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 City of the Lost Children

City of the Lost Children

Submitted by: Dj Simo

You begin in school. Ask twins about your quest. Go out, 
talk to the guy sitting in the chair. Go to the pier. 
On your way pick up the brush from the alcove under 
the stairs. At the start of the pier pick up the metal 
bar from on top of the bales. Go to the to the lighthouse. 
Throw metal bar into control panel. After the light goes 
down, go and bend down to hide behind the barrels near 
the lighthouse. When the watchman enters the lighthouse, 
run back to his office. Unlock door and enter. Switch on 
the light. Open the cash register and put the brush in 
the tray. Turn around and take money from the safe. Exit. 
Back in school. Ask twin witches about your second quest. 
Take bag of marbles from the shelf at the back of the 
classroom. Go out. Enter the kitchen (door to the right). 
Talk to boy. Exchange bag of marbles for potion and get 
chicken leg. Pick up marrow bone and empty bottle in alley 
way. Go to the hungry guy give him chicken leg when he 
mentions that he wants food!
and then fill empty bottle with wine. Go back to alley way. 
Give potion to the guy sitting in chair. Turn the knob to 
lower the basket. Take the sausage and handle. Go upstairs 
and enter the hut. Search the room and pick up the key. Go 
out and down. Give marrow bone to dog and then open door 
next to the kennel. Enter and walk downstairs. Talk to guard. 
Go right along the waterfront. Talk to man fixing the truck. 
Pick up the tool when he is looking into the engine space. 
Use the tool to get the bell from the wall. Return to the 
guard. Use bell on guard, use bell on stairs. Go upstairs 
and enter the door. Take small safe from the table and put 
it onto the spare plate on the scales. Take the jewel from 
the safe. Go out. You find yourself in a room. Pick up the 
chock of wood. Find the handles on the wall. Pull down left 
one, block with wood and pull down right one. Take the key 
from the shelf. Climb on the crate, look through periscope. 
Open door and go outside. Take the light!
er from behind the post which is under the hut. 
Follow the walkway and
find a place to cross the wall by climbing crates. 
Take scissors from table. Take candle from the ground 
next to the wall. Put the candle under the rope. Light 
the candle. Go to man painting the boat and talk to him. 
Climb the stairs and find the tin can on the window sill. 
Go back to the guy painting the boat. Pick up brush. Take 
some paint with the brush. Go back up stairs and follow 
walkway to the alley way and pick up the atomiser and then 
go and talk to the Chinese tattooist. Go downstairs and 
follow the street. Go to the next pier. Use painted brush 
on guard. Go to fisherman. Talk to him, give empty can. 
Go to other pier and take stick. Talk to boatman. Go to 
third pier and talk to Marcello. Push the killer flea 
circus with the stick. Turn the handle and play music. 
Use spray on Marcello. Take watch. Go to Chinese tattooist. 
Pull a screw on the left of his stand Take map. Go to boatman, 
give a map and a watch.



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