. Go forward and enter the temple.

	Click forward and see the German guy get pulled into something. He says 
something but I didn't understand. Look around and save your game. See the 
steps on the wall of the pit? Right across from where you entered. Go there. 
Remember what the book of Toumchetki said that Order is Power. You have five 
ankhs in your inventory. Look down on the platform and see the ankh 
indentation. Take the second ankh and place it on the indentation. Walk down 
the stairs to the next platform and take the third ankh. Now go to the next 
platform and use the forth one. Now wait! Save your game. 
	Take the gun from the inventory and shoot the statue which is on the 
altar. Now put the fifth ankh in the platform. A timed scene appears. Walk 
quickly toward your right and stop short of the mummy; from your inventory 
take what ever is in the metal box we opened earlier and click it on the 
mummy. Now take the statue from your inventory and place it on him. He is 
	Go to Moira and take the black scarab and place it on her. Watch the 
final scene.
	Nice huh? Well I liked it

Copyright February, 2003 	


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