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-=How to make simple creatures=-
* tar creatures crawl up out of black earth.
* droplets fall down out of blue water.
* yellow critters crawl up out of sand.

-=How to make second generation creatures=-
* tar creatures sink into red lava to become red bouncing creatures.
* blue droplets on grey stone turn into teal crawly things. (I only ever
  got these guys on the stone at the bottom of the screen. I don't know 
  if there's another way to make them.).
* blue droplets meeting yellow critters turn into a seed.

-=How to make third generation creatures=-
* red bouncing creatures meeting blue droplets become purple balls.
* seeds planted on sand become, um, sand trees?.
* seeds planted on grass become trees.

-=How to make fourth generation creatures=-
* purple balls on green ground (not grass, the solid green one) turn into 
  green worms.
* sand trees that are fed lots of blue droplets will produce spiky sand things.
* normal trees that are fed lots of blue droplets will produce tomato creatures.

I found the easiest way to make all the creatures at once is to split the screen 
into several compartments:

* Make a long corridor along the bottom with water for a ceiling. This will make
  blue droplets and teal crawlies.
* Make a chamber for creating sand stuff. Put sand on the floor and lots of rows
  of water and sand in mid-air so that the blue droplets and yellow critters will
  all fall onto the sand.
* Make a chamber for growing tomatoes. Put grass on the floor again put lots of 
  rows of water and sand in mid-air above it.

Finally, make a chamber for growing green worms. Make a floor of lava with lots 
of rows of black earth above it so that the tar creatures will land on the lava.
Make a little wall one unit high and then a cliff that drops away so that the 
tar creatures remain trapped in the lava, but when they turn into red bouncy 
creatures they can bounce over the wall and into a deeper pit. Line the bottom 
of this pit with green tiles and put lots of rows of water in the air above it.
Hopefully the blue droplets should land on the red creatures, turn into purple 
balls, then finally the purple balls should turn into green worms.

Water - drops from water tiles
Tar - grows from tar tiles
Sand - grows from sand tiles
Water + Sand on grass tile = green tree
Water + Sand on sand tile = yellow tree
Tar dying on lava = red bat
Water dying on the rockbed (the undeletable grey tiles) = green crawler
Tar + any tree = tree withers
Lots of water + green tree = tomato guy
Lots of water + Yellow tree = sandcrab
Water + red bat = purple blob
Purple blob dying on green tile = green snake

Bugs Bunny reference:
1) Droplets: Blue watery guys, drop from blue blocks, feeds trees
2) Seedlings: Round spidery guys, rise from yellow blocks
3) Blacks: Black spidery guys, rise from black blocks, kills trees
4) Green Trees: Green tree with red fruit, let Droplet and Seedling meet on grassy blocks
5) Tomatoes: Red fruit from a Green Tree
6) Yellow Tree: Yellow tree with beige fruit, let Droplet and Seedling meet on yellow block
7) Crabs: Beige fruit from a Yellow Tree
8) Jumpers: Red bouncy guys, let Black sink in a red block
9) Blobs: Let Jumper meet Droplet
10) Worms: Let Blob sink into green block
11) Crawlers: Let Droplet sink into a grey block at the bottom.

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