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 Cave Story

Cave Story


From somewhere, a transmission...

Cave Story Walkthrough/FAQ
By: LinkGanonSlayer (aka Trav)


I. Introduction
II. Version History
III. Walkthrough
	i. First Cave
	ii. Mimiga Village
	iii. Egg Corridor
	iv. Grasstown
	v. Sand Zone
	vi. Labyrinth
	vii. Waterway
	viii. Egg Corridor? (Redux)
	ix. Outer Wall: Coming soon
	x. Plantation: Coming soon
IV. Legal Stuff
V. Contact Information
VI. Conclusion

I. Introduction

Hello, I'm LinkGanonSlayer, and this is my first walkthough. It's for the
freeware game "Cave Story" by Pixel. It's an action/shooter/rpg in the vein
of Metroidvanias. It's also free, and probably the best freeware game out 
there. Anyway, I hope this guide proves to be useful to those who use it.

The default controls for Cave Story are...

Arrow Keys- Move, Aim Up/Down, (Down opens doors and examines things)
Z- Fire
X- Jump
A- Switch weapon left
S- Switch weapon right 
Q- Item menu
W- Map (once you have the map system)

II. Version History

Version 0.6 9/26/07
Walkthrough completed up to the end of Egg Corridor (Redux).

Version 0.5 9/24/07
Walkthrough completed up to the end of the Labyrinth.

Version 0.25 9/20/07
Walkthrough completed up to the end of the Sand Zone.

Version 0.1 9/19/07-
Walkthrough completed up to the end of Grasstown.

III. Walkthrough

i. First Cave

The game begins with a short cutscene. Shortly after, you gain control of your
character, a small robot. The monitor displaying a heart will completely re-
store your health if you press down near it, and the floppy disk will save the
game. From where you start, save if you like and then head towards the door at
the top. (X is the default jump button) Be careful though, because it's
possible to drown in the water if you don't know what you're doing. >_> To open
doors, press down.

In this room, head left until you reach a set of spikes. Carefully jump over
them (it may be sort of tricky at first, so you should practice a bit). Further
left is another set of spikes, and at this point that's an insta-death if you
hit them. Avoid the bats (you can't do anything to them yet) and jump up to the
=LIFE CAPSULE= (+3). Your maximum health goes up by 3! Head down and right,
avoiding bats until you reach the water. Get a short running start and jump
across it, then keep heading right. When you reach the head shaped rock with an
opening, go inside. 

This is the Hermit Gunsmith's place. Open the treasure chest to "borrow"....
the =POLAR STAR=, your first weapon! Now, another short cutscene. Leave the 
room, and get ready to shoot.

Z is the default firing button. Press it to shoot your Polar Star. Head left
until you reach a few monsters, and let them have it. You can aim upwards 
while on the ground and downwards when you jump. When you kill the monsters,
a few orange triangles should pop out of them. These are Experience, and will
level up your weapon if you pick up enough. If you get hit, however, you lose
some experience(and health, duh >_>), so watch out.

Keep heading up the path (while shooting enemies) until you reach the door with
the Floppy disk (Save) sign over it. Enter and save, then exit and start 
heading right. You see those weird looking blocks? You can shoot them with
your Polar Star and they'll disappear. Shoot the blue enemies then head for the
door...But shoot it first, because it's an enemy. <_< Enter it for another

ii. Mimiga Village

After the cutscene, talk to the creature on the ground. He's King, a Mimiga.
After that, head right and up until you reach a door leading to Yamashita Farm.
In this small area, head right and into the water for a =LIFE CAPSULE= (+3)!
Now, head back to where King is and then go into the door on the left. In the
water of this area, you should notice a sparkling object. Head in and grab the
=SILVER LOCKET=. On your way out, another Mimiga, Toroko, will run away from
you when she sees you. She knocks King over on her way out and then keeps 
running on. To the right you should see a save door, so enter and use it. 
Go a small ways further right then jump down onto the ledge to the left.
Walk right off of it, then jump to the treasure chest for the =MAP SYSTEM=.
You can now press W (or your set map button) to view a map of the areas you go
to. Now, go down and enter the building below. Toroko pops out of the back-
ground. Shoot her once, and then talk to her....


Your first boss, Balrog, breaks the door down. After the cutscene, he asks if
you are going to fight him. Say yes, because even though you can skip this 
fight....don't. >_>


He isn't hard at all, especially if you have the Level 2 or 3 Polar Star. All
he really does is run and jump, and he deals minimal damage. Just shoot him 
until he's down, it's really quite simple. After the battle (or lack thereof) 
he'll fkee. Er, flee. 

Leave, then head up and save if you want. Then, go to the right until you reach
a mimiga that's wearing goggles. Talk to him, and when he leaves, enter the 
door he was standing in front of. In the graveyard, watch out for the red
enemy. He can only be hit from behind, so avoid him if you want. Get up the the
large grave at the top (killing the mushrooms along the way) and search it for
=ARTHUR'S KEY=. Head out of the graveyard now.

Now, go to the bottom left area of the village. Open the door of the brown 
house with your new key and go inside. There's a save point here, so use it if
you like, then examine the computer. When the option comes, choose yes to
permit teleportation to the Egg Corridor. Examine the teleporter, choose 
"Egg Corridor", and off you go!

iii. Egg Corridor

This place is crazy. The white thing sliding across the floor means death.
With that in mind, head down to the left, and when the white thing starts 
moving right, head down, to the right, then jump up to the =LIFE CAPSULE= (+3). 
Wait for it to pass to the right again, then head back up to where you started.
Now, head right. The elephant enemies don't take much to kill, but watch out
for the bugs flying around. Keep heading the same direction until you reach
the Mimiga Sue and a large, seemingly mutated mimiga. Watch the cutscene, then 
move right again until you reach another save door. Enter it, save, then go 
up to the other door at the top of the room. 

Here, move left and jump to the left at the very edge of the ledge. Then, jump
again to get a =LIFE CAPSULE= (+4)! Now, keep heading right until you get to
another save door. (Not the Abode room) Getting here may be a little tricky, 
so time your jumps and again, watch out for the bugs, as they can knock you
right into the path of the white blur of death. In this new room, save and
ride the elevator to the top floor. Head right and open the treasure chest
for the =MISSILE LAUNCHER= a new weapon! The missile launcher levels up just
like the Polar Star, but uses missiles (ammo) that can be found as pickups.
To switch weapons, press S or A.

Leave this room, and head left until you see an egg with the number 6 on it.
Wait for the blur to pass, then head down and jump up into it. Inside, you'll
find the =I.D. CARD=. Leave the egg, then head right again until you reach the
egg numbered 1. Use the ID card here and the shield to the right in the Egg
Corridor will be lowered, allowing you to pass. Like always, watch out for the 
blur, then head right past the lowered shield. After a cutscene...


Igor has two attacks. Run and jump into you, and shooting white balls out of
his mouth. None of this is too terribly hard to avoid, and you can shoot the
balls as they come out of his mouth, rendering that attack usless. With a 
LVL 3 Polar Star, this is a breeze. With missiles, it couldn't be easier.
Just shoot and avoid until he's dead. 

After the battle, enter the door on the left. Talk to Sue for a cutscene.
When it's over, leave and enter the door to the right. Heal, refill 
(the health monitors also refill your missiles) and save, then head all the
way back to the teleporter and teleport out of the Egg Corridor. (And on the
way back, level up your weapons if you haven't already.)

iv. Grasstown

There's a small cutscene as you return to village. When it's over, leave the 
house and jump up to where Sue is. (She's in a cage.) Talk to her, then go back
to Arthur's house. Use the teleporter and select Grasstown, and you'll tele-
port there. 

Now, another new area. First, talk to Santa, the Mimiga standing right near
the entrance. He'll tell you about his key, so head right. The small green
enemies shouldn't be a problem, but watch out for the large blue ones. It 
really hurts when they slam into the ground (on top of you.) After a bit of
walking, you'll see =SANTA'S KEY= on the ground. Pick it up. Go a bit further
until you get to the platforms with the star blocks in-between them. From
the top platform, jump to the left onto the block that's hanging down,
then up to the next one (this one may take more than one try, but it's not
that difficult.) Walk off this block to the left, then jump to the top block
on the left. Jump up and to the right for a =LIFE CAPSULE= (+5). Now, head 
back to Santa.

After you give him the key, go inside his house and talk to him. You'll get
the =FIREBALL=, another new weapon. It's a pretty useful weapon when it's 
fully leveled up, allowing you to bounce fireballs over hills and hit the
enemies on the other side. Save if you want, then head out of his house.

Go right past where the key was and keep heading in that direction until you
get to a set of spikes with long red points. Kill all of the bats before you 
attempt to jump over, because these spikes kill you in one hit regardless of
how much health you have. After the spikes, keep going right until you reach
another house. Enter it. Inside, talk to the purple Mimiga, then examine the
fire. She'll tell you about an item you need, so head back outside.

WHOAMG flying jellyfish. Head back to where you picked up Santa's Key now. 
Kill all of the small enemies then get up to the hanging platform with a 
star block over it. Shoot upwards several times until the large Jelly starts
coming down, then jump down and keep shooting up until it dies. It'll drop
a treasure chest, which contains =JELLYFISH JUICE=. Take it, then go back to
Mimiga Village.

From Arthur's, head to the house near the graveyard marked "Assembly Hall" 
(there's a sign in front). Inside, use Jellyfish Juice on the fire. You'll
get the =BUBBLER=, another new weapon! The bubbler is pretty useless until
it's leveled up, but when it is you can charge a large amount of bubbles
and hit your enemies with all of them at once. Now, head back to Grasstown.

Get another Jellyfish Juice then go to Santa's house. Use it on the fire for
the =CHARCOAL=. Leave, then get another Juice and head for the purple Mimiga
(Chaco's) house. Use the juice on the fire here too. (<_<) Now you can get
through the other side! 

Here, carefully jump across the chasms, killing the bats as you go, until
you reach a gravestone shaped enemy. These guys shoot right back at you if
you hit them, so be sure to jump after you attack them. After you kill the
enemy, jump over the two sets of death spikes. Keep heading right, (there
are quite a few enemies, including a new frog enemy) until you reach a 
tower with a skull on it. Inside, shoot straight up once, then get out of
the way QUICKLY. Jump up the the platform on the left and shoot the trap 
that's still on a star block (don't shoot the block) until it explodes,
then jump over to the star block, shoot up, and jump up to a =LIFE CAPSULE=
(+5). Shoot the trap that's on the ground and leave the room.

Now, head over to the building on the left. The door is locked, so examine
the crack near the pink vehicle. Say that you'll help, and you'll get the
=RUSTY KEY=. It isn't the key to this building, so head left. Jump up to
where the save door is (save if you want) and then jump to the area above
the door. Head right, and jump across the platforms to the treasure chest
for a =MISSILE EXPANSION= (+5). Now, go back to the ground and left until
you reach a door marked "Power Room" and use the Rusty Key to enter it.

Inside, examine the blue screen and set the power to on.


Uh oh, you're going to fight the robot! Not.



He has a few new attacks this time around, but he's still not very hard.
Now he can shoot out white balls ala Igor as well as fly up and slam into the 
ground (small white balls appear when he lands). A level 3 Fireball is a pretty 
good choice, because it tears him apart. If you don't have that, pretty much
any weapon will work.

He'll escape again when it's over. Examine the robot and pull it out. He says
that he'll make you a bomb if you get him the right ingredients. You already 
have charcoal, so first you need to go back and get some jellyfish juice.
Since the power is back on, you can use the fans to jump higher and avoid 
using the juice to get past Chaco's house. Once you have the juice, head back
to the building that the man is trapped inside. Examine the crack again for
the =GUM KEY=. Now, get on the vent a bit right and jump up to the building on
the left. Enter, and open the chest for a =MISSILE EXPANSION= (+5). An enemy
will pop out of the fireplace, so be ready to dodge and attack. Now, leave 
the room and head right. When you reach a large gap with death spikes, get a
running start and jump as you reach the edge of the platform. Ride up the
vent and save, then run to the left and jump at the edge of the platform again
to get across. (The fan boosts your horizontal distance) Do the same for the
next jump (the fans will blow you on the platform so it might take more than
once) Then enter the door with the gum key.

Open the chest for the =GUM BASE=, and a cutscene will play. Afterwards...


Yeah, Misery turned him into a giant frog. Anyway, if you have a Level 3 
Fireball, it's the perfect weapon for this fight. When he gets near, use the 
fans to hop over him, then when he opens his mouth, get right next to it and
shoot upwards so that the fireballs land in it. He has several attacks, such
as the ability to shoot red projectiles and slam into the ground and cause 
more frogs to appear(shoot them for EXP and health) . He can be difficult the 
first time, but the fireball makes this battle a lot easier. Just watch out
when you're on the fans, it's easy to get hit. 

When the battle is over, he'll flee again. Head back to the robot (Malco) and
give him your Gum Base, Jellyfish Juice, and Charcoal. He'll give you the 
=EXPLOSIVE=. Head to the door of the building with the man inside, and use 
the explosives on the door. After a cutscene, head back to Mimiga Village.

v. Sand Zone

Cutscene. Afterwards, talk to everyone in the room. When you're done, go to
the teleporter and choose the Sand Zone.

Once you're here, start heading left. Someone's here, but they walk out to the
left when they notice you. Keep going left until you reach a shaft leading up.
Jump up, shooting the brown bugs as you get higher, until you reach the top.
Shoot out the star blocks, jump up and head left into the door.

Walk left just a bit. There's a small cutscene, and then....


You can't use the missile launcher on her, so don't even try. If you have any
other Level 3 weapon, though, use it. Shoot her while she's running around, but
when she stops and you hear a "voom" (>_>) sound, be ready to jump, because 
she's a CHARGIN' HER LAZER. It's actually a machine gun, but it packs a punch,
so don't get hit. The Mimigas that run around her can be shot, but not killed,
so unless they're really bothering you, ignore them. The fireball is also a 
good weapon to use if you don't have the Polar Star at Level 3, but the small
Mimigas often get in the way of the fireball shots. When you jump over her,
she changes directions, so be wary of that.

When the battle's over, answer no. 


Curly will ask you if you want to trade your Polar Star for her Machine Gun.
However, if you choose the machine gun you lose the ability to get two other
(and in my opinion, better) weapons later on in the game. With the machine gun
at level 3, you can jump, aim downwards, and shoot to hover. However, the ammo
isn't limitless (although it does recharge itself) so you can't hover forever.
The Machine Gun will make the Sand Zone much easier, as well as part of the 
next area, but the other two weapons are better in my opinion.

After you've chosen, enter the door to the left and save/recharge. From the
door, jump up and to the left. Now, look at your map. If you want them, 
=CURLY'S UNDERWEAR= are at the bottom right. Now, pick up the =PUPPY= and head 
back to where Curly is, and then back to the Sand Zone area.

Head right until you come to a place with a lot of star blocks and some sun
shaped enemies. Shoot a row of the blocks out and shoot the enemy until it 
splits, then shoot the split pieces. Now, use the star blocks as make-shift
stairs, and shoot them in a way that enables you to reach the =LIFE CAPSULE=
(+5). Shoot the next sun enemy the same way that you shot the first and then
shoot some of the star blocks on the other side so you can jump across. DON'T
fall in the sand below, because within lurks a sandcroc, and it'll chomp down
on you if you land in its sand.

Continue on in the same manner until you get to 2 sets of 6 blocks. Shoot out
the top set and jump up to the pawprint marking (you can go through markings
like this) and head right. There's a save disk in this small area, so use it
and jump through the paw-print to the right. Unless you need EXP, don't shoot 
the star block and let the trapped sun enemies out, just stay at the top. 
You'll only have to fight one sun, so keep going right until you get to a 
heal/refill monitor (Don't worry, no sand crocs). Use it then go right to the
large cluster of star blocks. Examine them closely, there are death traps 
hiding in the blocks. Just shoot a straight line through the bottom and go 
right until a cutscene begins. Then...


As soon as he comes out of the sand, get right next to him and pound him with
fireball shots. I don't suggest any other weapon, because it's easily the best
way to take him out. The things he shoots out can be shot (the red ones anyway,
avoid the solid sand colored ones) and they drop EXP, health and missiles. 
Once Omega's down to about half health, he'll start jumping in the air and 
sending out a lot of the red things. Just don't get crushed and use the same
general tactics (Fireball, up close, etc.) until he EXPLODES.

Now that that's over, go left until you get to the Sunstones. They'll open
when you get near, so when they do head down. Shoot the bone-dino things that
are jumping around and keep heading down until you notice an opening to the 
left. Go into it and head left until you get a door, then go inside.

Talk to the woman, Jenka, for a cutscene. You'll give her the puppy, and when
it's over she'll ask you to find the four others. Leave her house, then head 
back up to the Sunstones. To the right, below them, there's a paw-print 
marking, so shoot out the star blocks, go through it, and head right. The path
dead ends into a =LIFE CAPSULE= (+5) and a chest. Open it for a....=PUPPY=!
Head back to Jenka and talk to her again to hand it over.

Leave her house then head down until you reach a sign marked "This way to Sand
Zone Storehouse". Now, head right. There are a few new enemies, such as bone
dinos that spit bones at you, giant green birds, bone heads with legs (they 
move quite fast) and a new dino that jumps around and spits bones at you. Go
right until you get to the new dino, kill it, then approach the puppy. Let it
run into the wall and turn around, then press down as it passes over you. Take
the =PUPPY= back to Jenka (and talk to her again. Also save if you want)

Head back down to the Sand Zone Storehouse sign, and then kill every single
bonehead/green bird combo. It makes this part a lot less annoying. Now, jump
across the platforms and up to the paw print blocks. Jump through them and
head left to find another puppy...but it goes inside the building.

All I can say for this room is...USE THE MAP. Don't fall into the small area 
with a skull, because a sandcroc is there. The room is pitch black, so jump 
following the map until you reach the =PUPPY=, then head back to Jenka again.

After you've given her the puppy, head back down and kill all the birds/bone-
heads. Jump across the platforms again, only this time keep heading right (and 
don't go up into the pawprint blocks). Once you've gotten across to the other
side, equip the fireball and shoot the walking boneheads (if you have a level
3 machine gun, you can just float up to the top and over most of the enemies).
After they're dead, go right and jump up, then jump left and kill the enemy 
that spits bones at you. Head up, kill the enemies, then go right. 

Now, if you have a Level 3 bubbler, equip it. Jump to the right onto the 
platform that the green bird is near, and kill it then jump over. Charge
your bubbler, because a lot of birds are about to appear. Kill the birds,
then jump over again. There's a swarm of 'em now. Repeatedly charge and shoot
the bubbler, and be careful not to use up all of your ammo. If you're charging 
of the time, you won't get hit. If you don't have a level 3 bubbler here just
use your main weapon, although it might take a little more effort. 

Once ALL of the birds are dead, jump across until you reach solid land (and be
careful not to fall into the death spikes.) Go right until you pass a door and
reach the wall, then jump on the blocks to the left over to the last =PUPPY=!
Hold on though, don't go back to Jenka just yet. Shoot the two star blocks up
ahead to find a save disk and a heal/refill monitor. Now, go back to Jenka's.

Balrog's here. He's taken the storehouse key and done something to the puppies.
(D:) After he leaves, talk to Jenka and give her the puppy. She'll give you a
=LIFE POT=, an item that fully restores your health once. Now, leave and head
back to where the last puppy was. Save/refill, and go inside the now unlocked

There's a cutscene. When it's over..........


..She's ingested one of the red flowers, so now she's going berserk. WATCH OUT
for the blocks that she throws at you, because they really hurt. Pretty much
all she does is throw blocks, which turn into flowers than can trip you up.
The missiles aren't all that effective, so use your main weapon and the fire-
ball. This battle can be pretty annoying the first time, but if you use the 
Sand Zone's usual boss tactic (get near, fireball, etc) and dodge most of the 
blocks you should be fine. If you run under her when she jumps and throws a 
block, you probably won't get hit.

Now, once that's over...She's dead. Talk to King, and he dies as well...
But...he leaves behind his =BLADE=, one of my favorite weapons. It's a single
shot(on screen at once) weapon that deals a large amount of damage, and is very
useful for bosses. Leave the storehouse now.

HUZZAH! Balrog slams you into the ground and Misery teleports you both away to
the Labyrinth. >_<

vi. Labyrinth

Welcome to the Labyrinth. For starters, shoot the star block to the right and
save. Now, head to the left and jump up. Jump up and to the right, killing the
enemies (the level 3 bubbler or the blade work pretty well) and keep heading 
up. When you reach the left side again, jump up on to the single block and jump
up and around to the top of the blocks above. Jump right now, and head further
up. When you get to the left side AGAIN, kill the three enemies and jump down
to the =LIFE CAPSULE= (+5).

Now, head up again and when a large block starts moving, jump on to it. Then,
jump on to the block to the left and on to the ledge. Use the next set of three
moving blocks to get up to the terminal on the top right, then use it to open
the door below. Now, jump down all the way to the bottom and save, then enter 
the door.

New enemy here, a roach type thing. One blade hit will talk it out. Head left 
past the water, jump up to the right, then up onto the ledge. Head left again 
and jump over the large block when it passes (there's only a small space to
jump) then head down and jump on top of the next moving block and up to the

Head right until you reach the roach enemies, then enter the door. Inside, save


If you didn't get the Machine Gun from Curly, you can trade your Polar Star and
Fireball to the roach at the counter for the Snake, a new weapon. It goes
through walls, making it the perfect weapon for a cautious person. If you want
it, get it, but the final weapon is even better.

After you make your choice, leave and head right again. There are several 
roach enemies here, and some fly, so watch out. When you reach a door, don't 
enter yet, as there's something to get first. Jump up to the purple enemy (BUT
DON'T KILL IT) and jump on top of it (and hold right) as it jumps to shoot you. 
If you did it  right, you should be knocked up to the ledge and a star block.
If you have the Level 3 machine gun, use it to get up here. Now, head right and
to the door. Inside, there's a chest containing the =ARMS BARRIER=. Now, when
you take damage, the amount of weapon energy lost will be halved! Head out and
back to the door on the bottom of the room.

In here, save then talk to the doctor, nurse, and Curly. The doctor will give 
you the =CLINIC KEY=. Leave, then head back up the platforms, but this time go
left and use the key to open the door here. Open the chest for the =CURE-ALL=.


DARK BALROG?! No, not really. He's not really that hard, and I say...blade all 
the way! Especially the Level 2 one, because you can really spam some damage in
if you get close. All he really does is jump into the air and try to crush you,
and it's obvious where he's going to land. A pushover, really.

Head back to the doctor and give him your Cure-All. Talk to Curly, leave,
come back (and if she's still here, talk again), save, then leave again and 
head to the right. Go right until you reach a block heading down, and before it
reaches the bottom, jump around it and on top of it, and ride it up. Dodge the
spikes and avoid being crushed, then jump down to the right. Go around the 
block coming up and head right again. Kill the roaches as you go, until...


Everyone that I've recommended Cave Story to has had trouble with this guy. 
"How do I beat that tank thing?!" "Argh I'm going to stop playing!" Honestly,
he isn't that hard. Use the blade. (Level 2 or 3)

First, clear out all of the roaches. It'll make your time a lot easier. Then,
get on the treads and jump back and forth until it stops. Get in between and
spam upward shots. (You should hit the 4 green things in the center when it 
opens.) Continue this until they're all gone.

Now, when it stops, you can actually damage it. It'll send out green fish 
things that fly around in circles. (You can kill 'em for pickups). Anyway,
when it stops, spam the heck out of that Level 2 or 3 blade. Soon, he'll be 
finished. His true form (some weird looking animal) will fly off the screen,
then you're good to go! Head right to the door.

Cutscene. Something will fall on to the ground below you. Ignore it unless you
want the okay ending. Jump up and save, then go into the previous room and kill
roaches for health (if you need it). Then, look on the left ledge. There's a 
red dot on it. Get a running start and jump right when you get to the dot. You
should land on the other side. If you have the machine gun, it's easy to get 
over. Enter the door, then talk to Curly. Get on the left side of the rock and
push. (Press down) The two of you aren't strong enough, lolz.


Sort of funny cutscene, then...


It's him! Again. This time, he can fly a lot further and fire missiles at you
though. He can also grab on to you you a short amount of time, and throw you at
the wall. Just dodge his attacks, jump over him, and use your weapon of choice.
(Mine happens to be the Blade at this point in the game. >_>) He should be 
down in no time. And this time, for good! Sort of. >_> 

He'll use his super duper macho strength to throw the rock out of your way. :D
Then, as he leaves, the =SUPER MISSILES= will fall from the ceiling. :D :D
Save, then head into the door.

Team Attack! Curly's now following you around with her weapon. She's quite use-
ful if you don't want to get hit, just have her take everything out (Although 
that might take a while.) Head right, and shoot the cocoon things for health
and other pickups. The floating fans are easy to avoid, just jump, shoot, jump, 
shoot, jump, shoot, until they're taken out. There's also a new roach enemy, 
and this one has armor. Just hit it in the front. But watch out, it throws 
stuff at you. Keep heading right until you reach the set of 3 fans. Either use
the level 3 bubbler or let Curly handle them. Now, head right again until you 
find a way to head down. 

Once you've gone down, head left. There are more cocoons, as well as a new 
enemy. It releases a bunch of mini blue things. Once you shoot it enough it'll
stop. Keep heading left, and jump off the small point of land on to the boxes.
Further left, you'll have to avoid (or jump in and take out, but don't drown)
more blue things as you make a long jump. After the first "long" jump. Get on
top of the block. This jump is a bit harder. If you jump too high, you'll hit
the ceiling. Don't overshoot it, and land on the single block, then jump left 
again. It might take more than once to make it, but you'll end up doing it 

Now, head left again. There are a bunch of the armored roaches, so use the fire
ball if you have it. If not, let Curly take them out. Jump over the spikes, 
use the terminal, then head down. Ignore the teleporter at the bottom unless
you have the Level 3 machine gun, but if you do, enter it and save.

Now, head right. If you kill the center of the enemies ahead before the ones 
on the outside, they'll all charge you, so watch out for that. Just keep
heading right until you reach a door. 

Cutscene. Then save and enter the door to the right. Jump up and activate the
terminal to open the shutters. Head to the one that Curly's standing by and 
shoot it from the bottom several times. Now, talk to Curly and then go back to
the terminal to lower the lift block. Go down to where it was lowered and head
right. Be careful not to drown, and keep going right until you activate another
terminal. The last shutter will open, so head inside after you go back and 
save. Don't talk to Curly yet. Instead, go to the bottom right of the room 
until you see something sparkling in the water. Take the =TOW ROPE=. Now, go
back and talk to Curly. Cutscene. Then.....


The Core of this entire island is your next boss. Curly's knocked out at the 
start, but eventually she'll wake up to help. Use the Blade, Missiles, or the
Machine gun if you have it. Head right, and the Core should open up. Every time
this happens, you should pelt it with relentless attacks. It'll send out little
sperm shaped things (yes, sperm) >_> as well as things like the roaches throw
at you. Drowning is also a major possibility, so be sure to be out of the water
when it starts rising. If you start to get pushed back, watch out, because the
energy balls about to be shot at you are probably the Core's most damaging 
attack. Eventually, you'll have taken him down. But once you do, is it really 

There's a cutscene. Then, the water starts rising. You can't do anything but 
sit there until you black out. Another cutscene. It looks like Curly doesn't 
want you to die, and has given you her =AIR TANK= Use the Tow Rope on her to 
carry her on your back, then leave the core room to the left. Save, then enter
the statue's mouth to head to the next area. Whew, you're finally done with 
this Labyrinth.

vii. Waterway

Head left into the water, (past the one block) and keep going until you pass
a vent thing and reach solid ground. Kill the bats here, then jump up and to 
the left up to the other side. Continue left (watch out for spikes, they deal
like 10 damage) and then jump in the current that's heading right. Ride the
current, and jump over spikes when you get to them until you reach an area with
a large amount of jellyfish. Kill them all. Then, jump down and to the left 
into the current. Ride it through this area (you'll have to shift directions
Was that a bit excessive? Eh, maybe, but it's for a good reason. Once you're in
nonmoving water, jump to the right and up to the door. If you do happen to 
fall, reset and start the waterway over(Esc+F2 resets). Watch out for the bat
and enter the door. 

Save, then rest in the bed. Curly's off your back now, and in the bed. 
Examine the computer, then go to the bookshelf on the right and examine it.
Read the notebook. Then, go to Curly and press down and drain the water from 
her. Try and talk to her twice, and when it asks "Do you want to leave her 
here?", say no. Save, then exit out of the door.

Now, jump down into the current. You'll be blasted to the left. The first two
sets of spikes aren't very hard to get over, but the third takes some pretty 
good timing to avoid damage. (I actually got hit by them just now, >_>). Once 
you're in non-moving water again, jump down into the current. There are a lot
of spikes, but none of them are too hard to get past if you jump at the right
times. (i.e, right when you get to them). Keep heading right until....

"Something's coming!!"


After the Core battle, this is cake. Just unload on him; You can easily get 
behind him and blast his fish butt with any weapon. You can only aim to the 
right though, so you'll have to be careful. Swimming into him does like 10 
damage, and the blocks do 8 I think. If you can kill him without being hit,
you'll get the =ALIEN MEDAL=, which is pretty worthless. 

After the battle, Curly drifts away.... You wind up in the Reservoir at the 
Mimiga Village. Leave it and head down to Arthur's House. As you approach the
teleporter... Booster comes out of it. There's a cutscene, and he gives you the
=BOOSTER v2.0=! Go into the item menu and equip it, then save/refill. Leave 
Arthur's house now. Try it out! You can boost in any direction, and use it to
get to places you couldn't reach before! For instance... Head to the cliff over
the Reservoir door. Then, boost up. There's some blocks hanging down. Get up on
top of them and use them to get up to the door above you. 

"What? First Cave? What the heck am I doing here?" Well, if you have the Snake
or Machine Gun, nothing, so leave now and skip to the next paragraph. If you
still have the Polar Star, however...Go down to where you first obtained it.
Talk to the man here. He'll yell at you for stealing his gun, lol. "=POLAR 
STAR= taken..." He'll talk to you some more. "You can keep this gun. After I
finish it, of course!" :D :D :D =POLAR STAR= became the =SPUR=! This is my 
favorite main weapon, and for good reason. You can charge it; You don't have
to level it up, and you can shoot level 3 polar star shots without worry of the
weapon losing power. Head out the door. There are a lot of enemies now, but 
like it matters. Your new Spur will eat them for breakfast. Charged shots are 
fun. Now, head back to Arthur's house, and teleport to the Labyrinth. Head 
to the room before the hospital place, the room where you could have gotten the
Snake. There are a lot of roaches on the way here, but with the Spur... well, 
you get the picture. Head to the roach at the counter and talk to him. He'll
give you the =WHIMSICAL STAR=. Now, charge your Spur. Little green stars that
deal minor damage (and go through walls) will be floating around you. 

Head back to Arthur's House and use the teleporter to go to the Egg Corridor.

viii. Egg Corridor? (Redux)

Whoa, this place sure is different, huh? Head right past the dead Sky Dragon 
(o.o). There are a lot of bugs here, and some of the spikes on the ceiling will
fall on to you, so watch out. When you reach what used to be Egg 12, shoot the 
dragon through to hole (Snake, Spur or Bubbler) until it dies. On charged Spur
shot = dead dragon. Open the chest for a =MISSILE EXPANSION= (+5). Now, keep 
heading right until you get to the door. 

Death traps galore! Shoot the blocks under them, then get out of the way and 
jump up to the door. (You've done this kind of thing before, in Grasstown).

Head right again. There are more dragons, as well as new enemy that explodes 
5 seconds after you first shoot it, so kill it fast! Also, a lot of the spikes
fall here. Keep going to the right until you reach egg 4. The spike above will
fall, so get under it, move out of the way, shoot it, then jump up and kill the
dragon. Go right to the open window and press down. Jump down to the treasure
chest for a =MISSILE EXPANSION= (+5). Then...


Wow, this is easy. Whenever they open their mouths, pound them with your main 
weapon. If they stick their tounges out, shoot them as well. If they ever even 
get off an attack, it's not hard to avoid. But seriously, you shouldn't have 
any trouble.

Save, then head to the right and press down on the open window. Move, because
a spike is falling right there. Just boost through, killing the dragons, until
you get to a save room. Enter and save/refill then enter the room to the left
of the save door.

Examine the computer. Cutscene. When you're given an option, say no. (Unless 
you want to watch the game's worst ending). After the cutscene is over, enter 
the door to the right.

ix. Outer Wall


IV. Legal Stuff

This entire document is (C) 2007 LinkGanonSlayer. All trademarks are property 
of their respective owners. This may be not be reproduced under any 
circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any 
web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is 
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

The following websites are allowed to use this FAQ.

V. Contact Information

If you see a mistake in the guide, want to add to it, or want to use it on your
site, email me at Be sure to include "Cave Story FAQ" or 
something in the subject line.

VI. Conclusion
This guide will be updated frequently as I type it. Most likely daily, but 
I might miss a day or two.


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