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 Championship Manager 2

Championship Manager 2

Submitted by: kumayl hassan

Young talented players, aged 16-25

For players with more than one position (POS) and/or
than one side, the pos/side listed first is the
preferred pos/side.

NAME               TEAM                POS       SIDE
Richard Wright     Ipswich Town        Gk        -    
Shane Higgs        Free Transfer       Gk        -    
John Cheesewright  Free Transfer       Gk        -    
Jimmi Nielsen      Free Transfer       Gk        -    
Neil Hopper        Free Transfer       Gk        -    
Jason Trinder      Free Transfer       Gk        -    
Dejan Stefanovic   Red Star            D         C    
John Richardson    Exeter City         D         C    
Dean Richards      Wolverhampton       D         C    
Dewhurst                               D         C    
Larus Sigurdsson   Stoke City          D         C/L/R
David Tuttle       Sheffield Utd       D         C
Richard Rufus      Charlton Athletic   D         C    
Neil Whitworth     Kilmarnock          D         C    
Darren Purse       Leyton Orient       D/F       C    
Gary Hobson        Hull City           D         C/L  
Tony Vaughan       Ipswich Town        D         C/L  
Phil Gilchrist     Oxford United       D         C/R
Jose Santa         Columbia            D         R    
A. Fernandez       Columbia            D         C    
John Rattle        Cambridge Utd       D         R
Ben Thatcher       Millwall            D         R/L  
Chris Coleman      Crystal P (now Bl)  D/SW      C/L  
Spencer Whelan     Chester City        D/SW      C/R  
David Unsworth     Everton             D/SW      C    
Daniel Prodan      Steua Buchuresti    D/SW      C    
Steve Howey        Newcastle United    D/SW      C    
Steve Watson       Newcastle United    D/M       C/R  
Christian Ziege    Munich              D/M       L    
Roberto Carlos     Inter Milan         D/M       L    
Ian Chapman        Brighton & Hove A   D/M       L    
Manuel Paulo Sousa Juventus            DM        C    
Roy Keane          Manchester Utd      DM        C    
David Beckham      Manchester Utd      M         C/R
Dino Baggio        Parma               M         C    
Ilie Dumitrescu    Tottenham H         M         C    
Edgar Davids       Ajax                M         C/L  
Jason Peake        Rochdale            M         C/L  
Lee Durrant        Ipswirch Town       M         L    
Leonardo           Gamboa Osaka        M/D       L
Simon Davey        Preston North End   AM        R/C  
Gareth Ainsworth   Preston North End   AM        C/R/L
Oyvind Leonhardsen Wimbledon           AM        C/L/R
Rodney Rowe        Huddersfield Town   AM        R/L  
Claudinho          Brazilian team ??   AM        L (?)
Danny Murphy       Crewe Alexandra     AM        C    
Steve Bushell      York City           AM        C    
Neil Lennon        Crewe Alexandra     AM        C    
Jovan Stankovic    Red Star Belgrade   AM        C    
Finidy George      Ajax Amsterdam      AM        R    
Scott Taylor       Leicester City      AM        R    
Darren Anderton    Tottenham H         AM        C    
Del Piero          Juventus            F         C/L  
Jon McCarthy       Port Vale           F         C/R  
Daniel Fonseca     Roma                F         C/R/L
Paul Scholes       Manchester Utd      F         C
Julen Guerrero     Athletico Bilbao    F         R    
W. Kowalczyk       Legia Warzawa       F         C    
Ivica Mornar       Hadjuk Split        F         C    
Ronaldo            PSV Eindhoven       F         C    
Edmundo            Flamengo            F         C    
James Beattie      Free Transfer       S         C
Stan Collymore     Liverpool           S         C    
Alan Shearer       Blackburn Rovers    S         C    
Kanu               Ajax Amsterdam      S         C
Patrick Kluivert   Ajax Amsterdam      S         C
Robert Taylor      Brentford           S         C
Nick Forster       Brentford           S         C
Viktor Leonenko    Dinamo Kiev         S         C
Juan Desouza       Wycombe Wanderers   S         C
Robbie Fowler      Liverpool           S         C
Niculescu          Inter Sibiu         S         C
Teddy Sheringham   Tottenham H         S         C
Heiko Herlich      Dortmund            S         C
Thomas Brolin      Leeds United        AM        C

Good players, aged 26+

NAME               TEAM                POS       SIDE
Kevin Miller       Millwall            Gk        -
Oleg Luzhny        Dinamo Kiev         D         C/L
Marcelo Balboa     Nuevo Leon          D         C
Jurgen Kohler      Borussia Dortmund   D         C
Mike Stockwell     Ipswich Town        D/M       R
Marc Rieper        West Ham United     D/SW      C
Marcel Desailly    AC Milan            D/SW      C
Paolo Maldini      AC Milan            D/SW      C/L
Peter Smith        Oldham Athletic     D/M       C/R
Matthias Sammer    Borussia Dortmund   SW/M      C
Dennis Wise        Chelsea             M         C/R
Nicola Berti       Inter               M         C/L
Stefan Effenberg   Bor.Mönch.Gladbach  M         C
Aliosha Asanovic   Hadjuk Split        AM        C
Andreas Moller     Borussia Dortmund   AM        C
Jari Litmanen      Ajax Amsterdam      AM        C
Gianfranco Zola    Parma               AM        C
Brian Laudrup      Glasgow Rangers     AM        R
Lombardo           Juventus            AM        R
Mario Basler       Werder Bremen       AM        C/R
Roberto Baggio     AC Milan            F         C
Dejan Savicevic    AC Milan            F         C
Eric Cantona       Manchester United   F         C
Linton Brown       Hull City           F         R
Jurgen Klinsmann   Bayern Munich       S         C
George Weah        AC Milan            S         C
Anthony Yeboah     Leeds United        S         C
Steve Bull         Wolverhampton W     S         C

Good players for the CM2 Italian League (not as

NAME                   TEAM                   POS   
Mark Juliano           Juventus               SW/D  
Stefano Sachetti       Lazio                  D/M    L
Roberto Carlos         Inter Milan            D/M    L
Manuel Paulo Sousa     Juventus               DM     C
Dino Baggio            Parma                  M      C
Francesco Statuto      Roma                   M      C
Nicola Berti           Inter Milan            M     
Gianfranco Zola        Parma                  AM     C
Lombardo               Juventus               AM     R
Ilie Dumitrescu        Tottenham Hotspur      A/M   
Alessandro Del Piero   Juventus               F     
Joao Pinto             FC Porto               F     
Domingos               FC Porto               S      C
Stan Collymore         Liverpool              S      C
Pierluigi Casiraghi    Lazio                  S      C
Paolo Maldini                                         
Alessio Tacchinardi
Walter Zenga                                          
Eric Cantona                                          
David Platt
Darren Anderton
Steve McManaman
Roberto Baggio
George Weah

Look at the free transfer market, occasionally you'll
find young
talents and good players there.

Look at developing and under-inflated transfer markets
such as East Europe,
America and Africa. You can pick up many good players
at a cheap prize from there.

Listen to your scouts, and try to sign players that
are "Highly Recommended".


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