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 Chrono Quest

Chrono Quest

Submitted by: Dj Simo


e=east w=west d=down etc..
e,get ornemental sphere from bookcase,w,place the sphere on the left statue
under the stair,u,look under carpet,get punchcard,look statue,get key,open cup-
board with key,look in cupboard,get gloves,northeast,open and look in bedside
cabinet,get paper,look under pillow,ge punchcard,look under bed,get grapnel
and rope,sw,d,w,n,in the left kitchen cupboard in the front of the screen is
a safe,look left cupboard,get bottle,drop wine,open safe with the paper from
the bedside cabinet,get lighter,drop the paper with:the meaning is in the
documentation,s,e,examine sphere above the louis XVI armchair,get punchcard,
w,d,d,e,open drawer,look drawer,get fuses,look mirror,with open u must turn
the switch,w,u,sw,drop fuses,get the left sphere from the stair,e,drop sphere,
w,get fuses,ne,d,e,n,turn switch on the left wall again,enter the time machine
by clicking the up arrow,press on button,(save)put the punccard for to go to
the prehistory in the slot and here we go...,(there are 4 cards so try)
PREHISTORY:e,drop candle,look,get bone and the dry grass,e,n,and now very
quickly to the east,ge stone,put the dry grass on the dead wood,light lighter,
put lighter on the dry grass,look fire,get branch,e,s,drop lighter,look skull,
get piece of punch card,n,w,w,veryquickly southwest,w,enter time machine,
press button,now we go to india,put the punchcard for india in the slot,
w,n,shake hand with glove,get paper,s,e,se,ne or n,give paper to the mahouts,
n,fill bottle with water,s,u,sw,w,w,n,give water to man,get key,s,e,n,open door
with key,n,look envelope,drop branch,get letter,get piece of punch card,drop
letter,s,w,w,drop bottle,get scroll,e,e,enter time machine,press button,now
we go to egypte,enter time machinepress button,put the punch card for egypte
in slot,ne,n,n,look bushes,get amulet,now we open the door by clicking on
the engaved stones:so open the top stone above the door,open top left stone,
open top right stone,open top right stone,,n,n,drop amulet,n,w,throw the grapnel
with the rope in the middle of the ceiling,up,look floor,get piece of punchcard,
with the open command you push lever 2,3,4 and 5 down,look sarcophagus,get ring,
d,n,turn torch,s,u,push lever 2,3,4 and 5 up,d,n,d,s,s,sw,enter time machine,
press button,now we go to mexico ariba,enter time machine,press button,put the
punch card for mexico in slot,drop scroll,e,e,look tree,get necklace,w,w,w,n,
sw,s,give the necklace to the maya,ne,n,e,e,look statue,turn statue,get key,
w,w,ne,look only if the ok under in the screen flickers,the computer doesn't
load anything now but thats ok,now go to the following directions:ne,ne,n,n,
nw,nw,ne,e,use glove to push the grass between the pillars,look stone slab,
put the ring in the hole,now wait until it is 13.00 hour,click on the time
button several times until it is 13.00 hour and see what happens,the door goes
open,look right in the screen you could see the door,now put the bone in the
lefthole from the door,up,open the chest with the key,get key 2 times so that
u have the piece of punchcard and the key,so now we have a new punchcard with
brings us to the future,down,w,sw,se,se,s,s,sw,sw,sw,sw,s,ne,e,s,enter time
machine,press button,now we go to the future,enter time machine,press button,
put the future punch card in the slot,in the future:push button on control
panel,throw stone to the guard,get uniform and starnge key,get the gun,n,w,w,
use uniform,n,open compartment under the monitor,look in compartment and get
the lighter,s,e,e,e,e,n,n,open fusebox left on the machine,get fuses with glove,
e,s,s,open the door with the strange key.......end


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