Clue - Murder at Boddy Mansion FAQ Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Clue - Murder at Boddy Mansion FAQ

Clue - Murder at Boddy Mansion FAQ

For the PC (DOS/Windows)
Written by peach freak or
Copyright 2003-2008 Tim Brastow. All Rights Reserved.
Version 2.00

Welcome! This FAQ is for Clue: Murder at Boddy Mansion. This is also for people 
who need help to play the game. If you have any questions, stuff I missed, 
mistakes I made, email me at or IM on AIM at 
sonicdoommario. Once good questions are asked, they will be put in the Asked 
Questions section.

Also, this FAQ is protected by copyright. You cannot sell this, put this on 
your website without my permission, or any other violation of copyright law. 
You can, however, save this and store this in something like My Documents for 
offline and LEGAL use.

Table of Contents
1. Update History
2. Frequently Asked Questions
3. Playing the Game
4. Preferences
5. Credits

1. Update History

Version 1.00, July 7, 2003: Started and finished FAQ.

Version 1.15, December 19, 2003: No update here, but I changed my email address
since my other one wasn't working, and I did fix some grammar mistakes in this

Version 1.25, October 12, 2005: Well, well, well. Haven't updated this in 
nearly two years. But now the first question for this game has asked, so I have 
put it in my new Asked Questions section.

Version 2.00, July 29, 2006: A big update to this guide. Re-formatted it so it 
looks a lot fresher and I added a Preferences section, which contains all the 
options for the game. And I updated several things in this FAQ since they were 
outdated horribly.

2. Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do you get this game online? My friend can see my game server but 
cannot join it. How do you fix this issue? Thanks for any help you can provide 
me with.

Answer: First, there can be many issues that can hold you back from playing 
online. First, check and see if you are playing on a LAN (Local Area Network) 
or playing over the internet, because that may be the case sometimes. Second, 
it can be your firewall blocking you from joining games. If this is so, turn 
off the firewall that comes with your virus scanner or go to Start > Settings > 
Control Panel. Then turn off the firewalls that is found in one of its options 
(for Windows XP only).


3. Playing the Game

Note that I have been getting many emails saying that they cannot play this 
game and weird things happen. I have checked the requirements for this game and 
it is not compatible with Windows 2000/XP. I, myself, happen to have Windows XP 
Professional and my Clue runs on this computer fine with minimal problems. The 
only problem I seem to have usually is the screen just flickers randomly. If 
you experience other issues, give me the specs of your computer and I'll see 
how I can help. Also, try turning on Windows 95/98 compatibility mode on and 
see if that works.

Clue is a classic board game made by Hasbro. Now you can play it on the 
computer if no one wants to play the board game with you. Hasbro also added a 
Network Option that allows you to play online with other people.

The Characters/Suspects:

Miss Scarlet (Red), Col. Mustard (Yellow), Mrs. White (White) Mr. Green 
(Green), Mrs. Peacock (Blue) Prof. Plum (Purple) are the six characters you can 
play as. Each character has their own starting position on the board, which 
could be useful for the rooms because you could pick that character to reach a 
room quickly that you rarely get as a card. The turn order is clockwise around 
the board, the order is the same order I listed the characters. You can play 
with a minimum of 3 players, maximum of 6. 

The Weapons:

Just like the characters, there are a total of six weapons: The Knife, 
Candlestick, Revolver, Rope, Lead Pipe, and Wrench. These weapons only have one 
use: 1 of these six was used to kill Mr. Boddy (the owner of Boddy Mansion) by 
one of the six suspects listed in the Characters section.

The Rooms:

Unlike the weapons and characters, there are a total of nine rooms: The Hall, 
Lounge, Dining Room, Kitchen, Ballroom, Conservatory, Billiard Room, Library, 
and Study. These rooms have many uses: 1 use is where Mr. Boddy was killed, 2, 
to make suggestions, and 3, the rooms in the corners (Lounge, Kitchen, 
Conservatory, and Study) have shortcuts to another room (Study goes to the 
Kitchen and vice versa, and the Lounge goes to the Conservatory and vice 

Here is a little map of what the game looks like:

STUDY       HALL      1    LOUNGE  
6            #####             
LIBRARY      #####        DINING ROOM 


             4            3

1. Miss Scarlet's starting point
2. Col. Mustard's starting point
3. Mrs. White's starting point
4. Mr. Green's starting point
5. Mrs. Peacock's starting point
6. Professor Plum's starting point
##### middle of the map, an area you cannot cross and have to walk around

Main Menu:

Start Game: Start a new game

Load Game: Jump back into a game you previously saved

Preferences: Choose between stuff you want on and off

How to Play: If you don't know how to play, the rules are right there, but this 
FAQ also explains this game

Hasbro: Shows stuff about Hasbro

Exit Game: Exits Clue and goes back to the Desktop

Choosing the Characters

After you click Start Game on the Main Menu, you will be asked if you want a 
single game or be networked with other machines. No matter which one you click, 
you will then be given which characters you want to be on the board. When you 
select a character, you will then have the option to have them be a computer or 
a human. If you pick a human, you can name who they will be played by. If you 
pick them as a computer, you set their skill level. Once you have 3+ players, 
you can now click Start Game, and you can chose between classic (with a dice) 
or without a dice. The game now starts.

Playing the Game

Once it is your turn, you can roll the dice (by clicking the dice block at the 
bottom right hand corner of the screen). To move a space, click on a tile that 
is one step away from you (you can't go diagonal). Once you've reached the 
highest number you can go, click on the colored token that replaced the dice. 
If you roll a six but you only needed a 1 to get in a room, you can still go in 
the room. After your turn is finished, end your turn by clicking on your token 
in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. When you highlight it, it will 
show the color of the token for who is up next (so if you were Professor Plum 
and Miss Scarlet was next, the token would go from purple to red).

When playing, you can also click the board icon in the bottom left hand corner 
of the screen to change it to a bird's eye view of the board. I prefer playing 
this way, because it makes navigating the board easier. Next to that is the 
cards icon. Click on this to show your cards. Then, you have another icon to 
switch this to your list, which you use to mark down cards you've seen.

Plus, when you get into the room, take the time to explore them. If you click 
on certain things, funny stuff might happen.  For example, clicking the clock 
in the Lounge makes the face come out, and clicking the Knight in the Hall will 
make his axe turn into a bunch of flowers.

Making a Suggestion

Whenever you reach a room, make sure to click on the light bulb at the bottom 
right hand corner of the screen. You pick a character and your weapon, and 
click suggest once you've picked both. Somebody will try to disprove your 
suggestion by showing you one of their cards as proof. Remember this: To 
increase your chance of no one disproving your suggestion, don't go into a room 
you have as a card, guess a weapon or suspect you have as a card, because the 
criminal/room/weapon is not one of your cards. Be sure to mark them on your 
list (on the bottom left hand corner of the screen, click on the cards, and on 
the pop up, click the list at the bottom right hand corner, and click on the 
square to check it, or on the preferences, put auto-mark on, because if you 
don't mark your stuff and you guess the same thing again and it's shown to you, 
it's not good), and the last three cards unchecked (1 room, suspect, and 
weapon) is the one who killed Mr. Boddy.

Another way to make a suggestion is when anyone guesses you, you will go to the 
room they guessed them. If you are already in the room where you got guessed 
in, you cannot make a suggestion. So from there, you click on the lightbulb 

So remember, when someone shows you a card of any kind, don't guess it again. 
Or an easier way to remember this is "Guess cards that you have unchecked on 
your list" is how I remember it when teaching people how to play Clue.

Making an Accusation

Whenever you think you've collected enough clues from everybody or no one can 
disprove your suggestion (make sure you don't have the cards they tried to 
disprove), you can make an accusation by clicking on the handcuffs at the 
bottom right hand corner of the screen. Pick one character, weapon, and room. 
If you guess correctly, you win the game and a little cut scene happens.

If you are wrong, the game ends and they show you who did it and nobody wins.

Another interesting thing to note is that there are 324 possible outcomes for 
who killed Mr. Boddy. This is calculated by 6 x 6 x 9 (6 people, 6 weapons, 9 

Saving your Game

At the bottom right hand corner of the screen, click "Clue" if it's there. The 
menu will come up, with some of the options from the Main Menu except this menu 
has Return to Main Menu and Save Game. Click Save Game, type in a name, and 
then do whatever you want from there.

To Load a Game, go to the Main Menu (or the one in gameplay), and click Load 
Game. This shows a list of saved games, and click the one you want to go back 

4. Preferences

Here are the list of options you can toggle on in off when you select 

Suggest Movies: These are the little clips that pop up after making a 
suggestion. For example, if you selected Mrs. White with the Pipe, it would 
show Mrs. White attacking Mr. Boddy with the Lead Pipe. Turning this off 
disables these clips during the game.

Lightning Effects: These are just the shadows and how the game is lightened. If 
you want this to go away, just turn it off. Plus it improves the performance of 
this game, so I opt to keep it off.

Translucency: This is the ability to see through the walls so you can see the 
spaces on the board if you're in a room. Turning this off just removes the see-
through part of the walls, so I'd keep this on.

Butler Voice: Turn this off if he annoys you. Remember, he'll only speak at 
these times: When it is a human player's turn, who can and cannot disprove 
suggestions, and if you accuse correctly or incorrectly.

Auto Notes: This is a must have. When somebody disproves your suggestion, it 
will automatically be marked on your list if this is on. What makes it better 
is that it when marked, it shows the color of who disproved it (so if Mrs. 
Peacock disproved your suggestion, the shading would be blue), which can help 
greatly sometimes.

Walk Animations: If you turn this off, everybody walks normally, rather than 
having their own different methods of walking around the board.

Mansion Walls: If you turn this off, the mansion walls are removed completely, 
but it has no effect on the game. Turning them off doesn't mean you can't go 
through the empty spaces. You'll still need to go to the doorway to get into 
the room.

Music Volume: Controls the volume for the in-game music

Master Volume: Controls are audio in the game 

5. Credits

CJayC = The administrator of the best site in the world (GameFAQs) posted this 

Hasbro = For making this game.

Microsoft = For making Microsoft Windows operating systems, the best out there.

Myself = I wrote the guide.

You = You read the guide, and liked it (hopefully).

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