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1 A distant blue pipe between two red walls - Click the pipe to continue.
2 A rope - Follow the rope.
3 Water spilling from broken channel - Get closer.
4 The opening of the broken channel - You can go down the channel.
5 Ladder and glass. You can go up the ladder.
6 Red room with lever. You can move the lever, if you get close enough.
7 Red room with lever. You can exit the room, upper right.
8 Blue hole in red wall, next to yellow/green hallway. Go into the hole.
9 A birds-eye view of two pipes across the chasm. The left waterway flows to 
  the broken channel at the bottom left. The right waterway is dry - Find your 
  way to the gears at the top of the left waterway and turn the left gear to 
  close the left gate. Water is now diverted because of the closed left gate, 
  but it dumps into the chasm anyway.
10 You are up with the gears of the left waterway. Only the left gate is closed. 
  Water is diverted because of the closed left gate, but it dumps into the chasm 
  anyway - Close the far right gate of the lefthand waterway. The waterway dries 
11 You are up with the gears of the left waterway. There is a rope - Drop the rope.
  You can use it to get up and down quicker than the around-the-side route. Close 
  the righthand gate to stop waterflow completely. Go down the rope to explore a 
  trap door in the waterway and to explore the other/righthand waterway. At one end, 
  you are shown a view of a complex maze of pipes (something to remember for later). 
  At the other end, you find a ladder where you can make your way to gears OR you can 
  make your way to belts of the machinery. Return to the lefthand waterway.
12 You are up with the gears of the left waterway. The left and right gates are closed,
  and the middle gate is open - Open the right gate and close the middle gate. The 
  water is diverted to the righthand waterway. Only one of the belts is moving on the 
  righthand waterway. It appears you will need both belts to move. Try to investigate 
  the righthand waterway to discover a problem.
13 You are up with the gears of the left waterway. The left and middle gates are closed.
  It is not possible to get to the righthand waterway because water in the righthand 
  waterway flows over the trap door - Close the righthand gate on the left waterway. 
  (The righthand waterway dries up.) You need the pully to run in the righthand waterway.
  For it to run, water must flow to it either from the lefthand waterway (middle gate 
  down, right gate up) or from the long supply from the top of the dam). Find a way to 
  be on the righthand waterway side while water is flowing from the left waterway.
14 You are in the dry, righthand waterway - Close the left gate. Return to the left 
  waterway and open the right gate. The water flows from the left waterway to the right 
  waterway and stops. Find a way to get the water flowing in the righthand waterway.
15 The left gate is closed in the righthand waterway. Water is flowing from the left 
  waterway to a portion of the right waterway - Open the left gate on the right waterway. 
  The pulley begins moving. Find a way to get to the top of the pulley.
16 You are on the righthand waterway with water flowing and pulley moving - Go to the 
  moving pulley belt and jump onto it.
17 You are next to a sack on a bag to the RIGHT of the chasm - Hop in the bag and click
  to its left.
18 You are next to a sack on a bag to the LEFT of the chasm - You can click down to the 
  left or click up to the left--two different directions.
19 You forget how to get to the bottom of the dam - Get to the right waterway with the 
  pulley running. Ride the pulley belt to the top. Make your way to the sack on a rope 
  at the right of the chasm. Ride in the bag. Go up to the left.
20 You are at the bottom of the dam with 6 tubes dumping water every once in a while - 
  Try to get to the top by going into the tubes.
21 You keep getting washed out of the tubes at the bottom of the dam when you enter them
  - You need a good view of the tubes. There is a telescope elsewhere that lets you view
  it so that you can find the best path up through the tubes.
22 You do not know where the telescope is - There is a sack on a rope over the chasm. When
  you are on the right side of the chasm, you have a choice of going down to the right or 
  up to the right. Go up to the right.
23 You see a view of the pipes on the dam, but you do not see a telescope - After you went
  up to the right from the sack on the rope, there were two paths to choose. You went to 
  the left; there is a path down to the right, also.
24 You are at the telescope, but you do not know how to use it - Click on the telescope. 
  In the glass, drag up or down to aim at different parts of the tubes. Drag the ZOOM word 
  left or right around the circle to zoom in or out.
25 You are viewing the tubes through the telescope but do not know what to look for or how 
 to solve the tube puzzle - Find these things: (1) the third tube ("C") from the left at 
 the bottom, (2) the vent up higher between the third and fourth vertical tubes ("C" and 
 "D"), (3) a tiny door "A5" and ladder on the far left vertical tube, and (4) another tiny 
 door near the top of "A". Draw yourself a little diagram that represents how many left 
 turns, right turns and straights you will need to make to travel from the bottom of the 
 tubes to the top left.
26 You know about the tubes, vent and doors on the dam puzzle but do not know how to 
 survive the dam puzzle. What's up with this dam puzzle? - Get to the base of the dam 
 (see details above). Get between opening B and C. When the rush of water stops, go up C.
 Turn right into the fifth opening (C4). When the water level drops, run for the door in 
 the A tube, and so on.
27 You still can't survive the dam puzzle, even though you took notes when you viewed the 
 dam puzzle from the telescope - Enter tube C. Turn right into C4. Go to C5 and B5 to get 
 to the A door. At the top of the ladder, wait for the water to pass, then enter the door. 
 Up, up (don't go to that light!), left, up (to that light).
28 You're at the top of the dam - Find the valve and enjoy the ride!
29 You're at the right waterway. Water is flowing in the entire waterway, and both pulleys 
 are moving - The water is falling out the end of the right waterway. You need to divert 
 it back to the opposite waterway. Turn a gear!
30 Both pulleys are moving on the right waterway. You closed the right gate so that water
 goes to the other side of the chasm, but water is still falling out - Ride the second 
 pulley to the top.
31 You are back on the side of the left waterway but still do not know how to get the 
 water to the town - Find your way to the lever room and move the lever again.

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