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 Champions of Krynn

Champions of Krynn

Get your party assembled (I had a Human Knight, Kender Thief, two
Silvanesti Fighter/White Robes, a Qualinesti Mishakal Cleric/Fighter and a
Qualinesti Majere Cleric/Fighter.) and buy gear for them. 

	Go out on the first patrol, and you come across a bunch of draconians.
Kill them, and after the other draconian teleports away, and you return to
the outpost, to find that the Draconians have been creating false reports.

Throtl Keep
	You are then sent to Throtl Keep, supposedly unguarded, to look for
Caramon Majere. As soon as you enter the outpost you get attacked. There is
a Treasure room at (14,13) but it is guarded, and Scrolls can be found at
(3,8) and (5,8). Going to (8,13), Information can be discovered about "The
Plan". On the way to rescue Caramon, there is an arrow trap at (5,1) and a
soldier who offers to join you at (4,0). Howvere, if you accept him, when
you get to (2,6) he will call a group of monsters to attack you. It's
better to kill him on the spot. There are two other NPC's, a kender and a
Knight. Unlike the soldier, they are friendly and will help you until you
find Caramon.
At (3,9) draconians, human warrior and a mage will ambush you. Then, after
the battle, Caramon can be found in the room to the south, at (6,11). After
finding Caramon, It's time to pay the cleric a visit, go to (2,15) and kill
him to get the Temple keys. The secret entrance to the Temple (only
available after getting the key and finding Caramon) is at (12,9)

Throtl Temple
	When Inside the Temple, make your way into the Main Temple in the center,
where the clerics are trying to transform dragon eggs into draconians.
Anyway, they can't be very good clerics, because they manage to make the
eggs explode instead of making them into draconians (heh-heh.) Then one of
the surviving clerics puts the blame on your party, and attack. (There is a
Flail+1 in the treasure) After the combat, draconians flee with some of the
remaining eggs. Chase them to the North-West, killing a cleric along the
way. However, they manage to escape into the Catacombs, and you must follow
them down. If any party members can train, leave Throtl to train then
return to face the Catacombs.

	When you enter the Catacombs, a band of fighters and Black Robes ambush
you. Continue down the hall and you come to a Cleric who is burning papers.
Further down the corridor (which is almost all one-way) you catch up to
some of the egg-carrying draconians and some humans. Then there is a nice
treasuse of a Hoopak+2, Bracers AC6 and a wand of Ice Storm. Further down
the corridor, there is a door to the south, and a door to thr north. Ignore
both and continue down the hall. At the end of the hall is a small room,
that opens into another room. Search this room and you will find
Chainmail+1. Further down is an ambush, cloaked by an illusion of lights.
After the ambush, there is another long hall, which has more monsters at
the end of it. Try not to let any of them escape the combat, because if
they do then they will call for reinforcemants to hinder your
progress....unless you want some extra experience points of course.
Eventually you will come to a room with broken eggshells, and you see enemy
troops running south. Follow them, and catch up to them. Part of their
force breaks away and engages you, and the rest runs for the exit. Rush to
the exit and you get attacked by White dragons. The Wand of Ice Storm is
quite useful here.

	You are then dispatched to a new outpost, and sent to Gargath keep to find
a Dragonlance. At the gate, a group of guards will stop you. Kill them, and
enter the keep. Meet the resistance leader and follow his instructions.
There is a group of Draconians guarding an "empty" wall (the entrance to
the keep). To the east of them is a building containing several human
officers with a treasure of Plate mail+1 and Gauntlets of Ogre Power. Enter
the keep, using several secret doors. (From the eastern entrance to the
keep, go N, N, E, E, E, N, N, N, W, W, N, W, W, N, W, W, W, W.

	In level one, go north into a hall, then if you want, go east to the end
of the hall and into the room to fight several fighters, and claim some
money. Then go west down the hall and up the stairs. On level 2, exit the
small room, enter the large room to the north and ascend the stairs. On
level 3, go east until you cannot go east anymore, then go north, and up
the stairs at the end of the hall. On the 4th and 5th levels just go
straight up (stairs right next to where you start) On level 6, walk through
the wall to the west of the door and find the dragonlance room! Only, the
wretched draconians have taken it! Still, there is a nice magic longsword,
and...... a not so nice cursed 2-handed sword left. Bash the door open, and
chase the draconian with the lance up the stairs, killing his followers on
the way up. Finally you reach the top.... and he gets away. Oh well. Kill
the three black dragons and walk sadly down again and back to the outpost.

Sir Dargaard's Tomb
	This area requires a Knight to complete it.

	When you enter the tomb, go north to the Test of Honor and enter. You are
asked to help the downtrodden, offering either Money, Items, Life or all
three. Choose money if you have only one person who can perform healing,
life if you have more (life doesn't kill someone if you heal them
instantly.) next, a spectre asks you to take one of his two swords. Take
the one he indicates. (GREAT! it's +5!) Continue on. Now they show you
images of someone needing a weapon, and you can offer it to him. Do so.
(Damn. What a waste of a good sword.) And, if you don't, they take it from
you and attack. (*SIGH*) After that, you pass the Test of Honor. Return to
the stairs, and now head east to the teat of fear. Get a knight to step
through all the fire rings, he/she will be healed at the last ring. Then,
return to the stairs and go west, take the second door. This is the most
dangerous test, the test of Battle. A roof will fall on the party, then
skeletons will approach. You MUST attack them. Continue on untill the
second wave of monsters, in a small room further down are defeated, then
rest, and heal your whole party, cast prepatory spells, etc. Then you have
to fight FOUR undead dragons. (Hmm. That Dragonlance would have been
useful.) After the battle, return to the stairs, and go south, enter the
tomb. Get your knight to answer all the questions. You then reach the Tomb.
Inside is a Longsword+2, Girdle of Giant Strength and 6 sets of Solamnic
Plate (Knights only). Draconians will attack on the way out, but they
shouldn't cause too much trouble. Leave the Tomb and return to the outpost.

	Sir Karl sends you here to explore the town, and to find him a silver
rose. When you enter, a "guide" Skyla will join the party. You can't get
rid of him, and like the soldier in Throtl, he isn't helping you. Go
straight to the graveyard in the North-East section of the city, where
Skyla's followers attack, and enlist the aid of Mysellia, a friendly Thief,
after the fight. Head for the North-Eastern section of the graveyard, and
get the silver rose from in front of the building. Then, three black
dragons will attack you. Enter the building. Inside are several undead
minions, and a lot of nice treasure.

Ogre Base
	As soon as you enter the Ogre base, walk into any nearby building. Then,
enter the main complex form the South, and go to the South-East area of the
complex. Careful searching will uncover 8,000 steel pieces, and evidence of
an assassination plot. Then enter the building in the center of the
complex, and help Gravnak defeat Morog, the traitor. Next, the draconian
assassins rush in, and you will have to fight them as well. After the
battle, go with Gravnak to forge the alliance.

Southern Outpost
	This outpost has been taken over by a green dragon, and several
When you first enter, you are taken to the "Commandant", who is a Sivak
draconian. Go to the inn, and talk to the guard. Now, walk around to the
back of the Commandant's house, and enter the secret door (second wall from
the south) Talk to the prisoners. Now, walk between the inn and the tavern,
and kill the guards. Continue north, and free the children. Now return to
the jail, and the gurads will start attacking the draconian forces. Open
the north jail door, and kill the "Commandant". Then when you are ready,
open the north door of the Commandant's quarters and kill "Jadefang", the
green dragon. After doing so, you fin two scrolls and a potion.

	When you return to the Second Outpost, you discover that Sir Karl has been
kidnapped. Go with Maya to Neraka, and when you get there, take the first
door to the south, where Draconians will attack you, and Maya reveals
herself as a Silver Dragon. Walk around inside the area until you find the
staircase to the prison. Sir Karl is at the stairs, and dies as you reach
the stairs, asking you to rescue the slaves down in the prison.

Neraka Prison
	Walk down the hall, and take the second door to the east.Kill the
draconian guards, and meet Tanis Half-elven, who is freeing slaves. Go to
the southern cells and free the slaves, ignoring the Northern cell closest
to the door, which contains draconians waiting in ambush. After freeing all
the slaves, leave the slave cells ,and head south. Enter the first door you
see, and kill the Prison Lord, who has a Longsword+2 and Shield+1. Exit the
room by the south door, and head west. Green dragons will attack, and if
the Prison Lord wasn't killed, he will help them fight. Finish the dragons,
and exit the Prison by the Western stairs, then leave Neraka.

	When you return from Neraka, you will be told by the outpost commander to
go to Sanction. At Sanction, find and interrogate three thieves on your way
south and enter the Inn. The Innkeeper tells you not to enter the room at
the north end of the hall. So what do you do? You bash in the door! An
elvish mage is inside the room, recruiting soldiers for the evil armies. So
you kill him. Leave the inn, and go to the Thieves Guild, directly West of
the inn. Kill the fighters, and enter the small room in the guild for
Bracers AC4 and a Necklace of Missiles. Head North-West, until you see
Minotaurs carrying a woman into a warehouse. Follow them in and defeat all
the minotaurs, rescuing the woman. She asks you to meet her on the southern
dock, so you do. She gives you an amulet, to get into the Temple of
Huerzyd. Go to the building directly South ot the Warehouse and enter the
Temple, using the secret entrance.

Temple of Huerzyd
	From the entrance, enter the Third door on the left, go forwards and
search for some scrolls. Follow the hall East, then South, enter the door
on the right, and then enter the main temple using the Southern doors.
Search the whole area for some magical items. Leave the main temple, and
walk to the end of the southern hall. Enter the room, and search for more
items. Exit the room and follow the hall East, enter the last room at the
hall. There are many draconians in the room, and after you defeat them, a
Shadowperson will show you the secret tunnels at the end of the hall.

	The Tunnels are all one-way, apart from a small room and a room you can
rest in. The Ancient Revered One gives you 3 magic items. From the Tunnels
the party can enter the Temple of Duerghast.

Temple of Duerghast
	You emerge from the tunnels in a small cell. Exit it, and follow the hall
South. Now, remember that guy in Jelek, Skyla? Well, some of his fighters
are here, and if you let them go they will tell him of your presence. So
kill them. Continue down the hall, and into a room with many doors. Take
the door immediately to the left, and follow the passage. You will come to
a door,(if you can't bash it in use Knock.) When the door is opened,
draconians attack you. After the battle, you find the Dragonlance, along
with a magical Ring and Cloak! Leave the passage, and take the southern
door. Follow the new passage to the end, turn left, and walk into the
stairs at the end of the passage.

	You find yourselves in another small room. Exit the three rooms into a
"courtyard" of sorts. Enter the first door on the left. "Hello Skyla!" Kill
him, then enter the room behind him. There are magic weapons and armour
here, and you can rest for as long as you like as well. When finished, exit
Skyla's room, and walk through the door in the south wall. Walk towards the
arch on the west wall, kill the Blue Dragons, and recover the eggs. Head
North, open ONE set of doors, then turn either East or West and go up the
stairs. Meet Sir Lebaum, the Death Knight. Defeat him and recieve a magic
2-handed sword and Two Wands. Head south, and you are attacked by a dragon,
then a group of Draconians. Gold Dragons then attack the Red Dragons, and
transport you to a flying citadel. Tasslehoff Burrfoot joins you on the

Citadel One
	At the Citidel, run for the North Tower, and up the stairs. Don't even
bother with the North Door, unless you feel like fighting Infinite
Draconians! Go to the top of the tower, defeat the guards, and get a Mage
to read the scroll. You now get some time to rest, then another group of
Warriors try to reclaim the Tower. Tas then CRASHES the flying Citadel into
another Citadel, hurling the Party into the other citadel, which is rapidly
heading for the ground!

Citadel Two.
	Okay, okay, no need to panic......You have this, don't you? From the
courtyard, which is covered in rubble, use the stairs. From there, turn
South, go south, then turn Right as soon as possible and take the stairs
down. Exit the square room, and follow the corridor down to the basement.
Follow the corridor, attack the guards and take their uniforms. At the end
of the passage, Red Dragons are transporting people down, and since you are
disguised, they take you down as well. (*PHEW*) But right in the middle of
the enemy occupied city of Kernen.(Uh-oh.)

Kernen City
	Rocks are tumbling down all over the City. From the starting point, head
North and enter the second and fourth buildings to your right. Get the
crown, and encourage the Humans to rebel, which weakenes the gate guards.
Go to the West side of the city, and go north. Enter the second building.
If you made the ogre alliance, Gravnak is here, and promises Ogre aid. Go
back south, and enter the two buildings near the gate. Give the Crown to
the Dragon, who tries to break into the castle, further weakening the
guards. In the building next to the dragon, have a drink with the
Draconians, then burn the barracks. Going south, you find a Training hall.
The building directly to the East of it is also a barracks. Burn it down as
well. Now attack the gates. If you have Ogre aid, they will defend you
while you rest before entering the keep.

Kernen Keep
	As soon as you enter, draconians attack. Then there is another Draconian
guard post, behind the next door. After you go through, there are three
doors, North, West and East. North is a Treasure room where you can rest,
but the Ogres will desert. Search the four rooms in the East to find a key,
a locked book, and an alchemist lab. Make the salve, and apply it to the
party. Now go West, and take the North door. Myrtani, the Aurak Draconian
leader, attacks you with lots of help. After the battle, Tas heals the
party with potions, and you must rush through the West door for the final
battle with Three Huge Red Dragons. (Well, here's a use for the
Dragonlance, a Haste spell,the Scroll of Protection from Dragon Breath and
a high level Fighter/Knight.)

						-Andrew Lai

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