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 Chronicles of Mystery - The Scorpio Ritual

Chronicles of Mystery - The Scorpio Ritual

Author: The_Will
Date: 29-11-2008
Version: 1.0

                                About the game

*   It doesn't seem like you can skip any of the cutscenes, nor can you skip
    Sylvie's remarks outside of dialogues. Dialogue sequences can be skipped
    by clicking on the text area at the bottom of the screen.

*   You can examine inventory items by right clicking them. This is sometimes
    necessary to progress in the game. Something to keep in mind when you get

*   If the audio seems out of sync in the cut-scenes, try changing Player.
    exe's priority to High in Taskmanager. This could render your system
    unstable, so use with caution.


About the game
    La Valetta
        Sylvie's Room
        Olivier's Study
        Olivier's Study - Hidden Compartment
        Olivier's Bedroom
        Flowerbed revisited
        Marina again
        Entrance to the tenement building
    Island of Gozo
        Simon's Trailer
    La Valetta - Second Visit
    Gozo - Second Visit
        Small Street
        Plaza with bins
    La Valetta - Third visit
    Gozo - Third Visit
        Secret Passage
    La Valetta - Fourth visit
    Gozo - Fourth visit
Copyright and contact information


+--                               La Valetta                                --+
+-- Sylvie's Room
Examine your desk and pick up your Plane Ticket. Open the drawer and pick up
the Credit Card, ID Card and ID Picture. Zoom out and pick up your baggage,
which is standing next to the bed. Finally, examine the fireplace and close
the air vent to extinguish the fire. You can leave now, click on the door to

+-- Olivier's Study
Examine the desk and open the drawer. Pick up the bottle of Dried Glue, the
Flashlight, Uncle's Photograph and the Ballpoint Cartridge. Examine the Coffee
Table next to the bookshelf to the left of the door. Open the Jewelry Case and
pick up the Maltese Coins contained inside.

Zoom out of the Coffee Table and examine the Paneled Wall just to the right.
There's a hidden compartment located inside the wall, but we seem to be unable
to open it from this side. Exit to the Hallway.

+-- Hallway
Examine the recess on the left wall. That Vase doesn't seem right, let's fix
it! Rotate the pieces (five in total) of the Vase so they are aligned
correctly. You'll want the text to be visible. If you're having trouble, try
rotating them as follows: (numbered 1-5, bottom to top) 1. Three turns, 
2. Three turns, 3. Two turns, 4. Three turns, 5. Two turns. The hidden
compartment in Olivier's Office is now open! Go back there and claim your

+-- Olivier's Study - Hidden Compartment
Examine the paneled wall again and try to open the compartment. That's not
going to work, we need something thin to squeeze into the opening. Open the
cabinet with your Scooter Key and pick up the letter contained inside, as well
as the Old Volume, keep reading until you get to the page with strange writing
then put it away. Read the letter from your uncle. Exit to the Hallway and go

+-- Olivier's Bedroom
Look at the Bedside Table and pick up the Sleeping Pills. Afterwards, leave
the room and exit to the street.

+-- Street
Pick up the Wire lying between the stranger and the sewer drain, then talk to
the stranger. Forget about using your Scooter to go anywhere, the key is too
far bent to be usable. Exit to the Workshop. (lower left exit)

+-- Workshop
Talk to Stefano standing outside his shop. Discuss everything and he'll repair
your scooter key for you. He'll also allow you to take the pliers. Pick them
up and use them to cut the wire, then exit to the Plaza.

+-- Plaza
Go over to the Flowerbed and talk to the Elderly Man for some friendly
chit-chat. Then head over to the Backstreet and walk through it to the

+-- Courtyard
Pick up the Old Newspaper on the right and the Leaky Ladle on the left, then
carry on to the Marina.

+-- Marina
Talk to Stefano's brother, doesn't look like those words Stefano told us are
doing us any good. Head back to Stefano's Workshop and speak to him about your
key. In case you're wondering, you won't get the key without paying for it.

+-- Flowerbed revisited
Go back to the Flowerbed on the Plaza and pick up the Cane. Use it to pick up
the Watering Can, then put the Cane back under the bench. Examine the Watering
Can and remove its head. Use the cut wires on the watering can head, then use
the improvised rose on the Leaky Ladle. Now go back to the Marina.

+-- Marina again
Use the repaired Ladle on the Fish floating in the water. Talk to the Parrot
and he'll ask for a fish. Give it to him and he'll complain about it being
rotten. Use the Old Newspaper on the fish, then head over to the tenement

+-- Entrance to the tenement building
Examine the Entry Phone and ring the bell to appartment 5-R. Noone's home, ah
well. Go to your scooter and use the key on the ignition, then use it again to
start the engine and ride off.

+--                             Island of Gozo                              --+

+-- Arrival
Pick up the Press ID lying at the bottom left, then pick up a leaf from the
cactus. Afterwards, exit to the left.

+-- Camping
Speak with the Archaeologist and tell him you're with the press. Unfortunately
he won't accept your Press ID without a picture. Fortunately, we've brought
along a picture. Examine the Bottle of Dried Glue and take off the cap. Add
the Cactus Leaf to the bottle to revitalise the glue. Put some Glue on the
Press ID, then apply your Photo to it. Talk to the Archaeologist again, then
head over to the ruins.

+-- Ruins
Examine the Spring just left of the big tree. Use the Watering Can on the
puddle of water to fill it up. Afterwards, head over to the Temple.

+-- Temple
Go to the Underground Tunnel entrance and talk to the Police Woman. We won't
get much done with her around. Talk to her until she offers to let you in if
you bring her a cup of coffee. You might have to leave the area and come back
in order to trigger this dialogue option. 

Go back to the camping area and look at the cases. Pick up the Petrol Can.
Afterwards, take a closer look at the trailer's door. We'll need something to
open that lock. Use the Ballpoint Cartridge on the grate if you haven't bent
it before, then use the bent cartridge on the lock and go inside.

+-- Simon's Trailer
Pick up the Brush and Spatula directly to your left. Hang the Flashlight on
one of the hooks attached to the shelf above the desk. Now that we've got
enough light to see what we're doing, examine the desk. Pick up the Metal
Detector standing to the left of it, then power on his computer. Click on the
little printer icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Pick up the
Coffee Thermos standing next to the laptop, then zoom out and grab the 
printout from the printer.

Exit the trailer and return to the Underground Tunnel entrance. Examine the
Thermos and open it, then add the Sleeping Pills to make the coffee a bit more
useful for us. Finally, give the coffee to the police officer. Enter the
Underground, then exit again and go over to the generator. Try starting it by
pressing the red 'On' button. Open up the fuel tank (red cap in the middle),
and use the open jerrycan on the tank to fill it up. Try turning it off and on
again. Apparently now the cooling system is malfunctioning. Open the radiator
cap on top of the radiator on the left and use the Watering Can on it. Try
restarting the generator again to see it finally come to life. Now enter the

+-- Underground
Enter the chamber. Look familiar? Go the centre of the chamber. This looks a
lot like the image on the printout of Simon's computer. It looks like there's
something that is supposed to be inserted into the pillars. Whatever it is
though, we haven't got it. Go outside and go back to Simon's Trailer. Examine
his desk and open the left drawer. Pick up the photographs of four sculptures
and the photographs of a tablet, then leave the trailer again. Go back to the
Temple area and examine the Fresh Site. Grab the Metal Detector and move it
around the area until Sylvie exclaims she has found something. Use the spatula
on the Metal, followed by the brush. Finally, pick up the signet ring and get
back on your scooter.

+--                        La Valetta - Second Visit                        --+
We find ourselves in the bedroom. Go downstairs and leave the house. Go to the
entrance to the tenement house and use the entry phone. Ring the bell to
appartment 5-R and enter it to finally meet James. After talking to him, go
back to your uncle's house and enter his Study. Open the Hidden Compartment
and grab the book you and James spoke about, then bring him the book. Back to
Gozo! Hop on your scooter again.

+--                           Gozo - Second Visit                           --+
Go to the Temple area and find Henri Simon at the Fresh Site. Talk to him and
watch Sylvie rant a bit. After your little chat, you get a call from James
about the location of the stones. Let's check out the address. To the scooter

+--                                Istanbul                                 --+
+-- Arrival
Talk to the Rickshaw Owner before leaving the scene to the right. Enter the
Courtyard to find an annoying guard blocking our way. We'll come back here
later. Leave to the right once more to reach the Crossroads and talk to the 
Trader. Afterwards enter the Small Street.

+-- Small Street
Examine the Cabriolet. Apparently parking on such a slope is reason to rummage
through someone's car, but hey, who am I to complain? ^^
Try to pet the kitty. Bad kitty! Give him the wrapped fish and he'll flee the
scene. Try to move the gearlever. We'll need to figure out some way to hide
our tracks. Enter the Art Gallery. Talk to the guard, then walk to the back
and talk to Faina Flatow. Afterwards go back to the Courtyard.

+-- Courtyard
Pick up the Poker lying close to the bottom. Examine the bins and use the
Poker on the Rubber Ball to remove it from the bin. Go back to the Small
Street and use the ball on the front wheel. Next, use the gear lever. Finally,
use the Poker on the Rubbel Ball and enjoy. With the guard gone, we can now
enter the Plaza with bins.

+-- Plaza with bins
Box puzzle, yay! You'll have to move the Bin and the Crate so that you can
climb them to get to the back of the Gallery. You can only push or pull an
object, and you will have to position Sylvie manually in order to do so.

Start with the bin. Move it up, then walk to its left and pull it left once.
Walk around it and push it left once more. Position yourself below the barrel
and push it all the way up against the wall, that's one done. Next the crate:
Push it up twice, pull it right, then push it right, pull it down one block,
then pull it right twice. When you're done, leave the area to the Gallery.

+-- Warehouse
Start by examining the desk. Take the Business Card and Powder-case from the
handbag. Then take the scarf from the desk. Take a look behind the wardrobe.
Pick up the Bicycle Chain and Bicycle Pump. Tie the Scarf to the Powder-case
and hang the contraption on the third hook from the left. Rotate the
Powder-case once. Then leave and follow the beam of light. Use the Switchcase
to turn on the lights and take a look at the crates in the left corner. Use
the Poker on the crates to open them. Take the four Stone Cubes from the small
crate, then leave the area. Go back to the Rickshaw and give him the Bicycle
Chain and Pump and he'll give you a ride.

+--                        La Valetta - Third visit                         --+

Run through the house a bit if you like, although there's nothing there. No
sign of the thief or your uncle. Go outside and talk to the incredibly useful
Inspector Granc. After that, go over to James's house. Use the Entry Phone to
get the door open, then enter the house. Examine Flatow's to find out some
writing on the back, then talk to James. Leave James's house and move into the
Backstreet. Someone's following us, interesting... ah well, hop on the scooter
for another trip to Gozo.

+--                           Gozo - Third Visit                            --+

Move over to Simon's trailer to pick up an interesting phone call. Apparently
whoever he's talking to can talk extremely fast... amazing. Examine his bagage
and take his keys. Head over to the van and use the key on the van door. Enter
the van and open the toolbox. Pick up the hammer and chisel. Go over to the
small crate and use the hammer on the nails, then use the chisel on the cover
to open it. Do the same for the big crate. Not much we can do with that now
though. Exit the van.

+--                                  Rome                                   --+

+-- Courtyard
Great, just what we needed. Use the chisel on the van door to open it and get
out. Examine the area next to the fountain and look at the broken column
fragment. We should be able to use that to smash open the Entry Gate. Next,
examine the fountain and reattach the garden hose. Open the valve to find out
the hose gets clogged with algae.

Examine the Window with Planks to the left of the van. Pick up the Broom. Then
use your hammer on the nails holding the board together. That should do as a
lever. Now we just need to figure out some way of smoothing the cobbles. Move
over to the Archway. After the conversation walk round a bit and leave the
archway. Come back to find out they've reached an agreement and enter the

+-- Inside
Pick up the thread from the bottom left corner. Examine the ledge above the
fireplace. Examine the ledge above the fireplace. Pan down and pick up the
Small Shovel. Use the Broom on the pile of soot to uncover a code. Look up at
the ledge again. Those buttons have the same images as the code, unfortunately
one of the buttons we need to press is too dirty. 

Go outside and head over to the area with the fountain. Grab some soil from
the big plant in the lower left corner. Use it on the puddle we created 
earlier next to the fountain, then use the broom to spread out the mud. Use
the plank as a lever on the column piece and pull it to open the gate.

Go out into the street and head left. Talk to the taxi driver, then grab a
bough from the blueish plant on the wall. Head over to the cafe on the right.
Take the moist napkins from one of the tables, then go back into the mansion.

Use the Bough with the Moist Napkins, then use the String to secure it and
enter the room with the fireplace. Use the cleaning stick on the dirty button,
then use the broom to enter the right combination (numbered from left to
right): 7, 4, 9, 6, 2, 5. Use the Small Shovel on the Secret Passage to keep
the door open, then enter the passage.

+-- Secret Passage
Pick up two stones from the pile on the left. Use a stone on the first moving
stone slab (where the cursor changes to a sort of bow and arrow), and click
when the slab is at the bottom position. Do the same with the second slab.
Timing this can be a bit annoying at times, but don't worry, there's an
infinite supply of stones, so you can not get stuck here. After blocking both
slabs, continue into the Storage.

+-- Storage
Pick up the roll of Scotch Tape from the box on the left. Pick up the cap from
the floor near the chairs. Pick up the Feather Duster next to the door, and
Packing Paper and Nun's Apparel from the wardrobe. Go behind the screen to
change into the nun's outfit, then open the door to enter the Hallway.

Pick up the candle from the table across the door. Examine the trolley with
Vatican Post. Use all four Stone Cubes on the Packing Paper, then examine it
and click on the paper to fold it. Use the Scotch Tape to seal it shut. Next
use the Candle on the Cap to fill it with wax and put the candle back in its
place. Speak to the Security Officer, then enter the Study.

+-- Study
Speak with the Cardinal. After this, try not to be too annoyed about another
horribly timed phone conversation. Enter the Study again and examine the
Cardinal's desk. Of course, no adventure can go without a 'press through
writing puzzle', pick up the pen from the desk, then take the Sheet of Paper.
Use the Pen on the Package of stones to address it. Put the pen back in its
place, then move away from the desk. Examine your Feather Duster and pull out
a feather. Use the Soot-blackened Broom on the Sheet of Paper, then use the
Feather on it to make the invisible text visible.

Move the left ladder closer to the portrait by clicking on the bookcase where
it says 'Place for ladder'. Then examine the portrait and keep using the
Feather Duster on the Portrait Frame until a key falls down. Pick up the key
and use it on the lock in the left part of the portrait frame. Open the
portrait and look at the safe. Enter the code from the Sheet of Paper by
clicking on the corresponding digits: 1 5 6 5. Then use the Dial to open the
safe. Pick up the Signet Ring and the Vatican Documents. Push the Twin Signet
Ring into the cap of Wax we had prepared earlier, then examine the Documents.
Read all the pages until you get another vision, then place the Documents back
in the Safe.

Leave the Study to find out the guard has gone away. Push the ladder over to
the window side, then examine the curtains. Use the Garden Shears on both
sides of the rope. Then combine the two ropes to form one long rope. Leave the
Study and place our Package in the mail trolley.

+-- Garden
Leave the Hall and enter the Garden. Pick up the Garden Shears lying near the
bottom right. Move over to the left to the Garden by the Wall. Examine the
Recess and use the Guarden Shears on the Flowers and afterwards on the Creeper
to uncover openings in the wall.

Go back to the fountain area and look at the low wall. On it are eight Stone
Elements. Number them 1 - 8 from left to right. Pick up 1, 2, 4 and 7. Go back
to the Garden by the Wall and zoom in on the Recess. Place piece 1 (Vita) in
the bottom hole. Place 4 and 7 (Et) in the second hole. Place 2 (top part of
Virtus) in the third hole. Go back to the other part of the garden and pick
up the remaining pieces. Go back to the recess and place part 6 (bottom of
Virtus) in the third hole. Place parts 8 and 5 (Labore) in the fourth hole and
finally place part 3 (In) in the top hole.

Climb to the top of the wall and tie your hammer to the Bound Rope. Then use
this combination on the Embrasure and climb down to the street and talk to the
taxi driver. Give him the Bouqet of Flowers to get a ride.

+--                        La Valetta - Fourth visit                        --+

Go downstairs and open your mailbox. Pick up the Package, the Correspondence
and the Check, then read the letter, open the package to retreive your cubes
and finally examine the check. Go outside and go to the Workshop of Stefano.
Ask him to make a replica of the Signet Ring. He agrees to do so if you go to
Tore and tell him 'This Evening - Yes'. Go to the Marina and deliver the
message and go back to Stefano. With the ring in hand, hop on your scooter and
we're off to Gozo again.

+--                           Gozo - Fourth visit                           --+

Go to the temple and enter the Underground chamber. Place the stone cubes in
each of the four pillar tops. You'll see which cube needs to go where by
looking at the pattern on the top and matching it with the pattern on the
stone cubes. You can examine and turn the stones around to find out its mark.

Next we need to align the pillars to match the planet alignment as described
in the Vatican Documents. Take note of which symbol represents which planet.
Let's start with the lower left pillar, turn the rings so it shows the
following pattern, from top to bottom: Saturn, Iupiter, Venus, Alipes.

Move on to the top left pillar. You see that the top ring can not be moved.
Simply go by the same pattern, but offset by one. From top to bottom: Alipes,
Saturn, Iupiter, Venus.

Repeat this for the next two pillars. Top right: Venus, Alipes, Saturn, 
Iupiter. And bottom right: Iupiter, Venus, Alipes, Saturn. If you've done it
right, you'll get a cutscene.

Congratulations, you've finished the game!

                       Copyright and contact information

Copyright 2008 Jan-Willem Willebrands.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright. Yada yada yada.

Right enough of that. If you liked this guide and would like to publish it on
your website, just send me an email. Also if you have any suggestions,
additions or other things you really think I should know, drop me a line:


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