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 Carmen Word Detictive

Carmen Word Detictive

                                 |                       |
                                 | Carmen Word Detictive |
                                 |    FAQ/Walkthrough    |
                                 |       _______         |
                                 |       |      |        |
                                 |       |      |        |
                                 |       --------        |
                                 |                       |
                                 |                       |

-Game Name: Carmen Word Detective
-Developer: Broderbund Software
-Platform: PC
-Author: Locke130
-Author's E-mail:
-Last Updated: 5/15/02
-Version: 1.0


Before you enter, you must agree to two things:

1. I do not own an illegal version of this game, nor do I know anyone who does and I will not
help you find it.

2. Everything I know about the PC game, Carmen Word Detective, is in this FAQ or will be inserted



                        TABLE OF CONTENTS

I. Introduction
II. Credits/FAQ Information
III. Legal Info
IV. Games
V. Walkthrough
VII. Codes
VIII. Future Versions
IX. Closure


                         I. INTRODUCTION

Welcome to my Carmen Sandiego: Word Detective FAQ/Walkthrough!  I 
first played this game while I was visiting my friend and loved it.  
Later, I bought a cereal box with this game in it and was very happy.  
When I surfed through the numerous PC games that needed FAQs at 
GameFAQs, I was surprised to see this game on it.  After I got off
the internet, I immediately got to work on this FAQ and here you are.



Thanks to:
*CJayC for posting my FAQs and reviews and also maintaining GameFAQs, 
even when the stars fade from the sky.
*Broderbund for making a great game.

1. No spamming (sending me or anyone in the credits junk mail).
2. Don't send me something thats in the FAQ already.
3. Place CWD FAQ in the subject somewhere.

Previous Versions:
*Version 1.0 (5/15/02): Created the FAQ and 9 of the sections.  
They'll be done in the future if they aren't now.


                         III. LEGAL INFO

Carmen Sandiego: Word Detective copyright Broderbund Inc.  All 
Rights Reserved.

This FAQ copyright 2002 by Locke130.  You may use this FAQ only for
personal use.  You may not sell this FAQ or reproduce it.  You may
not use any information, in whole or in part, without the consent of
the author.  You may not use this FAQ on your own website without the
consent of the author.  I am in no way affiliated with Broderbund or
any companies that made this game.

This FAQ copyright 2002 by Locke130.  You may only use this FAQ for 
helping you or your friends
with CWD.  You can't sell this FAQ or make copies of it.  You may 
not use any information, not even one sentence, without my permission.  
You may not use this FAQ on your website without my permission.  I 
didn't make CWD and I don't know anyone that did.


                           IV. GAMES

-Game: Codebreaker
-Object: Eliminate all the hexagons
-How to Play: The object of this game is to find all the words in 
the list in the hexagons.  There are 3 levels.  The first is level 1, 
which consists of small, easier words such as age, tea and vinyl.  
Level 2 consists of harder words, yet it doesn't get much bigger.  
The last level is level 3, which consists of the hardest words in 
the game.  These still aren't that hard though.

The buttons above the difficulty are dictionary and rules.  The 
dictionary button, well, brings out a window that you can look up 
word definitons with.  The rules button brings up a window with
the rules of the game in it.  The check button is used later and the 
reset button will clear all your progress and start you from the

To eliminate hexagons, they must spell out a word in your word list,
be in order and be one after the other.  Click on them in the order
that would spell the word you are trying to remove from the list and
then click check.  If all goes well, it should remove the word from
the list and the hexagons from the play area.

-Game: Spellanyzer (#1)
-Object: Rearrange the Word
-How to play: In this puzzle, you'll need to rearrange the word until 
it looks like it should be spelled.  In order to help you, this game 
also says the word they way it should be spelled.  The other way they 
try to help you is the lights above the letters.  After you click 
"Check", they will light either green (means that letter is in the right
spot) or red (means that letter is not in the right spot).  Change around
the letters with red lights to get the word.  If it helps, you can click 
the ear button to hear the word again.  If you earn magnifying glasses, 
you can place them on a letter and the computer will automatically place 
the right letter there.

-Game: Spellanyzer (#2)
-Object: Fill in the Word
-How to play: This puzzle is exactly the same as #1, except instead of
rearranging the word, you have to fill in the words.  In order to help
you out, they included the correct letter of some spaces in gray in
the background.

-Game: Spellanyzer (#3)
-Object: Fill in the Word
-How to play: This puzzle is exactly the same as #2, except it doesn't
have the correct letter in the background to help you out.



                       V. WALKTHROUGH

When you boot up the game, you have the option of choosing a name 
already created (continue a game) or creating a new name (new game).
Let's start a new game.

After the message from Chase, you'll see a screen.  Let's explore:

*Options: Here, you can change save files, check your status, 
practice the games, find out about more about the game and exit the 

*Transport: Brings up a screen with locations you can go to.

*E-Mail: Video messages from Chase.

Those are the only things you need to know for now.  Right now, 
click on transport and select the coordinates "29 N, 31 E" and then
click launch.  Since objects are random and games are sometimes too,
I'll list random objects and games you play in each area.  If any
information isn't accurate, please let me know.  Also, if i've
forgotten a random object, please e-mail it to me.  I'll put the 
location of the key stashers at certain levels too.  For info on 
the games, go to section IV (games).

-Egypt (29 N, 31 E):
*Random Objects:

*Games you play:
Spellanayzer (#1)

-Otto's Library (40 N, 73 W):
*Random Objects:
Large Book
Trash Can

*Games you play:
Spellanayzer (#2)
Fusion Chamber

*Key Stasher Location: File Cabinet

-Ill Will's Playhouse (53 N, 6W)
*Random Objects:

*Games you play:
Spellanyzer (#2)

-Esther Odious' Estate, Monaco (43 N, 7 E)
*Random Objects:
Tea Cup
Tall Picuture

*Games you play:
Power Pack
Spellanyzer (#3)

*Key Stasher Location: Pillar Support with "VILE" on it.



                          VI. FAQS

-Q: I've solved four puzzles and got the jigsaw puzzle piece, but
now I don't know what to do!  What do I do?
-A: Return to your hideout.  When you get there, the cover of the
jigsaw piece will open.  See all the agents lined up?  Select the
one that you want by clicking the right or left arrows on the
control panel and place the jigsaw puzzle in the indentation
inbetween the buttons.


                          VII. CODES

There are no codes right now.


                       VIII. FUTURE VERSIONS

In the future, I would like:
*A complete walkthrough
*A complete games section
*More codes


                         IX. CLOSURE

In conclusion, I believe this game was really fun, and deserved
a walkthrough (which you have just read).  I hope you enjoyed
this walkthrough and I thank you for reading it.

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