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 Civilization 3 Government Guide

Civilization 3 Government Guide

                    __  .    . | . _   _  _|_  .  _  |\ |    |||
                   (__  | \/ | | | /_ /-\  |_, | (_) | \|  __|||__
                                Government Guide
                                  Version 1.0
                               By Michael Sarich

                       Copyright (c) 2004 Michael Sarich
                              All Rights Reserved

|       Table Of Contents       |

Part I: Welcome
 [1]: About The Author
 [2]: Document Licence Agreement
 [3]: Site Licence Agreement
 [4]: Contact Me
 [5]: Disclaimer
Part II: About This FAQ
 [1]: FAQ Statistics
 [2]: Font Check
 [3]: Version History
 [4]: Other Works By The Author

Part III: The Guide

         Chapter I:    About Governments
                       [1]: What Is A Government
                       [2]: Civilopedia Entry - Government
                       [3]: Revolutions
                       [4]: Civilopedia Entry - Revolution
         Chapter II:   Governments
                       [1]: Anarchy
                       [2]: Communism
                       [3]: Democracy
                       [4]: Despotism
                       [5]: Monarchy
                       [6]: Republic
         Chapter III:  Reader Submissions
                       [1]: Questions
                       [2]: Other Submissions
Part IV: Conclusion
 [1]: Coming Soon
 [2]: Thanks
 [3]: Game List
 [4]: Closing

|       Part I: Welcome         |

Hello, and welcome to my Civilization III Governments Guide. This guide
was written by Michael Sarich. I made this Guide because I enjoy playing
Civilization III, and over time I have gathered many strategies. I decided that
since I was a member of Game FAQ's, I would write a Strategy Guide and put it
on the site. Then, I added the Governments section, and realised that the
In-Depth Guide section lacked a Government Guide, so I decided to add one.
Thank you for choosing this guide, and I hope you find what you are looking
for. If not, E-mail me the question, and I will include it in the next version.

[1]: About The Author

My name is Michael Sarich. I am 15 years old and live in Perth, Western
Australia. I enjoy playing computer and console games. I have a PC, PSX, PS2
and a NES. I can always be contacted at

I have a large selection of games, and am happy to help you whenever I can. The
List of games I own and am good at can be found at the end of this document
before the Closing. Before you E-mail me, please read the E-mail policy.

[2]: Document Licence Agreement
[updated Sunday 15th of February 2004]

If you wish to read this document, you must agree to the terms and conditions

1. Anybody is welcome to look at this document, provided they agree to these
2. You are permitted to copy this document onto your hard drive or a disk,
   provided it stays in its exact form.
3. You may not publish this guide on your website unless your site is listed
   below. If you wish to put this guide on your site, e-mail me your real name,
   URL, and a brief description of the site. I will almost always say, "Yes".
4. You may not distribute this guide to obtain any personal gain.


[3]: Site Licence Agreement
[updated Sunday 15th of February 2004]

1. The Document Licence Agreement must be followed.
2. The site must not sell the guide, or offer it as a free bonus with something
3. The site must not edit the document.
4. The owner of the site will be E-mailed updates as they are released, and I
   will check after a week (7 days) for the updated version.
5. If the site fails to meet these conditions, it will be asked to remove the


The following sites may post this guide:

GameFAQ's -
Neoseeker - -

[4]: Contact Me
[updated Thursday 19th of February 2004]

I can always be E-mailed at
If you want to ask me a question about this or any other game in the list at
the end of this document before the Closing, just send me an e-mail. Be sure to:
-Include the game name in the E-mail. For example if you were E-mailing me
 about Civilization III, make the subject: Re: Civilization III
-Include your full name (First And Last). If you don't, your question won't get
 published. This is to prevent duplicates. For example, there would be more    
 than one "Bob" in the world, and it would be confusing to readers, as well as
 myself. If you don't, I will still answer your question, but not post it.

Don't do the following:
-Include a virus. I have Norton 2003, and it scans my messages as they come
 into Outlook. I will send an E-mail to your ISP or to the company that    
provides your E-mail and you could find yourself in serious trouble.
-Send me rude or insulting messages. Don't forget, I'm a teenager, and you
 might just get a reply.
-Get angry if I don't reply that night. I will eventually reply.

You can E-mail me for a copy of the latest version, but it would be quicker to
just go to one of the listed sites.

If you follow the rules, you WILL get a reply. It might take 5 minutes; it
might take a week, so be patient. To avoid this, use Ctrl + F to search the
guide for your question first.

[5]: Disclaimer
[updated Sunday 15th of February 2004]

By reading this guide, you automatically agree to these terms.

1. All material in this guide is copyright (c) 2004 Michael Sarich. Any   
Material found used without my permission is plagiarism, and I won't   
tolerate it.

2. If you wish to use all or any part or section of this guide, ask me, and I  
 will almost always let you, provided you give me credit.

3. THIS GUIDE WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS. If you read this guide, and it ruins the  
 game for you, you have been warned.

4. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. I am not   
affiliated with any of the companies associated with this game, or any other   
related indicia.

|    Part II: About This FAQ    |
This is currently Version 2.1 of Michael Sarich's Civilization 3 FAQ.

[1]: FAQ Statistics

Title:                Civilization III. Governments Guide
Version:              1.0
Date Created:         Thursday 19th November 2004
Update Date:          Thursday 19th November 2004
Author:               Michael Sarich
Game FAQ's Username:  Michael Sarich
E-Mail Address:
Filename:             civ3Gov_ms.txt

Pages (in MS Word)*:  14
Words:                3,693
Letters (w/o spaces): 19,625
Letters (w/spaces):   25,499
Paragraphs :          504
Lines:                730
File Size:            25.8K

Game:                 Civilization III
Platform:             Windows

* With standard margins top and bottom and 1.0 left and right.

[2]: Font Check

For the best results in viewing this guide, use Courier New. The numbers and
letters below should line up.

         1         2         3         4         5         6         7
If the letters and numbers do not line up, change the font to Courier New. If
you don't have Courier New, E-mail me, and I will send you detailed
instructions and the font file.

[3]: Version History

v1.0: (Thursday 19th of February 2004).
   Wrote the guide. It is complete. I may add some information from other   
sources, as well as reader tips and questions soon.

[4]: Other Works By The Author

 - Civilization III: The Ultimate Strategy Guide - 
 - The Simpsons Hit & Run Walkthrough (COMING SOON)

|   Part III: The Guide         |

This is the Government Guide for Civilization III by Michael Sarich. If you
don't agree to the Document Licence Agreement or Disclaimer above, do not read
any further.

NOTE: To find other information, read my FAQ -


- - - Chapter I: About Governments - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This section is just to provide background information for players. If you want
the bare facts, skip this section.

[1]: What Is A Government

Civilization III allows you to control every aspect of a civilization,
including the government. In a nutshell, governments affect the way your
civilization acts and reacts. Each type of government has various
characteristics, and different civilization favour and shun different

[2]: Civilopedia Entry - Government

There are six forms of government that you can use to control your
civilization. Each has advantages and disadvantages. The type of government you
use determines:

 - How efficient your workers are (how quickly they get their jobs done).
 - How much Corruption and Waste affects your civilization.
 - The number of citizens you can draft per turn.
 - The number of military units that can be used as military police.
 - The number of military units you can have before you must support them from 
  your treasury.

The possible government types are:

 - Anarchy
 - Communism
 - Democracy
 - Despotism
 - Monarchy
 - Republic

To change your form of government, you must have a revolution.

[3]: Revolutions

When you change government, your civilization will undergo a period of Anarchy,
before reverting to the new choice of government. Religious civilizations
(Aztecs, Babylonians, Egyptians, Indians, Iroquois and Japanese) do not
experience this period of anarchy.

[4]: Civilopedia Entry - Revolution

If your civilization has knowledge of more than one type of government, you can
cause a revolution to usher in a new system of government. On the Domestic
Advisor, click the "Government" button to start a revolution.


- - - Chapter II: Governments - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

[1]: Anarchy

Worker Efficiency -     50%
Hurry Method -          None
Corruption / Waste -    Catastrophic
Draft Rate -            0
Military Police Limit - 0
Unit Support:
  Per Town -       0
  Per City -       0
  Per Metropolis - 0
Favoured By -           N/A
Shunned By -            All

Anarchy is not so much a system of government as the lack of one. Your
civilization can sink into Anarchy if the government falls from prolonged
civili disorder, or if you sanction a revolution. Anarchy seldom lasts longer
than a few turns, but during that period, corruption and waste are so high that
no production occurs and no taxes are collected; scientific research comes to a
halt as well. There is no improvement maintenance when a civilization is in

Civilopedia Description:

Change of rule in cultures are often periods of unrest, but when the very
framework for government is transformed it almost always results in a period of
anarchy. The massive political and social upheaval experienced by the culture
during a period of anarchy brings commerce and production to a standstill as
cities rise up and government organizations try to restructure. Despite the
fact that corruption and waste are absolute, there is a positive side to
anarchy-it is temporary. When the smoke clears and the citizens calm down they
are ready to embrace a new form of order in your society.

[2]: Communism

Worker Efficiency -     100%
Hurry Method -          Forced Labour
Corruption / Waste -    Communal
Draft Rate -            3
Military Police Limit - 4
Unit Support:
  Per Town -       2
  Per City -       4
  Per Metropolis - 8
Favoured By -           Russians, Iroquois, Chinese
Shunned By -            Romans, Germans, Americans

Under Communism, the government is under the hands of a ruling "party",
controlled absolutely by you, the Chairman. Although Communism allows greater
production than Despotism, the system restricts personal freedoms, limiting
commerce. One positive aspect of Communism is its effect on corruption and
waste: all cities suffer the same, limited effects.

Civilopedia Description:

Communism is a conceptualized system of government in which resources and
production facilities are the property of the entire society rather than
individuals. In a communist society, labor is shared equally as well, and the
benefits of labor are distributed according to need. Under such a system, all
people would be equal, without class stratification. Although the basic idea of
communism has existed since the time of Plato, modern communism is identified
with the system of government described by Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels in the
"Communist Manifesto". They believed that capitalistic systems, in which the
rich upper class prospered through the exploitation of the powerless lower
class, were bound to destroy themselves. At this point, the poor would rebel
against their former oppressors and form a classless society. This prophecy has
never come true, and countries that have attempted to base their governments on
communism have ultimately failed to achieve the utopia described by Marx and

[3]: Democracy

Worker Efficiency -     150%
Hurry Method -          Pay Citizens
Corruption / Waste -    Minimal
Draft Rate -            1
Military Police Limit - 0
Unit Support:
  Per Town -       0
  Per City -       0
  Per Metropolis - 0
Favoured By -           Americans, English, Greeks, Indians,
Shunned By -            Aztecs, Persians, Russians, Zulu

You are elected by the people to rule with their interests at heart. And you
are rewarded by increased commerce and production. However, war weariness is a
significant problem and war must be entered into only after much consideration.

Civilopedia Description:

Democracy is a ruling system where the citizens have a great deal of control
over the actions of the government, either directly or through elected
representatives. Democratic governments can be traced back to the city-states
of ancient Greece and Rome. Citizens would gather in a public forum, and each
one would have the opportunity to speak and vote on issues affecting the
community. This direct democracy system was possible due to the relatively
small populations of the city-states. Starting in the 17th century, the
monarchs of Europe began to be stripped of their absolute power, and by the end
of the 19th century the citizens had a strong voice in government in many
European nations. Large populations made public forums impractical, so the
people elected groups of representatives to carry their views to the ruling
powers. Strictly speaking, this type of system more closely resembles a
republican system rather than a true democracy. This type of representative
democracy is considered the best governing system in the modern world because
of the personal and economic freedom enjoyed by the citizens.

[4]: Despotism

Worker Efficiency -     100%
Hurry Method -          Forced Labour
Corruption / Waste -    Rampant*
Draft Rate -            2
Military Police Limit - 2
Unit Support:
  Per Town -       4
  Per City -       4
  Per Metropolis - 4
Favoured By -           Zulu
Shunned By -            Indians, Greeks, English, Babylonians

*In addition, any city production square which produces more than two food,
shields or commerce in a despotic government instead produces one less.

In Despotism, you rule with absolute power over your subjects, usually enforced
by the military. This system has a tendency to minimize individual freedom and
reduce the efficiency of production efforts.

Civilopedia Description:

Despotism is, without a doubt, the simplest form of government. It is based on
a simple concept: might makes right. In a despotism, the power is held
unquestionably by those who hold power over the military and who therefore
can enforce their decrees. Because of the oppression experienced in this type
of regime, despots often find that their ability to control the population is
proportional to their use of armed troops in towns and cities in which the
people live. Furthermore, because it is such a centralized form of government
despotism makes it difficult to effectively put down rebellions and prevent the
misappropriation of funds if their empire grows too large. Despots pay a
terrible price in waste and corruption in their society and with the
development of more sophisticated forms of government despots often find that
staging a coup is necessary for further growth.

[5]: Monarchy

Worker Efficiency -     100%
Hurry Method -          Pay Citizens
Corruption / Waste -    Problematic
Draft Rate -            2
Military Police Limit - 3
Unit Support:
  Per Town -       2
  Per City -       4
  Per Metropolis - 8
Favoured By -           Persians, Japanese, Egyptians, Babylonians, Aztecs
Shunned By -            Iroquois, French, Chinese

Monarchs rule with absolute authority, severely limiting personal and economic
freedom of all citizens except nobility and the rich upper-class. However,
there is a sense among the populace that you rule by sanction of the gods (or
God) and this alleviates many of the production problems found in Despotism.
Corruption and Waste are significant, but are ameliorated to an extent by
loyalty to the king.

Civilopedia Description:

Rule by monarchy developed as a logical extension of the absolute rule of
tribal chieftains. Many of the earliest monarchs, such as those in ancient
Egypt, claimed that they ruled by divine right. In the spread of European
monarchy during the Middle Ages, however, rulership was generally conveyed upon
a leader who could most effectively raise and command an army. Monarchies are
dynastic, with rule of the country passing to the eldest son when the king dies
or retires. Monarchs had absolute rule over their subjects, severely limiting
the personal and economic freedom of all citizens except for nobility and the
rich upper class. Although monarchies ruled most of Europe for centuries, the
unhappiness of lower-class citizens eventually grew intolerable, causing
several major revolutions. By the mid-18th century, the power of the European
monarchs had been severely limited, paving the way for participatory systems of

[6]: Republic

Worker Efficiency -     100%
Hurry Method -          Pay Citizens
Corruption / Waste      Nuisance
Draft Rate -            1
Military Police Limit - 0
Unit Support:
  Per Town -       0
  Per City -       0
  Per Metropolis - 0
Favoured By -           French, Germans, Romans
Shunned By -            Egyptians, Japanese

Under a Republic, you rule over autonomous city-states by consent of the people
through representatives. This allows the people substantial personal and
economic freedoms, producing an increase in Commerce. However, your government
is affected by war weariness, which can cause significant civil disorder
problems in times of war, especially if you are the aggressor.

Civilopedia Description:

The republic is a system of government in which the citizens appoint, by
popular vote, a head of state and officials to represent the views of the
general public. The concept of the republic first appeared in ancient Rome,
where local provinces sent elected representatives to the Senate, which
governed all Roman lands. Both the head of state and the local representatives
in a republic are elected; no one is granted a position by birth or divine
right. Republican governments are similar in some ways to democracies, in that
they offer a great deal of personal, financial, and political freedom to their
citizens. The main difference between the two systems is that a true democracy
allows the participation of every voting citizen in any and all political
matters, whereas in a republic, a body of elected officials represents the
views and opinions of the people. Although an effective system, personal
agendas of political representatives might act to decrease the effectiveness in
representing the views of the people. Due to human nature, corruption is fairly
common in a republican government.


- - - Chapter III: Reader Submissions - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This section contains questions and other submissions from readers. This
section will not work without YOU!!! Your questions and strange experiences
will be posted below. Also, you may send in strategies, and tricks. Don't feel
shy to include a long story.


[1]: Questions
No Posts Yet

[1]: Other Submissions
No Posts Yet

|     Part III: Conclusion      |

[1]. Coming Soon

Coming soon to Michael Sarich's Civilization III. Governments Guide.

-Other information on the governments
-Reader submissions

If there is anything missing, please e-mail me and I will endeavour to include
it. Before E-mailing me, please read the E-mail policy.

[2]. Thanks

I would like to thank the following people.

-Firaxis and Infogrames Interactive for the game.
-Game FAQ's for publishing my guide
-Microsoft for Windows XP and Notepad
-And most importantly, you for choosing and reading this guide

[3]. Games List

Below is a table of games that I own and am good at. Feel free to E-mail me at for help on any of the following. I will try my
best to help you. I plan to write guides for most of the following.

| Games                        |
|                            Game                           |     System      |
| Civilization III                                          | Computer        |
| Tony Hawks Pro Skater III                                 | Playstation 2   |
| Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec                                     | Playstation 2   |
| Grand Theft Auto III                                      | Playstation 2   |
| Grand Theft Auto Vice City                                | Playstation 2   |
| Gran Turismo 2                                            | Playstation     |
| Crash Bandicoot 2 - Cortex Strikes Back                   | Playstation     |
| Crash Bandicoot 3 - Warped                                | Playstation     |
| CTR - Crash Team Racing                                   | Playstation     |
| Medieval                                                  | Playstation     |
| Spyro The Dragon                                          | Playstation     |
| Spyro 2 - Gateway To Glimmer                              | Playstation     |
| Spyro 3 - Year Of The Dragon                              | Playstation     |
| Crash Bandicoot 5 - The Wrath Of Cortex                   | Playstation 2   |
| Medal Of Honor Frontline                                  | Playstation 2   |
| Sim City 3000                                             | Computer        |
| Age Of Empires II - Age Of Kings                          | Computer        |
| Industry Giant                                            | Computer        |
| Pokemon Red                                               | Gameboy         |
| Pokemon Yellow                                            | Gameboy         |
| Pokemon Gold                                              | Gameboy         |
| Pokemon Silver                                            | Gameboy         |
| The Simpsons Hit And Run                                  | Playstation 2   |

Please read the e-mail policy before e-mailing me.

[4]. Closing

Once again, thank you for choosing my guide. Feel free to e-mail me a question,
or ask me to post my guide on your site. I hope you found what you were looking
for. If not please e-mail me.

 Copyright 2004 Michael Sarich

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