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 Captain Claw

Captain Claw

General Tips: 
Submitted by: SparkBoy

*Pickup and throw the powder kegs instead of wasting 
precious ammo 

*You do not have very many magic attacks to use in Claw. 
Only use magic if you can defeat at least two enemies with one 

*Jump and throw dynamite to get at those hard to reach places 

*Use the Catnip Power-up to get the items that are normally 
out of reach, but be quick, as your Catnip will not last very 

*Extra lives are awarded every one million points. Try and 
find as much Treasure as you can to rack up your score! 

*Pickup and throw your enemies whenever you have the chance. 
Save your ammo for the enemies that have long-range 
attacks to use against you. 

*Don't hoard your Pistol Ammo and Dynamite. Use these against 
the regular enemies in the levels as these weapons 
normally will not work against the Bosses in the game. 

*Always, be on the lookout for Warps and secrets in the levels. 
The warp areas will contain the best treasure, and are also 
the only way to collect all of the treasure in the level. 

*There is one Super Secret area in level 11, one in level 13, 
and one in level 14. You don't need Catnip to get to these 
areas, but they are extremely hard to find. See if you can 
find all three of them! 

Defeating Specific Enemies: 
*The best trick to defeat the Robber Thieves and Cutthroats, 
on levels 3 and 4, is to dodge their arrows and knives and 
attack them with a high slash attack. 

*The white and brown Guard Dogs, on levels 5 and 6, are very 
defensive. Your sword will rarely do damage against them. 

*Use your pistol on them instead! 

*The Bear Sailors on levels 7, 8, and 13 will try to grab and 
crush you. If you get grabbed, quickly press as many buttons 
and movements as you can to get out of the attack. 

*Red Tail Pirates on levels 7, 8, and 13 hate to be punched. 
They are most vulnerable to an attack immediately after they 
swing at you. 

*A quick way to defeat the crabs on level 7 is to use a 
Magic Claw. 

*Peg Leg Pirates on levels 9 and 10 will be stunned if you hit 
them in their peg leg. They also hate to be punched. 

*Crazy Hook Pirates on levels 9 and 10 will swing their hooks 
at you. After they swing, you can run in close to hit them. 

*The Mercats on levels 11 and 12 will shoot tridents at you if 
they see you. Try to stay out of sight and come in for a 
sneak attack. 

*The Sirens on level 11 and 12 will freeze you if they hit you 
with their attack so make sure that you rid the area of any 

*Mercats before you get near the Sirens. 

*The Royal Tiger Guards on level 14, hate to be picked up and 

Defeating Bosses: 
Le Rauxe, (level 2)
Jump towards Le Rauxe and as you come down from the jump, 
attack him. Immediately crouch and attack La Rauxe again 
and then jump back, out of the way of his attack. If you 
get too close to a wall, jump over Le Rauxe to the other 
side of the room and start your attack pattern again. 
Don't stand still for very long, and you'll lacerate Le 
Rauxe in no time! 

Katherine, (level 4)
Jump towards Katherine and hit her with a high slash attack. 
As soon as your feet hit the ground, jump away from her and 
repeat. If you happen to stun Katherine, kneel down in front 
of her and attack as many times as you can. Running away does 
not work against Katherine, as her whip will be able to hit 
you wherever you go. Keep jumping and you'll kill Katherine, 

Wolvington, (level 6)
Jump towards Wolvington and hit him with a high slash attack. 
Immediately attack Wolvington with a low slash to force him 
back. Now, quickly jump towards him and repeat. Wolvington 
will shoot magic attacks at you, so be prepared to dodge like 
crazy! If you stay fairly close to him, he won't shoot attacks 
at you, but he will try close range attacks, so be careful. 
Keep it up and you'll waste Wolvington! 

Gabriel, (level 8)
Jump up the disappearing platforms to the top and then jump to 
the right and hit the switch on the mast. This will tilt the 
cannon so that it's pointing at Gabriel. Then next time Gabriel 
fires a cannonball at you, it will hit him instead. Now, just 
jump back up the platforms and repeat until Gabriel does himself 
in! Fend off the enemies that hop down to fight you, and try the 
best you can to avoid the explosions while you're hitting that 
switch and you'll win! 

Marrow, (level 10)
Wait by the pit and hit the parrot when you see it fly towards 
you. After you hit the parrot three times, the bridge will appear. 
Run across the bridge and use a jumping high slash attack on 
Marrow. Once you hit Marrow five times, the parrot will pick 
Marrow up and fly to the opposite side of the screen. Quickly 
jump up to the platform and wait for the parrot again. Keep 
repeating until you mash Marrow! 

Aquatis, (level 12)
Use your sword to hit the three tentacles and get them out of 
your way. Now, run to the right edge of the platform and heave 
a stick of dynamite by holding the button down, into a small 
hole just behind Aquatis. The dynamite will explode in the hole 
and shake loose a stalactite from the ceiling. The stalactite 
will fall and do damage to Aquatis. Now, quickly run as far to 
the left as you can to avoid Aquatis' tentacle frenzy and then 
repeat. There is no need to stand on the small floating platform 
next to Aquatis for any reason. Keep it up and you'll soon abolish 

Red Tail, (level 13)
The first thing you want to do, is to hop up onto the platform 
above you. You'll be torn to shreds if you stay on the ground. 
Stay up high to avoid most of Red Tail's attacks. Once you are 
up above, try and stay right over Red Tail as he runs back 
and forth. When he jumps up to your platform, kneel down and 
attack when he lands from his jump. He should then jump 
back down to the ground. Stay up there and repeat until Red 
Tail is roasted! If you'd like a little extra help with Red 
Tail, stay on the bottom and run like crazy to the right. 
Make a running jump out into the water and you will land on 
a hidden platform in the water. Keep going to the right and 
grab the special goodies then ride the moving platform back 
to the battle! 

Omar, (level 14)
Omar has protective shields going around him, so your special 
attacks aren't going to do any damage on him. Drop down to the 
area below and look at Omar to see what shield he has around 
himself. Omar switches between a Fire shield and an Ice shield, 
so if you see a Fire shield, climb up the ladder and follow the 
right path. Climb down the next ladder and go to the right. 
Grab the Ice Sword and return to Omar. Now, shoot an Ice bolt 
through the opening in Omar's shield to do damage. If you see 
an Ice shield, climb up the ladder and follow the left path. 
Climb down the next ladder and go to the left. Grab the Fire 
Sword and return to Omar. Now, shoot a Fire bolt through the 
opening in Omar's shield to do damage. Keep doing this until 
you obliterate Omar. Now, climb up the ladder and ride the lift 
up to the top. You'll need to time your jumps over the lava 
and Omar's attacks and jump over to him. Once you are next to 
Omar, attack him with your sword to do damage. Now, go over 
to the opposite side and repeat until you win the game!


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