Championship Manager 2 - mini-tips Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Championship Manager 2 - mini-tips

Championship Manager 2 - mini-tips

Submitted by: kumayl hassan

Send any queries to the above email address.

Added in this version:
**A new cheat founded by me.
**Add some general hints of mine.
**Add a very useful formation to use.

Part 1: All the cheats for CM2.
(Note: All of the cheats below can be done on any
version of CM2.)

TIPS No.1 - Exit the game without saving.
There is a simple and easy way to boot to DOS prompt
or Windows without
having to save your game. Simply just press the
asterisk(*) key on your
keyboard and you'll be able to quit immediately
without saving. This is
an essential trick because you can just return to the
game and start off
with your previous savegame. In this way, you can
never lose a match.
Just save up before any match and exit if you lost it.

TIPS No.2 - Prevent your star players from leaving.
Ever managed a lower division club and some of your
star players(star???)
wanted to leave for a bigger club? Well this nifty
tricks will prevent
them from doing so. Place your unhappy players on loan
and when some big
clubs approached them, simply reject their offers. In
this way, your star
players will stay on your club.

TIPS No.3 - Manage International jobs.
I'm sure many of you would like to be manager of one
of the International
teams, but it takes too long for you to do so. The
following steps will
allow you to manage International jobs. Look up for
the team's manager's
name (eg. Terry Venables for England), then add a new
player to your game
and put down the manager's name instead. 
Eg. when you want to manage England, simply add a new
player and put the
name as "Terry Venables."

(Note: You can only manage the teams that are
correspond to your league
game, Italy for Italian CM2, Germany for German CM2

TIPS No.4 - Buy any interested players for "FREE".
This is the best cheats for CM2 as of now. This cheat
allows you to buy
any interested players for "FREE". Yes I mean
"FREE"!!!! Approach any 
players that you think will most probably join you.
For the asking price,
place as much value as you can(mostly double the
original value), until
the opposite club accept your offer immediately, then
press 'OK.' Next,
go to 'adjust offer' and change the value to 'FREE',
then press 'CANCEL'
and you will exit the screen. Wait for the players to
negotiate his 
weekly wages and accept his conditions. If the player
eventually joins 
you, he will be available for FREE !!!

TIPS No.5 - Exchange players cheats. (For unpatched
When one of your lousy player is wanted by a club, set
this player's
asking price to a very high value (20M). Then approach
one of the player 
you want from the team that targets your player and
make an exchange of 
players. The opposition club will agree to your
exchange offer, thus you
can get the player you want provided he is available.

TIPS No.6 - Shortlist players that are going to
retire. (For unpatch CM2)
Shortlist those great players who are going to retire
soon, eg.Klinsmann, 
Romario, Koeman, Gullit etc. When they eventually
retire, those on your 
shortlist will be replaced by a very young player but
with the same 
abilities as the previous retired player. You will
then get many young yet
talented players in your squad, usually they cost very

TIPS No.7 - Buy your favourite star player. (just
Ever wanted to buy your favourite star player but they
won't join you? I
have found a way by making them join your club. First
when you start a new
game, put down the manager name as the player's name
(eg. Cantona, Maldini)
and when the player is available, try to buy him and
he's yours.

Part 2: General hints of CM2.
(Just some general hints from me.)
##When you start a new game and you find that some of
your young players'
attribute is very good, beware! Cos they do not
usually play that good in
actual matches. You can loan them out and wait until
they are about 22-23
in age then try them out. Young players do lack
experience, aren't they?

##Try not to put your fowards as midfielders, they
usually play as support
role or as striker.

##Bear in mind that wingers must be good in creativity
and pace, as well as
stamina to make long and fast runs.

##Try not to use slow defenders, as they will allow
fast opponent attackers
to break through. They are also slow to run back to

##Sweeper must be good in headers and marking, as well
as strength. They do
not need much pace though.

##It is best to have a striker good in creativity and
one good in shooting.
One can provide for the other to score, which is a
very good tactic, rather
than having two sharp shooter, but their chances of
scoring is much lesser.

##I don't find playing anchor a good tactic as they
usually do not play 
that good in matches. Well, that's my idea anyway.

Part 3: Very useful formation to use.
(Below is a good formation which I use, and I won most
of the game.)

     A       A               A = Attacker
   .           .
  .             .        
 .               .       
LF    ^     ^    RF          LF = Left Forward     RF
= Right Foward
      |     |
      |     |
      |     |
^    MF     MF    ^          MF = Midfield / Attacking
|                 |
|                 |
|                 |
|                 |
|                 |
|                 |          LB = Left Back        RB
= Right Back
LB      CB       RB          CB = Center Back
        SW                   SW = Sweeper

        GK                   GK = Goalkeeper

Tactic to use: Direct style

### This unofficial tips & tricks for CM2 will end
here at the moment, if
there are any more cheats found out by you, please
send them in to me,
which I will then put then down here. ###

Special thanks to those who submit their cheats to me
and those who found
out the cheats. Also thanks to all CM2 fans all over
the world for greatly
supporting this game and hope you enjoy your time
playing CM2. Last but 
not least, I must sincerly thanks Domark for releasing
the worlds greatest
manager football simulation game. Cheers !!!  :)

Contact me:
Email address   :
ampionship manager 2.


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