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 Cedric and the Revolution

Cedric and the Revolution

by Matthew D. Groves
January 6th, 2006


WARNING: If you follow this walkthrough all the way through, you will
be able to finish the game in no time at all, completely ruining it.

Cedric and the Revolution is a FANTASTIC game, but it is not very long,
and not very difficult, in comparison to many other adventure games. 
Please, please, please only use this walkthrough with minimum frequency,
and only if you are absolutely stuck and you've tried everything. If 
you rush through the game, you will miss a lot of the humor, and a lot
of the fine detailing. Enjoy the music, enjoy the characters, and be 
frustrated for a while before you result to using this walkthrough.

I also want to thank Fallen Angel for releasing a fine game that's well
representative of the great adventure games of bygone years. If every 
adventure game was this fun and well-made, perhaps we'd see a lot more
of them.

If there are any errors/omissions/etc, please feel free to email me at:



Blacksmith shop
Pick up the bellows
Pick up the hammer
Try to pick up the matches on the shelf (right wall)
Talk to Victor, Have him get the matches off the shelf for you
Leave the blacksmith shop

Use the hammer to get the nails out of the stand
Pick up the fishing net from the stand
Walk to the harbor (right)

Use the bellows on the tax collector's toupee
Talk to Captain Howard to get him to join you
Go try to get the monocle at the bottom of the screen
Pick up the crab (Pinchy)
Pick up the monocle
Give the monocle to Captain Howard
Walk to the bar (building in the distance on the left side of the screen)

Pick up the glass on the bar
Pick up the honey from the cabinet by the front door
Get some coffee beans from the bag (lower right side of screen)
Leave bar, go to the castle (north of the street)

Get the bouncy ball
Go to the backstreet (left of the street)

Use the honey on the fishing net
Use the fishing net on the hole on the left
Talk to Victor, have him block the passage
Throw the bouncy ball at the hat
Go back to the blacksmith shop

Blacksmith shop
Use the glass on the bucket of water
Go back to the bar

Use the coffee beans on Pinchy
Use the coffee grounds on the coffee machine
Use the glass of water on the coffee machine
Use the matches on the coffee machine
Use the empty glass on the coffee machine
Give the coffee to the bartender
Go back to the street to get arrested

Wait for the guard to come back to the door
Talk to him, ask for food
Give the pretzel to Victor
Ask the guard for food again
Pour the soup down the toilet
Wait for the guard to come back to the door
Wait until he turns his back
Throw the bowl at him
Use the spoon to reach his keys
Use the keys to open the door and exit

Jail block
Open the drawer of the desk
Look at the drawer and get the sandwich
Exit right

Candle room
Get the plank under the window
Get some candles
Go back to the jail block

Jail block
Use the plank on the desk
Get the key
Go back to the jail cell

Free Victor with the key
Go back to the candle room

Candle room
Eat the burger
Give the cheese to the rat
Talk to Victor, have him pose for a photo with you
Talk to Victor, have him lift you up to the window

Use the other window

Wizard's room
Talk to the wizard
Go back to the candle room

Candle room
Use the candles on the hot water pipe (right one)
QUICKLY go out to the ledge and climb the bricks to the king's room

King's room
Set up the circle of candles
Pick up the feather from the corner of the bed
Get some leaves from the plant
Go back to the wizard's room

Wizard's room
Read the book on the table
Go out to the gargoyle

Use the feather on the gargoyle
Use bowl on gargoyle
Go back to the Jail block

Jail block
Put the leaves in the potato press
Put the bowl in the potato press
Use the potato press
Get the bowl
Put the picture into the bowl
Go back to the King's room

King's Room
Use the bowl on the circle of candles
Pull the rope to summon the king
Walk out through the open doors

Open the cabinet
Get the handle
Go back to the candle room

Candle room
Use the handle on the cold water pipe (left one)
Use the handle to turn off the cold water
Go back to the hallway

Throw the bowl at the king to knock him out
The end!

Cedric and the Revolution Walkthrough by Matthew D. Groves

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