Click Drag Type 3 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Click Drag Type 3

Click Drag Type 3


Puzzle #1:
The "recycle" icon is when you mess up the key and need a new one. 
Drag the key into the box which will open. 
Shave down the key so that it lines up to either side. This will open the 
box below. Drag the sliders on the outside edges so the transparent box 
forms over the "empty" box to get each number. Type in the numbers from left 
to right in the white area, then click the green arrow.

Puzzle #2:
In this puzzle, you must have the sound on. 
The red dial is for the even numbers and the blue is for the odd numbers. 
When the lock is closed you are able to turn your dial Right Blue - 1, Left 
Red - 2, Left Blue - 3, Right Red - 4. 
Unlock the lock and bring either the red dial or blue dial to the other side to mute it. 
Then lock it again. Turn the dial that is audible to one side or the other. 
Listen to the calculation and type what the answer is to the corresponding number 
on the bottom. Turn the dial for the other number. 
Repeat this process for the other dial. 
When this process is done, click on the green arrow.

Puzzle #3:
On the left side of the puzzle area are four circles with colours. Drag all the 
circles to the top of the screen. Take note of one colour and drag it down to the 
bottom. It will change into the colour it needs to be attached to. 
Click and hold on the first coloured wire that represents the top colour and draw a 
line to the corresponding coloured wire on the bottom. Repeat this process until all 
wires are connected. If a mistake has happened or you need to redo, use the wire 
cutters to erase ALL wire drawings. If done correctly the phone will ring. 
Drag the receiver to desired volume and wait for a pause in numbers. 
The number right after the pause is the first number in sequence. 
Place these numbers in the white box and click green button.

Puzzle #4:
Drag one of the "eye glasses" around the patterned area to look for "tabs"; Square, 
Circle, Triangle, and X. In the bottom left area you can drag a little leaver left 
or right to set to "Move" or "Turn". Use this to adjust the squares so that the tabs
on the outside match the tabs on the inside. 
When they are matched, drag the eye glass around the area that matches the colour of 
the tabs. This will form a number. Place the number in the corresponding colour in the
lower right corner. 
You will notice that the red input area has 2 underscores. This indicates two digits 
in the number. Repeat this process till all numbers are entered and then hit the green 

Puzzle #5:
At the very top is a half circle with a green dot in it. Just move your mouse over this 
area. A sliding menu will open on the left side with a key and check mark icon. 
Click on the key icon to get an eye glass. 
Bring the eye glass to the four-square object. 
Click on screen to get rid of eye glass. 
The "mechanical" box in the lower right corner is to paint the colours onto the four-
square object. To select what square does not receive the colour, click on a green 
machine empty square to have them turn to an X. Only the green machine squares that 
are blank will receive colour. 
To add colour, which the machine will use, place a canister (Red, Blue, Yellow) that 
you need near the left side of the machine near the tube. 
It may be necessary to place two colours to combine them to make a combined colour; 
Red/Blue = Purple, Red/Yellow = Orange, Blue/Yellow = Green. 
When you have the colour(s) inserted, place the four-squared object at the top of 
the green machine. 
The top blue machine is a cutter. The dark right angle lines represent the square to 
be cut, and the lighter line connecting them is the cut it will make. If there is no 
line, then the square is removed (don't worry, the square isn't gone. You can put the
square back with the cutter.) 
To rotate the square to be cut, click on the curved arrow tips. 
To change the shape of the cut, click within the grey square border. 
When desired shape and square to be cut place the four-square object on the left side
of the machine. You will need to do this a few times to get the right shaped "key". 
When you are done and match the eye glass example, click on the check mark instead of 
the key.

Puzzle #6:
boards: In order to correctly build that shape, you'll have to slide the lowermost 
rectangle to the top left. 
nails: You've only got four nails to hold it all together, but fortunately you can 
pull and redo nails. You can check your work by clicking boards - connected boards 
highlight and move in unison.

Puzzle #7:
Line up the circles using the red level meters. 
Move the circles until the bars above them become clear, unclick it and it should 
turn blue. Once you have all the circles placed correctly, form a 2 with the arms. 
After that the lock at the bottom right should turn into an arrow. 
Type 2 in the white box and click the arrow. You're done.

Puzzle #8:
Rearrange the gray boxes so the dark gray parts are coming out of it and point to 
boxes. Make sure none are pointing at nothing. 
Then cut the wood to fit between the gray boxes to interconnect them. 
Then click on the green arrow.

Puzzle #9:
Grab the cover plate to the left of the plunger and slide it right to reveal the 
paintbox. If the plunger causes two boxes to slide over each other, paint those 
boxes the same color.

Puzzle #10:
Listen to the correct song on the left, and try to match that with the pieces on the 
bottom. After you get the bottom song to play in the correct order, match the shape 
of the pieces with their colors from the cards. Take the shape of the first piece of 
the song (along bottom), match it to a color (from the cards), and then change the 
first color block on the left to the matching color.

Puzzle #11:
You must first move the 4x4 square to the left, and click each box so the imgage 
disappears. Now you can see 2 yellow strips, one going vertical one going horizontal,
and you can see that there are 4 letters at the top and 4 at the right. Move the 
horizontal yellow strip to the top and the vertical to the right (not covering the
Hover over the first letter at the top (D) and an image appears. Now on the 4x4 
square on the far left side of it click the 4 boxes till you find that image (make 
sure its only that image on that vertical line). Now do the same for the 3 other 
letters. Now the big board comes to play. Place the image in the 4x4 square on the 
far left over every D square on it 1 at a time. 
Look at the next image and see if it covers a C, then the same for an A, and then a
C again. If they dont all cover the correct letters then move onto the next D. 
When you find it use the colours under the images on D,C,A,C and place them in the 
yellow strip at the top. Then follow this for the right hand side yellow strip and 
when you finish it, the level will be complete, if not then you have the colours 
wrong so do it again.

Puzzle #12:
The objective is to make a number on the right that is missing in the box in the 
upper, left. The missing number is...5 
You can use the lightbulb to see which points make a connection to light a line. 
The length of a bar determines how "diagonal" the cable will be. 
Work you way from the bottom of both side to the top. As you sometimes cannot 
drop the "cursor" below existing bars. Immediatly delete bars that do not belong
to the 5 by clicking on them.

Puzzle #13:
Click the dark dot in each dial to rotate that dial, each dial moves something. 
Drag the lever at the bottom to connect/disconnect the circuit. 
The battery dial reads low. Circuits need power... 
The piston is an electro magnet. 
The gradient boxes look like they need to be put in a different order.

Puzzle #14:
First, circle the "hint" button in the upper right. 
There are four sets of shapes. These will flash. Note the order in which they 
flash. For example, when I did the puzzle, the left-most set of symbols flashed 
in this order: 3412. The topmost flashed in this order: 2341
If you click on the bars with the symbols, the bars will move across the screen 
in a certain direction. In the empty grid, one of the squares is highlighted blue.
You can move it around by dragging a line from where it is to an adjascent square.
To solve: 
Start with the leftmost bar. Find the symbol that flashed first. Move the blue 
highlight cursor to the first square in that row. Draw that symbol that flashed 
first in that square. In my example, the 3rd row flashed first. The leftmost bar 
goes from left to right, so I drew that symbol into the first column of row 3.
Find the symbol that flashed second. Move the blue cursor to the 2nd square in 
THAT row. Draw the symbol that flashed second in that square. 
Repeat until you have 4 symbols in the grid for the 4 symbols in the leftmost bar. 

NOTE: The rightmost bar travels right to left, so "1" in the rightmost bar means 
the last column, 2 means the next to last, etc. The same inverse logic goes for 
the bottom bar as compared to the top.

Puzzle #15:
Your goal is to make the big multi-color round travel, in a specific order, to 
intersect with each of the smaller colored circles. 
The first color you need to visit is indicated in the round. 
When you visit the first, you'll get the second. 
The columns on the left and right are for you to direct the round. 
Work from top to bottom inside the columns. 
You'll need to "paint" the columns with intermittent color. 
(A little red here, a little purple there.) 
The width of the line you paint inside the column, determines the angle of turn.

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