Castle Elsinore Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Castle Elsinore

Castle Elsinore

A few note:
- Any * following the object means that the object is a treasure. All of them
  would give you bonus 5 points if deposited at the town hall. Some of them
  could be used for other purposed. Unless described, they are just treasures
- If the items you carry are already full, you might then deposit all
  treasures in the town hall

. Seashore: Search from north end to south end of sea shore. You would find
            a heavy ball and a rod.
. Village: Exits are possible in all direction. Get waterpump, string,
           sickle and document from locations around it.
           Town hall where you deposit your treasure (for full credit) is
           located northwest from this village square
. The churchyard is south of the village. In one of the yard there is a
  freshly dug grave and a human skull. Get the skull
. Go seashore, tie string to rod, fish. get coral*
. Go to bridge, west to oak tree, climb tree. With the sickle, cut the
  mistletoe. Down and get the mistletoe
. Go forest, explore until you come up to the witch's camp. Get the broom.
  Fly, south, south and there is a large circle. If you have the mistletoe
  with you, you could pass the wraith there. Get the emerald*, back to
  the arrival point, fly back.
. Go to church's tower, ring the bell. Go to sea, wait until a huge monster
  come. Follow it. The monster will go up the river, to the churchyard
  (south of the freshly dug grave) and then bite the tower's bell and tear
  up the tower's side revealing a downward passage. In there you would find
  a Nordic idol*

. Get document, go castle. (The document is the pass)
. Scattered in castle first level are: gold cross*, two yarns (one is in
  linen storage and the other is in servant room), book, rug*, statue* and
  oil lantern (your only light source)
  Two events might happen here:
  If you newly entered the castle, a young page came and offered a sword.
  Take it to defend yourself against the fighters in the castle.
  Sometime, a seaman come and steal your treasure. Let him do it. You won't
  lose it. After all, this is the only way you could get his only treasure.
. There is a large bulge behind a curtain in one of the room in first level
  castle. Kill the bulge (A sort of thief is behind it), get the crown*.
  You could bury the dead body in the churchyard's grave to get additional
  treasure: jewel trinket*
. Scullery (south of kitchen): Go down the staircase. If you explore
  the maze there, you would find a nordic pin* and an antique key (in wine
. A fountain west outside of castle: Empty it with the waterpump.
  Get the coin*
. Queen's chamber: give yarn to queen and she would allow you to go to
  her bedroom. Get diamond* there
. Tower: Give a young and pretty girl the book to calm her. You could then go
  south. Get an oil painting* from there
. Ghost room: give crown* to ghost (That's what he wants). To pass the barred
  door, load cannon with the iron ball, turn cannon and fire the cannon.
  Pass the shattered door, get ruby*. The scholar? I don't know yet.
. King's chamber: Turn the bust (The bookcase slides away revealing a passage)
  In there, you would find an ornate clock* and prince chamber
. Prince chamber: Give the skull to him. In east door, there is a vase*. In
  north door (unlock it first), there is a necklace*
. Room with three levers: Pull iron lever, north and get the jade*, pull the
  bronze lever (A trapdoor open), break door, and find your way to the sea
  shore. Now climb up the cliff, take the south trail and follow it until
  you come to the smuggler's cave. Enter the cave. In there you would find
  all your stolen treasures. In addition, you would find the pirate's
  treasure, a jewel chest*. 1602 would bring you back to the castle (A short-
. The cat: If you have the emerald* and ruby* (They are the size of eye),
  give them to it. The cat would give you back an ancient mouse*

Once you completed collected all treasures, you had a very little time to
reach the townhall and deposit all your treasures there before you are
transported to an astral plane. Find your way here and upon encountering
an engraving letter 'OTTFFS???' on a surface, respond with 'ENT' (One Two
Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten). A door to south appears. Enter it.
Put the sword on the altar (A sword picture is on the altar). Exit. Now,
everything is changed. There is a riddle here. The answer is moon. North,
and strive yourself to east to meet the lady of moon.

The end.

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